Chapter 8: Smooth Opera-tor

Disclaimer: I don't own Milo Murphy's law. It belongs to Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh. Keep up the good work. I only own Jordan.

(Cue: Milo Murphy's Law theme song) [changed up to add Jordan and Danielle to it]

Look at that sun look at that sky

(The sun glistens as Milo and Jordan is walking along)

Look at his sweater vest he looks so fly

(Camera zoomed into milo's sweater vest)

Look at that mailbox look at that tree, it's about as beautiful as it can be

(The tree falls on the mailbox and a beaver walks away from it.)

Whoa, whoa Today is gonna be exceptional

(Milo and Jordan stops and a wrecking ball ball rolls in front of them then they step forward as a street light falls behind them then they continue walking)

Never boring even for a minute

(A safe and a toilet fall from the sky barely missing them)

It's his world and we're all livin' in it

(More destruction occurs behind them)

{Whoa, Whoa [and we're all livin' in it]}

(More destruction occurs behind them and we see Dakota, Cavendish and Danielle chashing a flaming pistachio cart)

Never boring even for a minute

(Milo and Jordan stop when they reach Melissa and Zack and the Milo Murphy's Law title drops in front of them)

It's his world and we're all livin' in it

(The O in Milo falls off as Milo and Jordan climb the title and Milo pulls out a sign with an O painted on it and holds it where the O used to be. D.O.G (or Diogee as they say it's spelled) runs up to them as the music ends.)

"There they are." Zack said.

"Hi Milo and Jordan." Melissa said.

"I can't believe we are getting extra credit just for going to an opera." Milo said.

"I'm just here to tag along because where else would i be." Jordan said.

"You've ever sit through an opera before? We're earning it." Melissa said.

"Oh. There's Amanda." Milo said.

"Amanda huh?" Zack said.

"No no no it's just that she's someone we know from school. You know. How's my cast?" Milo said.

"One of your best." Melissa said.

"Excuse me." Milo said and went over to Amanda.

"Hey Amanda." Milo said.

"Milo. Uh i mean hi Milo. What are you doing here?" Amanda said.

"Extra credit for Mrs. White's class. You can sit with us in the center if you want. I bought an extra seat in case mine got destroyed." Milo said.

"How would your seat get destroyed?" Amanda asked.

"It's best not to speculate." Melissa said.

"Okay. That's why well um i'm a little nervous. what i love about opera is that it is so well rehearsed and predictable and the thing is there is just so much that could go wrong in this general area." Amanda said motioning the area around milo.

"Oh that." Milo said and winced realizing he moved his bad hand. "Oh don't worry. Murphy's law or not the show must go on!" Milo said and goes into a trance.

"I hope so because it's just that i have... Milo?" Amanda said.

"Huh? Oh." Milo said.

"Because i'm using up three of my schedule enjoyment hours for this." Amanda said.

"You schedule time to enjoy things?" Zack asked.

"How else am i going to fit it in?" Amanda asked and handed Zack her schedule.

"Wow. Every minute of your day is accounted for." Melissa said.

"Wednesday 10:50-10:55 (ten fifty to ten fifty five if it doesn't take the numbers.) peel and eat an orange." Zack read.

"This opera takes exactly two hours and eleven minutes plus i set aside an extra 1.5 (one point five) minutes for an ovation just in case it's really good. My enjoyment hours are very precious to me nothing can go wrong." Amanda said.

"Don't worry Amanda. I'll be there to help." Milo said and headed inside.

"Oh that's great." Amanda said.

"I've got a bad feeling about this." Jordan said and headed inside.

"You realize you can shave a good three minutes off your orange peeling time if you switch to tangerines." Zack said.

"Noted." Amanda said.

"So what's with the big ugly tie?" Dakota asked.

"This is an ascot." Cavendish said.

"The last time I wore something that big they brought me a lobster. What i'm saying is that it looks like a lobster bib. When you're in a restaurant and you order a lobster..." Dakota said.

"I get it." Cavendish said.

Milo walked up to them while Jordan was watching from the enterance.

"Wow we are seeing those guys everywhere. Interesting." Jordan said to himself.

"Excuse me. May I have some pistachios please?" Milo said.

"I'm sorry my good man but it seems we're fresh out of pistachios at the moment." Cavendish said.

"Yeah we're all out." Dakota said.

"But aren't those pistachios right behind you?" Milo asked.

"Yes well uh you see those are display pistachios." Cavendish said.

"Yeah we're not aloud to sell display pistachios." Dakota said.

"Wouldn't you prefer a rubbery like woodland creature to chew on instead?

"Actually i really prefer some pistachios please." Milo said.

"I think he's hypnotized himself." Dakota said.

"Fine! I'll give you four." Cavendish said and turned the valve.

"It's righty tighty lefty loosy." Dakota said.

"I know how dispensers work." Cavendish said.

"What's the problem? Are you guys new at this?" Milo asked.

"That's a rather persumuous accusation." Cavendish said.

"Yeah it's not like we tied up the guy who usually does this and stached him in the basement." Dakota said.

(Cue scene with original owner tied up in the basement)

"Here give me a boost there's got to be a lock or something." Dakota said.

"Would you please hurry up." Cavendish said.

"Murphy's law in three... two... one." Jordan said to himself.

"I don't see anything." Dakota said and his foot hit one of the valves sending pistachios out.

"Well what do you know it's a righty loosy dispenser." Cavendish said and slipped on the pistachios and they all came out.

"Oh no! Hold on." Milo said and opened the door and the pistachios pushed him into the basement.

"You had one job." Cavendish said.

"Yeah you had the same job." Dakota said.

Jordan headed inside and sat down next to the Melissa, Zack and Amanda.

"I think you'll like this opera. It's about a morally conflicted crime boss who's seeing a therapist." Amanda said.

"Whatever extra credit's extra credit. Oh it sounds like they're going to start. Where's Milo?" Melissa asked.

"I better go find him." Zack said.

"I'll go with you no point in me staying here." Jordan said and they left.

Meanwhile in the basement...

Milo climbs out of the pistachio pile.

"We've got pistachios all over the place." One guy said.

"Are you bragging or should I get a broom?" Another guy asked.

"How is that even bragging?" the first guy asked.

"I'll get a broom." the other guy said and grabbed a broom and the other broom fell on a lever raising a platform milo is on.

Milo grabs some pistachios and runs off the stage as the opera starts.

The opera starts.

"Um those lights up there they seem a little loose to me." The one guy who got the broom said.

"They'll be alright unless..." the first guy said.

The two guys go through how the lights could be a problem.

"Or that rope could just slip off because i didn't really tie it off that tight." the first guy said and took a bite of a corn dog.

"Sir where did you get that?" The guy who got the broom said.

"I got a stash in back. Come on." The first guy said.

The rope comes undone and the lights get ready to fall.

"Ooh better make sure those lights don't fall and knock out those actors. That would seriously mess with Amanda's enjoyment of course." Milo said and goes up the ladder.

"Oh no Zack look." Melissa said.

Zack looked up and saw milo trying to keep the lights from falling as D.O.G. runs past Zack.

"I don't remember this opera having a dog in it." Amanda said.

"D.O.G. go home." Milo whispered.

D.O.G left and milo stopped the lights.

"This is different then the last time i saw it." Amanda said.

"Deep cleansing breath." Melissa said.

"Don't you yoga me." Amanda said.

The play continues.

Milo goes down next to Zack and Jordan.

"Milo what are you doing?" Zack asked.

"I'm making sure nothing goes wrong back here. Amanda's enjoyment schedule hours don't just grow on trees you know. She only has the two hours twelve minutes and change if there is an ovation." Milo said.

"Yeah i think that ovation ship may have sailed." Zack said.

"I just hope nothing else goes wrong." Milo said.

The broom knocked over the ladder which hit a fire extenguisher sending it across the stage.

"you had to say it." Jordan said.

"And that ship is sailing right now." Zack said.

Lots of distruction happens but Milo saved the actors.

"Phew and no one is the wiser." Milo said.

"You're a calm blue ocean." Melissa said.

The opera continues.

"Hey Milo look at the chandelier it's slipping." Zack said.

"Oh well that's not good. I'm on it." Milo said and grabbed the rope and swung around into a fake window and then ties up the rope.

The play continues but some stuff fall.

"Oh well that was probably my bad." Milo said.

The rope breaks and drops the chandelier and more stuff break but the actor told the music to keep on going.

"I better get out of here before something else happens." Milo said but a cloud prop lands on him keeping him there.

The actor tries to do his next part but distruction is happening around him.

Amanda just has her jaw dropped.

Melissa waves her hand in front of her face.

The actor does his part and waits for his partner.

"Mr. baritone you're on." Milo said.

"I'm not going out there." He said and removed his bandana and left.

Amanda starts hyperventalating.

"This show must go on." Milo said and put the bandana on and goes on the stage and starts singing.

(Cue: The show must go on)

Milo: I'm over here! (Comes nearer to the singer)

Mezzo Soprano: You're shorter than I remember

Milo: It's the physique that I was cursed with

Mezzo Soprano: I'll admit that I'm confused

You're not the one that I rehearsed with

I think we've gone off book

Now I believe the scene we're botching

Milo: But I feel we should go on

Because there's all these people watching


Mezzo Soprano: So I guess that you're a baritone

And now we have to fight

I'm a Mezzo-soprano, and it all ends tonight

Milo: Actually, you sing between a tenor and a bass

And that makes you a baritone

Your hostility's misplaced

Mezzo Soprano: Say what?

Milo: Mezzo-soprano is your family name

But you all sing in baritone

That makes you all the same

Mezzo Soprano: Wait a minute

Mezzo-soprano is a family name

But we all sing in baritone

That makes us all the same

You're right!

Everyone: Mezzo-soprano is our family name

But we all sing in baritone

That makes us all the same

We are all baritones

D.O.G comes out of a trapdoor in the stage.

Milo: Diogee, go home! (In the same moment Milo sings this, Mezzo Soprano sings another line but i have no idea what he said.)

Amanda starts clapping and then Melissa starts clapping then everyone stands in ovation and the actors bow and curtain closes.

A little later...

Milo, Zack and Jordan walk out of the door to the room the stage was in.

"That was amazing." Melissa said.

"Bravo. That was surprisingly entertaining and including the five minute ovation it was actually shorter then it usually is. So i've got time for a pizza." Amanda said.

"Sounds like a plan lets go." Zack said and he and Melissa walk out.

"Okay let's go." Amanda said.

"Who knows what will happen there." Milo said.

"Don't push it." Amanda said and D.O.G walked past them.

Jordan was just looking back at the stage.

(It's his world and we're all livin' in it)

(Cue: Milo Murphy's Law End Credits (4)) {By MMLFan98} [milo and other people sing all the parts but Jordan sings the final part]

We're all livin' in it

(Go, Milo Go, Milo, Go!)

Oh, thanks everybody! That is so motivational.

(Go, Milo Go, Milo, Go!)


I'm not sitting here watching the world turn

You know I'd rather spin it.

(Go, Milo Go, Milo, Go!)

It's his world and we're all livin' in it

After credits scene...

Jordan headed back into the stage room and looked around when the instruments started playing and a portal opened on stage.

Jordan hesitates a little bit deciding if he should go without saying goodbye but then heads for it but then one of the building sets falls on the instruments preventing them from playing again and the portal closes.

"Wow even without milo here the portal still destroys itself. Well at least now I have a chance to say goodbye before another portal opens." Jordan said.

Danielle was watching the whole thing unfold.

Later with Danielle...

Danielle walks out of the stage room wearing her hair like heroine from the amnesia anime and sees Cavendish and Dakota cleaning up the pistachio mess.

"What happened here?" Danielle asked.

"Don't ask." Cavendish said.

"Well the portal here got destroyed so let's go." Danielle said.

They grabbed their stuff and headed out the door.

*starts singing* I hope you all enjoyed this chapter now stayed tuned in because next i'm releasing a special that would take place after the crossover episode but there won't be any mention of the past episodes because we don't know how the episode would end.