Kry: This starts with Yugi and Jou's second senior year since they both failed due to having to save the world and such and Seto has graduated already to focus his time on his company.


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Kyrri's P.O.V.

Leaning against the dingy yellowed wallpaper of my 'new room', I sighed lifting my half empty water bottle and downed the rest in a few quick gulps. This place always reeked of cigarette smoke and cheap booze.

Looking around the room I noted that although all of my furniture fit in, I don't have much space left in the room. Only about a foot, maybe a few more inches than that between my bed, desk and my chest of drawers that took up the whole other wall.

I stood up and dusted my hands on the ridiculously short blue skirt that was apparently part of my school uniform. I mean come on, who designs these things, some old pervert? I pushed my long bangs out of my face and tucked them behind my ear, looking around once more to make sure that everything was in its respective place and nodding to myself.

"This will have to do," I spoke softly to myself, a habit of mine these days. It was something I did to make sure I could still talk, for it seemed that lately, I could go days upon days, even weeks, without speaking at all.

I pulled my backpack on after slipping on my blue jacket and left my room making sure to lock the door on the way out. The lock was the first thing had I bought when I and my father arrived in town two days ago. He had immediately opened a 30 pack of beer and began drinking in 'celebration' of our successful move; Halfway around the world mind you, to Domino, Japan.

The only reason I had even heard of Domino was that I liked duel monsters and it was dueling capital of the world. So I guess you could say there was a part of me that was a little excited, but that didn't matter because my father and I never stayed in one place for too long.

I walked down the hall of my small new home. The wallpaper was ugly in every room but was worse in my room where it looked like my aunt, who lived here before, smoked for a few decades where the paper was stained with so many chemicals. It even smelled bad in there, like old socks and aging smoke. I rounded the corner, entering the living room to find my father passed out, drunk, on the couch. Typical, he didn't even unpack the boxes before he began his binge drinking.

I frowned and grabbed a trash bag out of the kitchen and started picking up the several beer cans that littered the carpet as quietly as I could. Once I thought it was semi-acceptable, I left sparing no last minute glances at my father as I locked the front door behind me just as I had done with my bedroom.

Beginning my journey to school I pulled out my iPod and pushed my headphones in my ears. Once I had it turned on shuffle I stuck it back in my pocket and turned left on the sidewalk to embark on my walk. It didn't take me long to reach the school, I had mapped my path out the previous day to make sure I wasn't late to my first class.

It looked like I had gotten here a little early, almost no one was here so I walked inside and found the office. Inside, behind a mahogany desk that was littered with papers, sat a tiny old lady. Her wrinkles made her look like a pug and I couldn't see if her eyes were opened or closed. She suddenly saw me standing there and a gentle smile broke out across her small, round face.

"Oh, hello dear, how can I help you today?" She asked gesturing for me to take a seat in one of the wooden chairs. I sat and pulled my transcripts from my previous school out of my backpack and handed them across the table to her.

"My name is Kyrri, I'm transferring here from America." I struggled through my Japanese as I spoke quietly, I was never loud having learned better. I looked down while she looked over my transcripts. She flipped through the papers and once in a while nodded her head in approval.

"Ah yes, Miss Rutherford, your transcripts are impeccably flawless. Never had a grade below a B. That's good. Did you have your schedule in mind at all?" She asked looking at me while opening a program on the computer on her desk.

"Well, I was in all advanced classes before. What classes will lead to my best opportunities?" I asked folding my hands in my lap and pulling an 'all business' look. If it was possible, her smile widened even more, reaching well across her face, like some bastardized Cheshire cat.

I began to feel uncomfortable. Was there really that much to smile about? It seemed far-fetched that she was simply that happy just because I was serious about my future. I shifted in my seat and reached a hand up to brush my hair behind my ear. Why am I nervous? It's just an old woman, I told myself in my head.

"Actually we have a wonderful curriculum for gifted students. There is a calculus and trig mesh for more the more talented few or you have enough credits to not have to take the class at all, and for seniors there is zoology, and English literature and language, and world history." She finished her speech and took a huge breath.

"Are there electives?" I asked frowning. She opened the drawer of her desk and pulled out a piece of paper handing it to me. I looked over the paper, a list of after-school programs that partnered with the school. There was a lot to choose from but immediately my eyes fell upon Art at 1901 6th avenue in the east district of town. A two hour class on Wednesdays and Mondays only. I could do that, but I needed something else to consume my time. There were a bunch of useless after school activities like dance and debate. None of that interested me really. At the bottom of the list wrote in ink unlike the printed list said ' Theory and method of business', strange I thought.

"How come this is inked in and not printed?" I asked running my fingers over the neat cursive. Something drew my eyes to hesitate over the words.

"Ahem, yes it is a program new to us this year. Mr. Kaiba, the CEO of Kaiba Corporation, started this for 'underprivileged youths' who normally would never get such a chance to intern for such a highly rated company. He planned to take on three interns, but nobody has signed up yet so..." She trailed off with a strange look on her face but I wasn't interested enough to ask her why.

Nobody else huh? Something like this could be just what I needed to get some hands-on experience in the real world, and a great excuse to stay out later. Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corp. Second place duelist in the world. I forced the part of me that was excited to stay calm.

"Okay sign me up for that too," I said and handed her the paperback, her brows knit together and she nodded and started typing on her computer.

"I'll take the Calc and Trig too," I stated plainly and began to shuffle my feet together looking at the picture of a little sailboat floating peacefully on the crystal clear ocean. That is until a storm rages in and disrupts everything.

I looked away back to my hands and tried to still my cryptic thoughts. A few painfully quiet minutes passed as I sat watching as my fingers curl and uncurl. The little woman cleared her throat to regain my attention. She held out a few papers.

"This is a map of the school and your schedule. The other papers have information about your after-school activities. And your locker number and combination are written on the back of your map. Is there anything else I can do for you?" She spoke quickly and in almost one breath. That must be hard on her old lungs. I shook my head and retreated from the small office.

My schedule said that the first hour was homeroom for everyone and according to my phone class started about ten minutes ago. Looks like the office lady took more of my time than I thought.

The only thing I hated more than being the new kid in the middle of the school year was being forced to introduce myself to so many strangers. In the middle of a senior year no less, it seemed unlikely that I would make any friends in the little amount of time I had left. But if I could just make it through the rest of the year and then to my birthday, I could leave 'home' once and for all and never have to worry about the endless moves, the sleepless nights, or the sickly smell of whiskey drowning out all other senses.

I shook my head again to clear my thoughts as I hesitated in front of the classroom door that had the numbers 903 printed above the wooden frame in black. Did I really want to do this again even if it was hopefully the last time? Did I really want to start over once more?

" Well, it's now or never Kyrri," I whispered and with my new resolve I knocked a little louder than I had intended. Once the door opened to reveal a notably young blonde woman with bright green eyes, she blinked once. Twice, and then the door flew open as she smiled enthusiastically.

"Hello, you must be our newest student." She greeted me kindly with a statement, not a question. I nodded as she gestured for me to come in. I swayed awkwardly by the door as she turned to the class.

"Okay everyone, this our new exchange student all the way from America, isn't that exciting! Well, why don't you tell us something about yourself, dear?" She smiled showing her perfect teeth and round dimples as she leaned against her desk slightly. I nodded again and looked at the floor my long bangs casting a shadow over my face and hiding the bright blush that invaded my skin.

"I... Well, my name is Kyrri Rutherford. I used to live in the States but my mother was Japanese so I know most of the language But I'm not great at it. I am an artist, er... well an aspiring artist that is and that is about it. That's all there is to me." I stuttered through my introduction just as I had with every other introduction on every other first day at a new school I had ever had. A few students smiled at me warmly while others didn't even look up from their work. There were kids of different ages in the class, Homeroom, I assumed, was not separated by age as I knew the other classes would be.

"Yo, Kye-chan, come sit over here with us." Said a tall lanky blonde boy whose school uniform looked worn and dingy. Kye-chan? I had been called a lot of things, some names not so nice but never before had someone giving me a regular everyday nickname. I studied him for a moment unsure of what to do, He had light honey colored eyes that seemed a little mischievous as he smiled my way. Not seeing another empty seat I took the boys obvious advice and sat down next to him quietly.

"My name is Jonoichi but everyone here calls me Jou. So you're from the States huh? What's it like over there? is there duel monsters overseas? I lived there when I was a kid but I barely remember anything." He asked with a goofy lopsided grin plastered on his cream-colored face. He seems friendly enough, but this was territory that was uncharted for me. I wasn't used to talking to people. I talked to myself because I was all that I had. All there was that was dependable and safe. But I was also lonely and the opportunity to talk to another human being that was my age was so tempting.

"Of course there's duel monsters! Dueling is everything... almost everything" I started strong with a lot of enthusiasm but lost my nerve somewhere in the middle of the sentence and ended in almost a whisper. Shit. I'm so anti-social. I cursed myself silently.

"Oh, so you play?" He asked one eyebrow-raising slightly in surprise before a huge smirk made its way into his features.

"One does not just simply play Duel Monsters," I stated smoothly Jou nodded his head in approval and chuckled lightly. For some strange reason, this made me grin too, and not just grin but I felt it on my face, against my will, brightened. But even as this happened out of my control my red flags started to go up. What am I doing? Smiling, feeling, thinking. No, I couldn't waste my time with such dangerous things as friendship.

"Jou, aren't you going to introduce us to your new friend?" A seriously short boy, taller than the lady at the office but still very small for a high school student, walked up. He had spiky black hair and soft golden bangs, around his neck was an upside down pyramid. My eyes widened and for a moment I just stared at the object in shock. I quickly shook my surprise away. What was that about anyways...

"Oh well, guys this is Kye-chan and Kye this is Yugi. my long-time best bud," he said grabbing Yugi by the shoulders in a light hug. Yugi smiled up at him and then extended his arm out to shake my hand. I took his hand, smiled too, I couldn't seem to help myself, his cheerfulness slightly infectious.

"Nice to meet you Kyrri. How is Domino so far?" He asked and Jou watched me attentively as well. I frowned slightly and shook my head.

"This is actually only my third day here. My father and I moved here after my Aunt passed away and I've spent my time unpacking and organizing my room so I haven't had the time to explore the city yet." I said looking away quickly when both their faces shifted to pity. I hated pity more than anything.

"Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear that are you okay?" Yugi asked concern lacing his high pitched voice. What a strange boy. I forced myself to meet his sad eyes with a sneer on my face, unable to control my reaction to his warm-hearted, well-intentioned question but it just made me mad that everyone was always pitying me.

"Whatever, I didn't know the bitch anyways." and I blew my hair out for my face in a 'huff'. Yugi's eyes widened slightly before his face melted into an even more sickly sweet smile. More pity! I was boiling under my skin but I forced myself to become calm and duck my head down so I could hide behind my thick layer of hair. With my face shadowed one single lonely tear slipped from my right eye as if to purposefully betray my wishes, stubborn tear. When I dared to glance through the black curtain hiding my eyes Yugi and Jou's eyes were aimed at the ground where I saw one tiny droplet on the wooden floor.

I turned my head as fast as I could and sat promptly at my desk, within two seconds the bell signaling the end of class chimed itself with the small hammer I knew was inside. I jumped from my seat, bag already slung over my shoulder haphazardly and ran from the classroom only catching the slightest of worried glances from Yugi.

My next class was an advanced math class. A calculus and trigonometry mesh. There was never a class like this in America, and I had been to plenty of schools in the last 7 years always opting to take the higher level education. Always looking for the next challenge.

Then was P.E and Lunch, so I didn't need any books aside from my Calculus and Trigonometry textbooks for a while. I quickly hunted down my locker and twisted the cheap lock until I had put in the proper combination that was written on the back of my class schedule.

I deposited my Zoology, English Lit and Language, and History book off within my grey locker for later. Then I glanced at the map and hunted the fastest path to room A-3. I entered the class long before the bell was due to ring as I made my way over to the teacher, a gruff looking man in his mid-forties who seemed the pretty matter of fact. Stereotypical for a math teacher. I handed him my slip from the office stating my enrollment into Domino High. He simply nodded and waved his hand over to the desk motioning for me to find a seat without even giving me his name.

I choose the back left corner that was closest to the long windows that ran across the wall. Outside was a peaceful view, one I figured I would find myself losing concentration within its vibrant frame frequently in my future. Forcing myself to look away and quietly watch the rest of the students file in the small class one by one.

Once everyone was seated and the bell had rung I exhaled quickly happy that I didn't share my most important class with those boys, Jou and Yugi who seemed a little too intrusive for my comfort or their own good. Soon the teacher began to drone on about some difficult equation writing it down step by step on the whiteboard, luckily for me, he didn't seem to feel it necessary to publicly humiliate me and bring attention to me by having me introduce myself to the class. I put my full focus into my work, taking neat and precise notes as I went. My school-work was easy to focus on when my goals were in mind.

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