Call it Love.......

story by: Snapes Apprentice

Chapter 13: The Final Resting Place

(A/N: ok, this is and sadly my last chapter of the story. I will make this my longest I can get all the information in this chapter. I am sorry for making this a short story, it is just i am in the process of another Harry Potter one, (The Mind Switch), so if you are a Harry Potter fan, go check it out. Thankz to all my reviewers!

As the next weeks progressed, so did Jeff's desire to be home more.

Jeff was getting ready go down to the match with Trish, facing Victoria and Steven Richards. acting as Jeff and her were becoming a couple.

Jeff sighed. 'I wish they would of kept the thing with Norwinski going, instead of involving me with trish.' he thought to himself.

Jeff moved to the back room mirror, where Chris was admiring himself. Jeff grinned. "Chris, dude, can you move, please. I have to put my face paint on."

Chris grinned in the mirror. "Sure, but hurry up. i have a match right before you. I am not done looking myself over."

"ha ha ha. I will be done in an hour. You know the process takes a while." Jeff replied, taking out his markers, and started applying them to his arms.

"how about I find another mirror, eh? That is what I will do." Chris replied, making a fake sighing sound.

Jeff sighed again. "Well, if you want me to look my worst out there, I will move. But, there is another mirror right beside me." Jeff replied smoothely, as Chris looked on the other side, and made little blush.


An hour later, Jeff was behind the black curtain, waiting for Trish to be by him, because he found Victoria and Steven Richards a little bit weird. 'Trish, hurry the hell up.'

As the match ended, Chris's music came on, following Linda's commentary.

Just as Chris entered the back, Trish came hurrying up to Jeff, smiling her dazzling smile.

"Sorry I am late, Jeff. Something came up." Trish said, a tired look in her eyes.

"It's ok. I am just glad you got here. they are starting to freak me out." Jeff replied, in an undertone.

Trish was about to reply, when Victorias music came on. "See you out there." Victoria said, smacking Trish on the shoulder.

"Same." Trish said, smiling back at the younger woman.

Victoria smiled and Steve followed her out from behind the black turf.

They waited another minute in silence, as there music slowed to a stop.

Jeffs music started as he ran through the black turf, as the fans went wild.

He saluted the crowd, and ran down to the ring, but not going in it. He looked back up the pamp, as his music stopped, and trish came out with her music. She ran down also and they both entered the ring, and the fight started. Trish and Victoria started the match, the punches going back and forth. Victoria threw trishto the ropes and bent down, and trish kicked her in the face, sending victoria to the ground. Trish pulled her up by the hair, and gave her a back hand slap on the chest. Victoria screamed and punched her to the ground, and started to kick the shit out of her, until Jeff interfered and threw her to the ground. The ref sent him back to the ropes, and the fight continued.

Trish went for the bulldog but missed and hit the head on the canvas. Victoria and Trish both were on the ground, not moving, but breathing hard. Trish started making her way over to Jeff, and tagged him in, just as Victoria did. Jeff and Steve went at it, going over top the ropes, and down to the ground. They fouhgt out there for a while, as the women went at it in the ring, Trish finally nailing Victoria with the Bulldog and pinning her for the win. The bells went off and Trishes music hit...and trish slid out of the ring towards Jeff. Steve entered the ring to help Victoria as they looked at the ring, and laughed.

Jeff sighed glad it was ALMOST over, only a little left. Jeff and Trish looked at eachother at the top of the ramp, and came close to kissing Trish, which Jazz came out of no where and started going for trish, getting her down. 'this is not in the script', is all Jeff thought before he got attacked by Steven Richards, where they fought to the back. After they entered past the black turf they slowed down the fighting, and peaked back out of the turf, as Trish and Jazz finally stopped beating Trish up, and was laughing at her. Finally, the end came as Jazz and Victoria started going at it, and Jeff turned and headed back to his locker room to clean up.

As Jeff entered the dressingroom, Johnathan Coachman was sitting there. he stood up, and walked overto him. "Hey jeff. Vince asked me to come by and tell you to stop by his office tomorrow. He said it was important you talked to him."

Jeff smiled, and grabbed his duffle bag and started rummaging through it, and pulled out a wifebeater and a new pair of blue jeans. "Thanks, Coach. I will. But right now I must go take a shower."

Coach nodded and exited the dressing room leaving Jeff to take a shower.


As the next day rolled around, Jeff grabbed his keys from the desk and headed out of the lobby.

"And where are you going this early in the morning?" a voice asked, and he turned around to see who it was. Sahwn Michaels was standing there, smiling over at him.

"I am going to talk to Vince. Seems he wants to chat with me about one thing or another." Jeff replied, as Shawn frowned. "What do you think he wants?" Shawn asked, looking over at him. "Well, it can't be good can it? I just got a change in the way of my career, and that was the only thing I could think of. If it isn't me like falling for Jazz, i don't know what it is." jeff said, coolly. Shawn grinned. "I will go with you to see if everything is ok. I don't have anything else planned."

Well, it is a date. wait, I mean....umm.." Jeff said awkwardly, but shawn shook his head. "Don't worry about it. Let's just go for now." ~~

As they entered the building, the secretary looked up. "Do you have an appointment, Mr. Hardy?" the secretary named jackie asked.

"Yes, I do." Jeff replied, looking at Shawn.

"Just a moment." she replied, and went into Vinces office.

They sat for 5 minutes in silence, listening to the sounds of the other people going by them. Scott Hall stopped to say hi, and headed on his way.

Finally the doors opened and Jackie came back out, and motioned for them to go in. They both entered the office, and Vince was sitting at his desk writing on a blue piece of paper. They stood for one more minute before Vince looked up, smiled, and motioned for them to sit.

"So I see Mr. michaels decided to accompany you. That is quite alright."he said, looking at both of them.

"Jeff, what I needed to talk to you about is the way you are going with the company. I mean, for the past year or so, you seem to be losing your focus more and more as time wears on. Is this true?" he asked, looking right at him.

Jeff hesitated. if he answered the truth he was likely to be fired. But if he told a lie to Vince, he would surely just keep on going how he was going.

"y-yes." Jeff said, looking down.

Shawn looked over at him, and put an arm on his shoulder.

"Well, Jeff. I have a proposition for you. Are you interested in hearing it?" Vince asked, looking at him, a smile on his face.

He looked up into Vinces eyes. "Sure?"

:Ok. You have either choice you can choose. Number 1, you can stay with WWE, but you have to put 100% into it at all times, and put the other things, like your music behind you. Or number 2, we will let you go for the time being. No no, not fire you, just let you have a long while off, so you can have a good rest, and you can concentrate on your music and other things, just to see which you like better. I know you love the buisness, but you also like new things. We will give you time off for about a year, and you can lead a normal life. but you will still be paid. So, which do you choose." Vince said, a true smile playing on his lips.

Jeff grinned. "Well, I guess i will have to choose the 2nd one you offered Boss."

Vince nodded. "Well, we will take you off the roster for the time being, and inform the writers and the rest of the superstars. When you feel like you want to come back, be free to do so. But, it had to be in about 1 or 2 years, got it?"

Jeff replied, "yes sir."

"Well, You are free to go. But, you have to show up on Monday and do one last show, ok?" he said.

"Yes, sir." Jeff said, and stood up. Vince started writing on the blue piece of paper again. "Will you please give this to Eric Bischoff please, when you see him moday. He will understand."

Jeff nodded and took the paper. "Good-Bye Mr. McMahon."

"Good bye Jeff Hardy." Vince said, nodding to the door.


Next Moday came by fast, and he barely noticed where he was going as he walked down the familiar astrodome in Montreal, for the last time.

He sighed and entered the dressingroom, where he turned the light on. "SURPRISE", yelled alot of people. he looked around and seen Shawn michaels, Matt, Amy, Kevin nash, Undertaker, The Hurricane, Molly Holly, Trish, Adam, Glenn, Tommy, Buh Buh and D-Von and tons of other superstars in his dressingroom.

Jeff grinned. "What is all this for?"

"You, silly. We heard about your leaving for a while, so we threw you a going away party! Adam said, walking over to him and giving him a hug. "I can't believe one of my best friends is leaving me."

Jeff grinned, as each person came up and gave him a hug in turn, the last person Chris Jericho.

"Well miss you, Jeff." Trish said, smiling over at him.

"yeah" he heard a loud chorus of people behind her.

Shawn walked up to him and put an arm on his shoulder. "What are we all standing around her for. Let's eat!" he said, grinning over at Jeff.

Jeff grinned back. Everyone grabbed a slice of pizza and a pop, while Jeff decided it was now or never to talk to Shawn. "Shawn, can I talk to you a minute?"

Shawn grinned. "Yeah, why not."

"well, I just wanted to say, we haven't gotten to get to know each other alot, but hanged for my last7-8 weeks here, and uhhh...I wanted to know, when I am gone back home, will you visit me once in a while?" Jeff asked, a look of hope in his eyes that Shawn could see very well, like a fan asking for an autograph.

"Of course I will, Jeffy. Why wouldn't I visit one of my closest friends?" he said, pretending to be shocked.

"Thanks." Jeff replied, giving him another hug.


Jeff couldn't believe it was actually happening. He couldn't believe he was going to see Beth after 2 weeks of not seeing her. He was so excited what news he was bringing home to the both of them, and all of his family, that he almost drove right past his house.

Jeff pulled into the drive of his double wide home, and turned off the car. He grabbed his duffle bag and went to the front door and pushed it open.

He looked inside as a woman with short black/brown hair looked at him, a smile on her lips. She ran to him and gave him huge hug. "I missed you, sweety." she said.

Jeff smiled. "Guess what Beth. I am home, home for good."

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