By Allegra

Rating: 15(UK) PG-13(US)

Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters (except a few minor ones). They all belong to James Cameron & Charles Eglee. Don't sue. There's really no point because I haven't got two pennies to rub together!

Author's note: This is my first 'Dark Angel' story & I haven't seen all the eps of series 2 yet, so I apologise for any strange discrepancies. I'll try to amend them as I go along. I'd really appreciate feedback on it. I'm dying to know what you think. It really helps the writing process. Anyway, enough blathering. I hope you enjoy the first bit.

Summary: Alec wakes up with a big blank where the last two days of his life should be. But someone's got a grander scheme than helping him put the pieces back together. Can Max do it for him or is Alec lost forever?


494...494...494...four nine four? What did that mean? What significance did it have that it was all he could remember?

"Get him cleaned up. I've already made the call to Pine View. There shouldn't be any trouble now."

The voices sounded sluggish and low, like old men growling in the distance. Alec had never felt this way in his transgenic life before. He could understand the words that came out these people's mouths but he couldn't focus on each phoneme long enough to make head or tail of the sentences. One thing he could tell, they were talking about him. His eyes felt heavy as lead and it took too much energy to lift them. Every limb felt numb and he could almost feel the drugs circulating through his body. It grew increasingly difficult to conjure coherent thought and, as all his strength filtered away, Alec surrendered himself to deep slumber.

"Come on, let's get it out of here." Dr. Carl Geiger looked down, curiously, at the young man lying on the gurney in front of him. He had been heavily involved with the fine tuning of Manticore's children, it's creations. He had taken the job seriously and loved his work more than any private life he might have had. But things had changed. The transgenics had started to think for themselves, they had escaped into the real world and started to take matters into their own hands. What had once been a marvellous manufacture had since disintegrated into a global hazard. They might not have passports but with strength and endurance to ride in the luggage bay, these things could spread across the world, breed and multiply.

As much as it had pained him to sacrifice work that he could never gain recognition for, Geiger knew what would happen to him if he faltered on the path marked out for him. The conditions of his employment had been clear enough. Classified - no mention of it beyond the walls of Manticore. Follow Manticore's precise rules and life would treat him well - money, security, a house.

He had trained himself to believe what he was doing was right, in the name of science and the progression of mankind, but Carl still had to fight his feelings. After all, he was a man not a machine. The 'it' in front of him was nothing more than a kid, younger than his own son. 494 was his number but Alec was the name his fellow escapees had christened him with. With his head turned towards the doctor, dark lashes veiling pale skin, he looked the picture of innocence. It was hard to believe that superhuman blood pumped in those veins, that only drugs could keep him from pounding Carl's skull into a pulp.

"Get an IV running, 4ccs of morphine. I want him fully sedated in transit." The nurse nodded mutely and carried out her superior's orders. Carl knew White would have his guts for garters if any part of this plan went wrong. 494 still had a purpose; he just couldn't know it yet.

"Is the X5 ready?" One of White's henchmen poked his head round the door of the surgery. Carl nodded. "Fine, let's move him out." With a click of his fingers, two orderlies appeared and kicked off the brakes on the gurney. Adjusting the IV needled embedded in Alec's hand, they trundled him out of the surgery and towards the private van waiting outside.

If he'd been conscious, Alec would have fought tooth and nail to save himself from the fate awaiting him, but he wasn't and his fate lay in the hands of his worst enemies.


"For the last time, I wanted him gone. He went. Period." Max's vehemence was almost convincing if the person she was telling didn't know her through and through. Original Cindy raised her eyebrows, unconvinced. "Who you trying to kid? You tryin' to tell me you're happy he's gone?"

Max sighed, wearily. "For the last time, yes."

Original Cindy brought her hands up in a gesture of surrender. "He must have hit one raw nerve to get your cold shoulder."

"Yep, now we're going to drop this, kay?" Max levelled a determined gaze at her friend. It wasn't a question and OC knew better than to push it. Max unfolded some crumpled dollar bills from the back pocket of her jeans. "I got enough green stuff for another beer. You want?"

"Boo, you know I'm good if you're buying."

Max was relieved to get away from the grilling OC was giving her. She hated the way her friend's eyes seemed to pierce her brain, rifling around for answers and questions she didn't want to think about. Everything she had said was true - she had wanted Alec gone. They had argued, they had both said some things, hurtful things. In the moments when she tried to tune out his abuse, Max had totted up the number of times he had screwed up. Both professionally and personally, Alec had lent a dark hand in practically every mishap that had befallen her. Logan hated his guts and Max found it hard to know what to feel anymore.

She had always found it difficult to deal with the deep and meaningfuls. There hadn't been a lot of affection in good old Manticore and Max still didn't like to dig into her emotions. She was learning to let them out occasionally but the reality of love, passion, crush and the one night stand were still pretty grey areas in her book. She'd been certain there was something special between her and Logan, but was it driven by what a good team they made professionally? After the excitement and thrill of the mission, the X5 would get back to Logan's, still on a high. The two had almost become synonymous. She couldn't be sure if it was Logan or the mission that brought electricity bubbling to the surface.

Alec was a whole different ball game. He was like her physically. They could compete evenly; their gig was to go at loggerheads on every front. They were so wrong for each other, too alike to work, but that's where the world got complicated again. With nothing between them in physical prowess, there was nowhere to go from there except inside. Max didn't want to let him in, Alec didn't like to admit she got to him sometimes and soon the bickering would start up again. If they wouldn't open up to each other, anger would take its place.

His disappearance was already leaving an Alec-shaped hole that Max just couldn't seem to fill. Only time would tell if it ever would be.



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