The Death of the Moon's Light

A 16 year old boy was heading towards the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The boy had a somber look on his face. Everyone looked at him weirdly or with pity. The only place he could be free of those stares was going towards any museum, but he preferred this one.

The boy had blond spiky hair with an auburn streak that almost covers his left eye, silvery blue eyes and skin that was slightly tanned. He was wearing an orange shirt with some jeans and black sneakers. His name is Naruto Namikaze.

He was taken cared of by his father, Minato Namikaze, for 7 years until he was killed. One year before Minato's death, he got a chance to tell Naruto who was his mother, since the boy asked it for his birthday gift. Minato was the only family that he had. No grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, brother or sisters.

After Minato died, agony struck Naruto. Finding food was harder than he thought, having to eat trash more than one occasion. Looking for shelter was a hassle, since most of the time he slept under a bridge or went to an abandoned factory near him. But worst of all, having to escape monsters that wanted to eat him.

Although he was happy that his father told him about his mother, it cause him pain since monsters where practically looking for him for some unknown reason. But lately he was having a breather.

He used a pair of old knives that he found in the trash one day. They were kitchen knives, but it was the only thing that he had to protect himself.

Naruto entered the museum after climbing the stairs and went inside it. His eyes could never get enough of this view. Each and every design that this architecture showed was a piece of art in his eyes. He couldn't understand how most people didn't come her more frequently. He walked further until he notice what the section he was going to enter was named

Greek Mythology.

He knew, thanks to his father, that his mother was a goddess from this pantheon and he was surprised to know who it was. Like really surprised! She was an Olympian! And he didn't meant the sport thingy that athletes participated... The real Olympians!

Ever since knowing her name, he prayed everyday to her and tried to honor her in anyway. By trying to become better at what she did, having knowledge about her history, everything. And when he read about that man, he was very angered that he was even able to kill three Cyclops that found him later that day.

The pig of a man didn't deserve to be near her! If he ever found him in the future, he would torture him and make him beg the pig to say sorry towards his mother. He was glad that one of his uncles managed to kill the bastard. He just wished that he never reforms ever.

His stare didn't left the words in the banner that specified which section was. He was standing there entranced in what he could find if he went further.

"Come Naruto... Come" A voice said. It could be through the entire museum, but it seems that he was the only one that could hear it. He didn't know what to do... He could go an follow that voice and see what it wanted, or he could just ignore it and go towards where he always goes in the museum. Towards his mother's section. It always manage to calm him. But the voice each and every time became more insistent, so he went and 'followed' the voice through the halls of the Greek Mythology section. He passed through many of his family's statues. There was his grandfather, granduncles, grand step-mother(Is that a thing?), uncles, aunts, and many other gods and goddesses. Until he found his mother's statue in the museum.

He couldn't help but welcome the sudden calmness that his body let in, but he knew something was wrong. Every time he looked at his mother's statue, it would fill him with fear and dread. As if she looked at him with hate every time he saw her statue. He continued to follow the voice, letting go the calmness that filled him earlier.

He then found a large area with many benches and a blond haired man with blue eyes. The man was wearing a green shirt with blue jeans and green sneakers. The man smiled at Naruto, and he could swear that the man's teeth shined briefly. The man gestured Naruto to sit beside him, and Naruto followed.

What? He followed the voice and he found the man... The least he could do was go through with everything. Right?

Naruto sat to the right of the man, both looking forward.

"Naruto..." The boy turned to look at the man, in which looked at him with a small smile on his face. Naruto already guessed who he was. It was the form he used most through history. It was very obvious to him.

"What can I do for you uncle?" The man widen his eyes briefly at the boy next to him and smiled.

"I just want to talk to you about your mother, Naruto..." Naruto looked excited to know how much his mother talked about him or if she say that she love him.

"Naruto... Your mother, hates you" Naruto widen his eyes and the terrifying news that his uncle just told him. "Every time that she isn't in a council meeting she is either going around the world or she is at her temple cursing your name to no end" Naruto's uncle left tear ran down his cheeks. He saw how broken his nephew looked. His face full of excitement and hope was now filled of dread and pain.

"She... doesn't... love me" Naruto's managed to say between his sobs. The image that he built on her mother crumbling in a instant. He couldn't hold it in. He was truly alone...

Naruto cried harder. He turned around to meet his uncle and hugged him. Finding his uncle as the source of comfort.

The god didn't even know what to do with his nephew. He had lot's of them, but never from Naruto's mother... Well that he knew of. The god hold Naruto harder not letting go. If something happened to him, she wouldn't be able to do nothing against his wrath!

Time Skip

"Do you understand where you must go, Naruto?" The god never let his smile down as he watched his nephew that had a small smile on his face. He frowned when he felt a call from Naruto's mother. It seems that Naruto once again knew what was happening.

"Go uncle..." His uncle looked at him with confusion. "I know mother is calling you and I must go towards Long Island to arrive at the camp" The god smiled and ruffled Naruto's hair for a bit, before flashing away in his chariot towards where Naruto's mother was.

Time Skip

It's been sometime since he arrived at Long Island, but haven't found the camp his uncle talked about. He managed to find a river that went down, so he followed it. In the mean time he started to sing, a gift he gained from one of his uncles.

Oh can you tell me... can you tell me the way the story ends...

Naruto sang softly, as if talking with his mother. Every song that he had made was towards his mother. But this one, seems as it is in his mind right now.

A monster in my heart... a ghost inside my chest...

The song flowed through his lips as if he had practiced for months.

I'm broken down, the world around us surrounds my suffering...

The pain in his heart was still there. It wouldn't let him go.

You smile and laugh at me... but you don't see a thing

He finished that past of the song as tears once again fell down his cheeks. He just imagined his mother mockingly laughing at him and calling him a failure... that was his greatest fear.

Damaged and broken as I am, I'm trying not to breathe

Will she cry his death?

Unraveled I'm, not unraveled by the truth I finally see... (Freeze)

Will she even be there?

I'm breakable, unbreakable

He was already broken

I'm shakable, unshakable

He could be shaken by anything.

Unraveling since I found you...

He didn't want to see the face of disappointment from his mother.

And now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted

He sang so the world could hear him

Don't come searching when I go missing...

He really wanted his mother to look for him...

Close you eyes or just try to look away... (Don't wanna hurt you)

We live in a world someone else imagined

The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished

He wasn't the same anymore...

Remember my heart how bright I used to shine

He kept walking as he sang the song from his heart. He wanted for someone to hear him. He wanted his mother to hear him. But he got someone else.

Camp Half-Blood: When Apollo arrived with the campers and hunters

Percy Jackson just got out of the chariot that looked like a bus. His stomach ached in pain thanks to Thalia's driving skills. He almost puked. As he saw everyone on the ground, he heard something.

And now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted


"Hey do you guys heard that?" He asked and everyone nodded.

Don't come searching when I go missing...

Close you eyes or just try to look away... (Don't wanna hurt you)

We live in a world someone else imagined

The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished

Remember my heart how bright I used to shine

They turned around, the hunters included, and saw a young boy with blonde hair and a auburn streak running down the left side of his face.

Entangled in the loneliness,

the memory of innocence,

it's stinging me, it's breaking me

the pain is spreading endlessly...

Everyone was amazed at the gift that the boy was showing, this included the hunters although they thought it was because the boy was their mistress brother's son... or so they thought.

Apollo, on the other hand, knew the meaning of the song and had a somber look on his face. How much pain will his nephew had to suffer?

I cannot move, I close my eyes,

I try to breathe, I realize

I'm paralyzed, I'm paralyzed


The world itself was harming him. He couldn't even be safe where he thought he was safe.

Apollo's widen eyes showed that he understood the meaning of that part of the song. His widen eyes quickly turned to anger as he look to the skies.

"What have you done..." He let a growl out as he kept waiting for his nephew to finish the song.

I'm not what I was then

don't touch the infection...

Entwined we will both die,

so stay away, and stay alive...

I'm breakable, unbreakable

I'm shakable, unshakable.

Unraveling, I won't inFECT YOU!

All his feelings were shown to the world

And now I'm turning to dust in a world that's twisted

Don't come searching when I go missing...

Close you eyes or just try to look away... (Don't wanna hurt you)

We live in a world someone else imagined

The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished

Remember my heart how bright I used to shine

"Why thy boy repeating thyself?" One of the hunters asked getting looks from the others.

Please, just don't forget me...

just don't forget me

just don't forget me

just don't forget me


We live in a world someone else imagined

The ghost of what's left of me all but vanished

Remember my heart how bright I used to shine

Naruto opened his eyes. All the time he was singing this song his eyes were closed as to try not to cry. When he did, he saw lot of children, his uncle, a centaur, a satyr, and...

His eyes widen briefly as he saw his sisters... Let's show them his feelings

Oh can you tell me...

Oh can you tell me...

A monster in my heart... And now there's nothing left...

Apollo cringed as he received a new song in his mind. Unravel by Naruto Namikaze. A tear that nobody saw ran down his cheek.

"Wow!" A kid no older than ten exclaimed in amazement. The boy's song was awesome. Some of the younger hunters and the campers that were there thought so as well.

But the centaur and some of the older hunters knew what he meant in the song. Some of the hunters even gave a small smile thinking of a world without men.

Anyways the centaur approached Naruto with a concerned look plastered in.

"Are you alright young man?" Naruto looked at the centaur, knowing who it was thanks to his uncle's information.

"I'm... not alright. And name's Naruto" Was the only thing that he managed to say. He didn't know what else to say. He already guessed not to say his mother's name to not gain her anger, although he really wanted to.

"Will you tell me, Naruto?" The centaur gave Naruto a small smile, with a look that clearly showed his concern for the young demigod. Naruto only nodded as he followed the centaur. He looked at the group but his eye stay looking at his sisters.

He quickly turned his sight away when he saw one of the hunters glaring at him. He didn't want to make them angry... He just wanted to prove himself to his sisters. To prove that not all males are the same.

Apollo watched it all with frown in his face. He already knew that he wouldn't be claimed. He had to talk to father about this... Hating Naruto just because he was born a boy isn't cause enough to not claim him!

Saying his farewell to the group, he got inside the bus, now turned into a Maserati, and left camp. A talk with his father about Naruto's mother was overdue.

With Apollo

He had just arrived at Olympus and he hasn't smiled since arriving, concerning Hermes, his best friend. He arrived at the coucil room to see his father sitting on his throne and was glad that no one else was near.

"Father..." Zeus looked at his son's serious face and knew something was wrong. "You have to talk to Lil' Sister as soon as possible" The king of Olympus brows rised in confusion.

"Why must I talk to Artemis, Apollo?"

"BECAUSE OF HER, MY NEPHEW IS KILLING HIMSELF!" Zeus eyes widen at the angered voice of one of the most easy going gods ever. Zeus narrowed his eyes. Apollo has never had this sort of protectiveness towards any of his other nephew and/or nieces. So that meant-

Zeus widen his eyes in recognition at what Apollo was saying. Now it made sense as to why Apollo was angry. This nephew was the only nephew he will get from her.

From his sister.

"What has Artemis done, Apollo?"

"What hasn't she done?! Naruto has been orphaned since his seventh birthday, had to survive by eating trash for nine years and she hates him! He would be unclaimed forever, and the only thing he wants is for his mother to recognize him! You know what I heard to today?!" Apollo snapped at his father, obviously the lack of knowledge his father had was making him angrier. He was the king of Olympus! He had to know when a new demigod was born!

All Olympus heard the song his nephew sang near Camp Half-Blood. Nymphs and dryads were crying at the 'tragic' song. Hephaestus stopped from handling the forge to heard the song. Athena stopped reading a book and Hermes stopped walking. Ares and Aphrodite even stopped having sex to hear the song.

Everyone in Olympus heard this song and believe it or not, Zeus even shed a few tears. And then one by one each Olympian entered the room one by one. Everyone was there apart from Artemis and Dionysus. And by the time every Olympian entered the room, the song ended.

"Father..." Athena that had a book in hand with glasses in her head, said. "Who was the one that was singing?" Her curious nature to know everything manifested as quickly as she sat down on her throne.

Zeus sighed at the question as he saw everyone, even his wife looking at him. He turned to Apollo in which nodded, allowing him to say the truth about Naruto.

"That was Naruto Namikaze..." Athena nodded at her father. "Son of Artemis"


Complete silence...

A shriek escaped the Goddess of Love mouth.

"YES! Who was it?! Wait were is she?! I need details!" Aphrodite exited the room in excitement looking for Artemis, not knowing that she wasn't in Olympus.

"You're... pulling our leg right father?" Hermes had a look of disbelief in his face. Athena and Ares were to shocked at this revelation to even say anything. Although their thoughts were different.

"Who is that boy"

"So the brat decided to show himself"

Ares knew for a long time. Thanks to being the God of War, he was able to see every fight in the human world.

Humans fighting each other.

Monsters fighting each other.

Humans fighting monsters.

He was interested as how the kid no older than seven was able to survive alone with only two knives for protection. So he appeared in front of the kid and presented himself. And when the kid presented himself... His jaw was touching the floor leaving cracks on the pavement.

"So the brat decided to show himself, huh..." Apollo looked at Ares with his serious look, not once has he smiled since arriving at Olympus. He was still angered by what his sister has done.

"What do you mean Ares?" Hera decided to ask clearly curious as to how Ares knew the kid.

"The brat's a survivor... Since he was seven he had to fight of monsters that wanted to eat him. He couldn't sleep most of the times, and when he did he had one of his knives beside him for protection... The brat had it rough"

Apollo's eyes widen. He never knew of this! He knew that his nephew was orphaned at seven, but never did he knew that he was targeted by monsters! His anger made him snap... again.

"WHAT?!" His roar managed to shake the entire room. "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT HE WAS TARGET BY MONSTERS?!"

"Cyclops, hellhounds, furies, harpies, gorgons and I think he had to escape from the Nemean Lion once" Ares respected the kid. Not only did he managed to kill one hellhound, two Cyclops and a gorgon that same day, he had to escape from the Nemean Lion because he was to tired. Hell, Ares had in his temple all the trophies that Naruto had earned.

Every god there widen his eye in shock at what a single 7 year old was able to do. Apollo was shaking in rage. His nephew had suffered enough!


"NO YOU AREN'T... We are all going" As soon as he said that arguments of the other gods were presented. They didn't want to go to camp that moment. The argument kept going until the next day after end of the games between campers and hunters. It was decided that no one will go to camp until after the quest, leaving Apollo burning some of the halls that he went through.

With Naruto - Accompanying Chiron on the talk with the 12 leaders of each cabin

"I'm not helping" Naruto had a very big tick mark grew each second. He arrived with Chiron, the centaur that helped him a bit, towards a meeting of the twelve leaders of each cabin.

He was being pestered by not participating against the hunters. I tick mark grew as he heard another curse towards the hunters, his sisters.

All they did was curse and fighting against each other. And it didn't help that Aphrodite's daughter was practically raping him with her eyes.

"Forget about him. Let's just show those bitches who are the real winners this time!"

Time froze. Naruto's widen his eye at he looked towards the one who just had the gall to call his sisters bitches. From what Naruto knew, it was a son of Hermes. His eye turned red in anger. His nails grew and looked closely to claws. And then he disappeared.

The son of Hermes didn't have time to react when he was thrown towards the wall, breaking the wall and a few bone in the process. The boy spat blood from his mouth. He was going to retaliate when suddenly a hand grabbed his neck and pulled it towards the owner in which was a very angered Naruto.

"Listen well, pig!" The hate that came from Naruto's voice was making the son of Hermes pale. "You can curse at me how much you want. I will just shrug it off" The hate suddenly stopped before killing intent was spread all 'round him. "But insult my sisters one more time, and I'll kill you... slowly. Starting by cutting your dick out!" To prove his point, he took a knife from the holster that he had in his jeans, and put the knife near the lower region.

"You don't want that... right?" An image of a wolf appeared behind him as it looked towards the boy in Naruto's hand like it was food. The boy nodded, wetting his pants. Naruto threw the boy towards were he was and broke another wall.

"If you excuse me, I have to vent some anger" Naruto told Chiron, ignoring the glares that he received from the campers and intrigued looks from the hunters.

Time Skip - After the Games

Naruto laid on the cliff that was near the river where they had camp activities. He looked towards where the moon should be, to see darkness. He always hated the New Moon phase. He thought that whenever the Full Moon was there, that his mother was watching over him, protecting him. The New Moon, for him, meant that she didn't care about him.

Now knowing the truth about his mother, made it hurt more than ever. Why did she hate him? Couldn't she see that he only wanted her acceptance. Suddenly, he felt something. Looking back, he saw the Oracle of Delphi looking at him. No one was around him so it meant that no one will believe him if he told them that the oracle gave him a quest.

After the games the oracle also came out of the room to talk with one of his sisters and right-hand of his mother.

"What... What is my quest?"

As soon as he said that, the oracle changed into his father.

Blond hair with blue eyes. A white shirt with blue jeans and sandals. Both father and son looked practically the same except age.

You shall aid the one in chain,

as the others arrive in pain.

And when the light begins to dispel

A mother must say farewell

When the oracle said that part, he changed once again to his uncle. Ares was very significant in his life. He pray to him as much as he pray towards his mother. He was the only family that he knew about apart from his mother at that moment.

When the light returns they shall find,

the true power of his kind.

Manifesting the will of the hunt

the Crooked One rages in confront.

As soon as a disguised oracle finished saying the quest, the form of Ares disappeared and the oracle fell to the ground. Naruto stared at it with widen eyes. After recovering from the quest that was given to him, he picked the oracle and brought it towards the main house, where he left it. He went towards a tree near where he was before falling asleep.

Morning - Before Percy escaped to join the quest

Naruto heard the birds chirping and woke up. He stretched his bones, snapping them back into place. He looked over the river and saw one of the boys that was in the meeting, Percy if he recalled and went after him.

"Percy, right?" Percy stood rigid. Cursing in his head. Being caught right now wasn't in his plans.

"Yeah?" His answered. Doubt in his face as he went forward to grab his girlfriend's cap that he... borrowed... yeah, borrowed.

"You are sneaking into the quest aren't you?" Naruto looked how Percy went pale when he said that. Searching for something in the jacket he had on at that moment. He found a weapon that looked like a sai, but smaller, that his father had given him a long time ago. He never used it in combat because of the meaning it had to him. He looked at Percy and extended his arms, giving the sai to the son of Poseidon.

"Percy, when you arrive where Artemis is... throw that to the ground. I shall help you" Percy eyes widen, before sighing in relief. At least he wasn't there to stop him.

"Sure..." Percy gave a weak smile, doubting that just by throwing the weapon in his hand will make the blond haired boy teleport there.

"Thanks..." Naruto watched as Percy put the cap on and turned invisible. Naruto turned around and went to camp to prepare to when Percy threw his father's weapon.

Time Skip - Five days later

Five days have passed and Naruto had only trained with a bow, in which he was perfect; with some hunting knife that camp provided and in his martial art that his uncle gave him years ago. He also prayed to everyone of his family when giving food to the gods. From a full meal that he always asked for, he ate 1/8 of the meal. The other portion was for the prayers that he did towards his family.

Then he felt it. He was walking around looking for another opponent to practice with, when felt the pull. That meant that Percy arrived to where his mother was. Glad that he had his stuff on his person, he disappeared in a yellow flash.

Mount Othrys

Percy eye widen in shock as the boy that gave him the weapon really appeared in front of him. He never thought that a single weapon was able to teleport someone!

"Thanks Percy..." Naruto said as he looked around. He watched the daughter of Zeus fighting the infamous son of Hermes. He also saw as one of his sisters fighting someone that he knew as Atlas. Naruto never knew the man personally but he read much about him.

And when he turned forward, he saw her... his mother holding the skies with all her didn't want her to suffer like that. So he did what he thought was right.

He pushed her out of it to take it himself.

He grunted in pain as the skies fell in his recovered from the push and looked at the one that pushed her and her eye widen in shock and was only able to mutter his name.


Naruto didn't even responded to his mother's call. He looked at the downed girl that was near where he was and then looked at his mother.

"Help... them..."He managed to grunt out. He had to focus all of his strength to maintain the skies and not be crushed by them. His mother could only nod as she went towards Atlas stopping him from tossing her hunter towards the wall.

He didn't even know what was going on or how much time had passed by. His strength was slowly leaving him. He looked up to see his mother nearing his position with Atlas in hand and as soon as Artemis got close enough she force the titan into his prison once again. Naruto quickly let go of the skies leaving Atlas with his prison.

"CURSE YOU DEMIGODS!" The titan cursed out. He was once again trapped in this prison.

Naruto brushed the sweat from his forehead before looking back and found his mother looking at him. He flinched and looked down. Fearing that she was angry with him or something.

Artemis, on the other hand, was frowning. Why was this boy here? She knew that she was his mother and obviously by the way he look down, he knew as well. She hated him for causing her love's death. Why did Minato told him about her in the first place?

Naruto looked up for a bit to see the frown on her faces, but he also saw a skeleton behind his mother, with sword pointing towards her.

Acting quickly, Naruto pushed her away of the sword. Artemis landed a few feet's away.

"How dare you, you-" Whatever she was going to say was forgotten when she saw the scene in front of her.

Naruto had a sword going through his stomach, near his heart. Naruto looked down at the sword seeing it slowly being draw back.


Naruto gasped in pain as the sword was removed from his body. A trail of blood leaving his mouth as he fell to his knees.

Artemis saw red. Grabbing each and every bone of the undead, she tossed them down the cliff. And then she heard laughter.

"HAHAHAHAHA, the first to die in this war! Watch out mortals, this will happen to you as well" Atlas kept laughing. Artemis neared Naruto with slow steps. She knelt down and grabbed his head and put it on her knees.

"Mother..." Artemis looked at Naruto, in which was smiling. That smile... It reminded her of Minato. Her now dead lover. As she watched her son... Her only son.

"Why..." Unconsciously, Artemis let tears out. "Why save me? I was never there for you, even if the ancient law prohibit me for doing so... I could have visited you in your dreams... And neither did I did it... So why?"

"Do I... have to... have a... reason... at all" He managed to let out, shocking Artemis. "You're... my mother... you brought me... to life..." Each time he talked his pulse slowed down. This was a quest, so it meant that no god could interfere with what it happening, not even Artemis herself.

"I... love you... mother... did I... made you... proud?" He asked his mother.

"Yes, Naruto... You made me very proud" However, she didn't received any response.

"Naruto..?" She started to tremble. His eyes were closed with a smile on his face. The hunters and campers surrounding the mother/son duo.

The huntress didn't believe that the one that sang that song was her lady's son. Seeing him there lying on the ground dead was shocking as well. If told, she would deny it, but she was letting tears fall down.

Artemis shook her son softly, thinking that he fell asleep, but no response. She shook him harder... still no response.

Her eyes could get more wider, as tears fell down like a waterfall. Her son was dead. His cold corpse resting on her knees. She could only break down and cry.

"NARUTO!" She cried. Her heart was breaking her seeing him dead. Was this the connection that she had with him? Was this how it felt when you loss something precious to you? When Minato died, she only cried for a bit before moving on as if nothing happened.

But this... This was far worse. The tears didn't stop from falling, her heart broke into more pieces each time she saw him. She could think anymore...

"Why did I hate you..." Her cries continued as she whispered into him, to see if he reacted.

But nothing.

Taking her son in her arms, she teleported her hunter towards the camp and teleported herself and the demigods with her to Olympus.

Olympus - With Artemis

She couldn't stop seeing his son, even if it broke her each time she saw him. She didn't even know that she made it towards the council room when her boy was snatched from her arms.

"NARUTO!" Apollo, in which as soon as he saw him snatched him to see if he could do something about that. His eyes widen as he finally noticed that his nephew was dead. His has never cried this hard. He knew that he was crying... he couldn't help it.

"Give me my son, Apollo!" He turned around to see his sister... crying. He looked at her with rage as soon as those words left her mouth.

"He's not your son! Don't you remember the many days that you cursed his name?! HUH, TELL ME ARTEMIS!" She was shocked. Never in her life had he heard Apollo roar at her like this. "You don't deserve to be his mother!"

Gasps all around the room were heard as her eyes widen more and more. She left her head hanging looking to the ground.

"I... I know that I don't deserve him" Apollo look at his sister, bangs covering her eyes as she stared at the ground. "But I want to deserve it..." They all saw Artemis kneel to the ground. Her legs didn't have the strength to support her any longer.

"Please... Give me my son back" Her tears kept falling, not having stopped since she started.

Every Olympian looked at Apollo, in which was looking at his sister. His tear never ending just like hers. And if you concentrated enough, you could see a tearful Ares looking at Naruto.

Apollo just stood up and went towards her before kneeling in front of her. Artemis looked at her brother as he slowly put him in her arms again.

"Just remember that he is my nephew as well" Was the only thing that Apollo said before flashing away. He went towards his mother's, Leto's, prison. To tell her of what had happened to her grandson.

Artemis just kept watching as each Olympian gave her sincere smiles before flashing away and the only one that stayed there were the demigods, that lied forgotten in a corner; herself, with the body of her child; and Zeus.

The king of Olympus went towards his daughter as she gently ruffled her son's hair. He stood there, watching the face of his grandson. He had many grandsons and granddaughters, but why was this one making him, internally, shed tears.

He turned around before disappearing with a loud boom. Leaving the demigods... Wait. They already left down the elevator...

Leaving Artemis mourning for her son's death. Never knowing that one day, she will see him breathing once more.