Love is Just that Way

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Chapter One: The Beginning

To many people, a blonde in Japan was unusual, yet not unappreciated. This good looking blonde man smoothly walked into a small café. His luminous sea blue eyes discreetly searching for someone amongst the crowd of busy people. It didn't help the fact that many of the waitresses were swooning as his gaze coolly swept past them. Ignoring them as they blatantly flaunted past him, showing off their cleavages or legs, or even both.

Matt mentally rolled his eyes behind his dark tinted glasses before spotting the two he people he was looking for. His best friend Tai and his beautiful fiancée were sitting in a secluded corner of the café, trying to discreetly catch his attention with hand gestures.

"Hey Tai," Matt raised a hand slightly in greeting at his friend who grinned brightly from where he was sitting. He looked over at Sora and gave her one of his rare, heart-throb smiles. He felt a raise of masculine pride when she blushed, shyly smiling back at him with a gentle, kind smile. It was very different from what he was used to which were lusty, playful smiles.

Seeing Sora blush at his friend's blatant flirting with her, Tai playfully punch Matt. "Sorry Matt, we're buddies and all but she's already taken."

Tai said this with his usual enthusiasm as he did everything, but the way his brown eyes narrowed slightly was a warning to Matt who unperturbedly backed off.

The blonde shrugged before sitting down at the opposite end of the table. "Anyway, I'm sorry for being late. I had to finish some meeting about a corporate takeover before I left the office." Waving his right had absently, he easily changed subject, "So, what's up?"

Tai grinned even more brightly, placing his elbows on the tabletop, placing his head on his hands. "Well Matt, you know me and Sora are going to get married soon, so…" he paused for dramatic effect before continuing, pulling Matt in a friendly, buddy hug, "I want you to be my best man!"

There was a suspending, mind numbing silence that surrounded the three people. Matt froze before hesitantly speaking. "Me? Your best man?" He blinked once more, obvious shock in them. If only his accountants could see him now. Most of the time, with whatever they said, he would usually reply back with a sarcastic or cool look. Never of shock at how well or, rarely, horribly he was doing.

Shock quickly faded away as he saw the beginning of disappointment developing on the couple's face. Realizing what they thought his answer was, he quickly grabbed both Tai and Sora's hand, a small smile on his face, "I would love to be your best man."

Two pair of eyes blinked at him simultaneously before Sora broke the silence, shrieking in happiness as she nearly jumped over the table to hug him. Tai's hand quickly gripped his, joyfully shaking.

"Thanks man, I really appreciate this. I know you're busy since you're working on your Hong Kong branch of your company," Tai said, finally letting go of Matt's hand after a somewhat annoyed look was sent his way. Sora had finally come back to sit next to him after the excitement wore off.

Matt shrugged nonchalantly, the small smile still on his face. "Don't worry, I don't mind. Besides, I need a break." He absently twirled a pair of chopsticks between his fingers, "The new batch of singers my representatives found weren't that great, so I don't have too much paperwork to look over and shit like that."

Tai nodded his head, looking up when he saw a large glass of soda set in place of him and a small cup of tea placed in front of Sora.

"Would you like anything?" A sultry voice made Matt look up, a slender eyebrow raised slightly as a front row view of a nice rack was presented to him as the waitress bowed down to "hear" his order better.

Matt mentally sighed. He could already see what was going inside her head. Most likely, she was mentally stripping him down to his boxers. Actually, from the sight of drool at the sight of her incredibly red painted lips, his boxers were most likely long gone by now.

"No, thank you miss," Matt said politely, turning his head away from the young waitress and back to Sora whose phone had just rung. Discourage obvious on her face, the waitress turned away, already seeing someone who might be willing to give her a good time.

Thankful for the distraction, she got up and politely excused herself. "I'll be back in a few minutes." Silently, she mouthed, 'Good luck' at Matt and Tai, mostly Matt, as she walked toward the bathroom. The buxom waitress was the not only one who were looking at their table.

Waiting until she was out of earshot, Matt chuckled before slumping down in his seat.

"Man, I never pictured you would settle down. Heh, everyone in high school thought you would stay single with that fickle mind of yours."

"I knoooow," Tai bashfully rubbed the back of his incredibly spiky mane of almond colored hair. "But when I met Sora, I just felt..."

A small nostalgic smile crept upon his tan face, his eyes softening as he imagined the day he first met her. He had accidentally kicked soccer ball her way. It landed on her face. After the beating and the yelling, and several very creative uses for the word 'jerk', somehow, they had managed to pull of their unique relationship, making it last even after they graduated high school and Tai was drafted into the major soccer league.

"She was the one. It's corny, but she's just…really different from any of the other girls I've dated. She actually takes me seriously like a normal man. Not just some goofy, loaded athlete who's going to set her for life," Tai stated, his face actually serious for once.

"Cut the mushy stuff Taichi," Matt replied sarcastically, rolling his eyes at the lame explanation. He had heard it over a million times from different women. It was always the same story for the women. It was love at first sight. Who ever believed in that was a fool in Matt's eyes.

Yet…in the back of Matt's mind, he knew, knew absolutely knew that even though he had had bad luck in love, it would be different for Tai and Sora.

"Don't call me that! You know I don't like that name," Tai huffed in annoyance before thinking up a witty comeback. "Well, from what I heard from Koushiro, you just dumped the sexiest daughter of the CEO of the largest car company here in Japan."

He tapped his index finger on the plastic chrome table for a moment, a thoughtful expression on his face as his tongue stuck out of his mouth. It was his patented 'thoughtful expression. "Wasn't her name Mitsune Matsuragi."

"Yeah, I dumped that clingy brat, so what? She wasn't worth the time. She's good in bed, but other then that, she's just some spoiled brat of a loaded old man." Matt folded his arms stubbornly, turning his head away.

"Don't tell me," Tai raised his left hand, his right hand on his forehead. He was trying to imitate the fortune teller he had seen on T.V late last night when he and Sora were waiting for take-out. "I'm thinking…you're making a move on someone so you just dumped her?"

"Yup." Matt replied quickly and bluntly.

"You're the most wanted bachelor in the country. Heck, you're probably top ten in the most handsome dudes in the world. Almost all the girls that see you think of you as the dude in their wet, late night fantasies," Tai shrugged off the glare that he received with that comment. "Why can't you just choose one to fall in love with and get married?"

"Yeah, right," Matt said sarcastically. "I'll just fall in love with some chick and we'll be married happily oh…after the first two years, and by then, we'll probably have a child. Then, she'll probably want a divorce and file for child support and slowly, but surely take away most of my fortune."

"Hell no!" Matt nearly slammed his hand on the table if Tai hadn't intervened, stopping the fist with a large wad of napkins. Ignoring the napkins, Matt continued, "I don't believe in love, and I definitely don't want to settle down with some woman who only wants for me is my wealth, power and looks," he scoffed. "Almost all these women who come up to me and ask me out or flirt with me are gold diggers. The only use for them is something to warm my bed with."

"Not all women are like that," Tai said softly. His eyes looked critically at the blonde billionaire, "You just don't want to get hurt again."



Elsewhere a whole ocean away in a different continent, a young woman was currently frantically running around her office building. Here she was in the land of the free, the city where you could get sushi at four in the morning and dirty water hot dogs on every street corner, and a major tourist trap where every step led to some historic event. That or you got mugged. Either way, at the moment, Mimi was seriously wishing she hadn't moved to New York at all.

"Kate! Would you please give me those sketches?" Mimi hollered as she recklessly rushed around her office building, several dozen pieces of paper in her arms, a cell phone cradled on her shoulder, and a pen in her mouth.

"Here you go boss," Kate, a women also in her early-twenties, said as she handed Mimi some papers. She sweat dropped at the huge mess her boss had created, absently twirling a loose strand of cerulean hair between her fingers, "What are you exactly doing?

"I'm trying to find my other sketches for that wedding for the Smiths." Mimi placed the large pile of papers on a desk nearby, nearly diving in another stack. Grabbing any piece of paper, her chocolate brown eyes scrutinized the design before crumbling it up and flinging it out the open window. "This is what I get for having a world famous boutique! MESSSES, HUGE MESSES!"

Kate sweat dropped as Mimi threw the papers around, making the mess even worse. She sighed, flipping her long, waist length cerulean hair behind her back as she rolled up her sleeves, following her boss' wonderful example of work etiquette.

A lady at the age of twenty-four Mimi Tachikawa was extremely successful. She managed a fashion corporation that was already global. They were already famous for their beautiful and up-to-date style in America. Businesses in other places like Europe and Asia were soon starting to roll in a large amount of money too. Her line of clothing that was called "Serenity" was already starting to compete with the big leagues like Gucci and Tommy.

Mimi also had a partner named Katherine but she called her Kate for short. When she moved to New York five years ago, she came across the nearly broke girl at Central Park. She was desperately looking for any sort of job that would allow her to make use of accounting and business skills. At the same time, Mimi was desperately looking for a trustworthy assistance. So, being that desperate, she gave Kate the job and they became fast friends.

After getting to know each other and working together for nearly a year, they both moved into a decent sized apartment near "Serenity's" headquarters to save on money. Money had not made them impractical enough to waste precious money on huge penthouses. At least, not yet anyway.

Mimi's job was to design fashion breaking designs that would change the world of fashion as we know it. Sometimes, if she was bored and had some new creation that she wanted to show off, she held a large fashion show. Most of the time, they were always a big hit, especially with many of the celebrities.

Kate, being the number crunching mogul behind all the glitz and glamour that Mimi did, handled the negotiation with the clients and managed her schedule. These two were known as the best of the best duo in New York when it came to their designs and business sense. Most of their clients were always A-list or someone special and known by the society in New York. Still, with all the fame and money, Kate still called Mimi 'boss' even though they were equal partners. Money had not made her forget who had first saved her from the streets.

"Hey boss," Kate stopped Mimi from making the mess even messier, if that was possible by placing the elusive design in front of the women, "How about you checking the answering machine while I clean up?"

"Thank god!" Mimi lunged at Kate, grabbing the paper from her outstretched hand. Happily scanning the paper, she wandered off toward her office where the answering machine was.

Kate walked around the huge office place, picking up sketches, invitations to partners and other various things. After a few minutes, sitting in front of her was a large stack of papers, waiting for her to sort through them.

'Yay,' Kate thought blandly as she sat herself on the ground, looking at each letter with utter boredom.

Mimi placed the final sketch of the soon to be Mrs. Smith's wedding dress on her desk. Late that day, she would make sure to hand it down to her workers to make to start it off for her. From time to time, depending on the customer or job, Mimi would personally do the job herself.

Glancing sideways at the answering machine, she saw the red button blink brightly, signaling that she had a few messages waiting for her. Most of the calls they received were from new clients who wanted to talk to them. Some were from stars who were hoping to get a rush, custom made dress for a grand party in a few days, and lastly, a message from Mimi's best friend Sora.

She had received a call from Sora a week ago about a lunch date for later. Sora, a model was to be flying out to New York soon, and had hoped to see Mimi. Mimi, being her scatter-brained self had completely forgotten all about it.

"Hey boss," Kate poked leaned toward the door, still on the ground, her long braid that was resting on the floor making a good imitation of a snake. She held up a crumbled looking sticky note, "You have a sticky note right here from last week. It says, 'Remember to call Sora after work.'

"Now you tell me!" Mimi cried out in frustration before grabbing the yellow sticky note and looking at the phone number. Running toward her desk, she grabbed the phone and dialed the number frantically.

The phone rang, signaling Mimi had a good connection. She bit her bottom lip by the third ring. Maybe…maybe calling her was a bad idea… Before she could hang up, she heard Sora's voice from the other side of the line.

Sora: Hello, this is Sora speaking! Who might this be?

Mimi: Sora, it's me Mimi! Sorry about not calling you back. I got a little…side-tracked.

Sora: Mimi it's great to hear from you again! It's been ages since we last talked!

Mimi: Me too, the next time you visit New York, we can go to a good spa I know and lunch to catch up. Anyway, what was last week's phone call for? Nothing bad happened, right?

Sora: Oh that, don't worry, its good news! Remember Tai, my boyfriend from high school? Well, when he and I separated to go to college, we accidentally went to the same college and got back together. Well, we went out for a few years and…just the other day…he proposed!

Sora received no reply in return. Looking at her cell phone, she shook it before placing it back on her ear, "You still there?"

Mimi: You're getting MARRIED!

She couldn't help but shout really loudly, surprise clearly in her voice. The people about five blocks away even heard her. Kate looked up from her paper sorting and shrugged before looking back down at the papers.

Sora: Yes!

Mimi: That's great really, I'm so happy for you.

Sora: Mimi, you know that we've known each other since we were small and we treat each other like sisters. Am I right?

Mimi: Yeah…

Sora: Could you be my maid of honor and come back here in Japan.

Mimi was taken surprised by the sudden request. She sat down at her desk, unsure what to say. She wasn't ready yet to go back to Japan after what happen there. She was starting to move on right now thanks to all the preoccupying work, but going back to Japan brought back a painful past which she didn't want to go back, not just yet.

Sora: Mimi I understand if you can't, I know you're busy with your job. I completely understand. I'm just asking if you can.

Mimi: Thanks Sora...Umm…I'll call you when I decide if I'm ready or not to come home. Just give me a little time yet. When will the wedding start?

Sora: In three months.

Mimi: I'll give you a call within this week. I hope you understand.

Sora: Don't worry, I understand. I hope you call me back soon! Bye!

Mimi: Of course I'll call back. Bye.

Gently placing the phone back down, Mimi fell down onto her large, lazy boy chair. She would've gone for the professional leather chair, but Kate, being Kate, had forced her to get the lazy boy, reclining chair. At the moment, she was grateful as she rested her head against the cool, comforting leather.

"Who was it Mimi?" Kate questioned as she came into the room, dusting her hands off of the imaginary dust she acquired from the paper sorting. Behind her were several stacks of neatly sorted papers.

"An old friend…she wanted me to become her maid of honor," Mimi said quietly, her eyes closed, a lukewarm water bottle placed against her forehead.

Kate plopped herself down on the desk, a large grin on her face, "You are so lucky! I wish I could go!"

Mimi lifted the water bottle from her forehead, opening her eyes and smiled slightly at her friend's enthusiasm, "Don't worry, if we're free in the next four months, then you might get to go."

Kate blinked cocking her head to the side, a suspicious look on her face. "You mean it?"

Mimi nodded as she pressed a computer button on her laptop, looking at her schedule. "Yes, just go check the rest of the schedules and I'll go apologize to our clients who I have to cancel. I'm sure everyone in the office can handle this place for a little while."

Kate squealed loudly before dutifully running off toward her calendar, checking out all the dates. She turned toward Mimi and gave the thumbs up. There wasn't anything super important like the Oscars coming up, so they could go.

Mimi smiled in relief. It would've been hard to choose her best friend's wedding over something that could boost her company's image. Looking at the large stack of papers that Kate loudly placed on her desk, dreading the many phone numbers she would have to call.

After the few dozen calls of heartfelt apologies, Mimi sat back in her reclining chair. At the same time, she balanced a pen on her nose, staring at it intently as she dwelled in her thoughts. It was sitting on her nose for nearly half an hour by now. She kept thinking if she came back home to Japan, she might face him again.

She couldn't go back, not yet. Her heart still throbbed from what happened all those years ago.

'But…I really want to go. It's Sora's wedding after all.' Sighing, Mimi closed her eyes, the pen quietly falling down to her lap. 'I guess…I'll give Sora my answer tomorrow morning…'

"Well, are you going to give her the answer? I've already told the staff members about our little 'business trip," Kate stated, quietly walking into her friend's office. She settled herself on the chair opposite of Mimi's, watching her friend intently with amethyst colored eyes.

"I don't know…" Mimi trailed off, her eyes wandering toward her desk. Absently, she played with a loose piece of green string, slowly unraveling it with one hand.

"Well, after you get a good night's sleep, you may be able to figure out your decision, so scoot!" Kate said as she walked behind Mimi's chair, intent to put the large chair out toward the door.

"Alright! I'm going," Mimi leapt up from her chair and ran out the room, followed by Kate who was going to make sure she got sleep rather than wandering off to some corner in the building to mope some more.

'Yeah…after I sleep...I'll give Sora my answer.'


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