Erik sighed, returning to the street where the barricade had been. News travelled fast, and it had only been a matter of time before he had heard that the revolution was over, that they had lost.

He walked into the building, seeing the bodies laid out in a row for people to claim. He looked over the faces, seeing that nearly all of them were dead-the ones who weren't there he could count on one hand. He was glad he didn't know them too well, didn't know who had mothers, fathers, sisters, or brothers waiting for the boy who would never come home.

He forced himself to return, walking back to the hospital. He gave a nod to one of the nuns who smiled as he entered. He walked to her bed, sitting back in the chair he had occupied, waiting for her to wake up.

Erik reached out and lightly drew his fingers along her face, giving her hand a reassuring squeeze. They had found a doctor to properly stitch her wounds, and then it was only a matter of waiting for her to regain consciousness. She had woken a few times, only to lose consciousness again, but it was enough. He knew that she would be alright, that she would live.

He reached for his compositions, continuing to work on one while he waited.


He looked over at her, seeing her eyes open. "Eponine," he breathed.

She tried to sit up and he went to help her. "Careful. You're still healing."

"What happened?"

"You started bleeding from your wounds. You lost consciousness and I had to take you here. There wasn't much of a choice."

"What about the others?"

He sighed. "The revolution ended. The army killed them. I'm sorry, Eponine. You were dying. Erik had no other choice than to bring you here."

Her shoulders fell and she slowly nodded. "I understand. You still helped out." She sniffed. "I just wish it had ended differently."

He held his hand up to her face and gently wiped a tear away. "It's alright to cry for them, to mourn your friends."

"But what happens now? I doubt I have much of a job left at the opera house, and I can't go back to those streets without being reminded of them…."

"I might know of a place."

He led her out of the carriage and over to the small home. She still leaned on him for some support, though she was healed enough to leave the hospital. He opened the door and helped her inside, easing her into a chair.

"This looks like your flat underneath the opera house," she pointed out.

"The design is similar, but I can assure you that this one is quite different."

"How did you manage to afford something like this?"

"The opera ghost did have a salary of twenty thousand francs a month. Also the architect who helped design this was the one I worked with when building the opera house. He designed the opera house's structure and Erik oversaw the details."

"This one is still really nice."

"Erik is happy to hear you approve." He knelt beside her. "He was hoping that you might wish to stay here with him. You can live here with Erik. You won't ever have to live on the streets again and this street is far from any of the ones the Thenadiers frequented, so you don't ever have to be near them again. You may even continue to be known as Eponine Jondrette should you wish it."

She smiled. "I'd like that."

He smiled as well. "Then it's settled. You'll stay here."

"Erik? Do you have a name? For your family, I mean."

He shook his head. "Erik never had much of a family. He had an unhappy mother. That much he can remember."

"Then use mine," she suggested. "I mean-if you want to."

"Are you suggesting marriage?"

"I am." She blushed. "I guess I ended up being a little bit in love with you."

He smiled and gently kissed her. "And Erik loves you as well."

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