The Total Drama Jumbo jet sat in a hangar, with a sign out front. "For Sale."

"When's the new plane gonna get here, Chris?" asked Chef.

"Soon enough," Chris replied.

"Look, the producers want that new season in a week! If that A380 don't arrive, we're fired! And the contestants are getting impatient."

"Well, I guess I DID put some of them through 4 seasons of torture. Ha ha ha. Though the 8 new ones don't have anything to complain about.

"Remind me again why we're selling the old one?"

"Animal contamination. I had some of the interns clean it out. Both of them promptly quit. Can't say I blame them." A businessman approached Chris.

"You Chris McLean?" he asked. He had a distinct French accent.

"The one and only!" Chris replied.

"Your new jet just pulled into hangar 16C. Already fitted out with all 6 classes and the penthouse. Can't say they're that big though. And, once again, I STRONGLY advise against your 'drop of shame' idea. The contestants might get sucked into the engine, killing them, crashing the plane, ultimately, a LOT of lawsuits and lost money."

"This is Total Drama. Wait, did you put 6th class in the front?"

"Yeah, they did. Someone got your plans mixed up, I apologize."

"Well, no matter. I'll just knock them off the wing."

"Once again, I strongly-"


"Wait, you need to sign the contract!"

"Oh, right." Chris signed the contract. "Go get the contestants, Chef. It's showtime!"

"You know it!"

A few moments later...

"I'm back!" said Chris to the camera. "That's right, Total Drama is back with every last one of your favorite contestants in a worldwide competition for ONE! MIL- wait, typo; ONE! BILLION! DOLLARS! No, you do not need to turn up the volume on your TV, you heard me right; a BILLION Canadian Dollars! We are in Toronto, at Grand Central Station, where we will meet all of your former Total Drama contestants returning, and 8 new ones! That's 60 contestants! They will be in 6 teams. Here they come!" A bus pulled up, and the 52 former contestants walked out.

"8 new contestants are here. Let's see what their mark they will leave, and what marks they will leave with! From London, England, Tobias!"

Tobias had black hair and wore a dark blue shirt and black slacks, with a slightly muscular, but small, build. "'Dro can bite my ass!" he said.

"Who's 'Dro?'" Chris asked.

"Are you referring tome in such an impolite way?" Alejandro asked Tobias.

"Be happy I'm not calling you 'Al.' Anyway, I want to see you, Heather, or Scott gone first."

"Why would you wish to get rid of such strong players so early?"

"'Strong?' You 3 have only ever tore your teams apart."

"He's got a point, you know," Heather interjected.

"I suppose I am not the most trustworthy player in Total Drama history," Alejandro said.

"No objections from me here!" LeShawna said.

"Well, it's Total Drama, not Total Get Along!" Heather exclaimed.

"Even the heros in All Stars eventually turned on each other!" said another voice, being feminine.

"Oh, from Budapest, Hungary, meet Raaheel!" A shorter female exited the bus, with a black coat and shirt as well as a red hijab, and black jeans. If you looked closely, you could see a bit of exposed black hair.

"What's with the red hood?" Scott asked. Raaheel proceeded to slap Scott.

"Intolerant!" Raaheel exclaimed in the confessional. "I hope he leaves first."

"It's a hijab, thank you very much," Raaheel said, "and it would be taken very kindly for you to hold all the 'little red riding hood' comments, Mal."

"Mal's dead!" Mike exclaimed. "As well as Chester, Svetlana, Manitoba Smith, and Vito!"

"Well, Mal still seems like the kind of guy that would cook up such an insult."

"That is so true," Alejandro said. "He was quite malevolent to me in All Stars."

"Where do you think the name 'Mal' comes from?" Mike replied. "Though me and my former personalities just called him 'the malevolent one,' for obvious reasons. Still, it will be nice to have a season where I'm just one person!"

"Well," Chris said, "we found a good replacement for you! From Reno, Nevada, it's Paul, Ferdinand, Rafael, and Joseph!" Paul/Ferdinand/Rafael/Joseph (who I will call PFRJ for short) had pretty bad acne, and blonde hair. He wore a black and white striped shirt, and black pants.

"Yo, Mike!" said Paul. "Nice to meet someone else who had MPD."

"What are your personalities like?" Mike asked.

"Well, there's no prime one. I'm Paul, and I'm the lazy but talkative one, and usually, I'm the one you see." He changed personalities the same way Mike changes his.

"I'm Ferdinand," said Ferdinand. "I love nature and animals, and am a strict vegetarian. It does not go over well with Joseph, since he loves to bulk up on protein. I can charm people with kindness, and have a way with animals, but I swore a long time ago to NEVER use that skill like Alejandro."

"Respectable choice," said Bridgette. Ferdinand changed personalities.

"I'm Rafael," said Rafael. "I love football! The European variety, that is. I can ignore this body's pains when it is working hard, and I have a lot of knowledge. Not just in football, but in all sorts of subjects. Especially subjects not so many people care about." Rafael changed personalities.

"I'm Joseph. I want to build muscle, and I'm pretty vain about the body. I hate this acne! Probably from Ferdinand refusing to get any protein." Joseph changed personalities.

"Hey, those vegetables help acne!" Ferdinand said. "Anyway, this body belongs to all 4 of us, so it's just called 'the body.'" Mike and PFRJ kept talking about life with MPD, as Chris introduced the next new contestant.

"From Seattle, Washington, Mark!" Mark dabbed as he walked off the bus. He had messy brown hair, wearing a dark green shirt and blue jeans. He had red headphones on. As he walked off, he suddenly jumped to the ground, and began dancing with some extremely high energy.

"My great-great-" Staci began, before getting hit by a rogue foot from Mark. Right after, he got up, and pulled down his headphones.

"That's how it's done!" Mark said. "You can see it again when I win the billion!"

"That was some of the best dancing I've ever seen," Alejandro said, as Mark walked into the crowd.

"Don't try to charm me, big guy. I've seen World Tour."

"I assume that puts me high on your target list, huh?"


"You just gave yourself away! This will not win you the game!"

"Or am I lying and actually see you as a strong player and want to ally with you? Or perhaps I see you as a weak player since people know that you're manipulative, and don't actually care? Think about that, all of you. No one here is weak right now."

"Sure, like Sierra can function without Cody!" Cameron said.

"So you want to eliminate Cody?" Mark replied.

"WHAT?" yelled Sierra and Cody.

"Just a little piece of information for you viewers," Cody said in the confessional, "me and Sierra are dating. No, really. I met Mark in a Tetris tournament, and he said I should date Sierra! He put up a good argument, that there was no way she would break my heart, and it would result in all sorts of good things for my social status! So far, it's been nothing but good for me!

"No, I'm not!" Cameron replied.

"Oh, but only one of us can win the billion. You all think about that before you join up on any alliances, even with me."

"I like this guy," said Chris. "He stirred up so much drama, and we haven't even seen all the newbies!"

"Don't think you're safe, man!" Mark called. "I am looking to rock this boat like a Tsunami!"

"Right then," said Chris. "From Moscow, Russia, it's Vladimir!"

"I am not related to Putin!" Vladimir said as he walked off the bus.

"Famous first words, man," Scott said.

"I swear, if that guy turns out to be Putin himself..." Chef said.

"From London, England, Liam!" Chris called. Nothing happened. "I said, Liam!" Still nothing. "Well, I guess-" Chris was interrupted by a helicopter flying in. Liam jumped from the helicopter, safely landing on his feet.

"Thanks, Jack!" Liam yelled to the helicopter, as it flew off. Liam had brown hair, a white shirt and black leather jacket along with a golden chain on his neck, as well as sunglasses, with black slacks. "I'm here to kick ass and eat teriyaki. And I'm all out of teriyaki."

"You can't cuss here!"

"Well, what the fuck are you going to do about it? Read my contract, the only way you can eliminate me is if I get voted out."

"You keep cussing like that," DJ said, "getting voted out is exactly what will happen."

"I like this guy," Mark said in the confessional. "No problem speaking strongly with the point he needs to get across, like me, if I actually speak. I am an introvert on quite a few levels."

"From Vancouver, BC, Kim!" Kim had a blue tye-dye shirt and dark blue jeans, with jewels on her pockets.

"Hello, boys," she said in a flirty tone. Most of the males had their jaws drop. Notably, Alejandro and Cody were 2 of the exceptions.

"She is so cute!" Justin said.

"So fashionable! Even horizontal stripes would look good on her!" Lindsay said. Kim simply strutted to the back of the crowd.

"If you're expecting a female Alejandro out of me," Kim said in the confessional, "you're right. I intend to crush these boys into a nice fine paste, and take the billion. Cody, Alejandro, and Sierra are probably my biggest threats, as Cody and and Alejandro immune to me, probably because Cody is close with Sierra and Alejandro is himself a manipulator, and Sierra will do whatever it takes to keep Cody with her to the finale. If I knock Cody out, Sierra WILL follow."

"And lastly, from Provideniya, Russia, Anna!"

"LET'S DO THIS!" she yelled as she got off the bus. "This is my season!"

"High energy, huh?" Tobais said.

"You know it!" Anna said. "Back in Russia, I have to keep moving, or I freeze! I mean, I'm not just from Russia, I'm from Siberia! And jeez, it's cold."

"I would guess," Rodney said.

"Right, I'll show you the NEW Total Drama Jumbo Jet!" Chris said, as he led the contestants onto the A380. He showed them 6 classes, each being different, with higher classes for higher placed teams being nicer, and 6th class having nothing but straps to the wall, and a trap door that eliminated contestants would be dropped from, leaving them in the cargo hold to be sent home when the plane landed. Chris noted that there would be 6 teams of 9, and the 5th and 6th placed teams in each challenge could both lose a contestant (or 2 of them, as 2 would be eliminated every episode), and the 1st placed team could also vote in the elimination.

A/N: I'm too lazy to write about the different classes. Use your imagination.

There was also the cafeteria, serviced by Chef's horrid food, and Chris' penthouse. "And that's the airplane!" Chris said. "Hopefully, Sierra won't turn THIS one into scrap metal."

"I promise you," said the Airbus salesman, "this plane will not leak fuel, assuming you do not abuse it. Sierra's cake from last season would do nothing to this at the moment."

"Who's that?" asked Sierra.

"I'm a representative from Airbus. I sold this airplane to Chris, and I'm also the chef for the 1st and 2nd placed teams. My meals are some of the best you've ever tasted."

"I would know," Chris said. "I've tried it, when we were getting the contract for the plane signed."

"So," Samey said, "what's our first challenge?"

"Great question! Find out the answer here on Total! Drama! 60 Club!"

The theme song played.

"Really, Chris, what's the first challenge?" Duncan asked.

"A game-starting vote!" Chris replied. "Each of you will vote for someone to become one of the 6 captains, and the 6 with the most votes will be our captains, and get immunity, because 6 people that aren't picked are going to be eliminated instantly! The 8 newbies are immune from instant elimination, but they can't become captains. Head to the confessional to cast your vote! Oh, and you can't vote for yourself."

"I have to vote for Cody to become a captain!" Sierra voted.

"I'm going to probably be the only one, but I want to make sure me and Alejandro are on separate teams, so I don't have to vote him off," Heather voted.

"Me and Heather have a pact; make each other captains. We don't want to have to vote each other off," Alejandro voted.

"I know I can trust Zoey, but Cameron's also a good option... eh, I vote Zoey," Mike voted.

"I know Mike's voting Zoey, and I think we can identify with him, so we vote Zoey," PFRJ voted (as Paul).

"Jasmine will probably help me get rid of Amy, or at least keep us on separate teams," Samey voted.

"Gotta keep the drama flowing, and get a manipulator on top! And who's a bigger manipulator than Heather?" Blainley voted.

"I'm not turning my back on you, Courtney," Gwen voted.

"I know Sierra's voting for me, and I want us to be on the same team, so I'm voting the other person I can trust: Zoey," Cody voted.

"Heather's intelligence is massive. I feel I can identify with her, and we could do well on the same team," Scarlett voted.

"Alejandro was one of the most evil contestants I've seen. I don't trust anyone here, so I vote Alejandro," Max voted.

"Izzy is crazy. Crazy enough, maybe, to put me with one of the best teams in the game, not to mention put me in a position to eliminate one of those manipulators!" Owen voted.

"Izzy is pretty crazy, and she'll probably pick a bunch of manipulators. I can turn them against each other, and boom, we've just lost a bunch of manipulators at the merge!" Tobais voted.

"If zombies should ever pop out of nowhere, I can trust Jasmine to protect me," Shawn voted.

"Sierra's probably going to lead a run of votes for Cody, and I need to stop Samey or Jasmine from becoming captains, so I vote Cody," Amy voted.

"Sierra's, like, the funniest contestant on the show! Not to mention one of the most trustworthy," Anna voted.

"I don't think any of the Pahkitew Island guys are going to get many votes, so I want to vote for someone that will actually get votes: Sierra," Rodney voted.

"I want to tear apart Sierra and Cody, messing both of them up. Sierra will probably lead a train of votes for Cody, so I vote Sierra," Scott voted.

"I vote Sierra, simply because everyone looks bad, and I want to see what team name she'll come up with this time," voted Beardo.

B simply held up a slip of paper that said "Izzy."

"Alejandro could be a problem, and I want to make sure he stays away from me and Mike. By that logic, I vote Heather, since Alejandro would probably want to keep himself and Heather together, allowing him and Heather to pick off their teammates, and make it to the merge together. That, and I don't want to risk separating myself and Mike, and I know people will probably vote for me," Zoey voted.

"I should keep power in the hands of good people. Who's more trustworthy than Zoey?" Mark voted.

"If I make Alejandro a captain, I could corrupt him, like an evil king! Then, I use that against him, cast a spell of elimination, and poof! Biggest threat of Total Drama is gone!" Leonard voted.

"Lindsay has good luck, and seems harmless enough," DJ voted.

"Lindsay! You know it!" Tyler voted.

"Uh... Tyler!" Lindsay voted.

"Well, Lindsay seems harmless enough," Topher voted.

"Jasmine is the one everyone knows from Pahkitew Island, and she's pretty harmless, so I vote for her," Sky voted.

"Gotta vote with Sky. Jasmine," Dave voted.

"Jasmine," voted Ella and Sugar.

"Lindsay seems like a good captain," Jasmine voted.

"Sierra knows every contestant, and I know I can get along with Cody, so I can get in on the strongest team in the game, if Sierra is a captain. Not to mention hopefully avoid manipulators," Raaheel voted.

"I want Cody and Sierra on the same team, so I can pick them off easier. If one of them becomes a captain, they'll pick the other, but that goes triple for Sierra, so I vote for her," Kim voted.

"I vote Izzy. She'll probably put together a weak team, making my game a lot easier," Courtney voted.

"I'll vote Alejandro. I think I can neutralize his charm, and making him a captain could shake up this game a bit, and give me at least a ray of daylight to work with," Justin voted.

"Lindsay is nice and harmless. Her aura shows signs of calmness, and I think that making her a captain will be a good move, since she is friendly to everyone. Keep the game steady," Dawn voted.

"Mike. Vito's easily dead, but he's the most benevolent guy I can find," Anne Maria voted.

"Izzy is athletic, fearless, and a little crazy. She's perfect for this game, and I respect her," Brick voted.

"Gotta respect that guy who played this game. Alejandro," Jo voted.

"Lindsay's someone I can easily convince to basically hand power to me, so I vote her," Liam voted.

"Izzy doesn't seem too horrible," Eva voted.

"Alejandro!" voted Katie and Sadie.

"Zoey seems like a good choice," Izzy voted.

"Courtney. She's got that captian personality," Trent voted.

"I'd vote LeShawna, but I know she won't get votes from others. So I vote Sierra, because she'll know about my skills, and put me on a strong team based on her knowledge of the cast.

"Gotta go with Sierra. She's the only one anyone can trust," LeShawna voted.

"Guess I'll go with Blainley," Dakota voted. "Sorry, Sam!"

"Geoff!" Bridgette voted.

"Bridgette!" Geoff voted.

"Dakota," Sam voted.

"I gotta go with Lindsay," Staci voted.

"Jasmine was AWESOME! I vote for her," Duncan voted.

"Alejandro! He's a toughie!" Lightning voted.

"Lindsay," Beth voted.

"I like Zoey," Anna voted.

"Gotta go with the Codester," Ezekiel voted.

"Zoey," Vladimir voted.

"Zoey," Noah voted.

"I'll say... Zoey," Cameron voted.

"Cody. He's awesome," Topher voted.

"Alright, the votes are in!" Chris said. "There's too many of you for me to have a full ceremony, so our captains are Zoey, Sierra, Alejandro, Jasmine, Lindsay, and Izzy! The order you pick in is determined by how many votes you got. Zoey, you got the most, so you pick first. There's a tie between Alejandro and Sierra, which is broken by best placement. However, this is meant to be a popularity contest, so I'm going to override, because if Sierra had not been disqualified before the final 3, YOU would have been eliminated, Alejandro! So, I'm giving Sierra the nod anyway! Sierra picks second and Alejandro picks third. Jasmine picks fourth, and Izzy and Lindsay tied. Lindsay's best placement was 6th in Total Drama Action, while Izzy's best placement was 7th on Total Drama Island, so Lindsay picks 5th, and Izzy picks 6th. 6 former castmembers- not the new ones- will not be picked, and will be eliminated instantly! Step out of the plane, and let's see who will make the cut!" And the contestants stepped out. "Zoey, your pick first. Who?"

"Mike!" Zoey replied.

"How surprising," Chris said sarcastically. "Sierra, this is more of a rhetorical, but-"

"CODY!" Sierra yelled, to no one's surprise. Cody shocked a few contestants, as he charged at Sierra, and gave her a really tight hug, which Sierra returned.

"What just happened?" asked Alejandro in the confessional. "Cody actually likes her? I thought she creeped him out!"

"Alejandro, your pick," Chris said.

"Kim," Alejandro replied. "Her beauty will easily help our team."

"Don't try to play that game with me," Kim replied.

"To be honest, she looks a little deceptive," Alejandro said in the confessional. "We can own this game."

"I thought he'd go for Heather!" Sierra said.

"Maybe he thinks no one else wants her?" Beth replied. "It wouldn't surprise me!" This sent a bunch of the cast into laughter, other than Heather and Alejandro.

"Anyway," Chris said, "Jasmine, your pick."

"Shawn," Jasmine replied.

"Lindsay?" Chris asked.

"Hm... Tyler!" Lindsay replied.

"And Izzy, make your pick!" Chris said.

"My man Owen!" Izzy replied.

"Zoey?" Chris asked.

"Katie!" Zoey replied.


"I'll go with Ella. Good morale for the team."


"Hmm..." Alejandro thought.

"I was thinking about splitting up Katie and Sadie, allowing me to take them both out easily," Alejandro said in the confessional. "But splitting up such close friends is below even my standards, so I had to pick..."

"DJ, come on over, big guy!" Alejandro said.

"Jasmine?" Chris asked.

"Jo! You could be useful, and not horribly evil," Jasmine said.


"Beth!" Lindsay replied.


"Sorry Alejandro, but you should have taken your sweetheart Heather when you had the chance!" Izzy replied. "I'll take Heather!" Izzy then whispered to Owen, "We are kicking her out first, obviously."

"Zoey?" Chris asked.

"Sadie, of course," Zoey replied.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Katie and Sadie said at the same time, as Sadie ran up to hug Katie.

"Sierra?" Chris asked.

"I'll take a chance on the new guy. Mark," Sierra replied.


"I'll take Blainely," Alejandro replied.


"Sky seems pretty harmless," Jasmine replied.


"Mmm... Goth girl!" Lindsay replied.

"I'm Gwen, by the way, nice to meet you," Gwen said, fairly annoyed.

"Izzy?" Chris asked.

"Scarlett!" Izzy replied.

"Are you sure about that? I mean, she nearly blew up an island, and she'll probably get you all killed..."

"I know, she's awesome! Boom boom, and she's a redhead like me!"

"Guess crazy and evil go together. Zoey?"

"Paul-" Zoey said, before realizing that Paul was Rafael, due to his juggling of a soccer ball at the time "-I mean, Rafael. And Ferdinand and Joseph."

"You were right on the second try," Rafael said. "Don't worry, we're used to being called by the wrong name."

"Sierra?" Chris asked.

"Sammy!" Sierra replied.

"Thanks," Samey said, in response to Sierra calling her "Sammy" instead of Samey.

"Alejandro?" Chris asked.

"I'll go with Raaheel," Alejandro replied.


"How about... Dawn?" Jasmine said.

"Wise choice," Dawn replied.

"Lindsay?" Chris asked.

"Dakota," Lindsay replied.


"Oh! I know! Noah!" Izzy said.


"How about Bridgette?" Zoey replied.


"Eva!" Sierra replied, causing a gasp of her teammates. "Don't worry. I know a lot about these contestants. I think I know how to handle Eva." Eva, at the time, was docile, listening to her MP3 player.

"I was actually really surprised when Sierra picked me," Eva said in the confessional. "I thought for sure I would be in the losing 6! I want to try and turn over a new leaf, and stop freaking out and breaking everything every time the slightest thing goes wrong. This could be useful. I mean, Sierra has information on all of us even to our dental records, which annoys me quite a bit, but she knows me better than I know myself! If anyone can help me stay calm, it's Sierra. Assuming she doesn't just pay attention to Cody all the time."

"I picked Eva to see if I could help her," Sierra said in the confessional. "I actually recently met her mother, and after she found out about Total Drama 60 Club, she asked me to help out Eva, who wanted to get over her anger issues. That billion dollar pricetag is not going to make things easy for me, though."

"Alejandro?" Chris asked.

"Ezekiel. I would like to end his losing streak."

"Cool, yo," Ezekiel replied, having returned to normal.

"Jasmine?" Chris asked.

"I'll go with Tobias," Jasmine replied. "He should keep us clean of manipulators."

"That's the plan, at least," Tobias replied.

"Lindsay?" Chris asked.

"Pick Courtney!" Gwen told Lindsay.

"Sure, Gwen! Courtney!" Lindsay replied.

"She remembers my name when I ask her to pick Courtney, but not when she picks me?" Gwen said in the confessional. "Did she know 60 Club was happening, and play dumb in the other 4 seasons she was on the show, so she could win the billion? Nah, she's probably just gotten smarter."

"Izzy?" Chris asked.

"Brick seems cool!" Izzy replied.

"Thought you'd only need one bossy guy on your team," Anne Maria remarked.

"Zoey?" Chris asked.

"Geoff and Bridgette go together like me and Mike! Geoff!" Zoey replied.


"Vladimir!" Sierra replied.

"'Bout time, cuz'!" Vladimir replied.

"Cuz?" Cody asked.

"Oh, Vladimir's my third cousin," Sierra stated. "He's also a reality show veteran, as well as a quiz show winner! To date, he's won 250,000,000 rubles on TV! He's mostly known in Crimea, strangely enough, and being related, I'm a minor celebrity in Russia myself!"

"Minor?" Chris exclaimed. "You deal with Total Drama! I make stars! How are you only a minor celebrity in Russia? Heck, you almost won season 3!"

"If you just restrict it to the sparsely populated parts of Siberia, I am a major celebrity, but Western Russia doesn't care about Total Drama that much."

"Huh. Anyway, Alejandro, make your pick."

"Trent," Alejandro replied.


"How about Dave?" Jasmine replied.


"Justin," Lindsay replied.


"Ha ha! Leonard!" Izzy replied.


"I'll go with Sugar," Zoey replied.


"I'll take B!" Sierra replied.

"Guys, remember that Liam and Anna MUST be picked! Alejandro?"

"Duncan, why not?" Alejandro replied.


"Scott," Jasmine replied.


"Sam!" Lindsay replied.


"Harold," Izzy replied.

"Last round! Zoey?"

"Cameron," Zoey replied.


"Liam," Sierra replied.


"Staci," Alejandro replied. "I would LOVE to hear about your family."

"No I would not," Alejandro said in the confessional, "but I need her around to keep Kim distracted, so she won't vote me off! I can just feel that she's going to be a manipulator, and unlike the lovely Heather, she won't be on my side."

"Jasmine?" Chris asked.

"You know, I'll go with Topher," Jasmine replied.


"LeShawna!" Lindsay replied.

"Izzy, you get Anna. Amy, Beardo, Rodney, Max, Lightning, and Anne Maria, you're all out. But be happy. You avoid having to ride in a cargo hold... ever. Goodbye. Everyone else, on the new Total Drama Jumbo Jet! And Chef, make sure that Amy leaves, and not Samey." The contestants got on the jet, while the 6 eliminated contestants were all taken out of the airport. "And with that, we're already down 6! 54 remain, with a double elimination every episode! Where will the new Total Drama Jumbo Jet go? Will Ezekiel not get voted off first this time? And what will the team names be? Find out next time on Total! Drama! 60 Club!"