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It was a tale as old as time. Two sides, feuding for as long as anyone could remember. They refused to back down and refused to ask for any semblance of peace. They would not stop until the other side had been completely eradicated.

The war had broken out hundreds of thousands of years ago. Although each member of the feud had lived incredibly long lives, they were, more often than not, murdered. This meant that no one really knew why they were fighting, or how long they'd been fighting. But that mattered not. Both sides were large in number, and in strength.

On one side, there were the werewolves. There were many different breeds of them, and different creatures that sided with them as well. They ranged from size, to ability, to speed. They were a mixture of many different clans, and all of them were incredibly close to each other. The clan that led all other were the Uzumaki-Namikaze clan. Minato and Kushina were the leaders of this clan. Although, technically Minato was the chosen leader, as mates, the two of them ruled equally.

They had a son, Naruto Uzumaki. He took on his mother's last name in an attempt to help grow the nearly extinct clan. He stood at the impressive height of 6"2 at the age of 18. With a towering figure, and an impressive set of skills, he made a formidable enemy. Most considered him to be the strongest of his generation, and he was posed to soon surpass his father in skill. It was quite obvious that he would be the one to take over once he was ready. He was also quite handsome. Short, blonde locks, tanned skin, delicious muscles, and quite the disarming smile. That, matched with all of his power and status meant that many young women were ready to mate with him. Surely, with him, they could produce strong offspring that would help fight against their sworn enemies.

The vampires.

They were quick, pale, and dangerous. Not to mention that to werewolves, they smelled absolutely awful. Like the stench of garbage that was both hot and wet at the same time. The feeling was mutual. To a vampire, the blood of a werewolf was putrid. They could not at all stand the taste.

Like the werewolves, there were many of them. Most were vampires, each coming from their own clans. Some of them were just allies to the vampires, assisting them in their cause. However, unlike the werewolves, there were two clans that appeared to be in charge. The Hyuuga, and the Uchiha. The tension between the two clans was slowly but surely rising. The vampires made sure that the strongest would marry each other, so that their children were guaranteed to be strong.

Unfortunately, the werewolves didn't have that option. They all already had chosen ones. Once they reached the age of puberty, they would gain the ability to sniff out their mate. Many females were hopeful since the very desirable Naruto Uzumaki was still single. He had yet to find mate, and all of them hoped that he would sniff one of them out as his beloved.

However, what many people didn't know was that Naruto had already found his mate.

As a matter of fact, no one knew this information. The blonde had decided to keep this information to himself. Friends and family were typically always happy when a loved one found a mate. It was often a very good reason to celebrate. So why would the blonde decide to keep this news to himself?

The answer was simple, really.

Naruto's mate was a vampire.

Oh, and not just any vampire. No, that would be too easy. Instead his mate was Hinata Hyuuga, the heiress of the Hyuuga clan.

Naruto could still remember the first time he realized this horrible news.


Naruto Uzumaki was in the heat of battle. As a werewolf, he was most powerful at night, or, more specifically, during the full moon. However, tonight, the moon was a barely visible crescent. But that would be enough for him. He could still partially transform. And with his immense powers and abilities, it would be more than enough to dispatch these vampire scum.

The blonde stood panting over the bodies of at least four of those bastards. They had made an attempt to jump him, but unfortunately for them, it hadn't gone over too well. He could hear and smell them over a mile away. Though vampires were notoriously hard to kill, none of them could survive what he had done to them. They weren't even recognizable anymore.

Whatever, they deserved it.

This current battle was going on because of them. There were several territories that were considered neutral. It was an unspoken rule that they would not attack one another in areas like that. These areas were owned by neither werewolves, or vampires, and were in favor or against neither. And both sides wanted to keep it that way.

Well, that's what the werewolves thought.

But they had received some intel saying that the vampires were attempting to claim the area as their own. The werewolves, of course, wouldn't allow this to happen. They tried talking it out but that hadn't gone very well. Not only did the vampires have the gall to deny the accusations against them, but they also claimed that it was the werewolves who had started the initial conflict.

Conflict quickly started after that.

Both sides decided that they were going to fight, until one could claim their territory as their own. They wouldn't subjugate, or force themselves on the natives living there, but the other side would no longer be allowed entry into the area. As of now, the fighting had been going on for about a month. It took place not in any of the towns, as they didn't want to destroy the property there. Instead, it took place in the surrounding woods. It's where Naruto was.

The blonde hopped onto a branch, and quickly moved from tree to tree. He used his nose to try and find one of those bastards. It could be tricky, since some of them did have the ability to hide their scents. And that's not all, some also had incredible eyesight. By the time that Naruto caught a whiff of their scent, they would've already seen him coming miles away.


His nose caught it. It was faint, but he could smell a vampire. It was about a mile northwest, which was odd because he could usually smell them better when they were that close. But at the same time, there was something off about the scent he was picking up. Sure, he was always excited to exterminate the enemy, but the amount of joy and desire he got from the smell was a bit much. It was like the scent was pulling him closer and closer. Naruto decided to ignore it, and flexed his claws, ready to tear this vampire apart.

When he finally came to the clearing where it was located, he came across a single person. It turned out to be a female, and she stood in a defensive stance. It appeared that she had seen him coming. Her clothes, much like his own, was ripped and covered in blood. Naruto's mind raged since he could smell that it was the blood of a fellow werewolf. She had pale skin, like most vamps, with long midnight blue hair. He couldn't help but notice her very voluptuous body. Had she not been one of those filthy bloodsuckers, he would have found her quite attractive.

He quickly caught on as to why he couldn't sniff her out that well. It occurred to him when he took notice of her pale lavender eyes, ones that lacked pupils. No wonder she could hide her scent so well! She was a Hyuuga, one of the most well bred vampires. Overall, them and the Uchiha ranged very well in so many of their skills that it was almost impossible for them to be caught and killed. Naruto couldn't believe his luck in running into one of them! And he knew it'd be easy for him to win.

The poor thing was already injured. Several minor cuts and scrapes littered her body. But her left leg was severely damaged. Blood steadily dripped from the wound, and it had two very deep bite marks. Apparently whoever she fought managed to get a couple good chunks out of her.


But Naruto realized that he still shouldn't take her lightly. Her clan wasn't known as some of the best for no reason. He channeled as much energy as he could throughout his entire body. The young Hyuuga tensed as she took in the transformation happening before her. His teeth became razor sharp, and grew by about an inch, peeking out of his mouth. His eyes went from their typical crystal blue to a dark crimson. His muscles began growing, not grotesquely, but enough to cause her a lot of concern. His nails became more clawlike as they burst from his fingers. To top it off, all of his senses heightened. His hearing became superb and his eyesight improved greatly. Though he knew it couldn't even come close to compare to a Hyuuga, it would be good enough.

And his already amazing sense of smell increased by leaps and bounds. He could smell the bitter metallic scent of blood from his fallen brethren. He could smell the rich scent of the dirt wafting up to his nose. He could even smell the family of bears hiding out in a cave two and a half miles away. Naruto prepared himself to smell the nauseating stench of the enemy in front of him.

...but instead, he felt the entire world slip out from under him. He was overwhelmed with the strong scent of vanilla and lavender. It almost knocked him on his ass. Immediately, a wave of possessiveness and desire consumed him. He suddenly wasn't as enthused about her being hurt. In fact, he wanted to hunt down the bastards that did it to her. Who gave them the right to hurt this beautiful, perfect angel!?

All of his aggression towards her fled his body. All he wanted to do was hold her in his arms and tell her that everything was going to be okay. It hurt, it physically hurt him to not be touching her right now. What hurt even more was the fact that she was still incredibly injured. The heated glare filled with anger and fear she directed towards him only added to his pain.

He saw her sway, weakened. Losing so much blood was taking its toll on her.

"Hey, are you okay?" He asked, taking a step towards her.

On instinct, the Hyuuga tried stepping back. Unfortunately, she used her good leg to do so. This left her poor injured leg to support her weight for just a quick second, but that second was enough to cause her to yelp in pain and fall over.

In an instant, he was at her side. He made sure to catch her, right before she plummeted to the ground. He wrapped one arm around her waist, while the other hand cupped the back of her head. She, of course, attempted to fight him off.

"N-no! Get away f-from me!" She struggled and squirmed, attempting to jerk her body from his grasp. Her claws swung wildly, scratching at his face, and then tried sinking deeply into his eyes. She deservedly tried forcing him to release her from his grasp, but she simply didn't have enough strength left within her.

"Hey! Woah calm down! Listen, you're just hurting yourself! Please!" Naruto did his best to calm her down. This struggling would only cause her more pain, and probably injure her even further.

She didn't listen to him at all. She continued to wiggle and squirm around in his grasp. In this shape, his skin was a bit tougher than normal, so he could withstand the damage she tried doing to him. But he did wince when she managed to break the skin in his hand. When she finally did manage to tire herself out, she almost broke his heart.

She dropped like a dead weight in his arms. Pure defeat and helplessness were the only emotions he could see in her eyes. Tears, startlingly, were building in her eyes. Even worse, some had started slipping out.

"Huh? Hey, what's wr-"

"Please, s-stop!" She whimpered. Naruto's heart thumped uncomfortably in his chest. Her voice, even when filled with despair, was melodious.

"Whatever s-sick game you're playing, please s-stop it. You can j-just kill me n-now." She pleaded with him.

Hinata Hyuuga, the female in question, was already having a horrible night. Four werewolves had managed to ambush her, and although she did manage to kill them all, she'd been severely wounded as a result. To top it off, she couldn't spot a single one of her kind, so she did her best to make her way back to their base. She had paused, too drained by her injury to properly continue.

Now, this hulking beast was here to finish her off. She knew that they could be cruel, but she didn't understand why he was mocking her like this. This fake concern was a bit disturbing. Hinata didn't enjoy having these types of mind games played with her. She got that enough from home.

She was ready for him to kill her at this point. To be perfectly honest, it would be a bit of a relief. She'd been fighting for her entire life, and yet no matter how much progress she made, there was no end in sight. It appeared that the only way to finally stop fighting was to die. And Hinata was very tired.

So very tired.

"I already said that I wasn't going to hurt you." Naruto reminded her. Although his words were earnest, Hinata refused to believe him. Why would she?

"Wh-why are you d-doing this to m-me? Is my death n-not enough?" She whimpered.

Naruto huffed in frustration. The more rational part of him realized that she had every reason to doubt him. The two of them were natural enemies. It would make the most sense if he would try to kill her. However, that rational side of his mind was not in control. The only thing that really concerned him was the fact that his mate wasn't listening. She was hurt and needed his help, and that's all that mattered to him.

He sighed. He used the hand cupping the back of her head to bring her face towards his neck. He tilted his head, exposing more of his throat to her.

"Drink." He commanded her.

"W-what?" He shivered at the feeling of her warm breath fanning across his skin.

"You need more blood to replenish your strength so you can heal faster, right? So drink. I know it'll be gross, but still." Naruto lifted her head up higher, nearly pressing her lips to his throat.

Hinata was stunned. What was this man doing? And why? He had just placed himself in an incredibly vulnerable position. At this moment, if she sunk her teeth into his neck, she could drain him dry. It would taste awful to her, but she could still probably do it.

"But I c-could kill you." She sputtered out, so bewildered at how ridiculous he was being.

"Would you just drink?!" He snapped at her. His voice losing a lot of it's softness. He needed her to drink now.

There was a small amount of hesitance, but he felt her open her mouth wide. He braced himself for the amount of pain he would no doubt feel. When she finally sunk her teeth into his neck, for a fraction of a second, he felt a small sting of pain. Unexpectedly, that was not the dominant emotion. Instead, he felt a large amount of pleasure spread through him. He gasped as she began vigorously drinking from him. It only increased the amount of pleasure spreading through his body. He suddenly became very aware of the erection between his legs. It throbbed and pulsed with need. He became dizzy at the thought of burying himself deep inside of him while she drank.

The only thing restraining him from making love to her right then and there was the fact that she was still severely wounded.

Hinata was also in her own world of pleasure. She'd tasted the blood of a werewolf on more than one occasion and knew how bad it tasted. It was so disgusting that it felt like it was searing off her taste buds. But when she sunk her teeth into his flesh, a strange erotic heat filled her. The blood was warm and quite rich. It was quickly quenching her burning thirst, while also filling her with feelings of lust and desire that she's never felt before. Hinata was so overwhelmed with this new sense of pleasure that she wrapped her arms around his shoulder. She pulled his body closer.

The feelings of lust and pleasure suffocated the two of them in ways that they never thought possible. Hinata barely registered the alarming rate at which her wounds were healing. The two of them began subconsciously moving. They allowed their carnal desires to control them in the quest for sweet relief. Without really registering what they were doing, they shifted their position. Hinata now sat fully on his lap with her legs wrapped around him. It kept him trapped between her thighs. It also landed her right on top of his hardened desire.

Both of them moaned. Their aroused flesh met each other in a heated frenzy and they both groaned, the pleasure intensifying significantly at the contact. Naruto grunted, bucking his hips into her, desperate to keep the fans flaming. He wanted nothing more than to relieve the ache in his balls. Hinata jerked and spasmed as she attempted to match his thrusts. The two of them raced towards some sort of finish.

Naruto's hands began to roam. They moved down her back in a frantic manner and freely moved underneath her clothing, touching and squeezing her smooth skin. His hands swiftly moved to the front of her body, where he freely groped her bountiful breasts. He was sad to find them encased in bandages, but he figured it was for the best. From what he could feel, her chest was incredibly large. If she didn't bind them while fighting, they'd be distracting to say the least. He shivered in pleasure when he felt the hard nubs of her nipples beneath the bindings. He did his best to pinch and play with them.

Hinata mewled with delight into his neck. The sound and vibrations left him dizzy.

Naruto became even more aroused when the female in his arms also allowed her hands to travel. Albeit, she did it with some hesitancy on her part. Once her hands made contact with his bare chest, Naruto went wild. He bucked wildly into her warmth. He squeezed her breasts with more rigor, causing her to buck with more excitement. She even used her nails to scrape against his body. Of course, not in a manner that caused him any pain. No, this only excited him further.

The two of them were lost in their own little world of pleasure, filled with sucking, groping, scraping, and frantic grinding. It was sexy, exhilarating, and all consuming to them both.

The two enemies simply couldn't get enough of each other.

When the dam finally broke, and they reached their orgasms, it was amazing. The multiple sensations that shot through them left them breathless. In the midst of her orgasm, Hinata's senses came alive. As she continued to drink, a voice told her to stop. It told her that she shouldn't continue to take blood from him, because she's taken enough from the male in front of her. Anymore would deplete his strength to dangerous levels.

This just added to the oddity of the situation. Never before had she ever had the urge to simply stop drinking to spare her target. Usually, she felt compelled to drain her victim dry. But everything inside of her urged her to stop drinking. Hinata gently retracted her fangs from her neck. He shuddered in response.

The two of them sat there panting in exhausting. Hinata noticed that blood continued to leak from his open wound. Without thinking, she lapped at it. Her already tired body tingled with even more desire as his blood landed on her tongue. The male proceeded to hold her close to him. It wasn't tight enough to feel restrictive. Instead, it felt very protective. It wasn't unlike the way a lover might hold her.

It caused an unfamiliar warmth to fill her. Hinata knew she should've felt uncomfortable, but that wasn't the case. It was like all the previous apprehension she felt before was gone. Nothing inside of her felt at all scared, or frightened. In fact, she felt so comfortable that it frightened her.

What was happening to her?

Was she broken?

She dug her nails into his shoulders as she became more and more anxious.

"Hey now, it's okay. It's alright. Your wound looks like it's all healed up at this point. So what's wrong" The male asked her.

Hinata lifted her head from his neck to gaze up at him. Her pale cheeks flushed fully with color. A bit of a side effect from having just drank blood. It didn't help that this werewolf was very attractive. His hair was short, wild, and unkempt. His tan skin was bronze like, and in complete contrast with her own pale skin. He also had whiskers marks, which made him look adorable. But the part that left her the most stunned were his eyes. Oh kami, they were incredible.

They were a sparkling blue that left her bedazzled. They were so expressive and danced with emotion. This was a man who clearly didn't bother with hiding his feelings. It was a sharp contrast to the cold unfeeling eyes of her clan. It left her feeling all warm and fuzzy on the inside. There wasn't a single sign of hostility or malicious intent in those eyes. Only care, love, and a deep, dark hunger. They glowed with desire. He very much craved her and her body.

It only caused Hinata to flush further. And unfortunately, or fortunately, it also caused a deep desire to pool in her gut. A part of her hoped that he wouldn't be able to tell, but that hope quickly died when she saw his nose very subtly twitch. The dark hunger in his eyes grew even further.

His eyes became hooded, and that heated gaze kept her pinned where she was. A gorgeous grin settled across his face. Another tingle of desire quickly shot through her body .

"Oh, I get it." He growled out. His hands trailed down her hips, to the juncture of her thighs.

"You're just horny, aren't you baby?" His guttural voice left her unable to speak. She warmed further as she felt his own arousal flare to life beneath her.

Hinata whimpered when his hand trailed upwards. He pressed two of his fingers between the apex of her thighs. She moaned out loud. His fingers were confident in their movements as he stroked at her underwear.. A wave of euphoria swept through her, causing her to shudder uncontrollably. Hinata struggled to keep her eyes open as he stroked the flames of her lust.

Hinata trembled lightly as the blonde pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses up against her neck. Against her better judgement, she tilted her head up, giving him better access to her neck. Her mouth opened and she moaned at his ministrations.

His fingers swiftly moved from outside of her panties towards the sweet lips of her special flower. He grinned into her neck as he found her swollen pleasure button. As gently as he could, he stroked at it. Her body tensed, and she let free an even louder, shakier moan. Naruto quickly snuck one finger into her tightly clenched hole. Naruto's chest rumbled as he grolwed. She was tight, so incredibly tight. He could feel his dick begging to be released. He couldn't wait to mate with her.

Hinata swore that he was making her see stars. These sensations were almost too much for her body to be able to handle. The blonde removed his mouth from her neck, and pressed a kiss against her lips. Hinata, in a lust induced frenzy, clutched at his short locks. She attacked his mouth, fighting and entangling her tongue with his.

The two of them battled it out inside of his mouth as Naruto fingered her. His speed steadily increased, causing her to release soft sighs and whimpers into his mouth. The new sensation that she had experienced seconds earlier began springing up again inside of her lower region. It increased at the same pace as his fingers. Her eyes doubled in size, and so did her feelings of pleasure when he decided to add in another finger.

Hinata separated her lips from his, and threw her head back and moaned. She withered and squirmed on top of him, with no control of her body. Hinata struggled to even breathe.

Naruto watched his mate, completely enraptured. Her gorgeous pale skinned glowed with an attractive pink. Her long, wavy blue hair moved and danced around her. Her face contorted into complete ecstasy. It was an amazing thing to see in person. He felt a great amount of satisfaction as he brought her closer and closer to orgasm. But his erection demanded at least some sort of attention. Since she was all healed up, he decided it would be perfect for them to mate right now. He just wanted to make her cum one more time.

Hinata's voice became louder and louder as she began cresting over her peak. She shot forward and buried her head into his neck as she experienced another glorious orgasm. She jerked and twitched as her mind and soul became overwhelmed.

Hinata didn't get the chance to relax from her intense experience. She was pulled off of him and instead laid down on the ground. She almost shot back up when she felt his tongue lap up at the flesh between her thighs. Hinata shivered as his warm, rough tongue licked up all of her juices. Once he reached her core, he growled.

"You taste so fucking good. I could do this all night."

All the blood she had just drank rushed to her cheeks.

He prepared to shove his tongue inside of her, to delve deep into her nectar. However, he had to pause. He could hear noise coming from several miles away. Despite the distance, it was steadily getting closer to this location. Based on the their light, speedy footsteps, he could tell that they were vampires.

The deep fog in his mind cleared for just a moment. He and his mate were supposed to be enemies, sworn enemies. He realized that if her people saw her fraternizing with the enemy, she would be severely punished. And he couldn't protect her by taking her with him. That would also be a death sentence. For now at least, he needed to keep this relationship a secret.

He released a frustrated growl.

He straightened himself up and away from her. He used his claws to swipe at his chest, wounding himself. He quickly smeared quite a bit of blood on her body. Hinata flinched in shock at the sudden change in his behavior. He bent down, pressing a soft kiss upon her lips. He pulled back an inch to speak to her.

"I'll see you soon, my love." He vowed to her.

And with that, he was gone.

End Flashback

The other werewolves had no idea of what went down that night. He had done a pretty good job of cleaning himself before heading back to the base. He bathed in a lake, before making sure to cover himself in the enemy's blood. No one could tell that anything was wrong with him by the time he got back.

However, they did take notice of a shift in his behavior. He was more hot headed and ready to fly off the handle in a moments notice. He was also a lot more eager to get back into the battlefield. They figured that maybe he was a bit sexually frustrated. Comparatively speaking, he was later than everyone else in finding someone to mate with. They pitied him, and all hoped that he would find one as soon as possible.

Little did they know...

Naruto Uzumaki was now a man on a mission. He had a mate now, and he was determined to see her again.

He wouldn't let a single person get in his way. Vampire, or werewolf.

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