Chapter 1; Introduction

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"I can really join your Owsla?" Hazel asked, following El-ahrairah into the sky, from where they looked over the field of rabbits. "Or are you tricking me?" El-ahrairah looked at him, his eyes filled with infinite wisdom. "Oh, you're joining, all right," he said. "The Coming of the Elil is going to happen very soon. We need all the rabbits we can get; it was either here, Blank Void, or the Black Rabbit of In'le. Not such a hard choice now, is it?" Hazel nodded in agreement. Every rabbit had heard of the Black Rabbit of In'Le, but he hadn't heard much about the Blank Void. Apparently, the spirits of rabbits floated in blackness for eternity, unable to do anything else. Slowly, the sky turned white, and the field below was lost from view; he was entering El-ahrairah's realm.

Pipkin and Dandelion ambled through the field, following Hazel's scent. "He never usually comes this far," Dandelion remarked after a while. "He's usually just around the main entrance." Pipkin didn't answer, and when Dandelion glanced over at him, he saw that he'd stopped dead still, staring at something in the grass. "Pipkin?" Dandelion asked. "What is it?" Pipkin didn't move, and Dandelion ambled up to him, following his gaze. The shock that hit him actually made him stagger backwards. Hazel lay on the edge of the ditch, obviously dead. "No," Dandelion whispered. "No. No. No." Then, "How!?" "He was old," Pipkin said tearfully. "I guess he got too old." "We should tell the others," Dandelion sniffed, for now managing to hold in his tears. "Arrange a burial. We will not leave him for the elil!" "Agreed," Pipkin whispered, his eyes bright with tears. "Let's do it. But I'll stay here and watch over him. If you hear me stamp, it means that I've seen an elil, and Hazel is-" he let out a small sob- "Is as good as gone." Gently, Dandelion brushed against Pipkin, then turned and bounded off.

"Hazel's dead!" The cry of rabbits seemed to echo around the world, reaching the ears of liteally every animal. Including, and this would change the future forever, the Black Rabbit of In'le. He opened his eyes and swirled out of his realm, entering the Land of the Living. General Woundwort, who had survived all this time after fighting off the dog, jumped back in surprise. "Greetings, General," the Black Rabbit boomed, the grass whithering and dying around them. "I have come with news about your old enemy Hazel." Instantly, the General forgot this was the Black Rabbit of In'le. Anger burned through him, and he shouted, "NEVER say that name!" he shouted. "You hear me? NEVER!" The Black Rabbit blinked at him. Then, it laughed. "Oh, General!" it laughed. "Hazel, is dead! And because of that, I have come to see you!" The General tipped his head, confused. The Black Rabbit looked around, then rolled something towards him. "Open it," it said, then vanished. The General looked back at the thing. Then, feeling like something was guiding him, he slammed a rock down on the thing. The thing broke, and liquid sloshed out onto the ground. Instantly, the liquid turned into a thick lump, then raced upwards into the shape of a human. "I AM CENARENA!" it boomed. "LET THE COMING OF THE ELIL COMMENCE!"

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