Howdy folks, just a quick note before I get this going. This fic is intended to be a sequel to my first one, titled What Should Have Been. If you haven't read it, I would recommend doing so, just so that you have the context of where this story is starting from. If you choose not to, then I'll give you a very brief synopsis: Basically the same end-state as canon DBZ, with Buu dead. Major changes are: The Saiyan Race was (mostly*) revived by the Kais as a reward for Earth's Saiyans, Gohan and Goku are quite a bit more serious and Saiyan like due to events in my last fic, there is no fat Buu, Uub is a tiny child under Hercule's care, the smaller children were incapable of transforming until the very end of the fic (I didn't have them play a major role), Gohan has his tail back, is the sole wielder of the Z-sword, and is living with Videl. Lime, Erasa, and Sharpener all are minor characters, and there is one OC: Ria Son, Goten's twin sister.

With that out of the way, let's begin.

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Chapter 1: The Revival

"Tell me again soldier, and this time, no jokes." drawled an impossibly pompous and venomous voice.

The solder in question was standing stiff at attention, his damaged battle armor and scouter barely clinging to his magenta colored skin. His stiff, bristly moustache quivered as he fought the urge to run and cower in fear from the monstrosity before him. He couldn't help but wish that Frieza had remained dead. Life within the empire had been easy the last fifteen years for the soldiers who were formerly under his and his father's employ. As it stood though, the great tyrant himself had been revived by forces unknown to the masses of his army, and stood before him, as vile and condescending as he'd ever been all those years ago.

Frieza stood on a platform looking down at him, his pink and purple skin tones shining dully in the low light. He crossed his arms and a dissatisfied scowl etched on his features. The soldier felt the shoulder strap of his armor begin to slide and hurriedly pulled it back up, returning to the position of attention and starting over, "There's no jokes my lord, it's true. We were attacked by a team of Saiyans! I was the only one who managed to get away."

Frieza stiffened, his face impassive for a moment. A moment passed, nothing seemed to happen, and the others in the room dare not breath. A moment later, the Tyrant scowled and pointed a finger at the hapless soldier. A moment later, and his screams of agony were cut away by the resounding detonation from within his chest. A few seconds passed as pieces of the soldier fell all across the bridge of the ship they were on. The bridge crew all looked up at Frieza fearfully, but the Tyrant had closed his eyes and taken a deep breath, seeming to lose himself in thought. After another moment, Frieza looked over his shoulder towards a short creature with blue skin, "Sorbet, do tell me what I'm supposed to infer from this report?"

Sorbet gulped anxiously and clasped his hands behind his back, nodding solemnly, "I'm afraid that soldier spoke true, Lord Frieza. We've been keeping track of the Saiyans responsible for your death on Earth. As of three years ago, planet Vegeta has been restored, along with a fair number of Saiyans who were destroyed with their planet. We've seen the whole thing from start to finish for the last decade. This is how we learned of the dragon balls on Earth, and how we resurrected you."

Frieza continued to gaze at him for a moment, his expression emotionless. When he finally moved again, he returned to his seat at his back and propped his head up on his chin, as if bored, "I fear this will be an incredibly drole tale. Tell me Sorbet, what do I have to look forward to when I return to Earth to wipe out their pathetic existence?"

Sorbet took a shaky breath and began.


Gohan flushed nervously as his short Saiyan Grandmother hugged him tightly about his middle, her tail flailing about excitedly in the air, "Now Gohan, you go back there and give that mate of yours a firm hug from me, okay? I know we'll be there soon, but still. I can't help it, I'm just too excited!"

He looked pleadingly towards his grandfather, who merely shrugged and smirked at his discomfort. Goku laughed behind him and pleadingly said to his mother, "He'll do that mom, but we really do need to go now. You don't know this girl like I do, and Gohan may not be in one piece when you actually get to go to Earth. We need to get there before she loses all of her patience."

She seemed surprised at that, and looked up at her grandson with a puzzled blink of her eyes. She seemed to be calculating something, and then grinned deviously, "She's a feisty one, eh? I bet you two make some impressive children."

Gohan gulped, thinking the same thoughts he had before coming to Vegeta four days prior, In no way am I prepared for kids. Hell, I'm still struggling with being okay about Videl being in the picture. I'm only 18 still, and my only solace with Videl is that we live together now, so I don't have to worry too much about being there if something bad happens, regardless of who's fault it would be. Not that I don't want kids, but baby steps…

He laughed nervously, but merely returned his grandmother's hug before gently prying her off and extending a hand towards his grandfather. Bardock obliged him, reaching out and clasping their forearms together in a firm hold, which was apparently the Saiyan way of greeting. No words were spoken, having spoken enough together during his time there already. He glanced over and saw that Vegeta was similarly saying his farewells to his own father. The eldest Saiyan's beard twitched, and Gohan swore he saw the ghost of a smile on his features as Vegeta turned to leave, standing next to Goku once again.

No other Saiyans came to see them off, having preoccupied themselves with construction and scavenging for food. So their goodbyes were finished as soon as Gohan went to join his father and Vegeta. He placed a hand on Goku's shoulder and said, "We'll be seeing you in a week. Until then…" he trailed off, and silently added in his mind, as long as I survive Videl, that is. With that thought, Goku locked onto the ki he was searching for on new planet Namek, and they began the first leg of their journey back home to Earth.


Videl Satan wiped her hands and brushed herself off, shaking her head to get her short hair out of her eyes, and looked up towards the setting sun. She stepped on the unconscious form of the criminal she'd just finished subduing with a sigh. Sirens were wailing from around the corner, and she knew that the police would be on scene soon. She felt a rush of irritation and thought, Couldn't hurt them to try and take care of this mess before these creeps make a run for it. I mean, this guy managed to make off with close to six million zeni. You'd think they would have figured out a better way to prevent this by now.

Within moments, a police cruiser pulled up to a stop right in front of her. She huffed and crossed her arms as a very young police officer scrambled out of the driver side door and rushed forward to detain the broken man. But he fumbled with his cuffs, and dropped them, making the girl even more annoyed. She irritably picked up the cuffs and efficiently slapped them on the wrists of the criminal, pointedly glaring at the young man. She picked up the criminal without much effort at all and roughly shoved him in the back of the cruiser, much to the officer's astonishment and embarrassment.

He anxiously scratched at the back of his head and stammered out apologetically, "S-sorry Ms. Satan. W-will that be all? D-do we need an-"

"Get out of here." she snapped irritably, before he could finish. The officer gaped at her like a fish out of water for a moment, but she fixed him with a stern glare, and he abruptly jumped back into his cruiser, stammering out apologies. She watched the vehicle drive off and around the corner, and then realized she had several sets of eyes on her. She'd acquired a fairly large crowd, who had watched her take down the thief, as well as her interaction with the cop. A sensation of guilt welled up in her as she thought about her behavior, and without another word, leapt into the air and took flight the way Gohan had taught her.

She didn't need to be so abrupt with the young officer, who was probably a couple years older than herself, and obviously out on patrol solo for the first time. But she'd been tense for the last few days and was having a hard time keeping her temper in check. Gohan had left with his father and Vegeta almost four days ago, and she hadn't heard anything in all that time. As with any time he was away, she felt a pit in her stomach that was caused by her acute knowledge of her boyfriend's bad habit of getting into trouble. Add on top of that that she had already experienced his death once before, and even the notion that he was in trouble brought forth a panic, regardless of his status as one of the most powerful beings in the universe.

She rose up above the tops of the buildings in Satan City, making her way back towards their home on the outskirts of town. Our home, she thought. And any day, he's going to walk back through that door, and when he does, I'm going to kick his ass for keeping me waiting in the dark like that! I thought he said he'd be back by evening that day. He'd better have a damn good excuse.

It'd been over four months since the ordeal with Buu. Four months since they'd made their relationship official, and three since they'd moved in together to their small home, courtesy of Bulma. She was returning to said home from her father's, and another afternoon of watching the small child known now as Uub. Truth be told, she was still struggling with the amount of information and change that had intruded on her life over the last few months. Hell, to anyone else, it would have seemed a fantastic tale and nothing more. But she'd lived it, seen it with her own eyes. Putting aside her thoughts as she neared her home, she noticed with a jolt that there were lights on in the windows.

She dropped in altitude rapidly, until she was just above the ground. She touched down and continued her momentum, running to the front door of the small capsule house. She threw it open, and sure enough, there were the three men she'd been waiting for. Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta all froze, looking at her like deer in the headlights, all standing around their kitchen table. She crossed her arms and looked at Gohan expectantly without a word being said, her intent clear on her face.

Goku, sensing the tension in the air, clapped his son on the shoulder and hastily said, "Well-Gohan-it-was-fun-let's-do-it-again-soon-Vegeta-are-you-coming-here-let's-go!"

Before any of the others could move a muscle, he'd grabbed a thoroughly startled Vegeta by the shoulder, and popped out of existence with his first two fingers pressed against his forehead. Gohan gaped at the spot his father had been a moment before, and grumbled something that sounded suspiciously like "traitor".

Ignoring the comical way he'd just been abandoned, and her desire to laugh at it all, she marched forward and firmly jabbed him in the chest with a finger. "Mind telling me why you decided to show up now? FOUR DAYS LATE?!" she said loudly, making him shift nervously.

"It wasn't my idea to stay longer Videl." he said quickly, obviously eager to stall the outburst he knew was coming. "We wound up getting caught up in Vegeta's political bull shit, and I mean the prince, not the planet. I was glad to get back as soon as we did, I thought they'd try to crown my dad or something."

Videl crossed her arms in front of her chest and gave him a skeptical look. But before Gohan could continue, she rolled her eyes and waved him off dismissingly, "I'm not sure I want to know what you mean, but I can't say I'm too surprised, considering Vegeta's personality. Your dad doesn't seem to be the type though." Gohan seemed to deflate a bit at that, letting out an anxious breath. But then Videl glared back up at him, making him tense nervously again, "But you could have at least let me know! I was worried sick!"

Taking the lull in the conversation left by her outburst, Gohan stepped close to her and enveloped her in a huge hug, lifting her clear off the ground. He gave her a warm and disarming smile that was clearly meant to diffuse her anger at him, and after a moment of fighting to keep a stern demeanor, Videl gave in and smiled back. He chuckled at her as she fully relented and wrapped her arms around his neck. "I'm okay Videl, promise. I missed you."

She leaned in and kissed him quickly, slapping her hand against his bulky chest before pulling back and saying with a playful smile, "I missed you too, jerk. You better be glad you did come back in one piece, I'd have to hurt you otherwise."

He dropped her back on her own two feet and took a satisfied deep breath. The tension that had filled the room minutes ago was now long gone, replaced by their usual playful banter. Gohan reached up and unbuckled the strap to the Z-sword slung across his back, hefting the impossibly heavy blade and propping it up against the wall, which creaked in protest in spite of the modifications he'd made after the last time. He rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck, glad to have the weight off his shoulders finally. With a tired smile, he turned back to his girlfriend, who was watching him with a curious expression. "So, the Supreme Kai spoke true. The Saiyan ranks now number at almost ten thousand. King Vegeta came back as well, so the hierarchy was reinstated, with my Grandfather being his new second in command. We're planning on going back sometime within the next week to collect a few of the more prominent figures and bring them here. We think that it would be best for Vegeta to officially open up relations with Earth."

Videl was slightly surprised by that, and asked, "But I thought you guys wanted to keep it all hush-hush? I mean, won't it get out that your dad is one of them?"

Gohan nodded and said, "Yeah probably, but I don't think it's going to hurt anything, what with the fact that the Saiyans want peace with Earth. The Saiyan race is weak at the moment, their numbers too thin. They want to get things to work out well enough to eventually make a colony here and expand their numbers." He hesitated there, and Videl felt a slight blush come to her cheeks as she understood the implication. Gohan shrugged and gave a small smile, "Seems they liked the result of Saiyan-Human cross breeding."

Videl chuckled and leaned up against the table, giving him a devious smile with her flush still coloring her cheeks, "Well, I can't say I blame them. Gotta say, it's something to behold."

Gohan felt his stomach jump, and excitement welled up in his chest. He still wasn't used to how close they'd become since Buu, so even little looks like the one she was giving him now was enough to stir desire in him. She held a hand out towards him and said, "Come on, I need a shower." and just like that, he was swept away in the tide.


Lime jumped and turned towards the two Saiyans that had just popped into existence less than ten feet away from her. She halfway pushed herself out of the large tanning chair at the edge of the indoor pool as Goku and Vegeta started arguing.

"Dammit Kakarot, what the hell was that for?!" spat Vegeta angrily, shoving Goku's hand off of his shoulder.

Goku just shrugged apologetically, "Sorry Vegeta, but did you see the look on her face? I swear, she's even scarier than Chi Chi!"

Vegeta grumbled but didn't make a coherent response. Lime huffed and glanced towards the pool, where both Erasa and Sharpener were currently wading water and watching the two Saiyans with knowing expressions. Videl.

"You know, if you guys hadn't taken so long, she wouldn't have gotten mad." said Lime dryly, knowing all too well what Videl must have been feeling upon seeing them again. She herself was fairly upset with them for being gone as long as they were. The two Saiyans seemed to notice they were there for the first time, and Goku laughed sheepishly.

"Hi Lime, nice to see you!" he said brightly, and Lime couldn't help but smile in response at the Saiyan's infectious demeanor. Erasa and Sharpener waved at them from the pool, and Goku waved in response. Lime stood the rest of the way and went to greet him with a handshake, asking, "Well, how did it go? Everyone back?"

Goku grinned and nodded, sparing a glance towards the prince while saying, "Yup! Everyone that wanted to come back, and next week we're thinking about bringing a few here to Capsule corp.! Speaking of, have you seen Bulma recently? We gotta get her in on all of this, Hercule too!"

Vegeta grunted at the mention of Mr. Satan and growled irritably, "Why the hell should we even care about that fool, much less what he has to say about my race."

Goku gave him a withering glare and sighed, "Because, Vegeta, he's our best bet for getting a warm welcome by the people of Earth. Remember, the last time any of them saw a Saiyan was when you and Nappa showed up and destroyed that city. With Hercule's reputation, we can get a lot more done."

Vegeta seemed to loathe the idea, but didn't counter with anything. It made logical sense, and even he couldn't argue with the younger Saiyan's logic. It was at that moment that Bulma made her presence known by excitedly shouting from the edge of the room, "Vegeta!" She strode through the doors to the Brief ward, trailing her son, who lit up at the sight of his father. The two of them rushed forward to greet the Saiyan Prince, who stiffened anxiously at the display of affection as he was embraced. The three teens around the pool laughed at his discomfort, and Goku just gave his toothiest grin while scratching that ever incessant itch at the back of his neck.

"Well, how about you guys fill me in, now that you've had your little vacation?" said Bulma with a warm smile. And so, the two Saiyans began to tell Bulma about what had happened. They repeated the sequence of events after the Saiyans were dumped back on the new planet that the Kais had made for them, naming it Vegeta in honor of their old planet. King Vegeta was back in charge, being the most powerful being on the planet, though there were many who believed that one of the three Earth Saiyans – Including Gohan – should have taken charge. But none of the three of them wanted the task, something which King Vegeta was graciously grateful for. Bardock took charge of the Saiyan armies, and set himself on the task of building their civilization back up from scratch.

Within the first few hours, they'd set about building structures to shelter themselves, using rudimentary materials available on their new planet and knowledge of ki manipulation to mold them. There weren't any Saiyan scientists per-se, but there were those who had technical knowledge enough to create electronics and other essential tools. With the assistance of Capsule Corp., they could get their city up and running within months. Which was where Bulma came in, "So, you guys are really going to open up a political relationship with the Earth?"

Vegeta nodded and said, "At the very least, it will help to have some trade. Knowledge and technology will be essential for the Saiyans to recover, particularly in regard to your people's agriculture. Kakarot, his brat, and I will be more than enough to keep any Saiyans here in check. We also found out that Frieza's empire is still intact out there, even without the Cold monarchs to helm the beast, and many of the worlds splitting off and going alone. I doubt they'd be foolish enough to attack the planet outright, but I'd rather they have as much of an advantage as possible."

Bulma nodded and held her chin in thought, "Well, that makes sense. So, I assume that your father will be making a visit here then?"

Vegeta shook his head in response and said, "No, he's got enough to deal with back on Vegeta. We're going to be accompanied by a few Saiyans then next time we visit. Namely Kakarot's parents and four of Bardock's elites. You'll most likely be accompanied for a while by his mother, Gine. She's just as soft and sentimental as you, so you should get along fine."

Bulma scowled at him, but didn't comment. She turned back towards Goku worriedly as another thought occurred to her. "Are you sure you want to let everyone know you're an alien, Goku? I think that you stand to lose the most if things turn sour with the Saiyans. And Gohan hasn't exactly been a personable type of guy for the last few years, this could damage many of his relationships."

Goku smiled warmly, "Actually, it was Gohan's idea to make official relations and make our presence known. He reasoned that he would have to get used to the attention anyways, so me being counted as a Saiyan wouldn't make too much of a difference in the long run. I admit, I was surprised myself, but he seems to really want to get the Saiyans back up on their feet."

Bulma recoiled in shock at that, but then smiled happily with the revelation. She thought to herself, Man, the kid's really getting a grip on himself now. I'm glad to hear it, I'd like to think that I was right about him and Videl being the thing that would help him heal, but I guess having his father back probably makes a pretty big difference too.

"But anyways, I gotta get going before Chi Chi gets more upset with me than she already is." said Goku, his nerves getting the better of him and causing him to break into a cold sweat. He gave them all a nervous "goodbye" and then just as he had appeared, popped out of existence. Just like every time before, the teens could only stare at the spot where he had disappeared, amazed that he could do such a thing. From somewhere behind her, Lime heard Sharpener whisper, "I'll never get used to that."


"That's right folks, do not adjust your sets, you heard me right. Hercule Satan has come forth and announced that an alien race has contacted him with the intent of making contact in five days' time. Here's what the champ had to say earlier this morning in an exclusive interview with SCR."

"These people contacted me last night, speaking the common tongue, and said they were from a planet called Vegeta. Saiyans, they said, was the name they had given themselves. They said that being the Earth's strongest warrior, they would come directly to me since they don't recognize a mass of governments that split the Earth into parts."

"It's currently believed that these 'Saiyans' are a warrior race, due to their need to seek the Earth's strongest fighter. Many have already drawn on some similarities to the invasion of two beings almost fifteen years ago that resulted in the partial destruction of East city. Those aliens were reportedly called 'Saiya-jin', and it's hard not understand some people's fear. Events of that day are still sketchy at best, and there is very little remaining evidence of their reign of terror. But there remains a light of hope! Our savior still remains among us, and Hercule had this to say."

"Fear not, people of Earth! I have the utmost confidence in the intent of the Saiyans. They conveyed their desire to negotiate with our leaders and come to a mutually beneficial agreement and understanding. It is with this in mind that I ask our King, as well as any of the other world leaders, to please join me at my residence here in Satan City."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we have five more days to wait until we make our first true contact with an alien race. Sure, we've been visited before, the most recent being the apparent invasion by a creature known as Majin Buu, but this time it's under different circumstances. Moreover, we know they're coming this time. This reporter is choosing to remain in the city on the day of their arrival. If Mr. Satan can broker peace with this strange race, then we have nothing further to fear. If, for some reason negotiations turn sour, then we'll have our world's best on the scene, ready to defend us."


Goten shot forward, throwing a punch at his best friend with a loud yell. Trunks dodged underneath the punch and watched with a smirk as Goten soared straight past him. Quicker than the other Demi could react, he spun on the spot and landed a hard kick right across Goten's backside. The demi reeled for a moment before rolling to a stop in the grass, gazing up at the sky with his eyes rolling in his head. At the edge of their little ad-hoc fighting arena, Goten's twin sister Ria started giggling madly at him, "You got your butt kicked!"

The seven-year-old Demi Saiyan propped himself up on his elbows and glared over at his twin with a pout, "Shut up Ria! Just because you transformed to beat him in the tournament doesn't mean you get to laugh at me!"

The girl giggled and skipped over to her brother, her wild shoulder length hair bobbing around her head with each skip. She held a hand out towards him and smiled brightly, "I'm not giggling because you got beat Goten, I'm giggling because he literally kicked you in the butt!"

He blinked in surprise for a moment before laughing sheepishly and taking her offered hand. Trunks returned to them from his place in the ring, grinning confidently. "You gotta catch up Goten! I know you can transform into a Super Saiyan now, but if you stay normal you can't keep up with me. That means that once I figure out how to transform, you won't be able to beat me at all!"

Ria gave him an irritable look and retorted for the both of them, "Don't listen to him Goten, remember that as you are now, you're still more powerful than I am. And Trunks, don't you forget that it's not just power that wins fights, it's just as much about skill. That's why I can still beat Goten sometimes, even when he can overpower me. Remember, Gohan and our dads easily had more power than Buu when combined, but they had a hard time beating him because Buu made them waste a lot of that energy and wore them down."

Trunks looked a little abashed at her statement, but hid it well with an irritable look on his face, "Whatever Ria, you're starting to sound a lot like Piccolo, you know that? He's always going on about stuff like that."

It was that moment that a powerful baritone voice rang out at them, "There's a good reason for that Trunks. She's right, strength of ki and body alone is not enough. Fortunately for you, you've got an endurance to weather their attacks, because they've both got you in technique."

Piccolo was calmly walking across the grounds of Capsule Corporation, having watched their fight from atop the family building. It was easy to sense that the three grown Saiyans were not on the planet, but the majority of the Z-gang was collected inside the building while the three children were sparring. He stared down at the mini prince as he looked like he was about to retort, silencing him before he could. He crossed his arms and indicated towards the building with his head, "You three heard anything yet? They've been gone for an hour now."

Goten was the first one to pipe up, "Nope, not yet! Gohan said that the king and some other important people were all gathered at Mr. Satan's house before they left. But there hasn't been anything fun happening yet."

His bright tone brought a smirk to the tall Namekian's face, and Piccolo nodded, "That's what I thought. They should be back within a few minutes. Come on, let's get inside and meet them."

He could feel their excitement peak and they ran excitedly past him and back into the family dome. He chuckled shortly before following them. He understood their excitement, after all, he felt it to. The Saiyans weren't even his people, and yet he felt excitement at the prospect of meeting the now resurrected race. In particular, the one whom Gohan had named his alter-ego after, Bardock, brought an interest to him that he hadn't felt since learning of his own origins. From what he'd learned, the Saiyan had an ability to sense the future, as well as becoming a Super Saiyan himself. He wasn't entirely sure of what he hoped for from the Saiyan, but it felt like what Gohan had described to him as battle lust. It wasn't often that there was a new face who didn't completely outclass him, yet still posed a challenge, and he longed to fight him like back in the old days when he and Goku were neck and neck.

He arrived inside the family dome just as they suddenly appeared with Goku's instant transmission, and felt a jolt as the overwhelming ki of all of the Saiyans press down on him. He'd expected that from Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta, but five of the six newcomers were immensely powerful. He glanced them over, just as the other Z-fighters were doing. There were four men, and two women among them. Of the two women, one of them was easily the weakest physically, and Piccolo suspected that she was Goku's mother. She had those same kind eyes as him, but where he was large and bulky, she was of a much softer build. The other however, was easily the third strongest amongst the newcomers. She was powerfully built, particularly in her legs, and had oddly colored eyes for a Saiyan, being a deep violet instead of midnight black. Those fierce violet eyes glared around at them from beneath her wild bob-cut.

Two of the men in the group, while still extremely powerful compared to the bar set by Raditz and Nappa, were rather weak in comparison to the top three. One – the largest of the group, standing as tall and bulky as Nappa – was obviously much older than the rest, the crown of his head balding. The other was a short dumpling of a Saiyan, his expansive middle only being matched by the powerful build of his arms, and he kept a dirty looking goatee that was framed by lots of stubble. The last two seemed to be of an entirely different league. The tall one with the ponytail was stoic and unreadable, and seemed the most in control of himself of all of them. The last Saiyan was very obviously Goku's father. They looked nearly identical, with only minor differences here and there to differentiate them by appearance alone.

Goku took the first move, stepping forward of the other Saiyans and laughing sheepishly as all eyes turned to him. "So, guys, these are the Saiyans who'll be staying here for a little while. These two are my mom and dad, Gine and Bardock. Then, down the line that way, is Tora, Fasha, Borgos, and Shugesh." He indicated to each of them as he went, and the six new Saiyans merely nodded in recognition, and a tense silence hung over them all for a moment.

Finally, Krillin spoke up, scratching at the hair on the back of his head as he peered up at Bardock curiously, "You're the guy, huh? We'd heard from Gohan about you a couple of times, though the stories are vague. But you're the one who stood up to Frieza, made the Saiyan rebellion a thing?"

Bardock nodded shortly and said, "Yeah, though it was far too late to be of any real use it would seem." Piccolo noticed that he sounded nothing like his son, his voice gruff and stern, though still quite youthful. Piccolo reflected for a moment that although the Saiyans in front of him were technically late in their seventies and eighties, since they had all died, they'd stopped aging in hell. So, for all intents and purposes, Goku was actually older than his parents physically by a few years now. He snorted quietly in amusement at the thought.

Gohan sighed heavily from next to his father and gave his grandparents a warm look, "Well don't be afraid of them. I promise, they won't bite. Right guys?"

With that question, the tension in the air broke, and the Z-fighters and Saiyans began greeting each other. Within minutes, several of the others were being caught up in the tales the Saiyans had to give. Piccolo silently acknowledged the reason they were sent to hell in the first place upon hearing some of them. Just this group alone was apparently responsible for the cleansing of well over two score planets, including the civilizations that were on them. He wondered if perhaps all this was a bad idea, but then reasoned that none of them could quite match him in a one on one engagement, and not too much of a threat were they to get out of hand. On top of that, he still had Gohan to rely on. Of anyone there, he'd make this all work out, he was sure of it.

Gohan glanced around at the collective Z-fighters and asked over the noise, "Hey, has anyone seen Videl? Or any of my other friends, for that matter?"

Bulma, who had been listening with rapt attention to Bardock, looked up at the demi and called back, "They left for her father's place right after you left. They said they would expect you to show up early to handle the crowds there."

Gohan nodded and sighed in defeat, realizing that it was probably his long-adopted sister, Lime, who had figured that one out. They weren't wrong about it, he was anxious to make sure everything went as smoothly as possible, and that meant minimal interference from the hordes of media, security, and general population that were likely to be swarming the outside of Satan Manor right now. Thankful that the Saiyans were capable of flight, and therefore could easily bypass the crowd, Gohan began making his way towards the exit, calling over his shoulder, "Thanks Bulma. Dad, I'll be waiting for you guys on the front lawn of Satan Manor. See you there!"

With that out of the way, and confident that the others could find their way without any further help from him, he stepped out into the light. He took a deep breath, settling his nerves, and reached up to press the buttons on the watch that Bulma had made for him. Instantly, the outside world was muted as his armor and helmet formed over him, closely resembling Saiyan battle armor. A moment passed, and the external microphones turned on, giving him his hearing once more. Now fully disguised, and making sure his tail was wrapped around his waist, Gohan took to the sky in the direction of Satan City, and what would likely be the most momentous occasion in Human history.

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