Love is Just That Way


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Chapter 7: Meetings of New and Old

Mimi… I love you very dearly…you know that, don't you? Then come back to me…my darling Mimi…

Mimi awoke with a start, a cold sweat on her pale peach colored skin. 'Another dream…' Bringing her head down to her knees, she closed her eyes tightly, trying to get the dream out of her mind. 'I haven't had a dream like that in weeks. Heh, my bad luck again, right?'

Taking a deep breath, she reopened her eyes; her honey brown eyes glimmered with sadness for a mere moment before it was replaced with a cold calmness. It was her little secret. The dreams that made her wake up with a cold sweat were something that she kept to herself and hoped to take with her to the grave. She refused to burden anyone with her problems. Sighing, she suddenly felt like taking an extremely hot shower.

Before she could get up from her bed, she realized there was something or rather, something warm and LIVING around her hand. The brunette froze before mechanically turning her head toward the thing that was keeping her hand trapped.

'Matt…?' Her chocolate brown eyes widened before softening slightly at the scene before her. Matt was sitting on his knees; his golden yellow hair covering some of handsome face, his shirt was a slightly disheveled, showing off his delicious milky-white chest. The one that made her heart quiver was the serene, child-like innocence on his face. Using her free hand, she gently moved several strands of his short hair from his face, her velvet soft hands lightly grazing his skin.

A quiet moan escaped from the gorgeous blonde's lips before he nuzzled his head closer to her hand. Cautiously, she moved her thumb gently against his cheek and was rewarded with a deep, cat-like purr escaping from the sleeping man. Mimi giggled quietly, slowly removing her hand from his face and hastily replaced it with her fluffy silk pillow.

Slowly, she crept off the bed, making sure not to move it too much. When her feet finally landed on the soft carpeted floor, she mentally sighed in relief. 'Good, I didn't wake him up.'

An image of a grumpy, fire-breathing Matt suddenly popped into her mind, making her silently chuckle. With a gentle pat of her hand on his soft head one more time, she crept into the bathroom, silently thanking whoever made the huge mansion that the bathroom was soundproof.

Turning on the shower, she removed her clothes and stepped into the warm, inviting waters of the shower. Another image of Matt, a more innocent and puppy-like image shadowing all her other thoughts as she washed the dirt and filth off of herself from yesterdays excursion.

Elsewhere, in Mimi's room, Matt was groggily waking up from his extremely deep and oddly peaceful sleep. Immediately, the scent of lilies and violets invaded all of his senses. Woozily, he lifted his head from the pillow, looking at his surrounds sleepily. For a second, he noticed it wasn't his room. He shrugged carelessly and dropped his head back down on the pillow and immediately fell back to sleep for a few minutes before his head snapped up in shock. He quickly looked around the bedroom, finally realizing it was Mimi's. 'I didn't…did I?'

He sniffed the air for a moment, and he breathed in a sigh of relief. The air didn't smell of musk and sex. No, it only smelled of fresh flowers and spring. He froze. 'I CANNOT be thinking of her in that way...'

His thoughts were interrupted when the bathroom door suddenly opened and out came a wet and barely clad Mimi. His male eyes instinctively scrutinized her before he gulped. Her silky russet brown hair lay flowingly around the side of her face and shoulder, the rest of it cascading down her shoulders, back, and her chest. The towel that was supposed to cover her didn't do its job very efficiently. The towel was hardly long enough to cover her thighs, her long gorgeously sculptured legs very visible to his hungry, wolf-like eyes. A slim hand was pressed against her chest were the towel came together, making sure it stayed tightly wrapped around her slim body.

Ignoring the fact that she, an attractive woman, was barely wearing anything but a piece of cloth that was barely covering the essentials, she walked over to him, before leaning down, slightly showing off her cleavage toward the dazed man.

"Are you okay? It must've been very uncomfortable sleeping like the way you did?" she giggled, slightly oblivious to the hungry look he was giving her.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Matt turned away, a small hint of barely noticeable red near the corner of his cheeks. He couldn't bear to see her like this. If he did anything to the fashion designer, three certain people would have his hide and then some.

Getting up from the side of the bed, he winced slightly. His legs had apparently fallen asleep while he had been resting. Limping, he slowly made his way toward the door until he felt a damp arm wind around his arm. His blue eyes widened when he felt her plump chest press against his arm. He could definitely feel his nether regions reacting to this. Looking down, he noticed Mimi was smiling up at him.

"Need some help?" Mimi was an oddly good mood so she didn't notice the surprised and lustful look he was giving her. Holding his arm tighter she took a step forward before being stopped by him.

The blonde was looking down at the carpet, trembling slightly. Detaching his arm away from the brunette beauty, he quickly opened her closet and snatched a large, dark red t-shirt away from the hanger before slamming it shut again. Before Mimi knew it, Matt had thrown the shirt into her arms. An almost angry-like glare was being shown toward her before he slowly panted out, "Leave. Me. ALONE."

Turning away, he quickly walked out of her room, a feeling of confusion and pain residing in his chest as he walked toward his own room. The image of her hurt face was still looking up at him as he closed his eyes and walked into his lavishly decorated room.

Back in Mimi's room, she was leaning against the door, unconsciously trembling; she buried her head against the shirt. "Why…why did he look so mad at me?" she whispered before falling down on the floor, sobs racking through her body. Her day had suddenly gone from good to bad without her knowing what she had done.


Kate was walking through the halls when she saw the angry billionaire quickly walking past her. "What's up with him?" she stated absentmindedly. Shrugging, she turned toward her friends' corridor and knocked on the door lightly. When she received no respond, she pressed her ear against the door and heard what sounded like muffled crying. Immediately, Kate started to pound on the door. "Mimi! Open up!"

No response.

Twitching, Kate took a step back and with one powerful and well aimed kick, she nearly knocked out Trey, who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere. He was Matt's head butler and bodyguard.

Unlike the usual stereotype, old guy, Alfred from Batman butler guy that you always see on T.V. and junk. Trey was definitely not that type of person. He was a tall young looking man who looked like he was in his early twenties, just barely older then her. His raven black hair was shoulder length and tied with a thin black hair tie. Trey's eyes were an alluring dark platinum silver, with a pair of thin, silver-rimmed glasses adorning his pale face.

He wasn't wearing the normal stiff black suit either. He was wearing a casual clean white dress shirt and a pair of black slacks. If you used your imagination, you might've been able to imagine Trey as a butler. The only reason Kate realized Trey was a butler was when she remember he had helped her with her luggage when she first came to the gigantic mansion.

Kate's leg was merely half an inch away from the handsome man's face, and he just looked at it for a moment before blinking. He raised a slender sardonic eyebrow at her as she lowered her leg and took a step back. Blushing she mumbled a quick apology. "Sorry, I was just trying to get my friend's room open. She won't open it for me so I got worried…"

Trey glanced at Mimi's bedroom for a moment before taking out a silver key from his pant pocket. Placing it in her awaiting hand, he started to silently walk away. He paused for a moment before turning back to look at the blushing New Yorker. "Master Yamato has requested that you and Ms. Mimi come to the dining hall for breakfast with him in the next ten minutes. Also, Ms. Sora and Mr. Tai have arrived too and will accompanying you for breakfast." A small smirk grazed his mannequin like face, "You had very good form and self-control in your kick. We have a gym here a few corridors down if you want to practice your form more." Bowing slightly, he walked silently away.

Kate nodded as the butler walked away before she looked back down at the key in her hand and hurriedly unlocked the door. "Mimi!" Kate hollered as she swung open the door and ran into the room.

Mimi was on her bed, her long brown hair spread in rippling waves of auburn brown. Her slender fist was clenched into a ball on the pillow, and the towel still wrapped tightly around her body. The T-shirt that Matt had thrown/given her lay forgotten on the ground.

"Mimi…" Kate whispered softly as she sat down on the bed, gently stroking her boss's head like a mother would do for a child. "It'll be alright Mimi…it'll be alright."

The distressing sobs lessened, but continued. Kate bowed her head slightly, feeling Mimi's sadness cut through her like a knife. Mimi wasn't just a boss, she was like a sister to her. Sure, a slightly deranged sister at times, but a sister nonetheless. Eventually the sobs ceased and there was silence. A comforting silence though. Kate continued stroking Mimi's damp tresses while Mimi lay still in deep confusion and contemplation. The only thing for sure was….

This was too much like how she felt when she found out Jed was cheating on her.


Sora and Tai, clueless of what was going on, were happily chatting about their upcoming wedding. The redhead was wearing a gorgeous designer green sundress with pale yellow cornflowers decorating the bottom of it. It clung to her body in the right places, making her irresistible in almost any male eyes. Tai was wearing a blue sports jersey and pair of dark brown cargo shorts. As usual, his infamous pair of goggles was situated on top of his brown mop of hair.

Matt, he was sitting at the farthest end of the table, sipping his coffee. No one noticed that his usual sky blue eyes, which were usually full of mischief and crafty planning for some elaborate takeover of another rival corporation, were a dusty misty dark blue. He had changed out of his outfit from earlier. He was now wearing a loose black t-shirt and a pair of tight black jeans showing off his muscular physique. He was currently wearing a pair of house slippers.

Trey suddenly appeared from the hallway and bowed, announcing Mimi and Kate's entrance. "Ms. Mimi and Ms. Katherine have arrived." He took a step back and opened the door for the two young women.

Mimi appeared from behind the door, a drowsy look of sleepiness and the faintest trace of sadness on her face. Her long auburn haired tied into a loose hanging ponytail, her twin bangs swaying gracefully as she walked. She wore an orange coral colored tank top and a pair of dark red Capri's. And pair of open toe, dark orange sandals adorning her petite feet.

Kate was beside Mimi, a slight look of worry on her face. Her dark blue azure hair was, as always, in a tight braid, her long bangs partly covering her sly pale green eyes. She wore a large, baggy dark grey t-shirt and a pair of extra baggy black cargo pants, and a pair of black sneakers finished the outfit off.

When Kate passed by Trey, she noticed he was looking at her. To her surprise, she saw him wink at her, a charming smile gracing his handsome face for a second. She blinked in shock before returning the smile and walking away, feeling happier and more energetic then usual. She didn't know why though.

Mimi placed on a false smile as she entered the dining room. No…she wouldn't let Matt have the pleasure of seeing her sad because of him. She would keep up a strong front and quickly help out Sora and Tai with there wedding. The sooner she got away from Matt and her old, resurfacing memories, the better.

"Sora, Tai! Good morning!" Mimi chirped happily as she sat down next to the soon-to-be blushing bride.

Tai grinned happily as he embraced her from behind. "Glad to see you're safe Mimi. Try not to worry us like that." He gave her an affectionate squeeze before going back to his seat and finishing up his meal before Kate ate up his.

Mimi smiled kindly at him before she was hugged by a teary eyed Sora.

"Mimi!" Sora cried as she hugged her friend tighter. "I was so worried about you! What happened with you when you were in the garden?"

Matt silently watched all of this, a feeling of anger in his chest when he saw Tai hug her. Shrugging, he took another sip from his coffee.

"I just got a little lost, that's all. I'm sorry I made you worry Sora," Mimi replied as she tried to calm down her frantic and teary friend. It didn't have much affect though.

"How about after we finish breakfast, we'll sketch out what kind of dress you want, 'kay?" Mimi said, trying to change the topic.

"Really?" Sora's head snatched up as she quickly imagined what her dress would look like. Her eyes immediately softened, "Mimi, I'll ask one more time. Are you really alright?"

"Yup, I'm sure." Mimi weakly nodded at the quick mood swings her friend just did.

"Great! So let's hurry up and eat and get the sketch done," Sora said happily as she took a bite of her scrambled eggs.

Mimi mentally sighed in relief, glad that Sora didn't interrogate her about what else had happened. A memory of what happened last night made a faint blush appear on her nose which she tried to cover up by nibbling on a piece of bacon.

To Mimi, the piece of bacon she had been nibbling on was barely done before she was rushed into the living room by Sora. While being dragged, the happy redhead began talking frantically about her dream dress. Mimi was thankful for the distraction. It was too painful being with the indifferent blond.

Kate, being Kate, followed the two women while chomping on a pear. While eating her produce, the azure-eyed girl took mental notes on what Sora wanted on her dress.

Tai, being the easygoing guy he was, lazily followed his fiancée, simply happy as long as she was happy…and he got to watch a little soccer on Matt's huge, the size of a small house, plasma, flat screen T.V.

Matt watched as the group of people walked out of his dining room. Hearing their voices slowly disappear, he let out a sigh of annoyance. "They're so loud," he muttered to himself as he took another sip of the lukewarm coffee. "This coffee is cold..." he murmured to himself, looking at the cooled coffee observantly.

The young billionaire hardly finished his second before a steaming hot cup of black coffee was next to his hand, a line of maids and butlers patiently awaiting his reaction.

Taking a sip, he nodded, assuring his loyal servants that it was to his liking. "Very good," he stated, taking another caffeinated sip.

Trey stood near the shadows, his eyes shielded by his long raven bangs. Usually he preferred to stay away from Matt's personal business, especially when it came to the woman he…entertained, but the two ladies that had flown from New York had surprisingly grabbed his interest.

"Matt," he murmured, announcing himself before he spoke with the master of the house. He had been friends with Matt since they were young. This job was only something that he wanted to do to repay the blonde for helping him with board and food since he was currently going to Tokyo University. He preferred not to stay in the dorms with the other over eccentric students, especially at night, so he stayed with Matt as a butler/bodyguard.

With a quick nod of confirmation from Matt, and a wave of the hand for the other servants to leave, Trey silently walked over to his long-time friend. "Matt, may I ask where you were last evening. You were not in your room nor were you in the study. I checked with your secretary and you weren't out doing…ahem…business."

The blonde shrugged lightly, "I was just making sure are guests were comfortable in their settings. They are new to this country." He paused for a moment before adding, "Kate is anyway."


"I wasn't doing anything!"


"Don't give me that look Trey. I really mean it; I was just helping her get adjusted. I really didn't do anything to her. I swear." Matt was starting to get a little nervous under the other's unconvinced gaze.

Trey shrugged before picking up the empty breakfast plates. "I'm not your keeper or anything so what you do shouldn't and doesn't concern me that much." A smirk graced the man's lips, "Even if it does mean you're scheming to get what you want."

Matt scoffed at the last statement, turning away to look out of a huge, nearby window. "I'm not going to do anything. I hardly know any of them."

"Even Mimi?"

It took all of Matt's willpower not to choke on his coffee at mid-sip. "I-I don't know what you're talking about," he stammered, trying to calm his racing heart.


"I mean it!" Matt retorted, getting up from his seat. "I'll be going to work now. Tell the others I'll be at my office. Good-bye!" Slamming the paper down on table, he swiftly exited the room, ending the conversation with his amused butler.


What seemed like hours when it was actually half an hour, Mimi wearily walked out of the living room with an equally happy Sora and Tai. Kate was still half-asleep on the couch. Making observations and watching the debate between Mimi and Sora to see which kind of veil she should wear had worn her out.

"I think…I would like to go outside around Tokyo," Mimi murmured as she grabbed her purse and coat. She saw Trey nearby, cleaning up the table, and happily walked over to him. "Trey, tell Kate that I'll be touring Tokyo. If she or anyone else needs me, just call me on my cell." -1-

Trey smiled, "Yes, ma'am. Have a safe time exploring Tokyo. Please wait a moment." He pressed a button on a tiny remote he had near his waist, before looking back up at Mimi. "I've just called the chauffer; he'll drive you anywhere you wish." Glancing down at his watch, "He should be by the door just about…now." At the same second, the shiny black limo appeared near the vast front door.

Mimi's grin grew wider as she began walking toward the door. "Thanks Trey! I'll see you later!"

The young butler nodded politely before returning back to cleaning up the breakfast dishes.

Mimi happily allowed Edward to open the door for her when she arrived outside. The ride around Tokyo was interesting, but she was more fascinated by Tokyo Park though. She was in luck; it was late spring here in Japan so the cherry blossoms were beginning to fall, making it look like a pink snowstorm. Wanting to take a closer look at the beautiful pink cherry blossoms, she asked Edward to let her out.

"Ms. Mimi, are you sure you are going to alright here by yourself? I'm now allowed to park here so I'll have to drive around a little," Edward said from the limo, his head poking out of the open window.

"Don't worry! You just enjoy yourself and I'll be out here enjoying myself too! If I need you, I'll call you. I have the limo's phone number, so if I do get lost, I can call you," Mimi said as she began walking away from the worrying chauffer.

He nodded and rolled up the window, driving away. She seemed to be a capable woman so hopefully, nothing would happen to her.

"These cherry blossom trees are absolutely gorgeous!" Mimi exclaimed to herself as she strolled around the expansive park. A sweet smelling wind wafted around her, giving her a breath of sweet smelling cherry blossoms.

Seeing an empty bench nearby, she gratefully sat down. 'Note to self, NEVER wander around a park in sandals. It hurts…'

She sighed, enjoying the wind playing with her long brown hair. Subconsciously, she lifted up a slender hand and unbound her hair, letting the silk auburn hair fall down in a shimmering heap of browns.

Laying her head back, she closed her eyes, allowing the sweet and soothing scent of cherry blossoms wafting around her. She felt protected for some odd reason when she was around these trees.

Suddenly, she felt an odd chill run through her. Mimi tried to ignore it, but the feeling of being watched wouldn't go away. Slowly opening her eyes, she looked around her surroundings, seeing no one but herself there. That was extremely odd since viewing the cherry blossoms were an extremely popular event.

"W-where is everyone…" she muttered, looking around frantically.

"Nervous are we…?" A voice suddenly said from behind her.

It was oddly familiar. Too familiar.

'Please…please don't let it be…' Mimi thought as she heard faint footsteps coming her way. She clenched her fists together, looking down at her lap. Suddenly, she felt someone's hot breath against the shell of her ear.

"Long time no see Mimi," a deep, masculine voice echoed through her ear.

"What do you want Jed?!" Mimi said bitterly, keeping her gaze on her lap.

"I just wanted to see what you were doing. You must be doing well since your clothes are everywhere."

Mimi didn't respond. She couldn't or didn't want to respond.

"It's been a long time…" his voice whispered close to her ear once more, making her shiver. An arm was wrapped around her shoulder, making a shock of electricity run through her spine. On reflex she immediately moved away and looked up at the man she once loved.

Jed was a tall and handsome person. He had short light brown hair and dark calculating green eyes. He was lightly tanned and had a muscular physic. He wasn't all bulgy, but muscular enough so that he didn't look feminine. He wore casual clothing: white shirt underneath a black vase and a pair of black slacks. A false smile was on his cherry pink lips as he watched her like a fox with its prey. Those physical attributes were the thing that enticed her to him. Those were the only things though.

"I thought I left you a long time ago…" Mimi whispered, staying as far away from the man as she could.

"You did, but I plan on getting you back." He said it as if it was a fact.

"Stay away Jed. I broke all ties with you when I saw you with her."

"Once again, you're right. It was a simple mistake though." Slowly, he crept close to her and placed a hand on her cheek, his other hand tightly around her arm. "I want you back with me."

"No…let go," Mimi whimpered, trying to tug her arm away from his to no avail. He was much stronger then her."

"Why should I?" He said, a devious smile on his lips as his face inched slowly toward her.

Mimi could feel tears forming in her eyes as she tried to get away from his tight grip. 'No…no…someone…please help…'

"She told you she didn't want you," another voice interrupted Jed and Mimi from what they were doing.

Looking up, she saw Matt a few feet away from them. A calm aura surrounded him as he faced Jed, but his eyes told a different story. His eyes were as cold as the artic and even more deadly.

"MATT!" Mimi cried as she freed herself from Jed's surprised grip and ran toward Matt, jumping into his open arms.

The blonde looked down as the young woman buried her face into his chest. He could feel several wet marks on his shirt, but simply ignored it, tightening his grip on her waist as he did so.

"I suggest you leave now or I might do something you may regret." Matt's voice was deep and monotone, but Jed and Mimi couldn't help but notice there was a tone of death in it. Both knew from the news that Matt was not a type to just plain talk. A rival company had that that Matt had been just talking when he said he would close them down…a month later; they had to sell to him.

Jed smirked, hiding his insecurity. "Whatever, I'll get another chance to talk to my beloved Mimi." Turning away, he casually waved as he walked the opposite direction as the two, "Good-bye."

Matt mentally sighed in relief when the other man left before looking down at the precious bundle in his arms. He felt angry when he saw Jed with Mimi. An unbelievable shot of some strange emotion went through him when she saw her body quiver in fear and her almond brown eyes water. 'It's notjeal…no, it couldn't be.' Forcing those thoughts away, brought his gaze back to Mimi.

"Are you alright Mimi?"

"Yes…and no," she whispered, looking back up at him. Her eyes were red and puffy as hot tears quickly fell from her eyes.

Lifting a slim finger, he wiped the rain of tears off of her tear-stained face. His face remained apathetic, but his actions told her different. When all her tears were gone, he kept his arms tightly around her. Looking up, he noticed it was getting cooler. Without a second thought, he picked her up wedding style.

"Matt…" she murmured as she kept a hand clenched onto his black shirt. She was utterly confused and disoriented as the flaxen haired man carried her to the limo. Edward simply opened the door and gave her a concerned smile.

When they were situated inside the limo, Mimi sitting closely beside Matt, his left hand placed lightly on her shoulder, he finally spoke.

"Who was that?"

"No one."

"It didn't seem like it."

"It's none of your business."

"It's my business now since I involved myself in it."

"I didn't ask you to be in it!" Mimi angrily said, moving away from his grasp.

"Well it's too late to ask for your permission to be involved," he calmly stated, watching her emotions of sadness, anger, embarrassment, and loneliness flicker throughout her face.

Silence ensued for a moment before Mimi finally spoke.

"How did you find me?"

"Edward saw a suspicious car follow his. When he saw it stop near his and a man follow you, he got worried and called Trey, who called me," Matt explained as he kept his gaze forward.

"I see…"

"I'm still curious about that man," Matt said, turning his head toward her.

She looked up at him, her warm honey-brown eyes staring into his icy ocean blue ones. "Please…don't ask this of me now." It was barely audible, but Matt heard it as if she was speaking it through a bullhorn. The desperation in her voice to end the subject made him finally stop questioning her. Nodding in acceptance, he leaned back against the seat, watching her from the corner of his eyes.

'Who is he…and what did he do to you Mimi?' Matt thought as he watched the woman who he thought was so strong when he first met her, tremble in the corner of his limo.


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