*Prologue: A Worthy Challenge*

In Motor World, Von Clutch is standing on his balcony, looking up at the peaceful sky. He let out a sigh through his nose, looking at the view of his amusement park. He could hear laughter in the air, and music playing below. Things couldn't get any better. Until the cyborg hears a female voice crying for him. Von Clutch turned to see a possum with blonde hair in pigtails running towards him with shock.

"Von Clutch, come quick! Something is shown on tv and it's very bad!" She said.

"Pasadena, calm down!" Von Clutch spoke in a German accent. "Vhat is on tv?" Pasadena grabbed Von Clutch's arm and drag him inside the building. Both of them are in the living room to see a big screen showing a strange looking alien with a long snout that is his mouth, long thin legs, and wore a purple top. "Vhat is this?"

"Greetings creatures of this planet...I come to compete!" The alien spoke in a strange voice. His beady eyes sneer at the screen as if he could see Von Clutch and Pasadena. "So, you pesky little earth slugs like to race, eh? Hehehehehe..."

"Tell us who you are, and why are you hacking into our screen?!" Pasadena asked with a glare in her eyes.

"Well, I, Nitrous Oxide, am the fastest racer in the galaxy! I travel as stars, looking for creatures to test my mettle." The green alien replied. "I am looking for the cyborg named Ebenezer Von Clutch."

"You are speaking to him, sir." Von Clutch said, feeling nervous. "And you have come to the vight place to race. This here is Motor World. We do have great racers to-" He was cut off when Oxide slammed his hand on his keyboards on screen, making Pasadena jump.

"Your place is too small for a challenge, my friend." Oxide spoke. "The race will run around Australia where the pesky bandicoot lives. Have you heard of a name Crash Bandicoot?" Von Clutch and Pasadena look at each other in silent, shrugging, then back at the tv screen. "I hear he is a hero of his own world, anything to save this miserable planet. I come here to challenge him in a race if he wishes to save Earth." Pasadena dropped her jaw a little after hearing this. Earth is in risk now. Oxide continued to speak. "It's a little game I call Survival of the Fastest. Here's the way we play: I challenge your fastest driver to a race for the planet. If you win, I leave your miserable little rock alone."

"You better leave it alone, buddy." Pasadena said, crossing her arms.

"And...what happens if you win?" Von Clutch asked. Oxide smirked at him.

"If I win, I turn the entire globe into a concrete parking lot, and make you all my slaves!" He said. Pasadena covered her mouth with both hands, and Von Clutch felt his insides rust. Their planet will turn into a parking lot if they lose. That's insane. "You all have a week to gather your best racers, including Crash Bandicoot, win trophies, and then we will meet personally. Get ready to race for the fate of your planet!" Oxide's face faded from the screen, leaving the possum and the cyborg speechless. Pasadena faces Von Clutch who is pondering.

"What do we do now? We have to find the best racers around to face that freak to save the world!" She told him.

"Yes, I know. But, he said he wanted Crash Bandicoot to be involved. Can't say I know Crash. But, we must find him fast!" Von Clutch said with a look in his eyes. He walked over to the balcony to see the view outside his park. Everyone must know about this. Racers must face Oxide in order to save the planet. Crash Bandicoot is the only lead. The cyborg faces the possum. "Pasadena, bring up the racers from the park. We must travel to look for the bandicoot who can help us!"

*Author's Note: I'm doing my own Crash Team Racing fanfic, but mixed with Nitro Kart and Tag Team Racing to use some certain characters, but don't worry, this is based on CTR mostly. My FCs are involved as well, so this isn't the sequel of my Crash Bandicoot trilogy novels. I wanted to write this for fun since CTR was one of my favorite racing games and it is Crash after all. I really hope Activision and Vicarious Visions are gonna remaster CTR! Okay, anyway, hope you guys enjoy! Start your engines for this wild ride!*