So, here I am, doing my first RWBY crossover. I felt I should publish this one first instead of Under the Light of the Shattered Moon because, well, as it's set in the Potterverse rather than Remnant, I don't need to know as much about RWBY, as I am, as of writing, still only partway through the first volume (though for the sake of this fic, I've read ahead).

This fic was actually partly inspired by one of DZ2's challenges: Silence Will Fall, where Harry becomes mute. It doesn't follow all of the tenets of the challenge by any means, but it was this challenge that inspired me to do a story where a female Harry is also Neopolitan from RWBY. It's also a WBWL story, so if you don't like WBWL stories, or stories with James Potter and Sirius Black bashing, don't read this fic, and please don't leave a review.

Anyway, time for the usual disclaimers. Firstly, there will be spoilers for both Harry Potter and RWBY.

Secondly, there will be heavy annotations, as is usual for my works. You have been warned.

Thirdly, this is an M-Rated work. There will be coarse language, violence, dark themes and sexual references. Again, you have been warned.

Finally, the following is a fan-written work. Harry Potter and RWBY are the properties of their respective owners. Please support the official release. Otherwise, Neo's going to make you her bitch…