Ana' pov: I sigh quietly, yet again after months of trying for a child with christian it's failed. We waited until we had been married a year before we started trying but once again my period has come! I can tell christian is disapointed but he wont actually show it, we thought we were pregnant a few times because my period was a week or so late but it came whilst he was away on business.

I get off the bed and go down to the great room where i see gail and taylor standing near the kitchen island kissing and cuddling but break up as soon as they see me "hello mrs grey" is all she says awkwardly knowing i had caught the two.

I smile at them before looking around "where is Christian?" is all i ask walking to where they are as i spot lunch in my usual spot, both gail and taylor look at one another before saying "hes in his office with sawyer" i nod as i eat because i know it must be important if taylor isnt with them as well.

After half an hour they both emerged from the room behind the stairs and sawyer disapeared but Christian walks over and kisses my cheek gently and smiles as he sees that im eating. I swallow the rest of my pancake before kissing back "hey mr grey" my voice quiet after he stormed out of the room on hearing my period started but he seems much happier now "hi baby" is all he says before ducking down to kiss me.