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I laugh as he spins me around. Slowly he lowers me down.

"I love you." He whispers.

"I love you too."

"You make me forget about everything and everybody, there's no sound there is nothing but you."

Edward snorts, "Though that was really sweet but, I kinda know for a fact that's not true. You've spun around twice to look behind you, and I can tell when your thinking, you defiantly know exactly when the street light down the street is turning red.

" You get on my nerves Cullen, why can't you just take my words and cherish them?"

"Because this way gets you pissed off and, your hot when your pissed off." He smirks at me damn him

"You are an ass, you know that? Beside I was only turning around because there is someone following us." He raises an eyebrow damn he's sexy, mind on the job Isa. I decide not to let him know where my thoughts strayed to. And just answer his unasked question.

"You called me out so now I'm relating information, so shut it."

He laughs, " Yes mam." "Anyways the man following us exactly nine steps behind on the opposite side walk. Also there's what looks to be two females headed are way. Both with their faces uncovered apart from the glasses that the male is also sporting. And those damn ugly black heels. Let's just say their not beginners."

"All that from spinning around twice and be a hopeless romantic, I'm impressed."

"Shut up asshole." I tell him jokingly. He laughs before saluting. Laughing again he replies, "Even though I'm supposed to be protecting you your still the boss."

I roll my eyes just as a gunshot rings through the air.

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