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Hushed voices rang through the first floor of the house, as everyone tried to accommodate and put everything in place for the new arrival.

Sitting on a comfortable armchair, Hopper watched as Karen and Nancy Wheeler moved around in the kitchen to prepare drinks for everyone in the house.

Upstairs he could hear Joyce fluffing pillows in the master bedroom, where she had disappeared a few minutes ago.

Anxiousness fluttered inside his chest, and his fingers twitched with the need for a cigarette, but instead they settled for tapping a rhythm against the cushion on his lap. Besides, that damn kid had made him quit a few years ago.

An engine was heard on the driveway, a car door opened, and then all sounds died.

He saw Karen freeze in the kitchen and Nancy approached the living room where he was sitting, giving them a wide open look at the front door. Joyce stepped out of the room upstairs and stopped in the middle of the staircase, hand clutching the bannister as they all waited for the front door to open.

A few murmurs were heard and then the wooden door made a creaking sound as it opened.

A dark hand pushed the door to stay flat against the wall, and then Lucas appeared, shooting a quick smile at everyone, while stepping into the house and pressing his hand against the door to prevent it from hitting the couple coming in.

Hopper sat up straighter as he saw his adoptive daughter being led inside the house by Mike.

Baby blue summer dress swaying around her knees, El was taking careful and slow steps as she clutched the hand Mike had in front of her, while his other arm was busy supporting her weight against his body.

Her hair was loose, honey-brown strands flying with the light breeze, and her brow furrowed as a strand tickled her nose.

Her eyes danced around the people in her house and finally settled on Hopper, giving him a tired smile.

As the couple finally stepped inside the house, Will holding a few bags behind them, Hopper's eyes landed on the pink bundle in Dustin's arms.

His throat bobbed as he swallowed, and he heard Karen fussing to El, but his eyes stayed where the tiny person who everyone came to see was.

Dustin entered the house and smiled toothily at everyone while Max, the last member of the party, closed the door behind him.

Joyce came downstairs and kissed her adoptive daughter on the forehead while talking in hushed tones to her and Mike. Then, she went to Dustin and cooed at the covered baby in his arms.

"Hey, kiddo. How are you feeling?" Hopper greeted El as she sat down on the couch in front of him with a big sigh of relief.

She gave him a smile as Mike rubbed her shoulders from behind the couch, shooting him a quick smile. "Tired."

"I bet." He chuckled. "You just delivered a baby into the world." He said affectionately as he watched her eyes shut tiredly, head resting against Mike's torso as he waved his fingers into her hair.

"Speaking of..." started Mike as they watched Dustin come into the living room area, and stand in front of El.

"Delivery for Mrs. El Wheeler. Package has safely arrived to its destiny." He said with a smile as he carefully deposited the baby in her arms.

El gave him an appreciative smile, while Mike carefully inspected the baby in his wife's arms.

Hopper hadn't seen the baby yet, but he knew since early morning that his daughter had delivered a healthy baby girl at 8:30 in the morning. He watched as El's eyes roamed inside the pink blanket. A slow smile appeared on his face as his chest swelled with pride. "I'm a grandpa."

El chuckled at him as everyone laughed and came closer. She looked at him with an endearing smile, before motioning at him with her full arms. "Are you going to hold her?"

Joyce stood behind him and he heard her take in an excited breath, as Mike took the baby from his wife.

"Hey, little girl. Ready to meet Grandpa Hopper? He seems a little tough, but he's not so bad." He spoke in soft tones to his daughter as everyone chuckled at his words. Mike gave him a teasing smile as he stood in front of him.

He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead as Hopper stretched his arms, accommodating them to receive the baby. Everyone held their breath as they watched him take the baby from Mike, and pull her closer to his chest.

It had been a while since he held a baby, last time being his own, but the weight and warmth she radiated were welcomed.

El bit her lip at the warmth in her chest, sharing a loving smile with Mike. He sat down beside her, threw an arm around her and pulled her close, pressing a kiss to the side of her head.

Karen took her clasped hands to her mouth, as she nostalgically watched her son, her only baby boy, whisper loving words into his wife's ear. She couldn't believe he was so grown up, bringing his first child home; it seemed like only yesterday she was the one arriving from the hospital while she welcomed him into the world. Tears couldn't be held at the emotions she was feeling, and her heart thumped in her chest when her eyes met her son's and they shared a smile.

Max hugged her boyfriend from behind, squeezing her arms around his middle as she watched her friends be happy. Time really does fly, she thought as memories of a punk El and a crying Mike swarmed her mind.

Dustin squeezed her hands and took her fingers between his, as his eyes met Will's and Lucas's and they all shared a happy grin. When Mike asked him to hold his newborn daughter, Dustin had to take a moment; even though he knew Mike (and everyone, really) trusted him, putting his child's life in his arms, trusting him to keep her safe until they arrived home, was a huge thing in his eyes. Moisture had clouded his baby blues as he had taken the sleeping baby from his first female friend, sharing a secret smile with El.

But none of that mattered to Hopper, as he locked eyes with the baby girl in his arms. He fell himself fall in love once again, wondering how amazing was life, how great it was to give him a new beginning. Moisture pooled in his eyes as he carefully examined the baby and touched her soft cheek with a gentle finger.

"Oh, Hop." Joyce said with a chocked sigh as a few tears slipped from her eyes.

Looking up at her, he watched with a smile as she laughed and apologized for her tears, as she gathered them with her fingers. Everyone breathed again as they watched a captivated Hopper pull the baby closer. He chuckled and locked eyes with El. "You did good, kid. She's beautiful."

El gave him a breathy chuckle as Mike piped up beside her. "Hey, I helped, too."

"But you're not as pretty as her. Good thing the baby looks like her, or else she would be doomed with your ugly face." Nancy exclaimed teasingly at her brother, receiving a shove from her mother in reprimand and booming laughter from the other "kids" in the room. But they're not really kids anymore, are they? She thought as she looked at the grown up kids she loved. Emotion swelled in her throat and she pulled Mike's head to her. "I'm so proud of you." She whispered in his ear and pressed a loving kiss to his hair. He gave her a weirded out face, which dissolved into a grin, and he patted her cheek with gentle fingers.

"Hello. Look at you! You're finally out in the world. Tired little thing you are too, aren't you?" Hopper cooed at the baby as she let out a big yawn, her little face squished out into a frown. "We waited so long to meet you. You must be weirded out with so many new faces. It's such a big world, isn't it? Yes it is. Yes it is." He continued as he rubbed a finger to her chin, and the baby cooed back with big eyes as she took in the new person who was making such funny noises at her.

"I'm gonna take her home with me." Hopper said teasingly at El and Mike.

"Dad." El laughed with everyone else.

Later, when everyone was busy drinking from the fresh lemonade Karen had made, and the baby was still safely tucked in Hopper's embrace, El's eyes were fighting to stay open as sleep called to her.

"Let me take you upstairs, okay?" Mike said encouragingly, sitting up.

"I don't want to leave her." She mumbled in protest, but still let him pull her up.

"You gotta rest. You haven't slept in like 12 hours." Mike said as he carefully moved her towards the stairs.

Will moved to take her other arm and help his sister up the steps while Joyce jumped in and ran up the stairs in front of them, to help her daughter settle down in her room.

Hopper watched with a smile as everyone fussed and moved around, trying to make things easier for the new mom. He was so proud of her; still remembering the little girl with a shaved head who knew nothing about friends or compromise. She had come so far.

His eyes settled on the dancing eyes of his granddaughter, who was taking up the different shapes of the room.

"You're going to be so loved, baby. So loved. You already are. You have so many uncles and aunts who love you so much. And two great grandmas. You have another grandpa too but he's kind of an idiot. Don't tell anyone I said that. But most importantly, you have me. Grandpa Hopper is going to make sure nothing bad happens to you. Everything will be okay. You're so loved, baby." He smiled as the baby took his fingers in her little fist and made a gurgling sound. He laughed and pressed a kiss to her tiny forehead. "Grandpa loves you."