Okeydokey Peeps...I feel like a shouldn't be doing this as I still haven't compleated The Tearing of the Veil and two more stories the Mutation of Nubs and Donatello's Wedding come before the main events of this story...But after sketching out this prologue in my sketchbook I figured...This Prlogue takes place two years before the events the TMNT and Friends will take part in...What's the harm in posting this part?

By the way...While this would most certainly qualify as a 'crossover' What it is crossing over with would be labeled under miscellaneous books and I doubt anyone reading this has even heard about William Kotzwinkle's Doctor Rat so I will explain it here...Get it out of the way like pulling off a band-aid

Doctor Rat is a 1976 Novella written by William Kotzwinkle who might be better remembered by some of you readers as the guy who co-authored the 'Walter the Farting Dog' series (Which gives me some relief Mr. Kotzwinkle isn't opposed to the idea of pets) And for some E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Fanatics he's the guy who wrote the Novelzation of the E.T. Movie

Doctor Rat is to put it bluntly...Pure Animal Rights Propaganda...I believe Mr. Kotzwinkle wrote it because he believed one night the Animals were calling to him to do so...It is simultainiusly grotesque and saccarine the descriptions of the tortures the Scientists to to the Lab Animals I struggle to actually read because they are so revolting and the parts described by the innocent animals (AKA all Animals apart from the Titular Doctor Rat) are syrupy sweet utopian drival this is pure ham-handed (No offense to Pigs) propaganda.

And yet...I am fascinated by it...Obviously Mr. Kotzwinkle has written decent stories both before and after Doctor Rat...I'm willing to be more generous with this work then I am any modern PETA work...Because I sense I sincerity in 's Sentimental yarn...That I don't with anything manufactured by PETA which I believe are pure misathropes utalizing Animal Rights as a front for Human Hating

I love Animals...Which is why I'm willing to cut Mr. Kotzwinkle some slack...But I see Animals as they truly are despite my love of Anthropomorphism I know that my fantasies of putting animals in clothes are just that...Fantasies...I know Animals are capable of tender emotions and can feel pain...I also know in the Wild most of that pain is induced upon them by other Animals...In the Wild it is kill or be killed and it is only in the state of human-created captivity that we can have an array of interspecies friendships.

Okeydoke...I'm quickly turning into a Female Victor Hugo so I will cap this off by saying...While this Fanfic will contain spoilers for the Novella...You won't be missing much this Book I keep borrowing from my local library because I would be too ashamed to actually own this piece of tripe (No offense to Cows) The characters of Apollo and Artemis are purely my creation though inspired by things in the Novella this Fanfic is to to see if I can turn mold into gold and try to explain the absurd happenings in the novel and bring some hope into the utterly tragic ending while many stories are about Humans needing to learn to be kind to Animals this my be the first since Jungle Emperor Leo/Kimba the White Lion to have Animals realizing they also need to learn to be kind to Humans

In our Multiverse, Multiple Earth's Exist...The Earth the Humanimals dwell upon is First Earth...The First REAL Earth after all the Prototype Earths were destroyed...The one the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles call home is Third Earth...This is the story of a different Earth...This is the tale of the Sixth Earth...Which we will henceforth call Earth 6 because 'Sixth' is an awakward thing to say over and over again...It causes much spittle to fly out of your mouth as you do so...

Earth's can have very similar histories, with duplicates of historical personages...We can have multiple Aberham Linchons, multiple Oscar Wildes...And of course as the Vulnerable Sage Terry Pratchett has noted...Stories appear in multiple dimenstions...Sometimes Stories shape people more then the other way around...Many Earths know of Dracula and Frankenstien...Written by multiple Bram Stokers and Mary Shellys...Yes many things can be quite similar across multiple Earths, however...Each Earth will always and without fail...Each Earth will have a 'Point of Divergence' in its history to distinguish it from allother Earth's

What you are about to read is Earth 6's Point of Divergence

The year was 1976 and for some reason Humans started becoming increasingly callous to the Animal Kingdom

So much so...That it alarmed the Twin Gaurdians of Earth 6's Biosphere...Two Cosmic Dragons...Apollo the Guardian of the Animals and his sister Artemis the Gaurdian of the Plants.

With his cosmic dragon eyes, Apollo was able to peer into the hearts of men and could see the evil brewing...He knew he had to do something...He quickly formed a plan...And he began to raise te intelligence of every Animal who lived upon the surface of Earth 6.

Artemis wasn't sure about this plan, for although she was the guardian of plant life...She loved the Animals as much as her Brother did...Besides she knew the Plant and Animallife was connected both the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom needed each other to survive...This was why she had reservations about her Brother enhacing the intellects of all the Animals...If all the Animals were to be brothers and friends...Than what were the Carnivores supposed to eat?! Apollo paid his sistr no heed and proceeded to calltothe Animals of every land and the Oceans to gather...He planned a great peace conference of all the Animal Kingdom...And Man was to attend.

However hisplan backfired spectacurlly every Animal gathered together at one point of each land simply caused the Humans' bloodlust to overtake them and thus they mobilzed to cull them.

Artemis begged her brother to reconsider but Apollo believe his Sister to be hindering him at this point banished her into a pocket dimenstion from which she could not escape.

When the Humans began to attack the Animals...Apollo had his Animals attack the Humans...However the Animals stood no chance against Human Technology...In slightly over 24 Hours every non-human animal was dead.

All except one that is...A Lab Rat...Castrated and with a tatoo in his ear...This Quisling Rat never heeded Apollo's call...In fact this Rat did everything to impede his fellow Animals...Though he wasn't terribly succesful in that regard.

After the dust has cleared and the massacre was over...Apollo watched that one Rat slither down a hole...That was no ordanary rat...Apollo knew...Something more was driving the Rat to do what he did.

However as Apollo felt his power crumble and he fell from his cloud...the Cosmic Dragon would not be defeated...With his last bit of strengh he hardened his body into crystalyne form and when his body hit the Earth...Somewhere in the Southwestern Desert of the United States...His massive Rainbow Colored body sank into the Earth with his purple feet just touching Earth 6's Mantle and his massive red head poking out of the ground.

He began to plan his revenge...He still had enough power to open and close his jaws...Slowly but surely he inhaled as many of the dead animal bones as he could and in his mouth he began to sort them to make sure a Dog Skeleton did not get a Cat vertebrae or vice versa

What happened after that? That you will hve to wait and see Dear Reader...

Hopefully I didn't bore you guys too much...The next chapter will be posted after Donatello's Wedding is finished and that will be written after The Tearing of the Veil is finished I felt able to write this part as it takes place two years before the events of the Mutant Riots so during Season 3 of the 2003 Cartoon