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Huntress: Emergency! Everyone to the Great Hall *now*!

Raven: Huntress, what is it?

Huntress: Just do it!

* * * *

Boromir raced through the corridors of the Citadel after Sarah. The pair reached the Hall doors at the same instant as David, Gil-Galad and the Raven skidded round the corner, so Sarah stood in front of the door and, rather than going in, said, "Fangirls have launched an assault on one of the Elves of Middle-Earth. Ispace is helping him fight them off, along with a team led by Legolas, but the onslaught is too strong."

The Raven looked calmly back at her. "You want us to go and help them out, yes?"

Sarah, out of breath, merely nodded. The Raven thought for a moment, and then shrugged. "Why not? It might get your people off my back for a while. Gil-Galad, are your troops ready?"

The elf nodded. "They are fully prepared for battle, as always."

"Excellent. In that case, Sarah, it's up to you now. Take us there."

The front line of the Raven's army came upon the Fangirls from behind. The battle-hardened elves made quick work of the horde, but ever more appeared. Soon, the five commanders were split into two groups.

Boromir, Sarah and Gil-Galad found themselves stuck with the elven troops in the rear of the fangirl swarm. As they fought, a girl in a lilac cloak joined them. Looking over at her, Sarah said, "Oh, hi Liliac."

"Hey Sarah," came the reply, "glad you could make it. Having fun?"

Sarah span and impaled a drooling fangirl on her borrowed spear. "Oh, definitely."

Liliac smiled grimly. "Good, good. Wouldn't want . . . oh dear Eru. LEGOLAS! BEHIND YOU!"

Boromir saw his old friend spin around to confront a fangirl with a length of rope. He had only a moment to look, however, before a sheet of flame obscured the scene from view. Trusting in the will of the Valar, the Gondorian warrior turned back to the fighting.

As for David and the Raven, they found themselves separated from the team and pushed ever inwards, until they came to the very heart of the battle. There, at the very threshold of the cavern all this was aiming to defend, four figures fought tirelessly. One, an elf clad in black who used fireballs to defend himself, nodded at them.

"I'm Huinesoron," he cried over the mixed noise of slaughter and fangirl squeals. "I'm afraid I'm the reason you're here. Come on, give us a hand!"

The two joined the group, not having much choice in the matter. They had no time to look at their companions and make out details. The battle wore on, for how long none could say. Eventually, however, the last of the fangirls was dispatched, and David and the Raven had time to introduce themselves.

"Oh," said the red-cloaked woman, "you're the people Sarah spends all her time with, right?"

"That's us," agreed David. The woman smiled.

"I'm Rachel. I run the Supplies section of Ispace. Pleased to meet you."

"As for us," came a new voice, " we're from the PPC."

The two turned, to see a pair dressed all in black, each wearing a badge showing a flame on their left shoulder.

"Agents Dafydd and Selene," said the male agent. "I'll leave you to guess which is which."

"Department of Geographical Aberrations," added Selene. The Raven frowned.

"So what are you doing here?" she asked. Agent Dafydd shrugged.

"An old friend of mine from Ispace came and got us. Speaking of which, we'd better get back before the Mallorn misses us." With that, the agent pulled out a strange device, opened a rectangular door in the air, and stepped through, followed by his partner.

David looked out at the battlefield, at the figures of Boromir, Sarah and Gil-Galad picking their way over the fangirl corpses towards hem.

"Well," he said, "that was fun."

* * * *

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