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/...Tsunade's office...\

"Tag, you're it." Kakashi's single visible eye widened and then narrowed. He snapped his book shut and strode towards the door. A smirk wormed its way onto Tsunade's face when the small wave of air from the book's closing ruffled a piece of paperwork on the desk. "I have no intention losing this game. Especially not to Naruto." Even before she finished speaking, Kakashi slammed the door behind him. The rush of air from the door blew over the messy piles of paper on the Godaime's desk, scattering her paperwork all over the office floor. Tsunade's victorious smirk disappeared.

/...With Kakashi...\

"Naruto." A dark presence materialized behind the ramen-loving shinobi. Slowly, Naruto turned to face the source of the killing intent.

"Uh, h-hi Kakashi-sensei."Looking to his right, Naruto realized that Sakura had vanished, leaving him on his own. "She g-got you too, huh." The killing intent nearly doubled. All the anger and the hate left Naruto almost paralyzed. As he was trying to break free of the sort of trance that Kakashi had induced, a single arm reached out towards the petrified jinchūriki. Naruto trembled and took a deep breath, expecting the worst.

"You're it." Kakashi said as his hand ruffled Naruto's spiky, blond hair.

"What? That's it? I thought you were gonna kill me!"Kakashi's eye crinkled as he smiled. When the he turned to walk away, Naruto let out his breath looked around for Sakura. But then, he saw what was in his sensei's hand. "MY WALLET!" Pausing, Kakashi turned around, gave a small smile, and then disappeared, leaving Naruto behind.

/…=... \

Wandering around looking for Kakashi and Sakura, Naruto spotted Shikamrau laying on the ground near one of the training fields. Deciding that Shikamaru would be too lazy to run away, the blond boy headed towards him.

"Hey Shikamaru!" he said, waving.

"Oh, hey Naruto, didn't know you were back. What's up?"

Naruto walked up right next to his friend and plopped down on next to him. " Nothing much, just a game of tag." Warning bells rang in Shikamaru's head

Shikamaru groaned." Noo, please don't drag me into this, I have to go talk to Temari before she leaves." He made a move to get up.

" Okay, you can tag her then! You're it now!" Before his victim could stand up, Naruto ran away. As he had predicted, the lazy nin didn't try to chase him.

/…=... \
" Shikamaru, you're late!" huffed Temari.

"Uh, yeah, sorry Temari. I was- uh."

One of the kunoichi's eyebrows rose, giving her an exasperated look. Shikamaru's sheepish expression answered her question. "Never mind, at least you're here now." Temari looked at Shikamaru expectantly.

"Um, goodbye Temari?"

He got a sigh in response. "Yeah, bye Shikamaru. See ya soon." As she started through the gates, Shikamaru kept forward, catching Temari's elbow.

"You're it Temari." Fearing the kunoichi's wrath, Shikamaru retreated back into Konoha as fast as possible.

"Damn it, Shikamaru!" Though she was angry, Temari had no choice but to keep going on to Suna. She was already behind schedule.

/…=... \

"Danna, I'm thirsty, un. Do you have any water?"

"No." Two figures in black and red cloaks trudged through the desert.

"Hey Danna." The tall person spoke up after a moment of silence.

"What!" Snapped the shorter figure.

"There's a Suna kunoichi comin' up behind us." The tall blond stopped and reached into the bag hanging at his side.

"So there is." The hunchback kept walking.

"What should we do? She doesn't seem aggressive." The blond ran a few steps to catch up to his partner.

"Ignore her." Shrugging, the blond man took his hand out of his pouch. When Temari ran past the two ninja, she threw out her arm and lightly brushed the taller man's arm.

As she went past them, they could hear her yell something. "What did she say, Danna?"

"I believe, Deidara, that she said, ' Tag, you're it.'"

They walked in silence for a few more moments, then Deidara smirked at his companion and smacked his back, producing a hollow thud.

"You're it now, Sasori. No tag-backs, un!"

"You're it, Itachi." Said Uchiha raised his eyebrow at Sasori, then to the surprise of everyone else, tagged Kisame. Kisame tagged Hidan, who swore, then tagged Kakuzu. Kakuzu reached over and tagged Konan, who ignored him. Everyone except Itachi turned their eyes towards her, waiting to see if she would tag the leader. To their disappointment, Konan did not. They then focused their attention on the job that they were there to do.

/...Pein and Konan...\

With a rustle of paper, Konan appeared behind her friend. Pein turned his head to acknowledge her arrival. She gently reached out and laid her hand on his shoulder. "Tag, you're it."