Summary: Sent to Volterra in order to negotiate terms of an alliance to end the war, Hermione's life is turned upside down as she is brought into the world of the Volturi, better known as the Vampire Kings. There she is made a part of a new kind of family and a most trusted member of the guard, whether she likes it or not, and surprisingly, she does. Rated M for language, violence and sexual content.

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April, 2020

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Thursday 23rd April 1998

"Why have you come here, Miss. Granger?"

Her eyes were held by that of a pair of blood-red irises. His long jet black hair was perfectly straight and fell to his mid-back, some of it covering his shoulders and falling down his chest. His skin was paler than she ever thought possible and although she knew him to be a vampire and more than a thousand years old, he didn't look to be more than twenty-five, which must have been his age when turned. Like any vampire, he was unnaturally beautiful and she had to force herself to not fall into a daze when he spoke, luring her towards him.

She stood her ground, she wouldn't show fear, because, in all honesty, she wasn't afraid of him. Yes, he was practically the Vampire King, but she had faced things far worse and far more horrific than the man sat on the throne-like chair, with his two brothers and co-rulers beside him.

To his right was Marcus and sitting in his throne she could tell he was taller than Aro, but not by much. He had dark brown hair, almost black in fact, and it fell to his shoulders. He had blood-red eyes and pale skin matching his brothers' and he looked to be younger than Aro, around her age actually. She knew he too was over a thousand-years-old, so he was changed before he reached his second decade of age.

To the left of Aro sat his third and final brother and co-ruler, Caius. Caius looked to be the oldest of the three brothers, around his mid-forties, but he was over a thousand years of age, too. He had white-blonde hair that fell to just below his shoulders and blood-red eyes and pale skin to match the others. And of the three, he was the smallest in height, but it was barely noticeable but to Hermione who noticed the little things.

"I've been sent on behalf of Kingsley Shacklebolt."

"We do not recognise that name," Aro replied, leaning back in his throne.

"Do you recognise the name Albus Dumbledore?" She asked.

He shared a look with his brothers and sat up in his seat, leaning forward slightly.

"Ah, indeed I do, Miss. Granger, what of it?"

"He's dead," she said emotionlessly. "He was murdered less than a year ago. Kingsley Shacklebolt took his place as the Head of the Order of the Phoenix."

"Albus Dumbledore visited Voltura less than two decades ago, wishing for aid in a war against a powerful enemy. It is to my understanding that he prevailed without our help."

She could see the intrigue in his eyes when a look of anger crossed her face. She took a deep breath and reigned in her emotions.

"No, he didn't prevail. He sacrificed many an innocent life for the war, and in the end, the war was never truly won and the Dark Lord wasn't destroyed, just defeated."

"Interesting, I believe there is more to this story, please continue."

"A prophecy from a Seer stated that the Dark Lord's downfall would be that of a child born as the seven month dies and he received word of this. He tracked down families with newborn children and slaughtered them, whether the birthday coincided with the prophecy or not. On Halloween night of 1981, he came to the home of the Potters, and although extreme measures had been taken to hide them, there was a traitor and spy in their midst. It led to the death of James and Lily Potter. The Dark Lord attempted to kill the child but in doing so he destroyed his mortal body, and the child was left alive with nothing but a scar to show for it. The child was taken and hidden away with his non-magical relatives for the next eleven years until he received his letter to attend Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. For the next four years, this child faced death, deceit and dark creatures, and along with his two best friends, they fought against the Dark Lord's attempts of regaining his full power. But their fourth year, a tournament was held in order to bring together three Wizarding International Schools and it was this year, that the Dark Lord returned to full power after using a dark ritual to gain back his mortal body. The war continued but the public and government refused to believe the child, his friends and Albus Dumbledore when they told of the happenings of the previous year. It wasn't until a year later, when a battle took place in the centre of the government headquarters, when they were no longer able to deny that He had returned, and the war was made official. Less than a year ago, Hogwarts was invaded by His followers, and Dumbledore was murdered. Since then, the Dark Lord has been raging chaos throughout Wizarding Europe and the Muggle World, killing, raping and torturing those that do not possess magic, as well as those that are magical but are born of non-magical parents. Those he considers blood traitors are also targeted."

"Why has it taken so long to defeat him?"

"We recently discovered that when the Dark Lord was a teenage boy, still attending Hogwarts, he found a form of magic that had been wiped from existence due to its truly horrific and dark nature. He split his soul into fragments and encased them into objects, giving him immortality. The Dark Lord cannot be killed or destroyed until each object is found and destroyed. We believe there to be six. I have been on a mission this past year, searching for these objects and a way to destroy them."

"And how many have you discovered and destroyed?" He asked curiously.

"We have discovered the identity of all six of the objects. Three have already been destroyed, one has been retrieved and we are waiting for a way to destroy it. We believe one is hiding within Hogwarts itself, and it's difficult to obtain as the school is now under the control of the Dark Lord and his followers. We believe the final object to be the pet of the Dark Lord, which he has by his side twenty-four-seven. We, ourselves, have a few spies within the ranks of the Dark Lord's army, and they are feeding us information regarding future raids and targets, so we may prevent them."

He leaned back into his throne, his blood-red eyes observing her.

"And why have you been sent, Miss. Granger, you can't be more than a child yourself?"

Her body stiffened, her face hardened and she took a breath, in through the nose and out through the mouth.

"I'm not a child; that was taken from me from the age of twelve. I was brought into this war the moment I made friends with Harry Potter, I am one of his friends that I spoke of. I've knowledge and experiences that most eighteen-year-old witches shouldn't have. I've faced dark magical creatures, death, murder, torture and rape. I've faced genocide and bullying, hatred and blood supremacy. I'm not a child, I'm a soldier. I've spent the last seven years keeping Harry Potter alive and trust me, it wasn't easy, he has no sense of self-perseveration or danger, but I stood by him because I believe in him. I know he can defeat the Dark Lord and his army and bring peace to the Wizarding World."

Aro's eyes flickered to the right and he leaned over slightly, as Marcus did the same and whispered something in his ear. Aro's eyes flickered between her and someone stood close to the thrones but she didn't move her stare from him, not that it mattered, the two figures wore hooded cloaks, hiding their faces.

"Intriguing," he muttered, straightening his posture. "That is a lovely tale, Miss. Granger," his lip twitched when she clenched her hands and gritted her teeth. "Would you mind verifying it?"

"How?" Her brow furrowed.

He held out a hand to her expectantly and she glanced at it before slowly walking towards the dais, ascending up the steps and stopping in front of him, placing her hand in his and he covered it with his other one.

"Fascinating," he muttered, looking at Hermione in something akin to awe and she shifted on her feet.

"What is it, brother?" Caius spoke for the first time since her entering the room.

"She is immune to my gift," he spoke, smiling widely as if it was the best thing in the world.

"I'm sorry, your gift?" Hermione spoke confused, removing her hand from his.

"Yes, My Dear, my gift. I am able to read a person's thoughts with a single touch."

"And you can't read me?" She guessed.

"It would seem so."

Hermione took a breath, she needed them on her side, they would be the final tipping point of the war. "Try again," she encouraged, holding out her hand and dropping her occlumency shield.

He looked at her strangely before taking her hand and he laughed in delight before turning to his brothers.

"Miss. Granger has spoken the truth." He released her hand and she made her way back down the steps. "And you've been very busy, haven't you?" He spoke amusedly.

She shrugged in response. "I did what was required of me to protect Harry. He is more than just my best friend, he's my little brother in everything but blood. And if it should come down to it, I would die for him without hesitation."

She could've sworn she heard a low snarl and she looked around but saw no one responsible for it.

"You don't fear death?" Marcus questioned.

She sighed tiredly. "I don't fear death," she confirmed. "In all honesty, I have no idea how I am still alive to this day, I've had several near-death misses which should've killed me, but didn't. I don't expect to make it through this war and I'm tired of the fighting, of the prejudice that comes from centuries of inbreeding and upbringings. Those against us believe that only those with truly magical ancestry should be allowed to practice and have magic. They despise me and people like me because I'm a Muggleborn. I'm the first generation of magical users for my bloodline, yet I'm everything they're not. They resent me for my blood and ability to practice magic. I'm smarter than most of them. I'm more powerful than most of them. I'm a better dueller and I take to spells and charms far more easily than they do. I'm kinder and more compassionate. I'm referred to as being 'the Brightest Witch of my Age,' whether that's true or not, I don't know. Their magic is weak due to the inbreeding, and every year, the percentage of non-magical children born to Pureblood families is rising, and they believe that Muggleborns are stealing magic, which is ridiculous. Magic can't be stolen. It's a gift to be born with."

"I saw several creatures in your thoughts, of which you have faced, yet I don't recognise many of them."

She nodded. "When I was twelve, I faced a juvenile mountain troll, a Cerberus, a deadly plant, a life-sized game of wizard's chess and a potions riddle. When I was thirteen, I was placed in a catatonic state for three months. I was essentially frozen in time by a creature known as a basilisk, and had I not figured out the creature that was terrorizing the school and had a mirror on me to check when I walked around corners, it would've killed me. When I was fourteen, I faced a fully transformed werewolf, dementors, a suspected mass murderer and a traitor, whilst also travelling back in time to save said mass murderer who was innocent, and a creature known as a hippogriff. When I was fifteen, I spent the year aiding Harry in the tournament, since his name had been added to the tournament in a plot to kill him, and I was placed in a state of deep sleep and placed at the bottom of the Black Lake surrounded by creatures, so I could be rescued as a part of one of the tasks."

"When I was sixteen, I aided in creating an unsanctioned defence group, to teach others how to defend themselves in the coming war. I was in a battle with opponents four times my age, skill and experience level and I almost died that night. When I was seventeen, I helped to defend the school and its students against the attack when it was invaded by the enemy. When I was seventeen I was tasked with aiding Harry Potter in the search to find and destroy the objects giving the Dark Lord immortality. During the last year, we have had many close calls with the enemy catching us. We broke into the government's headquarters which is now run by the Dark Lord, we walked into a trap and were almost eaten alive by a giant snake, we were betrayed when we went to a friend's father for information, but that was understandable as the Dark Lord had kidnapped his daughter, and he wished to exchange our lives for hers. We were captured and taken to their headquarters and I was tortured for three days, within an inch of my life before I was rescued. We broke into an impenetrable bank and stole one of the objects that were hidden there, but we were double-crossed and barely made it out alive, and now, I am here. I'm the second most wanted person in the Wizarding World and I came here, to you."

"How long ago was it that you were captured?" Caius asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Six days ago. I was rescued and three days later we broke into the Wizarding bank. It has taken me two days to get here, as I ran into some trouble during my journey."

"That explains your appearance," he drawled.

She looked down at herself, frowning. The jeans she wore were indeed covered in dirt and tears, her t-shirt the same and dried blood covered her face, arms and clothing, but she had cast a masking spell over herself, so the vampires wouldn't be tempted.

"I don't have the luxury of comfort or time, the world I know and love is about to be destroyed, as is the people I care for."

"You do not fear us," Aro stated, his eyes trailing over her frame and lingering on some of her injuries, her cuts and burns, and her heartbeat was steady.

"No, I don't. I am well aware of what you're capable of, and I know how efficiently you can kill. I have several spells in my armoury that I can use to defend myself against you, as well as several offensive spells that would either kill you or cause you some serious harm. I have a masking spell over myself, which is why you can't smell my blood, although I'm currently bleeding all over your floor, sorry for that, by the way." Her wand appeared in her hand out of nowhere and she waved it, the blood drops disappearing from the stone floor, leaving it clean, before her wand disappeared again. "And if I can't defend myself against you, then I die," she shrugged as if it wasn't a big deal. "The only downside to my death is that Harry would be distracted and he needs to focus on destroying the Dark Lord."

"That's not the only downside," Marcus muttered, his eyes flickering to the right.

"Now that we know your story, why is it you have come here?" Aro asked, intrigue showing in his eyes.

"I'm here for the same reason as Dumbledore, to ask for your help in winning the war. The Order of the Phoenix and its members dedicate their lives to protecting the innocent and defeating the Dark Lord, many of our members have been captured or killed during the last year and our numbers are but few. We have Harry, we have a plan, but we need the numbers and we need the allies."

"You wish for us to fight with you?" He clarified.

"I don't specifically," she answered, "I would rather keep you out of the battle so that if we were to lose, the Dark Lord wouldn't seek vengeance on your kind. Kingsley has asked that I convince you to aid us, and in return, we'll negotiate terms that the both of us find acceptable."

"You do not wish to fight beside us?" Caius arched an eyebrow.

"I have no hatred for you or your kind. I don't have hatred for any magical creature or being, well, except dementors but those things are from hell itself," she shivered just thinking about them. "You can't change what you are any more than I can. And you can't help that you require blood to function, just as I can't help that I require food and water to survive," she shrugged. "I may have a dislike or hatred for certain individuals, but I don't hate an entire race or species."

"Interesting," he mused. "And why do you need our help, surely you can deal with a few of your kind?" "We could, if it were only a few, but it's not. We've received word that the Dark Lord has close to a quarter of a thousand in his army, yet the Order have only one hundred, at best. We may be outnumbered but that wouldn't have deterred us, we now know that the Dark Lord has recruited werewolves, giants, no-mad vampires, dementors and acromantula. He has close to two hundred and fifty witches and wizards, and we believe he has five giants, a pack of werewolves with fifty members at least, possibly thirty vampires, countless dementors and an entire hoard of acromantula. Without your help, we have no chance of winning now that magical creatures and beings have been brought into the war. We would be happy with as little of one of your guards. One's better than nothing."

"Is there a date this war is to end?" Caius asked curiously.

"Yes, we have a plan, we are gathering as many of our forces as we can and we are preparing for battle. We will draw the Dark Lord out a week later to the date I arrive back at headquarters. We are all tired and we just want this war to end. Whether we win or lose, we're not going down without a fight."

"And what are we to get in return if we agree to help?" Aro questioned.

"I am aware of what I am able to offer you and what I'm not. There are some things I'm not able to give you, but it's best if you inform me of what you wish as a starting point and we'll go from there."

"Very well, before we deliberate your interesting offer, I have a request to make."

"Of course," she nodded to him. "Anything you require."

"Say His name."

"I'm sorry?" She questioned, confused.

"The Dark Lord, say his name."

She shook her head. "I'm sorry, Lord Aro, but I can't do that."

"Fear of name only increases fear of the thing itself."

"I should've known Dumbledore heard that somewhere else," she muttered, rubbing at her temples and a sigh left her lips. "I'm not afraid of His name. Until recently I used it freely, but there are now extenuating circumstances that prevent me from saying it."

"Say it, say Voldemort!"

"No!" Hermione yelled, a look of panic crossing her face, surprising him. She had her wand in her hand before he could blink and there were four 'cracks' as four scruffy looking men appeared from nowhere.

They surrounded her, circling her and she stood firm and tall, her eyes flickering between the four men.

"Poppet, how nice to see you again," one of the men smirked cruelly.

"I assure you, Scabior, the feelings are not mutual," she hissed angrily.

The vampires remained in their current positions as Aro shook his head to prevent them from getting involved. He wanted to see if what he had seen in her memories were correct regarding her fighting abilities.

"Poppet, let's not be like that, let's make this easy on the both of us, yeah? Give up and let us take you to Bellatrix, she's awfully upset you escaped, she has many a plan for you."

"Bellatrix can shove her plans up her Pureblooded arse, and you, you creepy bastard, I want my scarf back."

With that, she non-verbally lobbed as Stinging Hex at him before turning and hitting one of the snatchers square in the chest with a Stupefy, sending him to the ground instantly. She ducked three curses and from her place on the ground, she threw two back in return before rising to her full height.

"Protego Totalum," she called, casting her shield as a Body-bind, Slicing Hex and Impedimenta bounced off it, ricocheting back in their direction. She dropped the shield as they stumbled back under the force of the spells and she tapped her wand to her head, casting a Disillusionment Charm over herself.

She disappeared from view and crept up behind one of the snatchers, hitting him with a powerful Flipendo and he was shoved back into the stone wall, being knocked unconscious. Unfortunately, the other snatchers figured out her positioning after the beam of light left her wand and she hissed when a large gouge was placed in her left side. Her hand came up to hold it and her blood dripping on the ground gave her position in the room away.

She cast her shield, the first curse sent was blocked, the second smashed into her shield on impact and sent her flying across the room, slamming into the stone wall. She groaned and pulled herself up. She cancelled the Disillusionment on herself and brought her hand up to her head, pulling her fingers back to see she was bleeding.

She groaned in annoyance and then took a steadying breath before she brought her wand up and lightning-fast, she sent off curses and hexes and spells, each one hitting its target and cutting and burning the intended person.

"Petrificus Totalus," she called, and the snatcher dropped to the ground, leaving only Scabior.

He smirked at her and before he could say something cruel or lewd, she lobbed a non-verbal curse that flung him back into a wall and he collapsed onto the floor, unconscious.

"Arsehole," she muttered.

She stood in the centre of the room breathing heavily and panting, fresh blood poured from her wounds and burns marred her skin. Her hair which had once been in a ponytail, had now fallen out of the bobble and it surrounded her in a tangle of ringlets. She held one hand to her side and then bent over slightly, resting her free hand against her knee.

There was sudden applause and she looked to see Aro was smiling in a way that she knew can't have been good for her.

Rising to her full height, she said, "That is why I refused to say His name. Not because I fear it, but because there is a form of magic that has been placed on his name, anyone who speaks it will find themselves surrounded by snatchers and Death Eaters. It's the reason I was captured in the first place, Harry spoke His name in a fit of rage and I paid the price for it."

He nodded, as if saying he wouldn't force her to say it.

"Now, is anyone hungry?" She asked lightly.

Caius laughed at her.

"I'm beginning to like this one, brother," he spoke amused.

"Well, I can't exactly allow them to leave. They know my location and the Dark Lord will figure out why I'm here and he'll send someone to bargain for your loyalty. I suppose I could wipe their memories and let them go free, but then that puts them back into the business of capturing innocent people. If you were to feed off them, that makes one less thing for me to worry about." She shifted on her feet and then winced.

"You are injured," Aro commented.

"I'm fine, I've dealt with worse, at least I'm still standing this time," she shrugged and then winced again, regretting the action when it aggravated a burn on her shoulder.

"Miss. Granger, we would like to take the time to discuss your offer, in the meantime, I will have someone escort you to a suite so you may rest for the night. In the morning we will give our answer."

"That's very gracious of you, but I already have accommodations," she said, thinking of the tent she had brought with her, currently stashed away in her beaded bag,

"We insist that you spend the night, you will be safe here and I will have someone collect all that you may require."

She eyed him carefully, curiously, suspiciously before nodding in defeat.

He clapped his hands. "Excellent," he said cheerfully. "Alec, please escort our guest to the Rosalinda suite."

Hermione's eyes fluttered to her right when a figure with a dark grey robe and cloak stepped forward and lowered the hood of the cloak.

Hermione blinked in surprise as he slowly crossed over to her. He had blood-red eyes and pale skin to match the others. His black hair fell to the tips of his ears and he was taller than her, though not by much, she would guess he was five-foot-nine, ten at a push. He looked young, possibly fifteen or sixteen when he'd been changed and Hermione blinked slowly when he stopped before her, giving her a small smile. He was downright angelic looking and it was bloody annoying.

The fog in her head cleared and her eyes fell down to his hand, which he offered her. The hand that wasn't pressed to her side lifted and she placed it in his, startling when she felt a bolt of lightning shoot through her. She looked up at him, seeing him smirking down at her. He placed her hand in the crook of his elbow and then led her out of the large doors.