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Opening Files: Dracon (Updated)

Dracon is a well-known Huntsman who has tangled with many kinds of enemies, usually Grimm, but also the Fallen known as General Reginald Skarr. Dracon's origins are steeped in much controversy, as he was originally a human youth who was gravely injured, but given a robotic frame to allow him to live his life without being a cripple. However, despite this controversial treatment, he has proven himself time and time again, often clashing with Skarr or large numbers of Grimm to defend innocents. He has made friends and allies with many Hunters, including Scotty Blake of Clan Blake in Scotland.

His arsenal consists of fin funnels attached to his wings, a beam magnum, a Hyper Beam Sword, shoulder missile pods, four beam sabers, head-mounted Vulcan cannons, Dracon funnel fangs attached to his shield, beam pistols, two shoulder mounted Gatling guns, and of course, his signature Beam Burst Gun. When coupled with his intelligence, incredible agility and speed, and his immense physical strength, he is a force to be reckoned with, and this combination allows him to even go toe to toe with other Fallen. He is by now a class V Huntsman, just on par with Scotty Blake.

His career took off after a successful mission into the Darklands to combat and defeat I.O.N.E.S.C.O.U., leading to him becoming a Class III Hunter. He settled down in Denver after that, becoming their local defender, alongside the City Guard. It was here that he solidified his relationship with Tina, becoming her boyfriend and settling down in a well-to-do neighborhood close to DappleWood Heights.

After a few months of recuperating (during which he found and rescued Agunimon and little Kumamon), he and Tina went out to the island of Flowertopia to seek answers as to what attacked the islanders. The place was devastated, and it was here he met the Grimm Slayer, Omnimon. The trio fought against the powerful Fallen known as the Queen of the Black Puddle Lagoon, and lived.

Dracon then recovered at home, trying to increase his reflexes, but failing as they were already at their peak. He was approached by the Mousekewitz family and asked to help track down their daughter, and it was here that he encountered the Food Witch a second time, along with some other unsavory characters. He met up with some key allies during this fight, one of which was Agunimon himself. During this adventure he learned of the horror that the owner of the Green River Resort, Cat R. Waul, was responsible for, and he vowed to bring him down. The final fight came during the third event of the Cowboy Tournament, and Dracon, along with his allies, won... but at a severe cost in Dracon's will to fight. The Fallen/Mobian, Wile E. Coyote, left Dracon's spirit shattered and broken, forcing him to leave and go on a quest to regain what it was he lost.

After venturing to the Barbaric Archipelago, he intended to rust away into nothing, but the summons of the lava golem, former Viking chief Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, drew him into a fight. Hiccup sought to die in battle, but Dracon just couldn't do it. Seeing the Gundam was in distress, Hiccup guided him to Cheyenne Mountain, where he could seek what he lost.

Dracon journeyed to the mountain, where he met three monks that guided him. At first he was confused and unsure, but he accepted it and intended to die when he fell off the mountain due to his physical strength finally giving out. But the very presence of the mountain spirit, a far older entity than Hiccup, reminded him of what it was he was fighting for, and he, ignoring the presence of high winds and driving snow, flew up as fast and as hard as he could, reaching the top of the mountain, where he resolved to never give up, no matter what.

His recent skirmish with Sammael has earned the attention of numerous Huntsmen and Huntresses, including Phil Ken Sebben. He is, aside from Major Glory, the only Hunter to have gone against Sammael... and lived.

Close Files

"An adventure only begins when an ending comes. At least that's how some stories go," TOM lectured as he closed the Dracon file. "This whole story was just one adventure. There can be one where it ends and then there's no sequel. That kind of story is just a single book. But what good is that when there is a whole new world to explore, built up by one author and left unfinished? Like GrimmFall itself. There are just so many untold stories, and untold legeacies to be revealed."

He pressed a button on his chair and up came several monitors. "Like this. The story of Omnimon and his two companions." He gestured to the Grimm Slayer wandering alongside a woman with red hair and a turtle Mobian. "Or the ship known only as the White Legend and its War Men." He motioned to a white ship with 'legs' and a pair of machines with a V-crest standing on it as Nevermore Grimm circled around it. "Or perhaps the tale of six new Hunters in Japan that is coming out." He waved a hand at a monitor showing a few shadowy forms as they fought a huge Hydra Grimm. "Or other stories like that of the Wacky Races, or Acceleracers. The Trollhunters and their stories are another aspect. Then there are the dark sides of some projects that can only be exposed through secret operations, as told in the Dark Side of Light."

TOM closed the monitors and leaned back. "So, if you think this story is ending, then you are wrong. Because from every ending, comes a new beginning. And trust me, this legacy is only getting started."

He pressed the button on the left armrest and leaned back for the final episode.

(The scene shows a city in chaos as Navy Pier is attacked by Grimm, only for a young boy to get involved, taking a blow to his chest during the fighting, his eyes widening before he collapses)

Start Dawn Over a New World (Dragonforce)

(The youth is in the hospital as the camera pans down to show the flashing light of the life support machine before the scene goes black)

In the darkness of the night in the shadows of the dawn (A pair of violet optics flares before the camera pans back to reveal a dark blue mecha with a pair of draconic wings on his back, standing in front of a battlefield laden with Grimm, a cloak flapping about his frame as six others stand beside him: a woman with brown hair and a rapier, a man with a trench coat missing the sleeves below the elbow, a sandy-blond haired man with a broadsword resting against his back, a woman with long sandy blonde hair wielding a shotgun, a red-armored woman with a sword in her left hand, and a woman with a large hammer)

It's turning black no looking back the sands of time are sown (The seven of them lunge towards the camera as it goes black)

When the day will slowly end and the sun has turned to grey (A flash of light erupts from the center of the screen before it pans down to show the reddish skies of the Darklands, two red eyes flashing)

Will we feel the power of freedom with the dawn of a new day? (The light from the eyes fades to show a sunset as the group stands before a futuristic city, more advanced than even GrimmFall)

Title: GrimmFall: Dragon's Rising

Over mountains paved with gold to the valleys of the slain (The Gundam is shown walking down a mountain path littered with slain warriors, the hood of his cloak covering his face, images of his friends in the background)

Our quest will lead us onwards to the journey of the brave (He stops as he looks back at his friends as they jog to keep up, each of them with their own weapons in hand)

When the time has come to stand for the power we believe (A horde of Grimm suddenly appears, their reddish eyes illuminating the scene before the group readies themselves for battle as the Grimm charge in a sea of black)

We will ring the sound of victory for one and all to see (The seven unleash a combination attack that strikes the Grimm, turning them into thick black smoke that engulfs the camera)

Sometimes in your darkest dreams you will feel the haunting prayer (The smoke vanishes to show a pair of amber eyes on a shadowy wolf-like form before it lunges at the camera)

Silent tears of your hidden fears come to haunt you once again (The figure vanishes to reveal a group of mouse Mobians huddling as sinister cat-like shadows loom in the darkness around them)

Fight on for the memories of the everlasting dreams (The images get closer as the darkness covers the screen, only to fade as a blast of light comes from the side, the camera panning to reveal the Gundam holding his beam magnum at the ready, having pulled the trigger to dispel the nightmarish darkness)

Their pain in the silent lands on wings of glory free (The Gundam lowers his weapon and charges at the screen, his optics flaring before the camera follows him, showing him flying at a large figure that is hulking in its blackness)

We can go on forever with the darkness so far away (The two clash, a shockwave cutting across the screen before it vanishes to show the same city from before, but this time there is a sunny sky above it as the darkness is fading into the distance)

And the warriors who live forever fight on to the end (The seven warriors stand there, each of them ready to fight to the very end)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas (The seven split off, and this time the woman with the rapier is shown as she cracks it into a whip, sending an arc of lightning right for a Grimm)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all be free (She leaps back and snaps her whip out, curling it around the neck of a catlike Mobian dressed in gangster gear before throwing him towards the camera)

Through the darkness shining the neverending light (The camera follows the Mobian before he gets to his feet, glaring at the man with the trench coat, a rocket launcher held in his hands, his Aura shining a light grey color)

On through the days of glory rise towards the fight (The man aims his weapon and fires, the camera following the rocket before it explodes against a large horse-like Grimm, dispelling it into black smoke)

And one day we will find a way towards this distant golden age (The smoke is blown aside as it shows the group standing in front of ruins that depict an ancient civilization of technology far more advanced than even GrimmFall's best technologies)

The cries of war will sound the day (The camera pans to show the torch before zooming back, showing a humanoid shape standing in front of a horde of Grimm that resemble cyborgs, but not, and in the background two green optics flare sinisterly)

We stand before the dawn of a new world (The shape lunges at the screen, a fist thrusting forward and slamming it into the ground before the dust fades to show the seven standing atop a cliff overlooking the ocean)

On through the raging thunder across the seven seas (The camera follows the ocean for a few seconds before it pans up and follows a bird before it zooms down to show a western town)

Cold winter skies are falling on the battles we have seen (A single tumbleweed blows past the camera as the town's populace is shown, alongside guests and tourists)

We can go on forever with the darkness so far away (The town's populace is almost overwhelmed by Grimm before a blast of red fiery energy destroys a number of them, the camera panning over to show a red-clad warrior with wild blonde hair)

And the warriors who live forever fight on to the end (The warrior turns to face the Gundam as he approaches, followed by a dog Mobian wielding twin pistols)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas (The trio pivots to face a sinister shape with a monocle on its left eye, holding a cane in one hand)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all... (The figure waves its cane as more shadows lunge out, forcing the trio to go on the attack, all three combining their most powerful moves into one attack which strikes the shadowy shapes, covering the screen in smoke)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas (The smoke is blown apart to show the man with the trench coat having fired his rocket launcher at a large Grimm that looks like a bull)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all be free (The Grimm shrugs off the rocket and charges at the man as he turns intangible, phasing into the ground)

Through the darkness shining the neverending light (A formless shape emerges from the dirt, first becoming an eyeball with a single leg before morphing into a more humanoid form, its lone eye flashing red)

On through the days of glory rise towards the fight (A large explosion of dust and earth engulfs the screen before the wolf-like figure from before lands, eyes flashing amber before a blast of ice and snow engulfs the screen)

And one day we will find a way towards this distant golden age (Snow and ice are blown apart as the Gundam fires his beam burst gun, the blasts exploding close to the ruins from before, showing a mural with the same advanced city depicted on it)

The cries of war will sound the day (The camera pans away from the ruins to show the seven warriors standing before a Grimm Horde as it attacks, only for them to lunge at the Horde, as both sides clash to send a shockwave towards the camera)

We stand before the dawn of a new world (The shockwave dissipates to show the seven standing on top of a building in the mountains)

We stand before the dawn of a new world... (The camera pans around to show them from the rear as the sun rises beyond the mountain city, showing nothing but green fields and the ocean beyond the horizon)



I could only hope I won... or survived this fight.

"On candy stripe legs the Spiderman comes..." The Nevermore circled the top of the mountain as I kept my optics trained on it. "Softly through the shadow of the evenin' sun."

"Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead..." the voice continued as the Nevermore stopped and hovered above the mountain. "Looking for the victim shivering in bed."

"Searching out fear in the gathering gloom..." The voice grew deeper as the Nevermore slowly descended. "And suddenly a movement in the corner of the room."

I watched as the Nevermore landed several feet away.

"And there is nothing I can do when I realize with fright..." I saw him, watching as he slid off the Nevermore and landed on the ground. "That the Spiderman is having me for dinner tonight."

There he stood.


"Well... This is a first," the Fallen said with a small smile.

I clenched my fists and growled. "What do you want?!" I snarled. "And why are you here?!"

"I must admit, you've recovered quite nicely after that little encounter, did you not?" the Fallen asked.

Those words reminded me of Wile's own, and while they did linger in my processor, I no longer felt that sense of overwhelming despair. Instead, I remembered that future I had seen. The one of victory and peace. That acted as a shield against those thoughts, and I crouched a bit, preparing for combat.

"There is only one future in which you fools win."

Those words didn't matter anymore. I had seen the future. And I was determined as hell to get it.

"So what if I did?" I growled. "I'm not about to give up on that future!"

The Fallen's red eyes widened a bit in surprise. "Oh? So, you saw it, then?"

"Yes!" I rumbled. "And that future is what I'm gonna fight for! No matter how hopeless it seems!"

His smirk seemed to grow. "Well, then, how about we test that conviction, shall we?"

A small part of me realized what this meant. He, Sammael himself, was challenging me to battle. And I could not let my guard down.

I decided to take the initiative. He didn't have any Grimm aside from the Nevermore with him, and I still had my full arsenal. So I flared my wings and kicked on my flight pack in the same movement. I aimed my beam magnum and fired off a single shot at full power as I took off, catching him off guard. His red eyes widened at the sudden attack and he crouched as he gave a command to the Nevermore in whatever method Fallen used to communicate with them. The Grimm squawked and flapped its wings as it dodged my shot. But I was not about to let him get the upper hand. Given how I had no idea as to what abilities he had, it was best for me to keep the upper hand in this fight. I aimed again and fired, this time targeting the Nevermore's back. Sammael looked back as he heard the shot, and he ordered the Nevermore to bank right. I fired again, but the Nevermore whirled around and with a flap of its wings fired off a slew of feathers right for me. I growled as I flared my wings to full width and launched my fin funnels.

All of them.

The eight funnels darted about before coming to a hover right beside me, and I aimed my beam burst gun in addition to my magnum. I also took the time to aim my missile launchers as the feathers came at me directly.

I waited for a few seconds before I fired my entire arsenal.

Missiles, beams, and bullets streaked away from my frame, homing in on the feathers and exploding as the two salvos collided. I took the chance to fly in, tossing my magnum aside as I had used up the last clip. I swung my beam burst gun back into storage as I flipped both beam tonfas forward and sped at the Nevermore under the cover of the smoke. A roar escaped my vocalizer as I slashed as hard as I could in an X formation, catching the Nevermore by surprise. It screeched as I spun around, driving both tonfas into its chest and tore it apart from the inside. I watched in surprise as Sammael seemed to float down towards the top of the mountain, and I dove after. He looked at me with those red eyes and they flashed as he raised a hand...

And my optics narrowed as I saw the veins on his hands and arms moving. I directed my fin funnels to whip back around and come to a hover close to me as I fired them. The pinkish beams lanced out as Sammael sent those veins my way. The beams scorched the veins and Sammael frowned. He came to a hover, as did I, my fin funnels sticking close to me.

"I will be honest. I did not expect you to do that," he said. "It's clear you know how to use the equipment you have."

I didn't even say anything as I fired again. Sammael reacted by diving down and landing atop the snow covered mountaintop. I followed and landed on the ground, rolling to a stop on one knee. I aimed my beam burst gun again and my fin funnels shifted into their barrier configuration. But it was not to protect me. Oh, no. I had a different idea in mind.

Sammael seemed to sense my intention, however, and clenched a hand, summoning more veins from the very earth below. I was forced to discard the barrier configuration and go on the offense, using my fin funnels to block any attacks from those veins as they tried to get close to me. I narrowed my optics as Sammael held out his left hand, clenching it. My radar blared inside my head and I glanced at the readout in the lower right hand corner of my vision. It showed me and Sammael as green and red dots respectively, but there were also dark red dots coming in towards me. I tensed my frame as they came my way, and I flared my wings. I kicked on my thrusters and leapt above the veins as they knotted into a group, having failed to grab me. Sammael looked up, and he smirked.

"I must commend you, Joseph," he said. "Not many are able to dodge that move."

"So? What of it?" I growled. "And why are you so invested in me, anyway?"

"Invested? Oh, you have it all wrong, Joseph," Sammael said. "I merely wish to see how strong your conviction is in regards to that future you so desperately seek." Then his smirk faded. "And so far you are sorely lacking."

I growled, feeling my wings bristling at that comment. "You think I don't have conviction?!" I growled. "Oh... you are so gonna get it!"

Sammael smirked as my psychoframe began to shine brilliantly. "Yes. Don't hold back. Because I know I won't."

He raised a hand and then the ground beneath him began to shake and shudder. I watched as the pure white snow of the mountaintop began to shift and slither, becoming tainted by the darkness that he emanated. It began to grow, becoming long and slender. His hand grasped the mysterious object, and then in a brilliant flash, a shining silver blade emerged from it. My optics widened as I realized he was holding an honest-to-Glob scythe. The Fallen pulled it close and spun it a few times before brandishing it in a menacing fashion.

I growled as I realized I had no choice. I called my fin funnels back to me and I purged the missile launchers from my shoulder guards. The launchers fell to the ground, empty of their contents. My fin funnels hovered close to me, and my hand flew for my Hyper Beam Sword within my shield. I pulled it out and brandished it as well, assuming a fighting stance as I hovered there in the air.

Both of us stood facing the other down, and then Sammael moved first.

Much faster than I had expected. His scythe flashed as he swung it, and I was forced to block with my sword. The beam edges ignited as I pressed the switch, and Sammael sneered. "That's what I was expecting from you, Joseph. Now, show me your conviction! Show me what it is you fight for!"

"You want it... YOU GOT IT!" I bellowed. My thrusters roared as I pushed back against his scythe, and he smirked as he strained.

"Not bad!" he grunted.

I didn't answer with words. Instead I roared as I engaged all eight of my thrusters to maximum burn. The sheer power of their output was enough to catch Sammael off guard. His red eyes widened as he sensed the ground approaching rapidly. My optics flashed as I suddenly placed both feet on his chest, and with a cry, I pushed off him, sending him plummeting like a black comet.

But those veins lashed out and formed into a makeshift trampoline, catching him before he impacted. I growled as I hefted my weapon.

Sammael looked up at me before he sprang off the trampoline and the veins faded into the ground. He spun his scythe a few times before the blade began to glow with pure red energy. He slashed with it, sending that energy wave right for me. I hissed through my vents as I directed my fin funnels into their barrier configuration. The beam prism shield came into existence as the shockwave impacted, sending me falling. I flipped around and engaged my thrusters again, holding my position. My beam prism barrier went down as I directed my fin funnels to attack. I sent them flying towards Sammael, who swung that scythe and unleashed those energy waves. I could see my fin funnels - and feel them - getting destroyed by his attack. But I brushed the twinges of pain I felt aside. I could worry about that later.

Without my fin funnels now, I had to rely solely on my speed and agility to stay ahead of him.

I fired my head Vulcans in an attempt to blind him or catch him off guard. His eyes widened in surprise as he blocked with his scythe. I had to admit, he was good. Then again, given who he was, and how old he was, it didn't surprise me too much. His reaction time was decent, but I was better in that regard.

Or so I thought.

The next thing I knew, he was close to me and his foot whipped out in an effort to try and hit me in one of my shoulder joints. But I blocked with my shield and swung my blade at his foot. The tip barely nicked his flesh and he looked at the wound as it formed, only to heal almost instantly.

"So, that's the regeneration power of a Fallen..." I mused.

"Yes," Sammael said. "Handy, is it not?"

I had no answer. Instead I let loose with a second barrage from my head Vulcans, making him duck. I swung my sword again, this time cutting his clothing as well as creating a deep gash in his arm. He looked at it, mild surprise flicking over his features before it morphed into a small smile. "Well. Now I'm impressed. Not many have managed to inflict an injury like this on me in a long time."

His injury began to knit itself together right before my optics. "Then again, I am not too surprised, seeing as how my abilities allow me to heal," he mused as he inspected the healing wound.

Then he was in my face, his fist drawn back. "Let's see just how durable that frame of yours is, hmm?"

A second later and I was seeing double as I plummeted towards the snowcapped mountain. I cried out as I fell, only to feel pain in my legs and back as I landed right on my back, wings splayed out to either side. My vision was filled with static and barcode briefly before I shook my helm and staggered to my feet, hefting my Hyper Beam Sword in both hands. Sammael drifted down to meet me, a look of satisfaction on his face.

"Well, it seems that they were not exaggerating when they said it was immune to the Dark Substance," he purred, his hand seething with that same ooze that generated the Grimm.

I tensed, doing an emergency scan for any sign of infection.

But it came back clean. Amazement flooded my thoughts. I had known my frame was durable, yes, but to hear it was immune to the Dark Substance? That was something I had not been expecting whatsoever!

Knowing this though gave me a sense of hope. If my frame was immune to the stuff, then I could go all out!

And I did.

I lunged for Sammael, my sword humming hungrily as I slashed as hard as I could. Sammael blocked with his scythe, but my left fist lashed out and grabbed the hilt as he grabbed onto my sword's hilt with his hand. Both of us tugged on the other's weapon in an attempt to pry it out of their grasp. His strength matched mine, and that was with my psychoframe, mind you. Sammael grunted as a vein suddenly snuck its way around my sword and tore it free from my grip just as I pulled his scythe from his grip. Both of us tossed the weapons away and I reached back to pull my beam sabers free from my flight pack. The blades ignited as Sammael summoned a pair of energy blades to his hands.

Both of us lunged, going at it with swords. His blades clashed with mine, sparks flying from between the impact point as we pressed, testing the other's strength. My arms' hydraulics were really being pushed to the limit this time, but I ignored the pain in their systems and in my joints. Sammael's veins lashed out at me as I stood my ground, driving themselves into my armor and creating gashes and gouges as I pulled away once one tried to go for my throat. I landed, looking over my scratched and scraped up armor plating. I could see a few systems had been exposed from some of the larger veins, and that was a problem. But I wasn't about to give up. I looked up, my violet optics shifting from their usual violet hue to a shimmering greenish white. Around my entire frame, that same pseudo-Aura seethed, looking like fire.

Sammael smirked as he brandished his blades in a stance I had never seen before. But I was not about to give him the chance to strike first. My thrusters hummed and I was on the move, using my speed and agility to keep him off guard. But he just stood there, looking as calm as a cucumber.

Then his blades flashed and my beam sabers were lying in pieces. My beam tonfas flipped forward as I lunged, this time driving them into the palms of his hands. He grimaced as his energy blades faded and he staggered back, his wounded hands already beginning to heal. He smirked. "Well, I have to admit. You're good. But I still seek to see your true strength."

"And you will!" I growled. I spread my arms and crouched, lunging like a dragon for its enemy.

My blades flashed and hummed, a gleaming red sword blocking them. I put up my shield as that sword came for my chest, and it deflected off. I aimed my shield at him, and he cocked an eyebrow before I fired the mega cannon hidden inside. His eyes widened as he blocked with his Aura, a shimmering red color. It did the trick to push him back and give me a bit of breathing room so I could fire my beam burst gun. He lunged past my shots and drove a fist laced in those veins into my shield, bashing it and denting the cannon. Sammael was close enough and I fired the last rounds in my head Vulcans at his face. He moved his head to the side as the last rounds streaked past him and he sneered. Then there was a searing pain in my face as he headbutted me. I staggered back from the impact, clutching at my faceplate with both hands.

I forced the pain aside and glanced up as he made his next move. His energy sword came down and I brought up my right arm, my beam burst cannon being cut clean in half. I folded the rest against my forearm as I slashed with both beam tonfas, but I got a nasty gash across my torso as a result. I staggered back, clutching at it in one hand, feeling the sensation of oil running down my chest. I looked down at it, and while it was deep, it had missed my reactor. Sammael smiled as he licked the blade of his sword.

"Now this is more like it..." he purred.

Sammael looked at me before he lunged again, his body becoming a blur as I blocked with both tonfas.

We went at it, sword to tonfas, and I had to admit, he was strong. Much stronger than I had thought. But I was able to match him with my psychoframe boosting my strength, speed, and agility. And my endurance was the other thing keeping me in the fight. I was sustaining damage, no doubt about that. But my sheer toughness was preventing me from being defeated that easily.

And yet, I had a feeling Sammael was holding back.

That was enough to send shivers racing down my back struts.

And that gave Sammael a chance to get the jump on me.

His sword flashed and then I was lying on my back, my hand holding one of my legs as I nursed a damaged rear leg thruster. Without my full thruster output, I wasn't able to deal as much damage as I had thought. But it was still sufficient for some damage.

I rolled to the side as he tried to go at me again, and this time my left tonfa slashed his energy sword in two. It vanished and Sammael was forced to fall back as he leapt back, panting a bit. (Well, maybe not out of exhaustion, but perhaps something else, given how Fallen lacked any real need for exhaustion and sleep.)

Sammael stood up straight and looked me directly in the optics. He had a few tears in his clothing from me gashing his body, but no visible injuries, unlike me. I had tons of wounds and scrapes on my frame, but I was still functional. And that surprised me.

Normally an android or other mechanical life form would've shut down from the damage. But not me. I guessed it was my psychoframe and the sheer toughness of my frame.

I had no idea I was right on the money though.

Not at all.

I panted as I held up both tonfas, my optics burning as he faced me down. "So... you sure you can keep up? You're in very bad shape," he remarked.

I arched my wings and lunged, rerouting the output from my leg and rear skirt thrusters into my flight pack. All four thrusters on my flight pack roared as I shoved a tonfa forward. Sammael's eyes flickered as he held out a hand His hand clasped around my clenched fist as my left beam tonfa hummed, burning itself into his right shoulder. He didn't even flinch as he squeezed...


I screamed in sheer agony as pain shot up my arm from my damaged servo. Readouts blared in my vision, informing me of the damage. All five digits had been broken my the sheer force of Sammael's grip, and it wasn't just that. I also had two damaged pistons, a ruptured coolant tube, and the ball joint that connected my hand to my arm was completely shattered. It was way worse than when I had sustained a broken knee in grade school as a kid. This was total pain. And it was something I wished to never experience again.

I landed on my back, holding my injured hand close to my chest as I curled into a ball.

Sammael looked down at me, seemingly disappointed in how I was reacting. "Is that all? You take a shattered hand and you can't fight? You are far weaker than I expected."

I had to admit, I was very tempted to give up. Believe me, with a shattered hand, I was in no shape to continue fighting. But I was far too stubborn to quit. I looked up from my curled position, and my optics flashed brightly. "Believe me..." I growled, forcing the pain aside. "I... I'm not... giving up!" I placed my functional hand on the ground and began to push myself to my feet, ignoring the warnings from my injured hand. I shut down all readouts, focusing on my enemy before me. "You wanted it... you got it!"

Sammael's mouth curled into a smirk. "Well, I guess I was wrong," he mused as he held out a hand, summoning a new weapon to his hand, this time a sword made of those black and purple veins.

I held my left hand close to my chest, using my shield to further protect it and prevent anymore damage from being caused (like it would work. I was too busy trying to keep myself from blacking out from the sheer agony I was feeling.) to my hand.

I brandished my right beam tonfa and stood ready. I was down to one weapon... and my Dracon fangs. I lunged for Sammael, my Dracon fang funnels detaching from my shield and two of them latching onto my right hand. The other two charged at Sammael and he swung that sword with frightening quickness. My first two Dracon funnels were damaged, but at least they were intact. They landed on the ground as I pushed forward with my thrusters, putting every ounce of strength I had into my blow. A roar escaped my vocalizer as I shoved my arm forward, intending on stabbing Sammael in the heart. But he moved swiftly, and he dealt a roundhouse to my back, forcing me to the ground. I twisted my frame so I landed on my side, bringing my shield up in front of my chest as he stabbed downward. I rolled to the side as the blade glanced off my shield and I lashed out with my right foot, slamming it into his sword. He grunted as he pushed my foot aside and dealt a blow to my ankle joint. I grunted, forcing the pain aside as I sprang to my feet, shifting my weight to keep myself from putting too much weight on my wounded foot. But I was still able to fight. Sammael smirked as he looked me up and down. "Now this is more like it," he mused. "But even you can only last for so long."

I knew he was right. I was starting to feel exhausted as my frame was running low on energy. I had to finish this, and now!

My psychoframe began to seethe with raw power, engulfing my frame as my Dracon fangs began to glow, as did my beam tonfa. I could feel the strength surging through every system within me, and my optics began to shine a brilliant emerald green color. They flashed as I crouched, and, using the last of my power, I charged forward with my full speed. I bellowed in fury as I thrust my right arm forward, my Dracon fangs and beam tonfa seeming to merge their beam blades into one. I sped as fast as I could towards Sammael, not even caring about what damages I was sustaining from this final blow. I had shut down all readouts, ignoring the warnings blaring in my processor, warning me of imminent stasis (whatever that was).

Sammael watched calmly as I drew closer, his sword held loosely at his side. I began to feel a sense of hope. If I finished him, then I would've done it! I would've saved the world! I could only imagine that future... that wonderful, peaceful future...and within it was hope. I could see it clearly in my mind's eye, and all that was standing before it was Sammael. He was the final obstacle... and I was gonna end it here and now. I let out the loudest battle cry I could muster, and put all - and I mean all - of my psychoframe's power into that final blow. And I had the vision of the future in my thoughts. That was all I could see as I drove my Psycho Dracon Blade home.

All I could see was darkness as it spread out from the point of impact.

And then nothing.

(Sammael's 3rd Person POV)

Sammael had to admit.

He had not been expecting that last move.

The Gundam had proven to be far more powerful than he expected, summoning that last blade of energy using his psychoframe's energy.

In fact, had it not been for his portal ability, he'd be dead by now... or at least nursing a wound that would take time to heal. After all, a blow to the heart was almost fatal to even a Fallen.


He stepped through the portal to emerge on the other side at the base of the mountain.

Lying at the foot of Cheyenne Mountain was the battered and broken frame of the Gundam. He had been stripped of much of his arsenal, save for two measly funnels that were still attached to his right arm, along with a single beam tonfa. His wings were bereft of his fin funnels, and his beam burst gun was in shatters. The sgield on his left arm was dented and barely able to be called a shield at that point. His left arm was in bad shape, with his shattered hand lying uselessly across his chest. His right ankle joint was damaged, and his armor was covered in scratches and scrapes, some of which were deep. The worst one was on his chest, as it exposed the armored casing for the reactor core nested inside of him. His optics were dark, as was his psychoframe. To all appearances, he seemed dead.

But Sammael knew better.

The Gundam still lived.

His reactor core was still functional. He could hear it humming faintly. And as long as that still functioned, he lived.

Sammael was more than temped to finish him off, but the more he looked at his battered form, the more he considered otherwise. True he was a dangerous enemy, but he had more than earned Sammael's respect as a powerful adversary. To survive against a Fallen as strong as he was something only Major Glory had attained. And this warrior of metal and steel with the essence of a human mind within had earned his respect.

He held out a hand and several veins engulfed the damaged frame of the Gundam.

"I will be honest with you, Joseph. You have proven to be dangerous. But to survive as long as you have... I am more than impressed. You have earned my respect, and therefore my recognition as a powerful warrior. So I shall spare your life... and return you to the place you call home."

The veins vanished into the ground, taking the injured Gundam with them.

(Dracon's 1st Person POV)




'Who... Who am I?'


'Oh... right... it's all coming back now. I'm Joseph Matthews, alias Dracon.'

My mind was muddled.

All I could remember was my name.

It felt like my brains had been mushed. Badly.

I groaned as slowly I came back to the land of the living. My optics flashed as the familiar readouts retreated to the sides of my vision.

Wait... optics? Readouts?

What was...?

The next thing I knew, I remembered everything. A surge of memory data came pouring back into my processor and I cried out as my hands flew to my helm. Or at least I tried to. All I could hear were screams and cries, and then everything went dark again.

I was faintly aware I was feverish, but it wasn't like when Katz had nailed me with his Semblance. It felt a bit worse than that. I couldn't tell what was going on. I didn't even know how much time was passing, if at all. It felt like things were in a limbo.

I briefly began to wonder if I had reached purgatory or hell. Had I earned the ire of Glob for finishing off Sammael?!

But... But how?!

"...con...! Dracon!"

Wait... that voice...

Slowly, I struggled to claw my way back into the realm of the living. Static flooded my vision briefly before fading, letting the readouts come back into existence before they retreated to the sides of my vision. I groaned weakly as I turned my head to face the speaker.


My wife... and the first person I had met starting out as a Hunter all those years ago.

Her face was filled with worry as she sat by my bedside. Her hand, the one with the wedding ring on, was clasped in my own. I slowly looked down at it, noticing how it was the same one on which I had my own wedding ring. The golden band glimmered in the light and I felt a strange sense of calm by looking at it.

Tears marred her pretty features, only for them to light up as that smile I had come to love crossed her face. "Oh, thank Glob! I was so worried!" She buried her face in my chest, and I slowly raised a hand - my right one - and embraced her gently. I could feel the tears as they dripped down her face to land on my battered armor. I just hugged her close. "It... It'll take more... than this to keep me down..." I joked weakly.

She glanced up and lightly slapped me upside the helm with her hand. "You big dork!" she laughed, although I could tell she was also upset with me. "You almost shut down on us! And I don't mean in a temporary fashion!"

I knew what she meant. But I didn't care. I was still alive. That was all that mattered.

"Hey... I'm... I'm still here... aren't I?" I rasped.

The door to the room we were in slid open and I could faintly hear a voice I knew all too well as I started to slip back into unconsciousness. "Take it easy, Joseph. You need your rest, especially after the ordeal you've gone through."

Then I felt nothing as I blacked out a second time.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I was kept offline while they repaired my damaged and battered frame and reoutfitted me with a better slew of weaponry. Well, more like the same arsenal, just upgraded in power output to allow me a better chance at survival against Sammael or any other Fallen. My shattered hand was completely repaired and my chest armor was reinforced to better protect against strikes to that area. I didn't even know about the rest of the wounds I had sustained, but that mattered little in the long run as those could easily be repaired. My sensors were also upgraded to a newer set so as to give me a better advantage. While they were mil-spec already, these were the next generation, and I had to admit, they were much better than my old sensor suite. I could adjust them to the same settings I had before, but I chose not to. Actually, I preferred the newer settings in comparison to the old ones. It meant that any adversary would be spotted much quicker, and every second counted in this world.

By the time I was repaired, Tina had gathered the crew together and threw me a get-well party, which I was surprised - and quite embarrassed - at, especially given how Dan finally asked us about having kids. I swore Tina turned as red as a tomato and my faceplate turned a beet red at the thought. Nick finally slapped some sense into her as Tina retreated to the restroom to try and compose herself. I, however, buried my face in a book for a good part of the time, especially as Tina came back and that made me blush a deep red again.

The party ended around ten that evening, and when everyone had left, it was just me and Tina. And I had to admit, she was kind of frisky that night; I obliged her when she asked me if I could show her how much I loved her. And boy, was she good enough to make me purr like a big cat.

The next morning it was back to a normal routine. Tina had managed to make me a new cloak while I was being repaired, and I had to admit, all the pockets was a bit much. (But it did give me some carrying space for extra equipment.)

The next week I was called down to GrimmFall, and it was there that I got the biggest surprise of my life. Phil Ken Sebben informed me that I had attained the rank of Class V Huntsman, the highest of them all. I was so shocked I almost passed out right there in the office. But he just laughed and said that I had more than earned it with my reputation. When I told Tina after I got home, she dragged me into the room and we made love again that evening. I had to admit, I was still shocked by the news. (And still am!)

Of course, there will always be much more to deal with in this world. Especially against foes like Sammael and the Fallen. But overall, when the call goes out, we'll be there. Because as long as that future exists, we will fight for it. No matter what it takes.

This is Joseph Matthews, logging off.

Over and out.

(Shows a book closing)

"Finally... Done."

(A figure stands up and makes his way over to the window)

"Maybe now I can get some down time..."

*A female voice calls out*

"Joseph! The limo's here!"

(The figure turns and heads into the room near the entrance to the house)

"Dammit! Coming!"

(Shows a pair of suitcases and a large shield resting against a wall, a beam gun resting near it)

"Thanks for reminding me, Tina. I was kinda worried I'd be late."

"Just be careful. I don't want you to do anything too strenuous on your vacation. Especially since you're still recovering."

*A laugh from the cloaked figure* "I'll be careful."

"Good." (The female figure embraces her husband and he returns it. Both stand still for a moment before the male figure pulls away)

"I'll be careful, Tina. I promise. And I'll be sure to bring something back from Japan for you."

"You spoil me too much, Joseph!" *A slight giggle*

(The male figure grasps the shield and gun before grabbing the suitcases and heading for the door)


"See you soon, Joseph!"

(The female waves as the door closes behind her husband)

(She makes her way to the window and looks out as he gets into the limo before it pulls away, heading off to Denver International Airport)

"Have fun, Joseph..."

(Camera zooms in on the book, revealing the title as it gleams in the sunlight)


By: Joseph Matthews

In the darkness of the night in the shadows of the dawn

(Shows the title before it starts to move down, showing an image of Dracon as he stands atop a building in Denver)

It's turning black no looking back the sands of time are sown

(The image fades to show blackness before the seal of the city appears in the lower left hand corner)

When the day will slowly end and the sun has turned to grey

(The seal is moving before it fades to show the ruins of Flowertopia)

Will we feel the power of freedom with the dawn of a new day?

(The ruins are being bathed in the light of a rising sun, and amongst them Gaufrid and Othmar stand, looking at the skeletons of the deceased)

Over mountains paved with gold to the valleys of the slain

(The images fade to show Omnimon as he walks down a path, littered with Grimm he has slain himself)

Our quest will lead us onwards to the journey of the brave

(Beside him are Shannon and Donny, the turtle Mobian carrying his staff over his shoulder)

When the time has come to stand for the power we believe

(The images vanish to display Katz as he is being trained by Sammael)

We will ring the sound of victory for one and all to see

(Sammael directs a Grimm to attack, but Kat dodges and the image shifts to show General Skarr)

Sometimes in your darkest dreams you will feel the haunting prayer

(Skarr's eye flares as he sneers at an imposing shape behind him)

Silent tears of your hidden fears come to haunt you once again

(The imposing shape flashes a pair of sinister green optics as its shoulders hunch, a pair of dark shapes skittering away from its very frame)

Fight on for the memories of the everlasting dreams

(The images disappear as a glimmering light is shone in the darkness as a pair of fire darts strike another Grimm)

Their pain in the silent lands on wings of glory free

(The camera follows the direction the darts came from to expose Agunimon in his Human Spirit, holding a hand at the ready)

We can go on forever with the darkness so far away

(He draws out his katana rifle as he lunges for a nearby Grimm, shredding it with fire Dust before he Slide Evolves to BurningGreymon)

And the warriors who live forever fight on to the end

(BurningGreymon unleashes his Wildfire Tsunami as a horde of Grimm comes at him)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas

(The images fade to darkness before the camera pans down to show a ship underneath the ocean)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all be free

(The ship ascends from the sea floor to the surface and the camera follows it)

Through the darkness shining the neverending light

(The light engulfs the camera before zooming out to show the aftermath of a Grimm battle, Sylvester and Amy panting as they look at one another and give a thumbs up)

On through the days of glory rise towards the fight

(The scene fades to show darkness before an image of footprints in snow comes on)

And one day we will find a way towards this distant golden age

(The camera follows them to come across Tiger of the Wind as he limps through the snow, an image of his old team in the background)

The cries of war will sound the day

(He continues on as the image dissipates into smoke)

We stand before the dawn of a new world

(The darkness fades to show Tyger standing before the police and telling them what he encountered and discovered during his time as a rogue)

On through the raging thunder across the seven seas

(The police agree to let him go in exchange for more intel on Satyra, to which he eagerly agrees)

Cold winter skies are falling on the battles we have seen

(The image ends before a new one is shown in the lower right hand corner of Martha and Hunter as they are dealing with a horde of Beringle Grimm)

We can go on forever with the darkness so far away

(Martha fires off her shotgun shells laced with lightning Dust and Hunter uses his Semblance to give the bolts a boost, shocking the whole horde into black smoke)

And the warriors who live forever fight on to the end

(The image is engulfed in smoke before it is blown aside, exposing Dan as she stands before a heavily bandaged man, having saved him from a group of Beowolves)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas

(The man thanks her by giving her a map that leads to a nearby set of ruins)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all...

(The image vanishes before a new one appears in the upper left hand corner of the screen, showing David Kawena back in Moana with his fiancé Nina)

Across the highest mountains and through the endless seas

(He sits atop the Royal Palace, his left arm perched on his right knee, an image of his alias, Tikki Torch, behind him)

Our journey ever onwards fight until we all be free

(The image becomes nothing before a new one appears, this time of Phil Ken Sebben as he looks over the city of GrimmFall, Drs. Vist and Minovsky both beside him)

Through the darkness shining the neverending light

(He reaches for his eyepatch as the image vanishes into darkness)

On through the days of glory rise towards the fight

(A new image appears in the middle of the screen, showing Rachel and Nick as they stand before a cluster of rogue cat Mobians who have been arrested for attempting to illegally hunt mouse Mobian infants, the Mousekewitz family watching with serious expressions as the police round them up into large van)

And one day we will find a way towards this distant golden age

(The image vanishes to darkness before a light starts to bloom in the center of the screen, rising up to reveal a sunrise)

The cries of war will sound the day

(Before the sun is a city surrounded by mountains)

We stand before the dawn of a new world

(Several figures land atop the perimeter wall of the city, exposing them as Dracon, Tina, Martha, Hunter, Dan, Rachel, Nick, Agunimon, Omnimon, and Kumamon)

We stand before the dawn of a new world...

(The title appears above them all in a flash of light)



A land of mystery, technology, and ancient history

(Shows Tokyo at sunset)

But within this land lies a dark secret...

(A young boy runs down a street as a group of Satyra agents pursue him)

And it is about to come to a head

(The boy ducks down a corridor to a room with strange pods in it)

In a way no one has expected!

(Shows a boy brandishing a drill as he fights a fox Faunus woman with a katana)

"Hayato! RUN!"

(Shows half of the boy's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a green optic on the other)

"This is for my father!"

(Shows a young rabbit Faunus girl clashing with Satyra thugs)

"I'll hold them this time!"

(Shows half the rabbit girl's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a yellow optic on the other)

"Dammit! No one is getting you!"

(A boy with twin pistols fires on several Grimm as they attack a young couple)

"Not this time...!"

(Shows half the boy's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a yellow optic and a green optic above that on the other)

"Hang on!"

(Shows a cheetah Faunus doing battle with a robot designed by Dr. Robotnik)

"You won't get past us!"

(Shows half the cheetah Faunus's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a light blue optic on the other)

"Tsukiyama Shuriken!"

(Shows a young boy with a pair of kunai as he attacks the fox Faunus)

"Never underestimate a ninja!"

(Shows half the boy's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a light blue optic on the other)

"I will never join you!"

(Shows a young cat Faunus boy fighting against a massive bull Faunus)

"I will never surrender to you! NEVER!"

(Shows half the cat Faunus's face on one side, a shadowy visage with a yellow optic on the other)

A new project...

(Shows six forms attacking a large hydra-like Grimm)

...holds the key...

(Shows a massive robot clashing with Dracon, Seph, and Lobomon) saving the country...

(Shows a massive explosion as something starts to emerge from Mount Fuji)

...and the world!


(Shows Dani Phantom standing before a towering mecha)