3 years later

Ana's pov: Theo's come out of his shell and is making friends although it takes a little bit of time for him to trust new people, but he's now in school and hes the top of his class! Phoebe is starting nursery this year and shes really talkative, she and teddy are inseparable they are always doing things together. Theo is getting better with his touch phobia and only phoebe can go near the places we can't as he has the biggest amount of trusr with her, that and she did it unexpectedly one day but he just smiled and gave her a big hug

Christian has more work than ever but he still makes time for us all, the publishing company has over 10,000 publishers now and to make sure that we are close to christian we merged together so we are in grey house. Our offices are side by side with a glass wall so we can see one another through out the day. And the biggest news that christian doesnt know about yet is I'M PREGNANT!

I walk down stairs to Christians office and knock softly, he knows if i knock like that then i have something to tell him "come in baby" he says in the curious voice that i love and i walk in and kiss him softly "what is it ana?" he says tilting his head and before i get chance to respond phoebe toddles in along with teddy "this is perfect i have some exciting news" i say as i watch my kids sit on their daddy's lap "tell us!" All three yell looking curious and excited as they like hearing things that make me happy "well theodore, phoebe you are getting a little brother or sister" ted gasps with wide eyes "again!" I laugh as the last time i told him that we were having phoebe.

I look at phoebe who is sat quietly on Christians lap "beebee?" Is all theo says softly, its his nickname for her ever since he started talking "will we all get lots and lots of love mama" she asks quietly and i have a feeling she is feeling the same way teddy did "you will get all the love in the world princess" is all Christian says chuckling "i cant wait" he says softly as the kids jump off his lap so he gets up and kisses me smiling.