Authors Notes: This will be updated as it gets uploaded onto tumblr. Also, this will get dark and explore dark themes [hence the rating]. And Yes, all the Title's are song lyrics.

Prologue: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

He smirked at all the different races and species glaring at him as he made his way to the main control room of the Castle of Lions. A few even had to be held back from punching him. He marched to the main meeting room.

He watched as the Paladins approached him, still wearing their helmets.

"You understand we need to pat you down for weapons, right?" One in Blade of Marmora armor bit out.

"Of course." The former Prince let the Yellow and Black paladin pat him down and set his weapons to the side. Then all the Paladin's took their helmets off and the world stopped.

His eye's trained on the Green Paladin who replaced the helmet with glasses. He felt his heart thump in his chest uncomfortably… but in a good way. He watched her lips entranced not hearing anything.

A snap by his ear forced him out of his mind. Lotor glared at the blue paladin.

"I'm sorry, what was that?" Lotor said confidently squaring his shoulders.

"We were asking your reason for wanting to suddenly join us." The Black Paladin said. Lotor rolled his eyes.

"I thought that was obvious." He mumbled. He heard a snort come from the direction of the Green Paladin. "I don't think we've been properly introduced, I know who you all are and you all know who I am, but I think names got lost in translation."

"I am Princess Allura of Altea, and the Paladin of the Blue Lion." The Pink Paladin said. "And this is Coran, my advisor."

"Shiro, I Pilot Black." The Black Paladin held out his hand to begrudgingly shake Lotor's. Lotor accepted.

"I'm Lance, Paladin of the Red Lion." Lotor raised an eyebrow at the Blue Paladin's claim but didn't question it.

"Keith, Red Paladin, former Pilot of both the Black and Red Lions." Lotor nodded at the BoM clad Paladin.

"Hunk, I Pilot Yellow." Hunk shook Lotor's hand with vigor. Lotor gave his best smile before turning to Pidge waiting for her to introduce herself.

"Pidge, Pilot of the Green Lion, and this is my brother Matt." Pidge nodded to the human who shared many of her features. "May we ask why you're here?"

"I am Lotor, former Prince of the Galra."

"Former?" Matt asked.

"I'm afraid my father no longer has a use for me, so I've been sentenced to termination."

"Don't you mean your job has been sentenced to termination?" Lotor shook his head at Pidge's question. She looked sorry for him.

On missions where Lotor tagged long he always got put with the Black Paladin. Probably to keep an eye on him.

"Hey, Legolas." Lotor turned his attention to Pidge, who had given a multitude of nicknames.

"Green Paladin."

"Do you think they've removed you from the Galra database?" He raised an eyebrow. "I mean we could hack into the security system, but it's easier and faster if we don't have to."

"I can try if you answer a question for me."

"Watch it." Shiro's authoritative voice rang out. "Pidge we don't know if we can entirely trust him."

"Smart thinking, but I think she's smart enough to decide to trust me or not on her own."

"Oh, I don't trust him, but he's going to play along if it's a trap in an attempt to gain our trust," Pidge revealed. Lotor almost got whiplash when he looked at her again. She was extremely and incredibly intelligent. She was open-minded but she wasn't naïve.

He hadn't even realized he was staring again until Shiro waved his robotic hand in his face.

"You ok?" Pidge asked. Lotor was dumbfounded. All he could do was nod in response.

She just kept getting more interesting the more time he spent with her.

Pidge had gotten used to the former Prince hanging around her in his free time. If he wasn't training, doing diplomatic stuff with Allura, or reluctantly helping the rebels, he was around her. No one could pinpoint when it happened, but at one point to find Lotor you just needed to find Pidge.

For example, right now Pidge was working on something on her laptop, in her casual clothes, in the lounge and Lotor was just sitting there scrolling through his communication device, about an arm's length away(a Lotor's arm's length, not a Pidge's arm's length).

"Hey, Pidge, I need to talk to Lotor," Matt said.

"Prince Pain-in-my-ass, Matt needs you." Pidge didn't even look up. Lotor rolled his eyes and put his device down.

"Yes?" He mumbled.

"I need to talk to you privately," Matt stressed. The Galra stood up and followed Matt out into the hall.

"What can I do for you?"

"Everyone with eyes other than Pidge can tell you have a crush on my sister." Lotor didn't even blush at Matt's claim.

"I thought I made my attraction for her obvious."

"But if you hurt her I will make you suffer a punishment WORSE than death."

"I understand, though I'm more scared of what she would do to me than you." Lotor reentered the room with Matt staring shocked at him. Lotor reclaimed his spot by Pidge, but this time closer, he rested his arm on the top of the couch behind her and smirked at Matt. Pidge smiled up at Lotor and pointed something out on her computer.

Then Matt saw it, that lopsided, lovesick, grin. Lotor wasn't just attracted to Pidge, he had truly fallen in love. He supposed his sister could have someone worse pining for her.