Lina woke up with a cold flash but was instantly warm.

The cool, clinical, slightly metallic smell in the air told her she was in a med bay.

A slightly painful glance to her left confirmed that it was the med bay on the Resistance base. She was back on D'Qar.

She knew this because slumped in a chair beside her bed, his hair tousled and still in his orange flight suit with his helmet beside him...

… was Poe Dameron.

Poe was sound asleep, but awoke with a start and was immediately at her side when she let out a little cry of pain as she tried to sit up.

"Hey hey, kiddo take it easy, take it easy- woah okay. Okay. You're okay." his tact changed half way through his sentence as Lina ignored him completely and, with gritted teeth, not only sat up but flung herself off the medical bed and threw her arms around Poe's neck.

Poe at once returned the embrace one arm hugging round her middle, the other stroking her red hair as he murmured

"It's okay. You're okay. I got you Lee."

They stayed like that for a long while before eventually relinquishing their hold on each other. Lina swayed slightly on her feet and Poe at once led her back to the bed and made her sit down. He dragged his chair over so that he was sat right in front of her.

"You scared the crap outta me Lee" Poe confessed his large, calloused hands clasping Lina's fragile pale ones "Thought I'd lost you for a minute. That girl and Chewbacca got you back though. You and Finn."


Who was- oh right. The nice stormtrooper she wasn't allowed to kill.

"What happened?" Lina asked hoarsely and Poe looked at her his brow furrowed slightly.

"You tell me. After I escaped did-" Poe swallowed and looked down "Did Ren hurt you? Did he-"

"Nothin' I couldn't handle" Lina said with a half smile full of false bravado and Poe set his eyes on hers with a piercing gaze.

"That's bullshit" he said bluntly "Medics say you could have died. You nearly did." Lina looked away but Poe gently turned her face back towards him "Talk to me Lee. You can tell me anything, you know that."

There was a long pause.

"He was in my head" she all but whispered "Then he wasn't."

And so Lina told him everything.

Every word that had been said.

Every thing she had discovered she could do.

Every moment of pain right up until the last thing she remembered which was Kylo Ren standing over her as she lay, near to paralysed, in the snow.

Poe had said to tell him everything.

So she did.

Poe listened. His jaw clenched every time she told him what Kylo did to her and Lina was sure that if he hadn't been holding her hands, he would have been punching holes in walls. When she started talking about what she had been able to do his eyes widened but he let her finish without speaking.

"Something's... changing. In me Poe and... and I don't know what it is." Lina bit her lip so hard she threatened to draw blood as she continued on warily "It's new and it's different and it's changing but... but it's like it's always been there as well. Like it's something I forgot and I just can't quite reach it when I try and remember it's like there's something stopping me. I don't know what's happening to me. What do I do?" Lina rubbed her hands over her face and let out a tired but slightly hysterical chuckle "Tell me what to do boss."

Poe got out of his chair and sat on the bed beside Lina. Carefully he put an arm around her upper back and shoulders and pulled her in to lean on his shoulder.

"Today you rest. You heal. Doc says you cant leave for another day anyway. So you rest up. Then we go to Leia. And we deal with whatever the hell is going on."

They sat together for a little while, not speaking, just... sitting.

Finally Poe got up to leave.

But just as he reached the door, he looked back at Lina with a grin slowly spreading over his face.

"Oh yeah. But before you go back to resting... someone wants to say welcome back."

The door slid open and a small ginger blur flashed into the room and-


"You sure you got everything you need?"

"I'm fine Poe" Lina said in a voice that sounded anything but.

She sounded nervous, slightly afraid... but not fine.

She and Poe were walking across the base towards where they could see the hulking mass of the wookie Chewbacca and the slight form of Rey talking to General Organa in front of the ship that Poe had told her had brought her to the base. The ship formerly owned by the late Han Solo.

The Millennium Falcon.

If she was honest with herself, although Lina knew she should and had to go on this journey, she had no desire to go to Ahch-to with Rey and the wookie. She wanted nothing more than to (for one time only) disobey the General's orders, run away from the craft and stay on D'Qar. Stay with Poe and BB and Connix and-

"Lee Lee don't go!"

There she was.

Lina turned and crouched down in front of the little girl who had come up behind her.

"I've got to go squirt."


"I've got a special job to do for Miss Leia. I'll be back before you can even miss me." She held up her right little finger "Promise."

It took a moment but the little girl lifted her own finger and they linked in a pinky promise, before Lina pulled her into a bone crushing hug.

"I love you squirt"

"I love you too."

Finally she relinquished the hug and stood up to her full height with a sniff, blinking rapidly as she faced Poe. Lina saluted her boss and he just rolled his eyes at her and pulled her in for a hug.

"You be safe, you hear me? Or I'll kick your ass."

"You got it boss."

"Who's that?" Rey asked as Lina walked up the ramp onto the Falcon, looking past her back at the ground. Lina looked round to where Rey was looking at the point where Leia and Poe were stood, Poe holding on to the small hand of a small girl.

This girl too had pale skin.

This girl too had wild red hair.

Just like Lina.

"That's Mereen."

"Your sister?"

"No. My daughter."

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