And so we come to the end of this little journey. To anyone reading this, thank you for sticking to the end! I'm sure the story has had its highs and lows, but I do hope you overall have enjoyed it.

Mina fidgeted in her seat, chewing on her pencil as her eyes followed Aizawa around the room. Classes had just ended for the day, and her homeroom teacher was currently handing back the first major math exam of the semester. Needless to say, she was a little anxious.

"Crap…" A few seats ahead of her, Kaminari had just received his test. Judging from his face, the results were… Not what he had hoped for. Head hanging low, he got up and left the classroom. Others were also making their exit as they received their grades, a variety of expressions on their faces as they looked over their papers.

It had been about four weeks since the end of break. Mina had tried to keep up with her studies as best she could, but she still found herself struggling on a lot of the material. She hadn't exactly felt confident during the exam.

Aizawa reached her desk, thumbing through his stack to find her name. She closed her eyes, bracing herself for the bad news.

"Nice work, Ashido."


Reluctantly opening one eye, the horned girl peered down at the paper in front of her. It took her a second to realize she wasn't misreading it.

85%. B.

"No way!" She cried, picking up the exam and quickly flipping through it. Indeed, there was considerably less red pen then she was used to seeing.

"Don't look so surprised." Mina stopped looking over her mistakes as she stared up at Aizawa. "Based on your conduct as of late, it's obvious you've been taking your studies a lot more seriously." The Quirk eraser had had substantially less problems with his pink student as of late, though he did still occasionally catch her daydreaming. She was still Mina, after all.

"O-Oh. Um, thank you, sir." Hearing praise from Aizawa was unusual, especially for her.

"However." There was always a 'however'… "I know you can still improve. Don't let yourself stay satisfied with that score, understand?" Mina looked back at her exam. It was true; a B was nice and all, especially for her, but she could still do better.

She looked back up at Aizawa, giving a firm nod.

"Yes, sir." A small smile crossed the teacher's lips.

"That's what I want to hear." With nothing more to say, he moved on to his next student.

Taking one last look at her score, Mina stood up and quickly made her way over to a certain someone's desk.

"Izu! Check it out!" She held up her exam, grinning proudly. Izuku, who was currently in the middle of putting his things away, smiled at her.

"That's awesome, Mina! See, I told you it would be okay." He had tried to assure her multiple times after the test that she had done fine.

"Yep." She laughed, feeling somewhat silly now for worrying so much. Especially considering about a week ago she had managed to pass a much more difficult test.

The license exam had come and gone, and nearly all of 1A had made it through. The only two that failed were, much to everyone's surprise, Bakugou and Todoroki. Much of it had to do with their conduct during the "rescue" part of the test.

Mina remembered the moment she realized she had actually passed. She had never felt so proud of herself. All of her hard work over the last month had paid off, and now she had taken one giant step closer toward becoming a real hero.

And she would have never made it without this green-haired nerd beside her.

It was funny thinking about this all here, in their classroom. This was where it had all begun, the first time the two of them had truly spoken with one another. That conversation that had first sparked the flames of love that now burned brightly in both their hearts.

"Oh, we still on for tonight?" She asked, remembering their plans. Izuku's face went flush as she said this. Evidently, he had forgotten.

"O-Oh, um… Yeah." He rubbed his arm. "I, uh, I don't have to sing… Do I?" Mina scoffed.

"Of course you do! That's the whole point!" She exclaimed, causing her boyfriend's face to turn even whiter. "Oh come on, it'll be fun!" She patted his cheek a couple times.

There was no way in hell she was going to miss out on hearing Izuku sing karaoke.

Izuku's face was positively glowing as he and Mina left the karaoke bar. That had to have been one of the scariest things he had ever done.

"You're not half bad, you know. We should do this again!" Mina suggested, swinging her arm with his as they held hands.

"A-Again?" The poor boy wasn't sure his heart could take another night of that. He was surprised to get more cheers than laughs, but still…

"Oh come on, you can't tell me that wasn't fun."

Well… She wasn't wrong. He couldn't deny he hadn't enjoyed himself at least a little.

The place was noisy and full of people, something Izuku had never been too comfortable dealing with, but there was a certain energy to the place he couldn't help but get entranced by. Everyone was having so much fun, even if they couldn't really sing. There had been more than a few performances that could be considered "poor", but people still cheered them on. Nothing but positivity all around, which Izuku enjoyed seeing.

Plus, watching Mina really get into it was equal parts funny and cute. Even if her voice wasn't as good as she seemed to think.

"…Yeah, I guess it was fun," he admitted. It was funny; he never would have even thought about setting foot in a place like that if it weren't for her.

There were a lot of things Izuku wouldn't have done without Mina's encouragement. He'd experienced so much in the two months they'd been together. While karaoke had been incredibly embarrassing, the fact that he was even willing to do it showed how much more comfortable he had gotten around others lately. His girlfriend had played a big part in getting him to come out of his shell a bit more; her vibrant personality was quite contagious.

He thought about all the time they'd spent together. He was glad to see that her learning the truth about his Quirk hadn't affected their relationship much, if at all. Mina didn't really see him any differently because of it. That meant quite a bit to the formerly Quirkless boy.

Just one of the many reasons why he loved her.

They made their way back to campus, chatting about a variety of subjects along the way. It was pretty late by the time they returned. Fortunately, they didn't have classes tomorrow to worry about.

As they entered the dorms, they could hear the sound of their classmates in the common area. From the sounds of it, there was some sort of movie night going on.

"Oh! That sounds like fun, let's go join them!" Mina exclaimed as she started to pull Izuku toward the common area.

"Um… Actually." She stopped as he spoke up, turning to face him. "Can… Can we go upstairs instead?"

His face was cooking. Once again, it spoke volumes about the effect Mina had had on him that he was the one suggesting this. But all that excitement at the karaoke bar had put him… In a mood.

His girlfriend's lips curled into a devilish grin.

"Well, if you insist…"

Izuku finally pulled away, gasping for breath as Mina sat up a bit. He was currently on his bed, lying on his back with Mina atop him. Needless to say, things got heated fairly quickly once they got to his room.

Ever since they'd confessed their love for each other, the couple had shared some rather… Intimate moments together. At some point during this particular encounter, Izuku had managed to lose his shirt.

Not the first time it had happened, actually.

That said, there was always a limit. Izuku had admittedly seen and touched a bit more of Mina than he'd like to admit, but things had never gone past a certain point.

"You… Wanna… Stop?" Mina asked between breaths. Unsurprisingly, it was almost always Izuku who decided when they'd gone far enough. His lover had learned how to recognize when he was beginning to become uncomfortable, or when he had simply just had enough for the time being.

Usually, at this point, he would have said yes. But tonight was different. Whether he had gained some sort of confidence boost from singing, or his hormones were simply finally getting the better of him, he wasn't sure. But one way or another…

"N…No…" He shook his head. Mina seemed a bit surprised. "I…" He paused, taking a moment to really think about this.

…He was ready.

Mina look a long, hard look at him. It seemed she understood.

"…Are you sure?"

"…Only if you are."

For a moment, neither of them moved. Suddenly, she was on him, attempting to simultaneously kiss him and take off her shirt. He assisted with the removal of her clothing as he finally let his lust overtake him.

"I… Love you!" Izuku gasped between kisses.

"Love… Love you too…"

The shirt hit the floor. It wasn't longed before the rest of their outfits joined it.

Mineta exited his room, a small case in his hands. He, along with most of his class, had been enjoying a fun movie night that evening. While most of his suggestions had been shot down, he finally managed to convince his peers to let him show them one of his favorite films. Not counting adult films, at least.

However, as he made his way toward the elevator, a strange noise made him stop.

"Oh god… Izu…!"

His head snapped in the direction of Izuku's room.

That was Mina's voice. And he was very familiar with that sort of tone.

He was next to the door in seconds, putting his ear up to it. He dropped his movie, a perverse grin appearing on his face.

There was no mistaking those sounds. Izuku had finally done it.

Mineta had never felt so proud.

"…Sheesh, how long's it going to take?" Kaminari asked impatiently. "What's that little grape doing?"

"Do you really want to know what's holding him up?" Jirou asked.

"…Good point."

"Either way, we got plenty of other stuff to watch, so-


The whole room jumped as there was a sudden yell. It was a bit muffled, as it had come from upstairs, but everyone had heard it well enough.

"…Was… Was that Midoriya?" Jirou asked, looking at the ceiling. "I didn't even think he was here."

"What the hell was that scream for?" Kirishima was equally confused. Everyone else in the room began to murmur, wondering what they had just heard.

"Is… Is he okay?" Uraraka sounded a bit concerned. "Maybe we should go check on him and-

"No need. Midoriya's perfectly fine." Everyone turned to look at Mineta, who had just strolled into the room. "More than fine, in fact!"

"The heck's that supposed to mean?" Kirishima asked, raising an eyebrow.

"That, my friends, was the sound of Midoriya finally becoming a man!" The shortest member of 1A put his hands on his hips, a huge grin on his face.

There was a long, long silence. Kaminari looked around, a bit confused.

"What do you mean he… Oh. OH." The electricity wielder looked up at the ceiling again. "…So… That was…"

"Oh god." Jirou put a hand on her stomach. "Now anytime I hear that, all I'm gonna think about is… Augh!"

"I don't understand. What did he do?" Iida was, unsurprisingly, completely oblivious as he turned to Todoroki, who shrugged. He was equally unsure. Uraraka didn't answer him either; she was too busy hiding her face in her hands as her face turned scarlet.

"It was bound to happen eventually." Tsuyu was completely unphased, as usual. Kirishima was just laughing.

For once, Bakugou was at a loss for words.

The room buzzed with conversation from the rest of the class.

Somehow, Izuku and Mina managed to get through the next day. And together, they'd get through many more days for many years to come.

Aaaaaaaaaaaand it's over! A short and silly ending to cap off things. Thank you once again for reading!

I do plan to continue writing, but I will likely be sticking to oneshots and much shorter stories from here on out. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed writing this immensely, but long stories are tough… I don't know when my next upload will be, but I'll hopefully see you then!