The Past Cure

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Part Five: The Plot Thickens.

Dark blue eyes glowed in the darkened room, as they carefully scanned the hundreds of names on the computer screen. "What are you doing Heero?" Relena asked pulling a chair over to where the boy was sitting. The boy remained silent, as though he hadn't heard the girl's question. The girl lowered her head in defeat, but lifted it suddenly as she heard the boy shift.

"Holy Rean was a student of yours, right?" Heero asked shifting his dark eyes so that he could study the girl's reaction. Relena looked at him shocked, before she shuddered and a few tears slid down her face. Heero inwardly cursed himself for his insensitivity, of course Holy was one of Relena's students, and he had known all along. But for some reason, Heero just couldn't seem to concentrate with his normal perfection. It had been a particularly hard day, and the fact that his search was turning up nothing, only added to the pilot's lack of concentration.

"Yes, she was," Heero heard Relena's voice say as he turned his full attention on her. It was too late now to fix his mistake; he might as well finish what he had started.

"What do you know about her friends?" Heero asked, thankful that Relena didn't burst into tears. He had no idea what he would have done if she had.

"From what I remember, Holy didn't have many friends. That skin problem of hers, kept most people away. But I couldn't tell you anything about her friends, I never knew Holy personally," Relena said noticing a flash of frustration cross Heero's face. "Heero, what are you trying to find," Relena asked gazing at the familiar file that Heero was looking at.

"I'm trying to find out about Midii, but she isn't anywhere in the student archive," Heero said as a look of what Heero suspected to be jealousy crossed Relena's face. "She was Holy's best friend, and I'm positive that she is a student here," Heero said trying to ignore Relena's look of dislike.

"Well, what's her name?" Relena asked deciding to push away her harsh feelings, and help the man she loved, even if he doesn't return her feelings.

"Midii," Heero said refusing to offer any more information, much to Relena's annoyance.

"Heero, I need to know her last name too. Don't worry, I'm not going to turn her in, so you can stop protecting her," Relena said putting on her best political face as Heero carefully studied her.

"Her name is Midii Une, and that is all I really know about her," Heero said defeated as he waited to see what Relena's reaction would be. Relena stared at him in shock for a second, before she smiled knowingly.

"Well, I know why you can't find her in the student archive," Relena said triumphantly when Heero gave her a questioning look. "Miss Une is the school's science teacher," Relena pointed out as she reached over to the computer, and typed in Midii's name in the staff directory. A second later a file appeared giving Heero all the information he needed.

"Common Relena, we need to pay Miss Une a little visit," Heero said standing up, and heading out of the room, with Relena right behind.


Heero looked around the dorm room with a look of horror on his face. The two beds were overturned, and shredded paper, and other articles were scattered all over the floor. "I don't understand. Why would anyone want to destroy this room?" Relena asked as Heero turned annoyed dark eyes toward her.

"Because someone is looking for something," Heero said carefully studying the shredded paper.

"What?" Relena asked carefully making her way toward the middle of the room.

"I'm not sure, but I'm guessing someone has come to destroy Midii's research," Heero stated looking at the confused look on Relena's face. "Midii has been working on finding a cure for the Rean disease for about two years. I guess someone found out about it, and wanted to stop her from succeeding," Heero pointed out watching Relena nod in understanding.

"Did they take her," Relena asked knowing that the only hope the Gundam pilots had might have been lost. Relena never expressed her feeling, but deep down she was worried that Heero might have been the one infected, and she desperately hoped that Midii would be okay for the sack of whoever the infected person might be. She could put aside her jealousy if the girl could some how find a cure for the disease.

"It's hard to say," Heero said causing a feeling of hopelessness wash over her.

"What now Heero?" Relena asked when Heero held up his hand, demanding silence. Fear washed over Relena as she wondered if the people who had destroyed the room where still around somewhere. "What is going on?" Relena asked in a soft whisper, barely loud enough for Heero to hear.

"There are two people outside the door," Heero whispered as he quietly crept across the room. Relena watched in amazement as Heero noiselessly swung the door open to reveal two very frightened boys.

Heero gazed at the boys in distrust as he carefully studied them. One was short and had dirty blonde hair, while the other one was tall with dark brown hair and a spoiled look to him. "Jack, Troy?" Heero heard Relena say as the two boys looked over at Relena in shock.

"Troy?" Heero mumbled softly as realization stroke him. In front of him was the same boy he had seen at the hospital earlier that day.

"Miss Relena, what are you doing in Midii and Holy's room?" the other boy, Jack, asked.

"We're trying to find Midii, do either of you boy's know where she went?" Relena asked as Troy shot Heero an untrusting look.

"Did you do this," Troy demanded gesturing toward the mess in the room. Heero growled at the boy, as Relena made her way toward the three boys.

"No, the room was this way when we got here," Relena said as Troy tore his gaze away from Heero.

"Why do you want to find her," Troy demanded sounding protective, and still a little suspicious.

"We want to talk to her," Relena said looking at the two boys pleadingly.

"Midii went to the circus a few hours ago," Troy said avoiding the harsh look Heero was giving him.

"The circus? Why?" Heero demanded.

"She always goes to the circus when she is upset. It is sort of a sanctuary for her, and she says it helps her think," Jack said gulping. Heero had the suspicion that the boy was slightly afraid of him.

"When will she be back?" Heero asked softening his tone a little.

"Not anytime soon. There was some sort of Lion accident, and the circus's lead performer was seriously injured. Now the audience are required to stay for some sort of trauma counseling, or something like that," Troy said watching as Heero and Relena exchanged horrified glances.

"Trowa," they both mumbled as Heero shoved the two boys out of the way, and made a mad dash toward the nearest vehicle. He had to get to Trowa and Midii; he had a feeling that something was about to happen.


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