1st October 2021 – Kozou Fuyutsuki

Many years ago there was a young man who had a dream of changing the world. This young man grew up wanting to leave his mark on the world in some way. Yet, the reality was, as his life went on he found himself unable to achieve such a grand dream. Yet, this desire remained, he turned to teaching in hopes that he might be able to encourage and inspire others to change the world in some way.

As a teacher and as more years went by he found that he was still no closer to achieving this goal. He found himself unable to connect with his students and found he developed a reputation for taking his role too seriously.

The day came when that changed, he met a student, a brilliant student who shone above all the others and struck a chord with him. She would be the instrument that would allow him to make his mark on the world. Her work was brilliant, her theories sound and so he set about encouraging her as best he could. He would allow her access to the best resources and facilities he could.

Over time he realized that it was no longer about wanting to leave his mark on the world, he had fallen in love with her. All of his dreams of changing the world had fallen and been replaced by dreams of being with her. Only this was not to be, for this student's heart belonged to another.

Time passed and she left to carry on her work elsewhere. She was recruited by an organization that took a large amount of interest in her work. There were rumours regarding the nature of the organization and her connection to them but they did not matter to the man and he went back to his life of teaching.

Shortly afterwards, on September 13th 2000 the world changed. A global cataclysm that was termed the Second Impact tore the world asunder. Over the next couple of years billions lost their lives, war and famine raged and the man would learn of his own minor role in the tragedy.

He would learn that the student that he had fallen and the organization she worked for would be central figures in this event. He would learn that by some cruel twist of fate he had in fact succeeded in his goal of changing the world, only that success tasted bitter as he saw the true costs of that change.

He could not help himself and ended up falling for her again. She convinced him that what she was a part of was for the best. She confided in him her plans for the future. She told him that soon she would have to leave and asked him for one simple favour. She wanted him to watch over the people that mattered most to her, her husband and her son.

I, Kozou Fuyutsuki, am that man and I failed in what I was asked to do. I failed to watch over the people she asked me to. I failed Yui by allowing myself to retreat into the darkness. I allowed myself to fall for your husbands ideas and believe that maybe I could see you one more time but this time we could be together.

I was weak and a coward. I should have stopped him, I should have put a stop to his plans right at the very beginning but I couldn't bring myself to do so. Opportunity after opportunity would present itself to me but I could not bring myself to take any of them.

Eventually the Third Impact would come just as SEELE and Gendo had wanted it to. The one saving grace is that it was not exactly as they desired it. Power was instead handed over to the boy that you left behind and wanted me to look out for. Your son saved the world and with it granted us another chance, for some of us it was an opportunity to atone for our sins. It is a chance that I have taken, I no longer want to change the world. I want to help people and put things right.

I get up from my desk chair and stretch before heading over to the window. The stars are shining brightly tonight. I wonder that if I went to the observatory tonight I'd be able to see her. She is still out there and we have been keeping track of her as she drifts further and further away from our planet. Scans have indicated some faint energy signatures within her as she moves forward.

Within a few years she will pass through the Termination Shock and into the outer reaches of the Solar System. Yui will reach the same point that only a handful of man-made craft have reached in but a fraction of that time. She will reach interstellar space and then as she drifts further and further away into uncharted territory, she will become what she desired. Eternal proof that humankind existed.

I have to wonder, how lonely is that existence for you Yui? Are you aware of what is happening on Earth right now? Have you been receiving any of our communications? Are you conscious of what is around you or have you passed on?

As for me, I'm trying to finally carry out my promise to you. I cannot watch out for Gendo but I can at least try to do the right thing for Shinji. After all my sins there is little I am able to do via direct contact but I have at least tried to make sure they're all protected. I've tried to make sure they have the opportunity for a future. It is my hope that maybe one day they might forgive me for my acts in the past.

I leave my post by the window and move back to the computer. I see a new e-mail has appeared and it seems to be the one I've been waiting on for the last two weeks. I open it and feel the heart sink immediately. I do not know how I'm going to break this news to him. I said to him that everything would be fine, I promised him that he would be free to do as he wishes and yet they have done this.

I don't know whether to be angry with this or not. Perhaps I should have expected it to happen. They have been looking to make an example of someone for a while. They've been looking for someone to blame. Gendo will never return so they can't have him. SEELE have vanished as well. They want to be seen as punishing someone, if anything just to satiate their own desires but… did it have to be him?

'Dear Kozou Fuytusuki,

I write to you in relation to your recent request regarding the necessary permissions for one, Kaworu Nagisa, to travel to Japan in December of this year.

Unfortunately given the former status of the Mr. Nagisa and after careful consideration by those involved we have seen fit to deny this request. The council simply feels that allowing a being like Mr. Nagisa to travel to Japan at this time would be too dangerous. It is our opinion that despite the initial reports of his humanity we do not have sufficient evidence that his former self has been completely removed.

In addition, we also have concerns regarding his motives for visiting Japan. Due to the ongoing situation regarding access to Tokyo-3 we find that it would be irresponsible to allow him any opportunity to travel to such a location. Whilst we have taken on board your reassurances that Mr. Nagisa is not affiliated with the group known as SEELE we do not have the sufficient evidence of this and whilst their location remains unknown we do not want to present an opportunity for him to make a move.

We extend our apologies to Mr. Nagisa at this time but also want it to be made known that the decision of the council is final. If you would like to discuss more then please arrange an appointment via the usual channels.


Jacques Laurent'

I close the e-mail and lower my head before leaning back in the seat. I have been around these sorts of people for many years and I have found that no matter who is present, one truth always remains, they will always be paranoid and looking to place blame at someone regardless of the person's guilt. They cannot find SEELE or Gendo and so they look at the next best person, the brainwashed victim.

Unfortunately I do not know how I can fight this, I don't know where I would start but I must try. My only concern is that pushing back against it will make them fall back to their original plans. I was only able to save Nagisa by the skin of my teeth. Originally they wanted him to face a full criminal trial, they wanted to lay everything at his feet.

If I fight this then they will likely see it as an opportunity to go back to those original plans. Knowing them there would be some public angle to this as well. They would want to cover themselves in glory as being the ones to bring one of the major figures in SEELE to justice. The truth of what Nagisa is would go out there but few would believe it.

It is not just about Nagisa's innocence. He does not need the stress of such a thing in his life. He needs the opportunity to live his life without his past haunting him. He deserves to live freely as a human and take those opportunities that were denied to him. I must save Nagisa from that fate, he has already been through so much.

Unfortunately, I know those fools are both stubborn and uncaring in this situation. Even amidst the mountain of evidence they had they refused to believe the truth of his humanity. Nagisa would face invasive medical examination after invasive medical examination, he would submit blood test after blood test and still continues to do so just to prove he is what he said he is. Yet it is still not good enough for them.

I know this news will break his heart. I dread the idea of telling him but I will have to do so, but I hope he knows that I will fight this.

1st October 2021 – Kaworu Nagisa

'Confusion will be my epitaph
As I crawl a cracked and broken path
If we make it we can all sit back
And laugh
But I fear tomorrow I'll be crying'

The final parts of the song come through my headphones as I sit and try to focus on finishing typing up these documents I'm working on. It is proving to be a difficult, typing up minutes from meetings and draft letters is not the most taxing of tasks, therefore it is easy for my thoughts to drift. Normally I would not mind my thoughts drifting, daydreaming can be pleasant but today they are just filled with thoughts of the situation with Shinji.

Asuka has assured me that things will work themselves out. It is not that I don't believe her, I do believe when she says such things, I also believe that she would not say such things to me were she to have any doubts. Yet, I still feel so very uneasy about the situation. I keep on replaying the conversation from yesterday and wondering what I could have said or done differently to avoid such a thing.

I know all too well the folly in this way of thinking though. All I will end up doing it putting myself into an endless cycle of questioning and doubt. The truth is that I am unable to go back and change any of what was said or done. I have to live with it and move forward. I just wish that things are resolved sooner, rather than later.

I dislike this uncertainty of how long it could take and where things stand. I dislike that I am having to rely on others to resolve my mistakes. I know the latter is not exactly true, I am not relying on people to resolve it, we are all here to help one another, it is just my impatience speaking. Still, I feel like I could do more, I have been tempted to try and call him myself but I don't know what good such a thing would do. Knowing me, I would just mess it all up again and make it worse. I just need to be patient.

I lean back in my chair and look around the empty office. It is strange to see Fuyutsuki absent today, he called me earlier this morning to inform me that he has had to take the day off in order to resolve an important and unexpected situation. I've been told to simply type up these documents and then given the rest of the day off.

I could return home but I know Asuka is busy today working on things for her book, so perhaps I should explore the city. It has been quite some time since I have properly had the opportunity to take a walk, or at least it has been a long time since I've taken the opportunity. Ever since the attack I've not dared venture out as much as I used to, a few times but only short trips and any longer trips have been with Asuka. Yes, I think I will walk along the riverside to clear my mind.

I lean forward again and begin to start on the next document, my final one and my phone starts to ring before I can even begin typing. I let out a slight sigh of annoyance, I was hoping to just get through this without any interruptions. Still, it might be Asuka, I glance at the phone and see an unrecognized number. I contemplate ignoring it and getting on with my work but instead I pause my music and answer the phone.


"Hello, Is this Nagisa?"

I frown as the persons voice comes through the speaker. It is a young woman's voice and one that is strangely familiar. It is soft and yet has a directness to it that I am sure I have heard before. I find it curious that she has addressed me by my surname as well.

"Yes, it is, who is this?" I answer her and inquire as to who it might be.

"This is Rei Ayanami. Shinji's sister, I am not disturbing you, am I?"

Almost immediately on hearing her speak her name I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on edge. I feel that cold sweat start to break out and my stomach churns. I contemplate telling her that I am busy at the moment and unable to speak to her. I am at work after all but then if I did that then I'd only be delaying an inevitable conversation with her.

I shake my head, "No... I am... not busy."


My mouth is so dry, I pick up my coffee cup and sip the some of it. It's turned cold, horribly cold and I immediately put the cup back down with a trembling hand. The last time I saw Rei Ayanami was the day of my death. I remember looking up at her from within the grasp of Unit 01s hand. I remember the glare she gave me, it told me everything I needed to know. I cannot imagine now, that over the course of the last five years her hatred of me will have changed. In fact, I am aware of her dislike of me, it is something Asuka has alluded to.

I can't really blame Rei for having such an attitude towards me. After all I deserve her hatred, after what I did to her brother and her world how could she not? Now I have managed to hurt her brother again, I dread to think of what she has to say to me.

"I presume you already know why I am contacting you?"

If I was slightly unsure of the reason before then that did indeed confirm it. I try to answer, my voice slightly weak with my nerves and fear, "It... It is regarding my conversation with Shinji yesterday, isn't it?"

"Yes, it is." She responds bluntly, "Shinji was quite upset with the events."

In a way I appreciate her honestly, it is good to know for certain how Shinji felt about what happened. At the same time all I can feel is sadness at knowing that I did manage to upset him.

"I… I am sorry about that, it was not my intention to hurt him."

"You do not need to apologize for what happened." Rei quickly replies, "It is my understanding that you too were also upset and it is my belief that neither of you were to blame."

"No…" I begin to protest, "It… It was my fault, I was to blame! When he contacted me, I should not have said what I did, I should have asked him to speak to me later."

"But you did say what you did." She replies, "And I feel you were not wrong in what you but I feel that in this instance it did not work out as neither of you had hoped. When Shinji contacted you I do not believe he wanted things to work out in this fashion either. I… I am no stranger to things not working out as planned myself."

I say nothing in reply but I do feel a half smile come to my lips. I am certain that she is of course referring to what happened between herself and Shinji only a few weeks ago. I remember Asuka telling me that Rei was really upset about what had happened. There is a brief moment of silence between us, and I sense that Rei is taking the time to collect her thoughts.

Finally she speaks once more, "I have to ask you, are you truly sincere in wanting to mend your friendship with my brother?"

"Yes… Very serious." I answer her, "I would like nothing more than to… speak with him and put things right. I know that… after what I did to him it is a lot to ask. I probably don't deserve his forgiveness or friendship but I would like a chance to explain things to him at the very least."

"That is good." She responds, "I am pleased that this is the case. I… I will help you then, if you are truly sincere then I would like to help you. First though, I feel I must apologize to you. When I first heard of your return and of your friendship with Asuka I had… something of an unkind attitude towards you. I know you are not aware of what I have said but they were unpleasant. I… I feel it would be best to clear this up with you. I… I disliked you, not just because of what you did but because I saw in you the things that I have tried to forget I was."

She takes another moment to pause, I saw nothing, merely listening to her in a stunned silence, "You and I, we are the same Nagisa. I remember you saying such a thing to me once and you were correct. We were both created for a similar purpose. We were both created from beings of immense power. The difference is that we ended up on opposite sides of the fight. We were set up to be enemies and by all rights we should not be here today. We are both lucky to be alive and lucky that we have the chance to seek forgiveness in others. I do not wish to be your enemy any longer, I do not want to dislike you anymore. Kaworu Nagisa… I would like to be your friend."

Rei's words take me completely by surprise and I open my mouth to reply but no words come out. Instead I feel that lump at the back of my throat forming, I struggle to blink away the tears and compose myself, "T-Thank you…"

I trail off needing a bit more time to get myself together, "T-Thank you Rei, I… I would like to be your friend too. I… I know my actions in the past were hurtful but… I am trying to make up for them."

"I know, it is something we are all trying to do." Rei answers, "I wish to know about your past, perhaps it can help to fix this situation. Tell me… who are you Kaworu Nagisa?"

I shake my head as I start to tell Rei about who I am, "There… There isn't a lot to tell you. My life was… mostly uneventful. I was… brought to life on the thirteenth of September 2000, the day of Second Impact. Thought I did not gain full consciousness until a few years later, at the age of four."

"I see, so it has recently been your Birthday?" Rei asks me curiously, "That is strange, Asuka did not mention anything."

I shake my head again, "N-No, she wouldn't have done. I… I didn't feel it was a day worth celebrating or mentioning."

"I understand." Rei says, "So tell me what happened after you gained consciousness. Were you always aware of what you were?"

"No, not at first." I reply, "That would come much later. For the first six months of my life I was raised by a nanny. She was a kind woman, a brown haired lady with red rimmed glasses. She taught me how to read and how to write. She always told me how clever I was, apparently I picked up things quicker than any other child she had looked after. It was… nice, but then after six months she went 'away'"

My voice darkens as I say the last part and there is silence again as Rei seems to mull over what I've said. I'm fairly sure she could tell from my tone what I was implying by that last part. After a few more seconds Rei replies, her voice is softer this time, "I… I am sorry to hear that, do you know that that is what happened?"

"Do I know that she was killed?" I answer, "No, I don't, I never found out the truth but I can put the pieces together. SEELE probably felt she had been around for too long and she had been exposed to me for too long so they had her killed… She… She was a good person…"

I pause again to gather my thoughts, of all the things I expected to talk about today my life growing up was not one of them. Nor did I expect to be sharing these stories with Rei Ayanami of all people.

"After… After she vanished I was visited by Kiel for the first time. He didn't tell me much, only that I was 'special'" I spit out the words bitterly.

"From there a cycle would start. I would have more nannies and other teachers. They would appear for six months at a time and then they would vanish. Kiel would visit me at points over those years. He would tell me all about the ills of society and about the damage mankind has done to itself and the planet. He would drip feed me more about my role, speak of my grand destiny to help cleanse humanity of all its sins." My voice starts to shake as I speak, it is a mixture of anger and sorrow, "I bought all of his lies."

"I… understand, I was no different in believing what I was told of my destiny by Commander Ikari. We knew nothing else Kaworu."

I nod my head, "No… We didn't. Aside from that my upbringing was unremarkable. It was a structured upbringing, all done as Kiel and SEELE designed it. I had minimal exposure to the outside world. Every book I read, every news article I saw, every bit of pop culture I absorbed was filtered by SEELE first. Even the music I learned to play on the piano was hand-picked by Kiel."

"I see…" Rei spaks, "So when did you learn fully of what you were and of your mission to go to Tokyo-3?"

My mouth dries up once more as I try to figure out the right words to say. I do not have any difficulty in remembering it though, that time period is very clear in my head.

"The older I got the more Kiel would speak to me of my destiny and tell me of my important task. I… admit I didn't fully understand how I could be so special, I didn't feel special in anyway until one day… I felt a sudden change within myself, it was the day that the Third Angel attacked."

"The call of Lillith…" Rei muses.

"Yes! You felt it too right?" I almost stand up as I ask her eagerly, Rei knew of the call of Lillith. Does this mean that she too understand the pain that I felt from it? Did she feel the call too? I know the others did, my so called brethren. Those grotesque monsters that threatened this very planet. I almost ended up like them, I could have taken on the form of some gargantuan nightmare instead of this human body I ended up inhabiting. I suppose that is the one thing I should be thankful to SEELE for, they rescued Tabris and guided it into this body.

"Yes." Rei finally answers me, "I too felt the call."

"SEELE… Well Kiel, he explained to me that the pain I was feeling was from Adam. Adam was the father and that my role, as the son, would be to reunite with Adam and bring forth a new dawn for humanity." I continue to explain to her, as I speak I can again hear the anger and bitterness in my voice, "One by one the other Angels fell… I could feel their screams of pain as they perished. It was… not pleasant but I knew that they had to die. There was only one being worthy of accomplishing the task of uniting with Adam and that was me. After… After five months I was told my day had come, I was to go to Tokyo-3."

I can feel my heart tightening as I speak those words, I'm starting to feel sick as I recall how I felt on the day I was told I would be going. Unlike now, back then I felt no fear, instead I was excited to be given my tasks and told that my actions would save humanity and lead it to a new future.

"You would become the Fifth Child, so at that point you knew of your nature as an Angel? Had you piloted an Evangelion at that point?"

"No, I hadn't. The Eva Series was in production and SEELE was more than confident in my abilities to not rush anything. Over the course of those five months I had become adept in manifesting and using my A.T. Field. They informed me what the A.T. Field was and of the nature of the Evangelions. When the day approached they told me that the soul within Unit 02 had regressed meaning the creature within it would easily submit to my will."

I pause again, "They told me a brief version of what the Angels were and where humanity come from. I knew humanity from that moment forward as the Lilin. I was then given my complete mission, first I was to befriend Shinji Ikari. They told me about him and his history, gave me enough to be able to approach him and speak to him, tell him what he would want to hear. I…. I would befriend him and then I would go and unite with Adam… I… I was…"

I have to pause again as the lump in my throat returns. I still have more to tell Rei, about me betraying him, about me finding out I was the one who had been betrayed. All those years believing I was special and had a purpose only to find out my purpose was to die. I feel the tears start to flow and I let out a choked sob, "I… I… I'm so sorry Rei, I'm sorry… I'm sorry… I didn't… I didn't want to hurt him… I… I…."

"Nagisa…" I hear Rei speak my name and it pulls me from my hysteria, "I… I am sorry you had to do what you did."

I sniff loudly as I wipe away a tear, "I… Thought I was going to help people Rei. It wasn't until I saw Lillith standing in front of me that I knew… that what I was doing was wrong and then… I had no choice but to die."

I wipe away another tear, "I know that doesn't justify any of it. I know I don't deserve forgiveness but…"

"No, you are wrong." Rei interrupts me, "You do deserve forgiveness. You deserve the same opportunities that I have been granted. You and I… we are the same. I was created for a singular purpose and I was on the verge of carrying it out. It was only at the last minute that I was stopped and even then… my actions caused a lot of pain and suffering."

I listen as she speaks, "When I returned I feared that people would know and hate me for what I had done. They did not, instead they accepted me, Shinji… Asuka… Misato they forgave me without question. They never spoke of what I had done and so I buried it. My story is not dissimilar to yours Kaworu, we were both raised in ignorance of the truth and used as tools to be cast aside by others. You… You do deserve forgiveness and I will help you."

I smile, "Thank you… Truly Rei… Thank you so much."

1st October 2021 – Asuka Langley Soryu

I finish taping up the final box, when I'm certain it's properly sealed I pick up up and stack it with the numerous other boxes filled with copies of my book. As I set it down I look at my wrist hoping that the cramp will go away soon. This activity isn't something I feel like doing again any time soon. Unfortunately, in a few weeks it is something I will be doing as I've already agreed to sign double the amount of copies of the second book.

I'm still not entirely sure of my decision to do this. I wanted to remain completely anonymous, to not take part in any activities like book signings or media appearances. The only reason I agreed to it this time was due to it being for a good cause.

I must admit though, I am quite excited for the release of the second book. Rei was even able to persuade me to have a little celebration to mark the release of it when I go to Japan. Of course, the release date also coincides with my birthday. I've requested it to be a small affair, nothing big, just me and the few people who know it is me writing them. I don't want any balloons or fuss made. A cake would be nice but no more than that.

It does limit the number of people who would be there but I'd rather it be that way. It's more people than I deserve to celebrate anything to do with me. There is a problem that needs sorting out first though. The issue between Shinji and Kaworu and there won't be any celebration unless we can sort that out.

I shouldn't worry about that, we will sort out that problem. Despite my fears about what will happen I do want to make sure they can be friends again. I need to ignore those fears I have about the two of them, I know the feelings are there but I also have feelings for Shinji as well but I'm not going to betray or leave Kaworu over them. I don't think he'd do anything either and I damn sure know Shinji won't try anything.

I know my dreams have indicated otherwise but they are just dreams and to be honest I've never really been one for having good dreams. Most of my childhood was filled with nightmares and the years that followed haven't brought much warmth in dreams either. Yet, dreams are just dreams, they aren't reality and I should focus on that.

I move back towards the table where a sole copy of my book sits. I open it to the first page and grab the pen I've been using to sign the others. This is a special copy of the book, not one to go to charity but instead one I'll be sending to Shinji. I put the dedication at the top and then sign it underneath, for this one I don't use the signature I made up for Mari Makinami, I use my own real signature.

'To Shinji,

Sorry it took so long.'

I slide the book into a padded envelope with his address written out on the top. I'll have to go and post that later, after the courier comes to pick up all of these boxes. That gives me a few hours to spend doing something productive. I look towards the open door into Kaworu's spare room and see more stacked boxes, these ones containing things I've brought over from my apartment. I could be productive and sort some of them out.

Or I could play video games all day. It's a tough decision.

I walk to and pick up the controller but as I do so I hear the buzzer to the door go. I look across in confusion, the courier wasn't due to arrive until later this afternoon and Kaworu is still at work. Neither of us are expecting any packages and it's not like Kaworu gets any visitors. I pick up the receiver, "Hello?"

"Miss Soryu? Is Nagisa with you at the moment?"

I stifle a groan as I look at the receiver in annoyance, the voice belongs to that of Kozou Fuyutsuki. Why he is here I don't know. Also, I'm not sure why he is asking if Kaworu is here with me either. Surely, he'd know Kaworu is at work, unless... No, that can't be it, nothing could have happened to kaworu, otherwise he would know about it.

"No, he isn't here with me." I reply, trying to keep calm, "Did he not show up to work?"

"He did, but I told him he could take the rest of the day off when he finished his work. I was hoping I could get here before he came home. May I come inside, it's quite important."

I breathe a sigh of relief, nothing has happened to Kaworu, that is good but now I have more questions. Why was he given the rest of the day off and why is Fuyutsuki here now? I generally have little, if any, desire to speak to Fuyutsuki. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to him for helping me when I left Japan and in sorting out compensation for me and the others.

At the same time, I figure it's the least he could do for all we were put through as a result of the actions of him and the others. I would be very easy for me to just dismiss him but I should hear him out. If he says it is important then I can't ignore that.

"Fine, come on through." I finally say.

I reattach the phone and buzz Fuyutsuki through into the apartment. A few moments later he is at the door and I let him through. He stops a few steps into the room and looks down curiously at the number of boxes stacked nearby.

"Signed books." I begin to explain, "I was 'persuaded' to sign a few hundred copies for charity."

"I see." Fuyutsuko nods his head, "That is most gracious of you, I am sure that it will be appreciated. I must admit, I am surprised, I thought you didn't want any part of something like that."

I shrug, "I don't and I'm still signing the books as Mari Makinami not as myself. I just figure I should do something to help out."

"Understandable, well regardless it is a good gesture." He moves further into the room as he speaks, "I am also pleased to hear that you are back in contact with Ikari."

"I presume Kaworu told you?" I ask him, I'm not completely surprised that he knows. If it wasn't Kaworu that told him then I presume one of his people tracking us told him. I look as he nods and then continue to speak, "I just figured it was time to mend that bridge. I assume you're not here to talk to me about Shinji though?"

Fuyutsuki shakes his head, "No… I'm not. It is actually regarding Nagisa."

His tone turns more serious and that little bit of apprehension I was feeling earlier returns. I already don't like the way this is going and I haven't heard anything yet.

"Nagisa came to me not so long ago to speak about going to this concert in December. You see, Nagisa has to gain permission to travel outside of Germany."

I nod, "I'm aware, when we brought up the subject he did say that he would have to speak to you about it. I'm sure he gave you more than enough notice for you to give him the time off of work though."

"It isn't about me giving him the time off of work." Fuyutsuki replies, "I am more than happy to grant Nagisa time off whenever he requests it."

"Okay, so what is the problem?" I ask him, still not liking the direction the conversation is taking.

"The people Nagisa has to get permission from is the UN Security Council. In truth I thought asking them would be a mere formality at this point. It has been several months since his return but…"

Fuyutsuki trails off as I lean onto the couch and feel my nails dig into the soft leather. I have a strange feeling that the good mood I was previously in is about to be ruined. I take a deep breath to calm myself and try to remind myself that getting angry and yelling will achieve nothing. I need to remain clam.

"…well since he has returned you must have seen it. The tests he's had to do and information he has handed over. I thought enough time had passed and enough had been done to prove his humanity and for them to see he was no longer a threat." Fuyutsuki explains to me, I can hear the anger in his voice. It's not dissimilar to the time he told me and Shinji off during our first mission together, "Those fools sent me an e-mail last night, denying his request to travel to Japan."

"THEY HAVE DONE WHAT?" I yell loudly, I hear my voice echo throughout the apartment. So much for remaining calm and not yelling. I take a moment before I say anything else to try to put together something coherent. I speak again, not yelling this time but it is hard to hide the angry snarl in my voice, "How the hell could they do that? What more could he have possibly done to prove himself to them? He has complied with every single one of their requests and let's not forget this, it was THEIR people who attacked him weeks ago!"

Fuyutsuki does not disagree, "I know all of this and believe me I am thinking the exact same thing. You are not alone in your anger which is why I have come to you right now. I want you to know I am planning to fight this decision and will do everything I can. Yet I fear I cannot do this alone, I might need your help."

"My help?"

He nods and looks up at me, "I know you wished to have nothing to do with those people. I cannot blame you and I know you did not wish to have anything to do with me either but…"

"I'll do it!" I interrupt him immediately. I don't even take a second to think about it, "If it will help him then I'll do it. If I need to go before them and speak my bit and fight for him then… I'll do it."

"Are you sure?" Fuyutsuki asks me, "They might ask you questions about your past, about your time fighting the Angels. It might conjure up unpleasant memories. Are you sure you want to put yourself through that?"

No, I don't want to remember any of that but… I love Kaworu and I want to fight for him. So if it means reliving some of that to get them to recognize his humanity and let him travel freely then I'll do it. I nod at Fuyutsuki, "Yes… In fact… I'll go one better."

As I speak those words a plan starts to form in my mind. I've always been good at coming up with workable plans on the spot. Look at my amazing tactics against the ninth Angel! Unfortunately at the moment I just have the idea and don't know how I'm going to do this yet. Still, I lived with Misato for nearly a year so it wouldn't be the craziest thing I've been a part of. I mean hell, I'm Asuka Langley Soryu, I don't do failure.

"I'll get Shinji involved as well! I'll get him to help with this, if we both defend Kaworu then they can't say no can they? I mean we're two former pilots! Add to which them denying the two of us won't look great for them, considering we've let them off fairly easy!" I say with a grin.

Fuyutsuki actually looked quite surprised at what I've said, "Would Ikari agree to such a thing? He has always seemed reluctant to have anything to do with the UN when they have asked before, nor has he really expressed a desire to speak with myself."

"Don't worry about it, you do what you need to do and I'll sort out things with Shinji." I reassure him, "I'll handle telling Kaworu when he gets in as well."

"I see." Fuyutsuki rises from the seat, "In which case I will take my leave and get in touch with the necessary people to appeal against this. Once again… I am sorry about how this worked out. It was my hope that Nagisa could live a normal life away from these sorts of politics but… it was not to be."

"I am sure he will understand." Again, I reassure him, "You just speak to whoever you need to and let me know what I need to do. I'll do what I need to here."