Call it Love......

story by:Snapes Apprentice

disclaimer: I do not own any of the WWE Superstars. They are in my story on the own free will, and in no way will I let them get away....mwuahahahahaha! lol......rated R for some violence and language.
Thanks for Jeff Hardy for inspiring me to write this. I also have to include Mark Calloway a.k.a. The Undertaker :D
Chapter 1: The beginning
"1......2.....3." Jeff Hardy counted, waiting to hear the bell sound, but it never came. Jeff looked up and found the referree pointing at Rob Van Dams foot being on the rope. 'Dammit' he thought to himself.

Jeff sighed and got up, looking for a way to get the win. He found a trash lid and went to pic it up. As he turned around, RVD was running towards him.He did the only thing he could think of under the pressure to win, and did Shawn Michaels finisher, Sweet Chin Music.

Rob fell with a thud, close to the ropes. 'This is my monent now. Take it to the Xtreme' he thought to himself. Jeff climbed the ropes, and through the crowds ovation, did his ultimate finisher, The Swanton Bomb. Jeff covered him and the referree counted to three, and the bell finally sounded.

As his music started, he couldn't help but climb the ropes again and accept the cheer of the crowds. As he got down, he was pumped up to get back in the locker room. As he went past the titon tron, he entered the backstage area and his smile disappeared. Matt Hardy and Lita were standing if front of him, matt glaring.

"Whats up, guys?" Jeff asked, moving back a step, still hearing the crowds of people cheering.

"Why did you do that?" Matt asked, looking his brother up and down. "Shawn is really pissed at you for using his finishing move, ya know. You should of just hit him with the lid."

"Who cares. At least I won." Jeff said, starting to walk past him. Matt put his hand on his shoulder. "Just watch out, he is really mad."

"Whatever" Jeff said, looking past him as Rob Van Dam came backstage. "I got to go now. I am going to get something to eat at McDonalds after I change."

"See you later, Jeff." Lita said, waving and turning back to matt.

When he entered his dressing room, there was one other person in it, Chris Jericho. Chris turned to him and smiled. "Better watch out, Junior, Michaels is looking for you. He told me that you two have to sort some things out." Jeff rolled his eyes and sighed. "Who cares.....I just used his move to win, he shouldn't be offended...."

Jeff grabbed his guitar and his luggage and left the dressing room, leaving behind a smirking Jericho.

After he got into his Durango, he sat and sighed. Jeff leaned back and shut his eyes. 'Why should Shawn be mad at was just a move.'

When he opened his eyes, he looked out the window and Shawn Michaels was staring at him, with a wicked grin on his face.

"So Jeff......whats up?" Shawn said, putting his arm on the durango.

"Notta Shawn, Just going to get something to eat. Wanna join me?" Jeff said, in his usual laid back style.

"Actually, Sure. We'll beable to talk then. But first, my match is coming up, so wait around until I am done...ok?" Shawn asked.

"Ok....I will...I will be waiting in my dressing room." Jeff said, turning off his truck and getting out.

Jeff followed Shawn back to the entrance of the building and they parted ways, Jeff hearing the start of Shawns music blaring for his entrance for the fans.

As he entered the dressing room again, he found Chris watching the t.v. they had in their room. Chris looked up and seen Shawn fighting. "Watch, Jeff. This is who I am going to beat at WrestleMania."

Right as Jeff looked at the screen, he seen what he thought was a joke. "Umm....Junior, Michaels just took your move, and mastered it." Chris said, looking up at him.

Jeff sat down. " He just got you back, nothing to fret about." Chris said, standing up and moving to get his clothes. "Well, got to get ready. See you after the match, Hardy."

"Well, I am leaving with Michaels to get something to eat, and to talk things out." Jeff said, standing back up.

"Well, tell him watch out because I am gonna beat him at WrestleMania." Chris said, waving good bye and leaving to the back room.