NOTE: I own none of these Angel guys but Skylar.

A/N: This is NOT the next Skylar story. This is a short little fluffer about when Skylar was a baby. She was about seven months old during this. I just wanted to do it because… it's cute!

Warning: Extremely fluffy.

Angel's POV

          After a quick spar session with Connor I headed upstairs towards Skylar's room. When I walked in I loved what I saw. Skylar lay in her crib, content with no worries. My little girl, she was my little girl. I never thought I could have something this… special, this wonderful.

          I slowly picked up Skylar, careful not to wake her. But she stayed asleep in my arms. I sat in her rocking chair and began to rock back and forth slowly. Skylar nestled her little face into my shirt. Her hot breath puffed on my chest. I stroked her short blonde hair.

          Soon Sky began to stir. She started to fuss a little. I shushed her and began to sing an old Irish lullaby to her. I'd sung the same lullaby to Connor when he was that age. Skylar quickly fell back to sleep, despite my poor singing skills.

          I got up, holding the baby, and the two of us left out of her room. We headed down the stairs to the lobby. It was empty. Everyone must have been asleep. I took Skylar over to the double doors. I looked down at her.

"Hey, kid. I know life looked really bad for you at first but I'm here with you now. You have a family and friend who love you more than anything. And I promise you, I'll love you more than any father has loved a daughter." You know, for a minute I thought I saw a smile creep across her beautiful face. If this is what fatherhood was like, maybe I could adjust.

A/N: Hey, I said fluffy. I put the warning up and everything. But hey, you guys must admit it was cute. Short and sweet but cute. Also this is not a fiction. It's a fluffer. I love fluffers and this is my Skylar's first.