Severus and Hermione sat beside the lake, they were curled together on a blanket and staring out at the sunset.

In exactly five hours it would have been a year and a day since Severus died in the Shrieking Shack. He stared into his witch's eyes, loving the pink glow that was reflected in them.

They'd set aside this day, this day they spent together, they'd lounged in their bed, and then when it grew close to sunset they moved outside atop a blanket and pulled their bodies as close together as possibly as they stared out over the lake.

"I love you." Hermione whispered as she twined their fingers together, he stared down at the joined hands before he lifted them and kissed her fingertips.

"There are no words, witch, for my affection." He breathed into her ear and she shivered beside him. Nine months, they'd been together nine months and Hermione could not think of a time when Severus had not held her, loved her.

He pulled a ring from his robe, sparkling silver with a little black stone in the top and she stared down at it with wide eyes before they shot up to look into his.

"I transfigured this ring for you, the morning after Christmas. I took the silver and sand from the hourglass and made them this." He pulled another ring free of his robes, "And this one, its match in every way."

She watched him closely, her breath caught in her throat. She didn't want to react to soon, take this the wrong way.

"Hermione, love, you are my perfect other, my match in every way. I want to spend the rest of my life worshiping you, taking care of you, being loved by you. I want more than anything to wake up and see that glorious smile you cast upon waking, your hair splayed across the pillow. I may even adore the way you go behind me and put away things that weren't to your standards." He held her in his dark gaze, tears sparkled on the edge of her eyes, pleading to fall.

She held them at bay.

"Oh Severus, you really want to?"

"I would not declare it if it were not so. Shall I shout it from the rooftops to prove it to you, difficult witch." He smirked when she wagged a finger at him and smiled through her tears.

"You are an insufferable man!" She cried and broke her hand away from his only to throw her arms around his neck. He held her tight to him, his nose buried in her hair, inhaling the scent that was purely Hermione Granger…soon to be Snape.

"So, what do you say? Shall we make it official, clear it up for any dunderhead who thinks he can come along and take you from me?" He pulled her back to look in her face, a glowing smile held her features as she stared up at him.

"You're the only dunderhead for me." She smiled playfully and he growled as he slipped the ring onto her finger, magic swirled up and down her arm before it settled just beneath her skin, pulsing.

She did the same to him.

This was a bonding, a promise between a witch and wizard.

No officiate necessary, no fancy words, just pure love in each heart and the exchange of a silent promise.

The beauty of their magics combining, twirling in a battle before settling with one another and pulsing just beneath the surface. It took her breath away, she understood why Minerva would never give up her bond with her husband for another.

There was no feeling like it she'd ever experienced and she imagined none would ever come like it.

"I treasure you witch, you are my greatest gift." His dipped his mouth to hers and captured her lips in a gentle kiss. She held to him, tighter than she'd ever done before and sat in his lap tugged him down on top of her.

They tumbled backwards and he sat up on his elbows to hold his weight from her. She stared up at him with innocent doe eyes and he groaned as his lips came down to capture hers again. Passion and fire raging through them, bodies pressing harsh against one another, the clash of teeth and heaving breaths.

"Here, Hermione?" He pulled back to cock an eyebrow at her and she grinned innocently up at him.

"Where else would you have me?"

"Everywhere." He growled and descended upon her again, his fingers finding the fastens of her robes and pulling them loose, abandoning them to the ground beside as she did the same with his.

Soon there was no fabric between them, just skin on skin and the warm summer air around them.

Severus stroked his fingers up and down her sides and hips, worked his way toward her thighs and gently pulled them apart to fall to the sides.

Hermione panted beneath him, her fingers raking through his hair, balling in it and tugging in the delicious way she knew he liked. Her lips found purchase on his neck. Sucking, biting, tasting.

"Ah! Severus!" She gasped into his throat, he'd breached her core without a word and began to pump in and out of her with a furious passion she'd not experienced from him yet.

She met him, stroke for glorious stroke, her walls clenching and seizing around him as he thrust, hard, fast.

Want, desire, need, they spiraled out of control in him as she screamed his name and cried out beneath him. His eyes found hers, held them.

"Mine." He bent, hissed into her neck and she gasped at the raw power of his voice, it sent her reeling, falling over the precipice and white fire burned behind her eyelids, hot and rare. Magic spiraling out of control as her orgasm crashed over her and his warred with it, controlled it.

Her perfect match.

His climax found him shortly and as his hot seed spilled into her she groaned and gasped beneath him, still mewling from her own major release.

"Oh gods Severus." She groaned as he fell to her side and she rolled into him, buried her face in his ribs.

"I didn't hurt you?" He grunted, his face pinched with exhaustion, the exertion of it, the intensity so much. Almost too much.

"No, it was perfect." She kissed his ribs and he shivered, his eyes shifted to her as he rolled a bit to see her.

"Who'd have known my little wife was an exhibitionist." She flushed bright red as he pulled her to him, a rumbling laugh spilled from his chest as she squirmed to get comfortable against him.

"Wife." She grinned as she pulled back from him.

"Indeed." He pulled her back down onto his chest and lay there, stroking her hair and staring at the night sky. She hummed her pleasure.

"So, about our son's name?" She fingered the thin line of black hair that decorated his chest and his eyebrows raised as he looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"He will have a terrible name, rotten child."

"Shh, he can hear you." Hermione scolded and he sat up abruptly, nearly throwing her from him if she hadn't caught herself.

"You mean to tell me?" He glanced with wide eyes from her stomach to her grinning face.

"It depends, what do you think I'm saying?" She grinned as his hand reached out to stroke her still flat stomach.

"You're?" She nodded rapidly, that bright grin on her face as he stared at her with shocked black eyes.

"But..How long?"

"Around three weeks, still early yet, don't worry Sev, no one will realize you debauched me before we were wed." She cocked a playful eyebrow and he scooped her to his chest, growled in her ear.

"That is the least of my worries witch. I could care less if the whole world knows I debauched you!"

"That is good, considering they will when this begins to swell." She lay a hand over her stomach and his followed it there, the awe on his face completely obvious.

"I can't believe it." He stared at her stomach with wide eyes. Suddenly, he stood them up quickly and draped her robes over her before dressing himself haphazardly. In seconds she was in his arms with a questioning look on her face as he walked back toward the castle.

"What are you doing, Sev?" She swung her legs idly and he cocked an eyebrow at her, so comfortable, so trusting.

"I find it incredibly sexy that you are with my child, but I fear, I shall only take you in a bed until he arrives." He hummed into her ear, promises upon promises for what would happen when they arrived in their chambers in his deep voice.

A pleasant chill ran through her and she buried her face in his neck as he walked.

"Promises, promises." She kissed his jaw and he chuckled low in his chest.

"I always keep my promises, witch."