A Brighter Sun by The Lady Arianrod

disclaimer: Tolkien owns LOTR!

A/n: This is a soliloquy in Frodo's point of view. While in Ithilien (During the Two Towers), he takes a nap and dreams of the Shire............. as well as thinking over his journey.



An endless summer.....

I can still see the rolling green hills of the Shire, the never-ending verdure of those fair lands. I can hear the soft words in the poems that Sam used to tell, and I can feel the fire glowing on the faces of his audience.

Gandalf's frequent visits and kind words still play across my mind every once in a while. I recall those many years when he would arrive with that old pointed had of his tilted to one side, and the magical glimmer in his ancient eyes. That wizard loved hobbits. Even though he was endowed with power beyond anyone's imagination, he still took the time to attend our joyous feasts and smoke our famous pipe-weed.

I envision the splendour of Rivendell, the hidden valley of the Elves. It was then that I first realized the importance of my journey, and of the amazing bonds that I would form with people from so many different races and lands. And yet they all were bound by a noble goal, to destroy this ring that I held in my small hands.

I still feel the sting of the wound that I received from a Nazgûl blade at Bree. This pain sometimes wakes me up at night with a searing agony, though I dare not tell Sam, for he would get too worried.

Yes, Sam, the ever-faithful... the hobbit who I knew in the sunshine of the Shire and in the darkness of Moria. He made a vow, and, along with Merry and Pippin, will never leave my side. I know not who has blessed me with these friends, but I thank that power.

And now, far beyond all fair lands, I am surrounded by the shadow of Mordor and the lands of the East. My fractured and bending mind is assuaged by thoughts of Lothlórien and of the Lady Galadriel. The phial of Ëarendil, the star-glass, will always be kept close to my heart as a reminder of the light that still remains in this world.

Although I am being thrown headlong into a future that has no marked path, I still will keep hope. I still will believe that we will meet Merry and Pippin again, and that we will see Aragorn and the others. Gandalf has fallen, but in my mind he still lives on.

Like passing shadows in my memory, these places and people from days gone by fill my journey with purpose. I am traveling to Mordor so that I may return, and I am getting rid of the Ring in order to help all of these people in the end.

How many days will it be before I can sit back in the earthen homes of the hobbits and look out the window into the late summer sunshine? Will things be the same in the end, when this tale comes to a close? Will Merry and Pippin still cause trouble, and will Sam still blush around Rosie Cotton?

I do not know at this moment. I will march on towards Mordor, past this barren land of Ithilien with the scraps of memories as my battered flag. Sam will go with me, to the very end, and then we will return to a fair land where the Fellowship will be reunited at long last.

The murky darkness over Mordor will not stop me, for brighter than the Light of Ëarendil there shines a hope and a goodness inside my fading heart, a dream that will continue until this very Quest has ended and I have returned to the Shire at long last.


End notes: Well, I was hoping to make this longer.... but I wrote what came out of my mind. Please review and tell me if these thoughts were accurate, good, bad, etc.