The Past Cure

Author's note: Well, here is my Gundam Wing fanfic, and it is pretty much about Trowa, and this character from episode zero. If you have never read episode zero, I suggest that you do, since it will help you understand this story better. Just so that you guys don't get confused, this first part is more for background information, and doesn't have the Gundam pilots in it. It will make more sense in the next part; I promise, but it is important, so don't just brush this part off. Well enjoy, and please review. The more reviews I get, the faster I will get the next part out, so be kind, and tell me what you think. And for all of you who don't know, I don't own Gundam Wing, that is why this is a fanfic. Thanks, and tell me what you think.

Part One: The First Victim

A tall, slender girl, with short, light brown hair, gazed at the two boys in front of her with an annoyed look on her face. "Common Jack, where are my books?" the girl demanded as she turned her gaze to the smaller of the two boys.

"Chill Holy, there in my bag," the boy said as he pointed to a bag that lay behind him. Rolling his eyes, Jack watched as Holy pushed her way past him, and began shifting through the items in his backpack.

"There is one missing," the girl stated as she pulled out three books, and stared at Jack questionably. Jack shifted nervously as he avoided making eye contact. "Jack, where is my book?" the girl demanded as she crossed her arms across her chest.

"Umm," Jack said looking at the other boy for help.

"Well?" Holy said sounding a little dangerous as Jack gave her a sheepish grin.

"Well what?" Jack asked as Holy's eyes narrowed.

"Don't play stupid, where is my book?" Holy repeated as Jack gave her an innocent look, and the other boy began to laugh amused.

"Troy, this isn't funny!" Holy said as her gaze fell on the tall dark haired boy.

"Sure it is Holy, Jack is acting like you're his mother, and that is really sad, since he claims he's not a mommies boy," Troy said as both Jack and Holy glared at him.

"Shove off Troy, you're not helping the situation at all," Jack said as Troy just laughed harder.

"Sorry buddy, but man Jack, this is Holy we're dealing with, and you act like she is going to eat you for dinner because of some stupid book," Troy said as Holy kicked the ground in frustration, receiving equally shocked looks from the two boys.

"Would one of you tell me where my book is?" Holy demanded as Jack began to shift again.

"Common Jack, tell her already, I want to go home," Troy said.

"Why do I have to tell her?" Jack asked as Troy rolled his eyes.

"Because you got yourself into this mess, and anyways, it's not really my problem, I'm only here to stop her from killing you," Troy pointed out as Holy snorted.

"I'm waiting," Holy said as Jack sighed in defeat.

"I don't know where you book is," Jack said softly as Holy looked at him questionably.

"What do you mean?" Holy demanded as Jack turned his head away from her.

"It means he lost it, common Holy, how dense can you be?" Troy asked as Holy blinked back tears.

"Why Jack? I told you how much those books meant to me," Holy said as Jack looked at her guiltily.

"I know, and that is why I want you to take this," Jack said as he practically shove a check in the girl's face. A look of disbelief crossed the girl's face, as she shoved the check aside.

"You just don't get it, do you?" Holy demanded as Jack's guilt began to turn into anger.

"What now? That is enough money for you to get a replacement book. What is you problem?" Jack asked as a sob escaped the girl's lips.

"Those books were one of the first books published on a colony, and they were the last things my dad got me before he was killed in this fucken war! And you think that that check is going to fix everything? I trusted you with one of my most valuable treasure, and you were careless enough to lose it! Sometimes I don't think you care about my feelings," Holy said as Jack glared at her defensively.

"Stop it right now!" Troy said suddenly as he stepped in front of Jack protectively. "So those books had some sentimental value to you, there is no need for you to throw a scene," Troy said as Holy looked at him threateningly.

"I'm not causing a scene!" Holy yelled as Troy looked at the shocked faces of the students who were still hanging out in the school cafeteria.

"Listen Holy, Jack is really sorry, and he is trying to make up for it, there is no need for you to make this situation any worse then it already is," Troy said as Holy continued to glare at him.

"Take the check, and drop the whole thing. You still have those other three books," Troy pointed out, as Holy gazed at the books in her hand.

"Yeah, I guess," Holy mumbled as Troy smiled triumphantly. "But what Jack did was still insensitive, and he needs to understand that that check isn't going to make up for it," Holy said as a flash of frustration crossed Troy's face.

"Insensitive, Holy, Jack is not insensitive, if he was, then he wouldn't be friends with you," Troy pointed out as he gazed down at the girl's hands. Holy followed Troy's gaze confused, before she understood what he was talking about. A look of disgust crossed the girl's face as she stared at the red peeling skin on her fingertips.

"I wasn't always this way," Holy said defensively, as she hid her hands from view.

"Maybe, but that fact doesn't stop the jokes, or the disgusted looks that you receive from everybody," Troy pointed out, his tone getting softer as he noticed the distress on the girl's face. "Don't forget, that only Jack, myself, and Midii are the only ones that don't treat you like a monster," Troy said as Holy sighed in defeat.

"You're right Troy, Jack isn't insensitive," Holy said as Jack offered her the check again. "I'm sorry Jack, I was just a little upset," Holy said accepting the check, and turning to leave.

"Wait, Holy, are you still going to show up later tonight?" Jack asked as Holy paused and turned around.

"Of course, I'll meet you two at ten," Holy said as she turned back around, and gazed at the check thoughtfully.


Midii looked up from her lab top as the door to her room swung open. "Oh, hello Holy, did you get those books back?" Midii asked as she smiled at her best friend and roommate.

"Yeah," Holy said as she collapsed down on her bed.

"What's wrong?" Midii asked as she saved her files, and turned to her friend concerned.

"I just got off the phone with the hospital, they told me that I don't have enough money for a checkup," Holy said as Midii sat down on the bed, and put a comforting hand on her friend's back.

"A checkup, why do you want a checkup?" Midii asked worried, as Holy turned around and gazed into Midii's deep blue eyes.

"Because I want to know what is wrong with my skin," Holy said as she pulled up her sleeve and pointed to the red flaking skin on the inner part of her arm.

"I'm sure it is just because you're dehydrated," Midii said trying to sound reassuring.

"You know that it's not," Holy said pulling down her sleeve, and covering the skin in disgust.

"Don't let it get to you," Midii said as Holy looked away.

"I can't. You know how I feel about Troy, but ever since this skin problem began, he avoids making contact with me, and I know he looks at me with disgust. The only reason why we are still friends, is because I keep on telling him that it will pass, and that the problem will go away. But the truth is, I'm not so sure," Holy said as Midii gave her a sympathetic hug.

"So you want to see a doctor, and figure out how to get you skin back to normal, but you don't have the money," Midii said thinking hard. "I guess if you really want to know, we can always go to one of those free clinics. It's not the best care, but at least you'll see a doctor," Midii said as Holy's face brightened.

"Let's go then," Holy said as she and Midii made there way out of the dorm room.


Holy shifted on the hard bench, as she gazed at her watch for the hundredth time. "We've been here for four hours, and we haven't even seen the doctor yet," Holy said as Midii looked up from the magazine she was reading.

"Well what do you expect, this is a free clinic, and there aren't very many doctors who are willing to work for next to nothing. I bet this place is under staffed, and that means it's less organized. Plus we are in a middle of a war, a lot of people come to these places because their homes were destroyed, and they need immediate medical attention. Face in Holy, a skin rash isn't life threatening, so they will have a tendency to over look you," Midii pointed out as Holy gave a frustrated growl.

"I know, but this place is closing in a few minutes, and I don't want to spend another four hours or longer tomorrow," Holy said as Midii's face dropped even more.

"Maybe coming here wasn't the best idea," Midii said as Holy shook her head.

"No Midii, this is better then doing nothing," Holy said as a nurse approached them.

"Holy Rean, I'm sorry, but the doctor wont be taking any more patients tonight," the nurse said as Holy stared at her in disbelief.

"But I've been here for four hours," Holy said ignoring the look of the other patients, as they stood to leave.

"I'm sorry, you're going to have to come back tomorrow," the nurse said as Holy pushed the nurse aside, and began to dash down the hall.

"I have to see him, I don't want this anymore!" Holy yelled as the shocked nurse and Midii began to follow her.

"Holy, come back," Midii begged as she raced after her friend. "I don't understand, why is she so desperate to see the doctor?" Midii wondered when she noticed her friend stumble, and then fell to the ground in a loud thud. "Holy!" Midii yelled as she kneeled down next to her friend.

"What's going on?" the doctor demanded as he opened the door to his office, and saw the pale girl on the ground. Instantly the doctor helped Midii turn the girl around, as the nurse caught up. "Get her into the room," the doctor ordered as he started setting up the monitors.

"Holy hold on," Midii said as she helped the nurse carry Holy into the room. After laying the girl down on the bed, the nurse began cutting away the girl's clothes, exposing the chest, as the doctor hooked her up to the EKG monitor.

"I don't have a pulse," the nurse said as the doctor nodded.

"You girl, do you know CPR?" the doctor asked as Midii nodded, and approached the bed cautiously.

"Great, I need you to do the compressions, the nurse ordered as she began to work on the respirations. Midii felt the tears run down her face as the found the area on the chest, and began to press down.

"Girl, you're going to have to press harder," the doctor ordered as he felt the vein on the neck. Nodding, Midii began to push harder, until the doctor could feel a pulse in the neck.

"Good, that means I'm doing it right," Midii thought.

"Alright, clear!" the doctor demanded as he put two pads on Holy's chest.

"Clear," the nurse responded, as she lifted her hands into the air and stepped back. The doctor looked at Midii as Midii followed the nurse's example. Satisfied that everything was clear, he pushed the shock button, and Holy's body jumped. Midii stared at the doctor as the doctor studied the monitor.

"Resume CPR," the doctor said in frustration as Midii returned to Holy's bed, and continued with the compressions, and the doctor gave Holy a shot of some sort, and then gazed at the screen. Another growl of frustration escaped the doctor's lips as he once again tried the shock, but nothing worked, and soon the doctor looked at the nurse, and shook his head.

"No, try again, you can't just give up like that," Midii yelled, as the doctor began to pronounce Holy's death. "Please try again," Midii begged as the doctor gave her a sympathetic look.

"I'm sorry, but her heart doesn't even show signs of trying to start, your friend is dead," the doctor said as Midii collapsed on the ground, and began to sob. "Time of death, 2155..." the doctor's voice began, but Midii didn't want to hear the rest. Still sobbing, she race out of the clinic, and toward the park.

"There are a couple of people, who needed to learn a lesson," Midii thought as she raced down the street.


Troy looked up as he heard footsteps approaching. "See, I told you that Holy would show up," Troy said as Jack shook his head.

"It's not Holy Troy, the girl who is approaching us, has long hair," Jack pointed out, as Troy squinted into the darkness.

"Midii?" Troy yelled out as the girl stormed towards them. "Hey Midii, where is Holy, is she…" Troy started to say when a fist connected with his jaw.

"Midii?" Jack asked in shock as Troy fell to the ground in front of him.

"You bastard! Your father owns the God damn hospital, so you should understand better then anybody how fragile a sick person can be! You fucken jerk!" Midii yelled as tears flowed down her checks. The two boys gave Midii frightened looks as they stared at the girl who used to be a professional spy.

"What is going on?" Troy demanded as Midii kicked him hard in the side.

"Stop it!" Jack yelled, trying to help his friend, only to receive a hard kick to the face.

"Midii, why are you doing this?" Troy yelled again, as he slowly began to crawl away from the enraged girl.

"You son of a Bitch, this is all you fault. She loved you, and all you could do was use her disease against her. Well, I hope your happy, because now, Holy is gone," Midii yelled as Jack and Troy gave her a confused look.

"Midii, where is Holy?" Jack asked concerned as Midii tuned toward him.

"Holy is dead!" Midii yelled as she turned back to Troy, "And I swear you are going to pay for being so cruel to her," Midii vowed as she left the two boys on the cold ground.