Welcome to the Naruto RPG!

The words were floating in front of me in what could only be considered to be a complete void.

"What?" At this point it was the only thing that I could manage to get past my lips in the shock of the situation I found myself in.

You have been chosen out of all the souls that passed at the moment of your death to be reincarnated into a special world with special powers. Lucky You!

That's when it figuratively hit me, I fucking DIED! It was official I hate drunk drivers even more than I previously did. I fumed for several moments in anger before a chilling dread filled me. "I fucking died," I said vocally after several moments. "Goddammit."

Your power was randomly selected out of a hat, you get the powers of the Gamer! Your life will now work like a video game! With stats, levels and skills to grind and loot to acquire!

I blinked in response as I stared at the words floating in front of me in the void, moving to scratch my scalp only not to feel anything. Blinking I 'looked' down to 'see' nothing but more of the void. "Where is my body?" I voiced, 'blinking' as I stared at the nothing where my body should be.

You are currently dead, what use do you have for a body?

I stared at the words before me, idly noting they were in a light blue box. "Mouthy little shit aren't you?" I questioned with an eye twitch.

You will be given a randomly generated body based upon your choices in the character selection screen, shall we begin? Or will you continue to bitch about every little thing?

I frowned in response. "Fine," I sighed as I 'slumped'.

Shortly after a larger blue box appeared before me with a number of checkboxes and choices available.

First up is where you will be born, each location has an advantage and disadvantage to them, as well as limiting what options you have for which clan you are born to. Limit to one chosen perk for location of birth.

I hummed in response as I looked at the screen of choices before me and reached out to press the '?' that was sitting beside the entry labeled 'Ame no Kuni.

Ame no Kuni The country of Amegakure which is lead Hanzo the Salamander and Akatsuki, this country has been embroiled in a very long civil war.

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

*Child Soldier - You were pressed into service as a child, leading you being forced to learn fast or die even faster, but in exchange you will be unable to properly understand anything but war and battle. +50% EXP to battle based skills and ninjutsu, +100% EXP gained in combat. -50% EXP to non battle based skills and ninjutsu, -100%EXP gained for non battle activities

One with Water - Water has always surrounded you, as a result it has become a very part of your being, leading to you having a Natural Water Affinity, at the cost of never being able to develop of Fire Affinity. +200% EXP Gains to Water Chakra Affinity, locked out from gaining a Fire Chakra Affinity and learning Fire Ninjutsu.

Rain Child - You have always been a strange child, being able to sense people whenever it was raining, feeling more energetic when it was raining, as if the very rain itself was apart of you. Chakra Sense active when raining, +10 to all stats when raining, -10 to all stats when not raining.

The list continued on with various choices before I closed the window.

Well… this would be interesting. I looked through the next couple of entries, dismissing them because… well… they were the filler countries until my eyes landed on the entry of Mizu no Kuni.

Mizu no Kuni, the country of Mizugakure where bloodline abilities are persecuted against and hunted to extinction by the Sandaime Mizukage, currently in a civil war.

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

*Child Soldier - You were pressed into service as a child, leading you being forced to learn fast or die even faster, but in exchange you will be unable to properly understand anything but war and battle. +50% EXP to battle based skills and ninjutsu, +100% EXP gained in combat. -50% EXP to non battle based skills and ninjutsu, -100%EXP gained for non battle activities - Only applicable if you choose a Kekkai Genkai based Clan

Lavaborn - Your clan has learned the secrets of one of the more destructive forces of nature, you were born with the ability to mix Fire and Earth together to make Lava. Lava Release Jutsu available, start with Natural Earth and Fire Chakra Affinity Perks.

A Bone to pick - You are a member of the now defunct Kaguya clan that attacked their own village to satiate their thirst for battle. Dead Bone Pulse available for use, +25% EXP to combat related skills and ninjutsu, +50% EXP gained in combat. -25% EXP to non battle based skills and ninjutsu, -50%EXP gained for non battle activities.

Ice Cold - You are a member of the nearly extinct Yuki clan, hunted and hiding you are helped by the fact that you are able to use your clan's Ice Release Jutsus. Ice Release available for use. You start with Natural Water and Wind Chakra Affinity Perks.

Boiling Water - It really shouldn't have surprised anyone that the clan that was gifted with the Boil Release resided in Mizu no Kuni, everyone will be nervous about getting into the water with you. Boil Release available. You start with Natural Water and Fire Chakra Affinity Perks

A Killer Personality - Your village is called the Bloody Mist for a reason, your past has been steeped in blood from even before you started at the Academy, killing people to survive is your legacy, but it will always make people nervous when dealing with you. Start with the Silent Killing perk, +100% EXP Gained to Silent Killing and Hidden Mist Jutsu, -100% to all reputation gains, start at 'Distrusted' Status with many factions and individuals

Fun with Swords! - Your village is very well known for it's Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, so much so that you wish to emulate them, but your zeal in imitating them has led to certain deficiencies. +250% EXP to Sword based skills, -50% EXP to all non sword based skills.

Eventually I dismissed the screen, there were some tempting options in there, to be completely honest, but trying to survive the Civil War? FUCK THAT SHIT!

The next entry I selected was Kaminari no Kuni.

Kaminari no Kuni, Home of Kumogakure, one of the more militarized villages of the Great Five Nations, be ready for cold weather, falling hazards and rapping Jinchuriki's, you have been warned

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

Stormy Skies - You were chosen in the Academy to learn a specific type of jutsu by the Raikage. Storm Release available.

To Swiftly Flee! - Your clan has always been fleet footed with their hidden technique, you have been no different, although for some reason people seem to think that you like to run from fights. Swift Release Available, people will have a tendency to taunt you.

Thunderstruck - Living in the land of lighting has given you a profound understanding of Lighting and Thunder, the constantly noise does hurt your hearing. Thunder Release available, hearing checks will all be at a disadvantage

Sagely Weapons - Not many receive the honor to learn how to use the artifacts of the Sage of Six Paths, but you have, and with it, came the attention of those with… Less than helpful means - Access to the Tools of the Sage of Six Paths, you will experience a constant stream of thieving and assassination attempts

Ride the Lighting! - The Sandaime Raikage made his name known when he went untouched by all save the Hachibi, many are hoping you can do the same when they start you training in his technique. - Start with Natural Lighting Affinity Perk, you will undergo intensive training in Lightning Release Chakra Mode, failure will result in permanent crippling injuries or death

Blinded by the Light! - With it's frequent storms and cloud cover, light is a commodity in Kumogakure, something your clan always had in excess thanks to you Hidden Jutsu. - Start with the Light Release Perk.

Well… tempting choices to be sure, especially the 'Ride the Lightning!' perk, but the permanent crippling injuries and death turned me off from it. Shaking my head I closed the screen and moved along the list before selecting Kaze no Kuni.

Kaze no Kuni, home of Sunagakure and dominated by a massive desert, the people are hardy and unfazed by the sandstorms that frequent the area.

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

*Sandwalker - considering your village is in the middle of the desert, is it really any surprise that you are able to easily move through the desert? It would be stupid to live here otherwise! You have no movement penalties when moving through the desert and won't get lost amongst the sand, you also know where to find oases for water.

Scorching Winds - Your clan has always been a smaller one, but none can deny that their jutsu is frightening, especially in the desert where hot winds blow on a daily basis. Scorch Release available. Start with Natural Wind and Fire Affinity perks.

A Magnetic Personality - Being able to move particles of iron will definitely get people's attention, especially considering how strong the Sandaime Kazekage was. Magnetic Release(Iron) available. Additional attention to your career

How could a bolt of cloth hurt me? - It doesn't look impressive at first glance, but as with all ninja, appearances are deceiving as you can do a lot of things with some cloth and a bit of fuuinjutsu. Cloth Manipulation Technique available. +15% EXP gains to Fuuinjutsu skills

Not Dolls, PUPPETS! - Puppetry is a well respected tradition in Sunagakure, although some people are prone to tease you about it sometimes. Puppet Technique available, will often be taunted for playing with dolls

Yeah… not sure about Sunagakure to be honest, would be nice to try and give Gaara a friend, but… well… GAARA. So… next!

Tsuchi no Kuni, home of Iwagakure, a hard place to grow things, but somehow people survive in a place where stone rules.

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

*Conscripted - Iwagakure has always been militant, and within the village, if you aren't useful, you're cannon fodder until proven otherwise - You are drafted into the Shinobi Corps unless choosing Merchantborn perk.

KABOOM! - Welp, explosions are awesome, and right at your fingertips, LITERALLY! - Explosion Release available, you have mouths in your hands

Made of Stone - Your body is as hard as the stone you live on, making very difficult to harm you, but it is also hard to feel subtle sensations. - Stone Body Release available, sense of touch is diminished.

Like a Mole! - You always felt more comfortable under the ground than above it, who knows what may come falling out of the sky! So much so, you pretty much are blind as a mole - Hiding like a Mole Jutsu available. Blind.

Sticky Fingers! - Sometimes things appear in your pockets without your knowledge, sometimes they appear in other people's pockets, all you know is some of this stuff is pretty cool - +250% EXP gain to Pick Pocketing and Sleight of Hand skills, but people are always blaming you for their missing things

Dust is dangerous - Yup, you got the Sandaime Tsuchikage's attention, and with it Dust Release, but fuck up, and he will have your head - Dust Release available, but one mistake and you will die

Huh… well that's going to be a big hard nope! Iwa would be rough to work with already, let alone living there!

Hi no Kuni, home of Konohagakure. A fairly moderate nation when compared to others like Mizu no Kuni. While not a military powerhouse like others, they are arguably one of the strongest economically due to the sheer size of their territory.

Related Perks

* - Will be forced upon you

Jutsu Thieves- Member of the Uchiha Clan, and wielder of the Sharingan Bloodline. Capable of learning non-bloodline Jutsu +50% quicker and Sharingan EXP growth is increased by +50%. But be careful, Uchiha have been shown to be mentally unstable in some way. +50 Chakra, +1 DEX and WIS per level

Eyes in the back - Member of the Hyuga Clan and wielder of the Byakugan bloodline. Gives the user the capability of 359 degrees of vision when active. Unlocks Hyuga skill/Jutsu tree, people will always wonder if you are peeping on them with your eyes. +2 DEX and INT per level

Man's best friend - Dogs are awesome, who needs cats! At least you'll never be alone with your buddy at your side! Member of the Inuzuka Clan and user of Ninken. - You have a Ninken partner until they die, +50% EXP gain and access to Inuzuka techniques. +2 DEX per level, you will behave more animalistic and have dog like instincts, so watch out for squirrels!

FOR THE SWARM! - Bugs are dangerous creatures that many don't really think about, but you do, not surprising considering they live inside of you. Member of the Aburame Clan - +50% EXP gain and Access to the Aburame Clan techniques and abilities, people are often grossed out by you. +2 WIS per level

Mindwalker - The mind is a fragile thing, and you call the minds of others your playground! Member of the Yamanaka Clan. - +50% EXP bonus to Yamanaka Jutsu and techniques, your body will be vulnerable when using them. +1 DEX and INT per level

Troublesome - Member of the Nara Clan. People always see you as lazy, but your mental acuity is the best in the village, and your skills in the family's signature Shadow Possession Jutsu are nothing to sneeze at. - +50% EXP bonus to Nara Jutsu and techniques, +25 to INT score on creation, but not motivated to do much of anything. +2 INT and WIS per level, -.5 STR and VIT per level unless regularly training

Big Eater - Some people have bigger appetites than most. As a member of the Akimichi clan, you have one of the biggest appetites in the village, and are sometimes called fat, but you certainly know how to throw your weight around. - +50% EXP bonus to Akimichi Jutsu and techniques. +1 STR and VIT per level, will alway be on the large size

Uzumaki Descendant - While the clan was scattered, some made their way to Konoha and set their roots down there, hopefully some people will get the hint not to try anything with your ramen. - +100 Chakra, +3 VIT per level. 50% EXP Bonus to learning Fuuinjutsu, will have the attention of some people.

Clanless - You are civilian born, your parents, while successful merchants, have never learned how to use chakra, nor do you have a repertoire of exclusive techniques for you to learn, good luck buddy, unless you make very good clan friends, you're on you're own. - No Clan techniques of your own, more money to work with though!

I let out a sigh as I look through the assorted perks of Konohagakure, hell, it probably was the best place for me to start if I was being completely honest with myself, Naruto was there, and he freaking changes the world. Sasuke was there and he tries to rule it at one point.

Letting out a groan I look through the choices more carefully, considering my options before landing on the Uchiha clan one. "Fuck it, in for a penny, in for a pound," I growled before accepting the perk, a wave of something passing through me before a new screen showed up.

Congrats on belonging to the clan of Jutsu Thieves! - I roll my eyes at the message - Now, you start with four perk points to choose from the following choices, these may end up being temporary due to circumstances, but you will not get any points back if they are lost, so be careful!

Closing the screen a new one popped up with a varying degree of choices before me, ranging from chakra affinities, to specialization choices… okay… let's do this then…

[]Fangirl (Female Only) - You are a member of a Fangirl Horde. Your skills at stalking your target are second to none, but you give Kunoichi everywhere a bad name. - +50% EXP gain Bonus to stalking-related skills, other Kunoichi look down on you for giving them a bad name.

[]Angsty Avenger - Your family is dead, and now you're going to find and kill the one responsible, no matter what! - +100% EXP gain bonus to combat related skills, -100% to social related skills and are easily manipulated by others, +2 STR and VIT, -2 WIS per level

[]No Jutsu - Your Chakra coils are damaged such that you cannot use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu. However, you have trained your skills in Taijutsu to make up for this. - Unable to use Ninjutsu or Genjutsu, +100% EXP gain bonus to Taijutsu.

[]Duck and Cover! - Sharp and pointy things have always fascinated you, and throwing weapons like kunai and shuriken have always felt at home in your hand - until they were thrown anyways, so it was no surprise when you grabbed up as many as you could. - +50% EXP gain to Throwing Weapons skills, but you will always have to buy new stocks of them compared to others.

[X]Feel the Burn! - Fire has always warmed people in the cold nights, chased predators away with its light, and burned your enemies to ash! You little pyro you, fire is your go to weapon of choice when it comes to dealing with your enemies. Start with Natural Fire Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Fire ninjutsu and nature manipulation

[]Make a Splash - Not much can stop a rushing tide of water, and no one complains about a source of freshwater, just make sure you don't drown yourself in your own technique! - Start with Natural Water Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Water ninjutsu and nature manipulation

[]Blow them Away - Even the greatest of mountains are laid low when it comes to the wind, You will blow people off their feet when you enter battle. - Start with Natural Wind Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Wind ninjutsu and nature manipulation

[]Strength of the Earth - Being buried alive is a fate nobody wants, and you can impart that fear into your enemies! Just remember, you can't breath earth yourself! - Start with Natural Earth Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Earth ninjutsu and nature manipulation

[]Shock and Awe - No one can miss your techniques on the field with the light and noise they generate, hopefully your enemies can keep their nervous systems intact when you're through with them! - Start with Natural Lightning Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Lightning ninjutsu and nature manipulation

[]Illusion Master - Reality is an Illusion all of it's own, make your enemies question that with your Genjutsu skills and confound them all, but you better not get caught up close with people, you are frail after all! - +100% EXP gain to Genjutsu techniques, -50% to taijutsu skills

[X]Medic Nin - 'You don't FUCK with the white mage' you heal your friends and destroy your enemies' organs, now you just need to remember where you left your watch! - +100% EXP gain to Iryojutsu, but enemies will try to target you first

[]Too Much Chakra - You possess Chakra reserves greater than most of your year. On the plus side, this means you can power up your Ninjutsu to devastating levels, and might be able to use Shadow Clones. However, you have always had Chakra control issues, and you tend to overpower your Genjutsu, meaning that illusions are practically worthless to you - +300% Chakra Reserves, allows learning Shadow Clone Jutsu, +100% Ninjutsu Strength, -50% EXP Gain to Chakra Control Exercises, -95% Genjutsu Integrity.

[]Wait, who was that? - You've never really stood out from the crowd, your face blending in with others easily making your infiltration missions much easier. - +50% to stealth, you don't stand out in a crowd, for all the positives and negatives

[]Cool Guys don't look at Explosions - You have always felt the itch to use it ever since the first demonstration of an explosive tag, the urge to just blow your problems up with high powered explosives, hopefully your allies aren't nearby! - +250% EXP gain to Fuuinjutsu (Explosive Notes), but your explosions have a large splash radius and can harm allies if not careful

[]Flicker - In your opinion speed is the greatest thing for a shinobi, and the Body Flicker Jutsu is the greatest ninjutsu ever created. - +100% EXP gain to Body Flicker Jutsu, you have a hard time sitting still

[]Attuned to Nature - You always felt a piece when amongst nature, it leaves you feeling at peace and calm. But as everyone knows, Mother Nature can be a real bitch to those who piss her off! - Starts Natural Senjutsu perk, but you have trouble living in 'civilized' areas

[]Prankster - Hey, it's training! Your skills with pranks earns you the ire of everyone you target either directly or inadvertently, but hey, it makes you good with stealth and trapmaking! - +50% EXP gain to Trapping and Stealth skills, but when you prank someone you lose reputation with them.

[]Pervert - You read the Icha Icha series, and do so openly. - +25% bonus to stealth skills when peeking on your sexual orientation, but will take a loss to your reputation when caught

[]Super Pervert - You aspire to be the next Jiraiya, and write your own Icha Icha books. Just be careful you don't get caught peeking on the Kunoichi at the Hot Springs! - +50% bonus to stealth when peeking on your sexual orientation, but if caught you will take a massive hit to reputation

[]Good with numbers - You've always been good with numbers, and money hasn't been much of an issue when you started taking control of it personally. - You can find bargains easier and are able to find good investments

[]Truthseeker - You've always hated lies and deceptions and pursued the truth no matter what the cost! - +50% EXP gain to Interrogation skill, able to find the truth, for all it's good and ill

[]Knife to meet you! - Shinobi are good with knives, you've turned it into an art form, don't slip up and lose your fingers!- +50% EXP gain to knife fighting skills

[X]With this sword of mine - You've always enjoyed the way the light dances off the edge of a sword, some even think you like it even more with the blood of your enemies coating it. - +50% EXP gain to Kenjutsu skills.

[]Packrat - Hey, you never know when a five year old newspaper will come in handy, shinobi never know where their mission may lead to after all, at least you have access to some good storage seals, right? - +150% EXP Gain to Fuuinjutsu (Storage Seals), but you will always keep everything you pick up

[X]Sealmaster - Hey, they use Fuuinjutsu to seal Bijuu, would you really want to fuck with someone that has turned that art into an art of their own? - +50% EXP bonus to Fuuinjutsu

My nonexistent eyes began to ache as I looked through the choices, dear god there were so many of them! Shaking my head I finally selected my four, With this Sword of Mine, Medic Nin, Feel the Burn! and Sealmaster. I wish I could rub my eyes right now… they nonexistently ached…

Thank you for completing the Character Creation! Now beginning reincarnation process, have fun!

"Wait… what?" I blinked before a flash of light blinded me and the next thing I knew I was staring up at a ceiling above me wondering what the fuck just happened?

Reincarnation complete, now starting basic tutorial, to open your status page, please vocalize 'status'.

I blinked as I stared at the box. "Uhh… Status?" I ventured, raising an eyebrow, hey I actually felt that! Nice!

The world seemed to pause as a screen appeared before me before another screen blocked it out.

This is the Status screen, here you can see your current status, remember, the world continues to move as you have this active, but no one else can see it, so be careful! We have also made it so that you only have to think about the action you want to take! Oh, and +100 EXP for First opening your Status Screen!

I let out a small groan before dismissing the screen and looking at my Status

Name: Yuriko Uchiha
EXP: 100/3000
Academy Student (+25% EXP until level Ten)
HP -
CP -
15 (22.5)
19 (28.5)

Available Stat Points - 20

Well… that was something to work with at lea-

Wait… what did Gender say?

Female? Me? But… I'm a guy!

Mr Text Box, can you explain this please?

Character Appearance and gender was randomly generated upon reincarnation!

Oh… joy.

I let out a small whimper in response as I somehow remained… surprisingly calm all things considered, could it be?


A new window popped up before me, showing a list of my perks.


Sealmaster - Hey, they use Fuuinjutsu seal Bijuu, would you really want to fuck with someone that has turned that art into an art of their own? - +50% EXP bonus to Fuuinjutsu

With this sword of mine - You've always enjoyed the way the light dances off the edge of a sword, some even think you like it even more with the blood of your enemies coating it. - +50% EXP gain to Kenjutsu skills

Medic Nin - 'You don't FUCK with the white mage' you heal your friends and destroy your enemies organs, now you just need to remember where you left your watch! - +100% EXP gain to Iryojutsu, but enemies will try to target you first

Feel the Burn! - Fire has always warmed people in the cold nights, chased predators away with its light, and burned your enemies to ash! You little pyro you, fire is your go to weapon of choice when it comes to dealing with your enemies. Start with Natural Fire Affinity, +50% EXP Gain with Fire ninjutsu and nature manipulation

Natural Fire Affinity - Your chakra has always burned bright, now it's time to show the world just how much by releasing it in white hot flames! - 15% chakra cost reduction to fire ninjutsu and nature manipulation

Gamer's Body - Your body is that of a Video Game Character… somewhat at least - You recover HP and CP when sleeping - 100% in your bed, 75% in someone else's, 50% in a sleeping bag or tent, 25% on the ground or in the trees

Gamer's Mind - Your have the mind of an RPG Gamer, so keep your calm and make some wise choices… hopefully. You are able to calm yourself more easily, but be careful, extreme emotional distress can still affect you.

Well… that's a thing. Now that a calm was enforced over my mind, I began to consider an important question. 'At what point in time am I?' I questioned myself, laying in the bed completely still. I was pre-massacre obviously, at least… I hoped so considering I heard movement in the house I was in at the moment.

It was at that moment memories began to assault my mind as I tried to sort through them, images of what could only be my parents flashed through my mind, undergoing basic training with my father as he began to teach me the Uchiha taijutsu style, learning chakra control from my mother, starting at the academy, impressing my parents and clan elders by learning the Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu.

It all came rushing at me, filling my mind for several moments as a gasp escaped my lips. And just like it started it was gone, the memories remain, just waiting for me to call on them, but the pain from the rush of them was gone.

A knocking on the door broke me out of my thoughts as my mother called through the door. "Yuriko-chan, it's time to get up," she said firmly.

"I'm up!" I call back as I sat up, my covered dropping from me to show the simple t-shirt and shorts I wore to bed.

"Alright, breakfast is on the table, and your father is eyeing it~" my mother - it was strange but not strange to call her that. Weird, right?

"Just getting dressed!" I called in return automatically, letting my instincts take over somewhat as I hopped out of bed and headed out to the dining room.

"Good morning!" I called out to my parents as I came out of my bedroom and moved to the table to eat my breakfast, my memories telling my that eating was the first thing I did before getting cleaned up.

"Good morning, Yuriko-chan," my father greeted, a solid looking man with a wiry build and creases on his face, showing his middle age with the standard black colored Uchiha hair cut short and his onyx colored eyes glinting in amusement.

"Good morning," my mother returned, placing some more food on the table, a motherly looking woman with soft curves and a gentle face, her hair differing from most Uchiha being a light brown in color, although she did retain the typical Uchiha black eyes. "Ready for your test today?"

I quickly consulted my memories, I did indeed have a small written test today that I had spent studying for last night. "Uh-huh," I replied with a nod as I began to dig into the meal before me, bacon and eggs with some toast. "It'll be easy!"

My parents (So damn freaky on an intellectual level!) chuckled in amusement at my eagerness. "Well, when you get home, we can get you started on the next level of chakra control," my mother informed with a gentle smile.

My eyes lightened up as my memories supplied what exactly that was, FREAKING TREE WALKING! "Awesome!" I vocalized my enthusiasm for what I felt was one of the most underrated techniques out there, I mean seriously, you're telling gravity to fuck off and jack it while you RUN UP WALLS! Only thing better was walking on water like some kind of ninja-Jesus!

My mother chuckled in response as she ruffled my hair playfully making me giggle in response (Did I really just giggle!). "Come on, go get a shower you, don't want to show up to class all stinky, do you?" she questioned with an amused grin.

"Right!" I replied as I climbed down from the table and headed for the bathroom, my feet automatically tracing the steps there.

Once I was in the shower with the water running I let my body run on autopilot as I opened the Status screen. "20 points to allocate, huh?" I murmured to myself as I looked at my stats, uncertain what I should go for. "Hm… uhh… help screen?"

A helpful little box popped up for me.


This is a basic primer on what each aspect of the screen means, refer to this if you are confused or uncertain about an effect or ability of you Gamer power!

Level - Your current level of strength, the more you learn, the higher of a level you gain, with each level you get 5 Stat Points to allocate and an bonus according to any related perks!
EXP - You gain experience with every action you take, this will accumulate to a level up, certain status effects can increase or decrease the amount of experience gained
Age - Fairly self explanatory, how old you are, you age can affect how people act and behave towards you!
Gender - Again, not much of an explanation needed, but certain missions are only available for each gender!
Title - Titles are gained through your actions and behaviors, be careful through, as not all titles have a positive effect on you.
HP - Hit Points, your health, this hits zero and you are DEAD, just so you know, there are NO retries or loading up saved games, so you better not hit zero! Calculated by multiplying base STR and VIT
CP - Chakra Points, a lot of your actions require chakra, and if you hit zero and try to use more, not only will you gain a debuff, but the power will come from your HP instead, so use
very carefully. Calculated by multiplying base INT and WIS
STR - How hard you punch people! Critical for Taijutsu and weapon wielder builds as well as your standard Carry Weight capacity!
INT - How smart are you? Intelligence will affect how easily you can memorize things and figure out the complex math and sciences.
DEX - Your dexterity, how well can you aim and coordinate your body, if this is low, you are more likely to trip, hurt yourself with thrown kunai and shuriken and cut your allies with your sword!
VIT - Vitality, how healthy are you? This will help with shaking off poisons and debilitating effects like concussions and illness.
WIS - How well you can make a decision, being smart is one thing, being wise is completely different ballpark. If this remains low, you may very well end up accidentally defecting from your village due to a string of poor decisions!
LUK - Lucky lucky! Has a hand in many different things, a little luck can go a long way, but sometimes, Lady Luck isn't around, so be cautious!

Huh… that… is actually very helpful, thank you Mr. Text Box.

Seeing the effects of each before me I decided to allocate five points to my WIS, INT and DEX before putting three into STR and two into VIT since I was planning for a white mage type of build, looking at it carefully I nodded and confirmed my new stats.

Level: 4
EXP: 100/3000
Academy Student (+25% EXP until level Ten)
HP -
CP -
18 (27)
24 (36)

Not too bad, a bit chakra heavy, but it would help keep people alive when I learned medical jutsus, actually, speaking of. "Skills," I called out as I began to wash my neck length hair.


Fire Release: Great Fireball (Active)[Level 3 - 22.32%] - Staple Jutsu of the Uchiha Clan, burn your enemies alive with either a massive ball of fire, or a continuous flame-thrower - Fireball - 106 fire damage with a 30% chance to inflict the 'Burn' status, 100 CP per fireball - Flame-Thrower - 56 fire damage per second, with a 30% chance to inflict the 'Burn' status, 50 CP per second

Uchiha Interceptor Fist (Passive)[Level 10 - 15.01%] - The primary and basic taijutsu of the Uchiha clan, has several offshoot forms but each Uchiha has roots with this technique, makes maximum use of the Sharingan to predict and counter enemy attacks - increases DEX and STR by 5%

Basic Shurikenjutsu (Passive)[Level 5 - 97.90%] - The bread and butter of distractions for shinobi, hurling something sharp and shiny at your enemy! - Increases accuracy of thrown shuriken and kunai by +15%

Basic Kenjutsu (Passive)[Level 8 - 88.12%] - The very basics of using a sharp metal sword, with this you're only a single step above those idiots waving them around with no idea what they're doing - +8.5% bonus to DEX and STR when using a sword type weapon

Substitution Jutsu (Active)[Level 6 - 40%] - The Ninja get out of death card, and piss of to your enemies who thought you were dead! - Allows you change places with an item up to a medium sized dog in weight to avoid an incoming attack you are aware of up to 4 times in a row, costs 10 CP per use

Transformation Jutsu (Active)[Level 4 - 72.34%] - The instant disguise kit! This genjutsu lets you disguise yourself from your enemies but is very fragile and can be disrupted easily. - Can transform into another person that is within 2 feet of your height and 50 lbs your weight. Costs 15 CP/ Second

Clone Jutsu (Active)[Level 8 - 9.02%] - A very basic clone technique, creates illusionary clones that don't have any shadows or creates sound - Can create up to Eight clones per use, 10 CP/Clone

Alright, something to work with it looks like, although I wasn't sure what my maximum for each one was? Was it 100? Less? Variable?

I finally shrugged in response as I rinsed the suds from my hair, something to figure out later, for now, I had an academy of FREAKING NINJAS to attend!

I knew the basic years were a lot of history and theory, but still, NINJAS!

Okay… upside, I now know what time period I'm in… downside, I'm in the tail end of the Third Shinobi World War.


Okay, Gamer's Mind activate, keep me from having a panic attack.

Alright, I am a stream, stress just washes away…

Nope, not working. Alright, plan B then, distract myself with class work, just in time too as the class' Shurikenjutsu instructor stepped between us and the target boards. "Alright, you all know the rules by now I hope," our teacher (Asai-sensei) called out in a stern voice. "So break them, and spend the afternoon with me cleaning the Academy with a toothbrush."

Several gulps were heard as Asai-sensei glared at who my memories pointed out to be the class troublemakers. I watched in interest as my various classmates went through the drill, three by three, some were decent, other were… spectacular for all the wrong reasons, although I'm pretty sure one of them got experience from the bird he killed as it passed by above. I glanced at myself in the reflection of a nearby window, my neck lenth ebony black hair pulled into a ponytail while a pair of bangs framed my chubby looking face (I'm a kid! All kids look chubby!) with a rather cute nose, a face that if I judged correctly, would grow to be quite the beauty. My body wasn't much to look at, to be honest (Again, I'm a kid, why do I gotta keep telling myself that?), but I was wearing a plain dark blue t-shirt with an Uchiha fan on the left shoulder and pair of black shorts with a pair of the strangely comfortable open toed shoes shinobi liked to wear.

"Sayuri-san! You're up!" Asai-sensei called out with a pair of names, cutting me off from my self inspection, prompting me to step forward to the throwing line. "Alright, throw when ready."

I swallowed a bit in nervousness, physically, yes I have done this before… mentally though?

Deciding to trust my physical self I flicked open the shuriken holsters that were on both thighs before scooping out a bunch with each hand and throwing them.

They made it look really easy in the show, but in reality? Another story altogether let me tell you!

While my mind was letting my body run it on autopilot, that didn't mean I wasn't 'feeling it out' so to speak, I could feel each little muscle twitch in my fingers as I threw the shurikens towards the targets. Yeah… it's fucking cool how in control my body is, but then again, training since I could walk would do that to a person.

Several thunks were heard as all ten of my shuriken hit the target, with only four of them hitting bullseye, but hey, that was the best all day so far!

"Excellent work as always. Sayuri-san," Asai-sensei told me with a grin and nod of approval, making my heart flutter a bit from the acknowledgement. "You may go back."

Okay… quick check, do I have a crush on him? Oh thank god no! It was just that the man was extremely hard to please.

Alright, that I can deal with, goddamn this is hard getting used to! All those reincarnation fanfics made it look so easy!

But… then again, this is reality and not a story.

Shaking my head I broke off that treacherous line of thought (No need to go all Deadpool on people) and turned back to focusing on the class, a couple of small little boxes catching my attention.

All your shuriken hit the target! Four hit the Bullseye +122 Basic Shurikenjutsu EXP gained!

Basic Shurikenjutsu has gained a level [Level 6]

Basic Shurikenjutsu has gained a level! [Level 7]

Your continued improvement with your training has increased your standing with Asai-sensei! +50 Reputation with Konjo Asai , +50 Reputation with Konoha Ninja Academy

Your diligent training with your nimble fingers has increased your DEX by one!

Well… that's cool! Alright! Let's keep this gravy train going!

Although there was one question for me, where were the quests that normally went with the Gamer powers? Ah… wait… just under all those boxed that gave me the good news was the quest alert for the Shurikenjutsu practice.

Impress Asai-sensei with your improving mastery over the Shurikenjutsu! Have all your shuriken hit the target!
1. Score Two Bullseyes
2. Score Three Bullseyes
3. Score Four Bullseyes
Reward: +150 EXP, +100 Reputation with Konjo Asai and the Konoha Ninja Academy.
+50 EXP for each bonus reward met

Ah… damn, there goes 250 experience and a 100 extra reputation points. I let out a small groan of disappointment that one of my classmates heard.

"Man Sayuri-chan, even with doing the best out of all of us, it's still not good enough for you?" a blond haired girl next to me questioned disbelievingly. She looked rather similar to Ino from the show actually with her iris free blue eyes, although her hair fell in ringlets around her head rather than a straight ponytail… (Chika Yamanaka-chan) And that would be why, she is related.

"Well, I kinda realized I messed up midway through it, Chika-chan" I bluffed with a forced chuckle as I rubbed the back of my head.

"Man, you really are a perfectionist," another commented, approaching us with a chuckle, his dark green eyes glinting mischievously as he brushed a bang of his short grey hair back (Aoi Nanase-kun). A civilian born boy my memories supplied.

I shrugged in response, smiling at one of my new - to me - friends. "Well, my family does have pretty high standards, Aoi-kun," I replied easily.

Aoi let out a dramatic sigh in response. "Alas, I am but a humble former civilian and as such can never understand the complexities of clan life," he wailed in a dramatic fashion, making myself and Chika giggle. Hey, the guy was actually pretty funny, for me at least.

But, it did help me relax a bit more, hey, all I needed to do was place some faith in my memories, the more I relaxed, the more natural the action that I needed to take came to me, alright, this I can do!


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