*Chapter 1: A Big Meeting*

On Wumpa Island, the Bandicoot Family are enjoying themselves by the beach along with Aku Aku. Crash is napping on the sand, Coco is on her laptop, Crunch is sun bathing with his sunglasses with Crystal, and Ariel is playing with Polar and Pura. Aku Aku is watching over the bandicoots above the house with a small smile, feeling peace around. Until he hears an engine coming from the left side of the beach. Coco looked up from the laptop to see a car coming up with a possum and a cyborg inside. Crunch and Crystal stood up to be on guard. Ariel woke Crash up from a nap, telling him someone is coming to them. Von Clutch got out of the car along with Pasadena. The cyborg grinned at the bandicoots.

"Greetings, heroes of the islands. I am Ebenezer Von Clutch, owner of Motor World." He introduced.

"I'm Pasadena O' Possum. One of the best racers of Motor World." The female possum spoke.

"Uh, okay." Crunch spoke. "Why are you here?" Crystal brought her daughter back in case anything goes wrong. She doesn't know if they are friendly or not. Aku Aku came down to face the two strangers.

"Greetings, friends. I am Aku Aku. Welcome to Wumpa Island." He told them. "What brings you here on this peaceful island of mine?"

"The world is in danger." Von Clutch replied with a frown. "You see, there is a challenger from outer space wanted to race us, even Crash Bandicoot. Which one of you is Crash Bandicoot?" The orange marsupial blinked a few times, and he raised his hand. "Ah! There you are, my boy!" Von Clutch said, coming over to him, giving him a slap on the arm. "You and the others are our only hope to save this planet from turning into a parking lot! We have a week to win trophies before facing Nitrous Oxide!"

"Parking lot?" Ariel asked in wide eyed.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Wait a minute!" Crystal spoke, coming up to Von Clutch with her hands up. "Come again?"

"Oxide will turn this world into a parking lot if he wins the race." Pasadena said. "He contacted us in Motor World since we are racers, but he wanted to challenge Crash since he is the hero of this world. But, it depends who is the fastest racer and won most trophies."

"That sounds serious." Aku Aku said, feeling worried now. "Are you two competing in a race?" Von Clutch shook his head, telling him and the bandicoots that he couldn't race since he is the owner of Motor World. Only the champions would from his amusement to face the newcomers who won trophies in one area to another. Crash thought about this and made a grin. Coco turned to him.

"Are you sure? We need to get karts." She said.

"Not to vorry! We have parts to make you all karts!" Von Clutch said with a smile. "As soon as you all have your karts set and ready, the races will begin! The first race will begin on the cove!"

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let's make ourselves the karts and start the race!" Crunch said. Everyone high fived to each other except for Ariel who is confused about the whole thing. Racing sounds fun. But she knew she can't drive at this age and the races will be too rough. So, she will have to watch and cheer on her family. Aku Aku left everyone to gather everyone else for help. He must contact more allies. Oxide wanted a race, he will get one!

"Survival of the Fastest, huh? Hmm. Sounds interesting." Cortex said after hearing the news from N. Gin who got the message that Oxide told to Von Clutch and Pasadena. "Anyone who won against Oxide's challenge, this planet will be unharmed. That alien can't interfere with my plans for the world! I need this planet to conquer!"

"What do you suggest we do, Dr. Cortex?" N. Gin asked.

"Gather everyone, N. Gin! We gotta race to enter! We must make karts! Those trophies will be ours! The bandicoots won't stand a chance against us! I'll be the only one who will face that alien freak who wants to ruin everything!" Cortex said, gathering his tools.

After gathering some allies who will participate in a race, they are working on their karts immediately. Coco is helping everyone with her tools along with Pasadena and Von Clutch. Joining Team Bandicoot are Felicia Dingo, and Penta Penguin to become racers. The Bandicoot Sisters are going to be the Trophy Girls. Crash is very happy to see the female bandicoots again, even his girlfriend, Isabella. Too bad Brio couldn't participate.
As Crystal is doing the paint job of her kart that is going to be purple, her daughter rushed over with a Wumpa Fruit.

"Here, mom. You might need your energy for the race." She said. Crystal smiled and took the fruit.

"Thank you, hon. Now don't worry about a thing. We will win and beat that terrible Oxide. This planet will be left alone." She said. Ariel nodded, bringing her hands behind her back, tapping her foot. "What's the matter?"

"I wish I could race with you."

"It'll be too much for you, Ariel. You're too young to drive." Crystal said. Ariel knew that was coming in the first place. Crystal placed her hand on her daughter's shoulder. "I'll tell you what. After this is all over, I will let you take the wheel while I will use the pedals."

"Really?" Ariel asked with hopeful eyes.


"Okay! I can't wait!" Ariel said with a grin. Crystal giggled as she watches her daughter rushed over to Crash and Coco. Crunch came by with his face covered in black. Crystal looked up at him with a smirk.

"Problem with your little kart?"

"Not my fault that I don't know how to work the thing! Besides, Liz is helping me!" Crunch said, wiping his face. Crystal laughed at him as she hands him a clean rag. Then, they heard more engines coming from behind. Everyone turned to see Cortex and his minions driving on the beach in their own karts. "Oh great. What are they doing here?" Crunch grumbled. Crystal stood up and crossed her arms at the villains.

"Looks like Team Bandicoot aren't the only ones who could race against that Oxide guy." Dingodile spoke from his yellow kart.

"They have more foes to race against!" N. Gin said from his purple kart.

"Tiny squash puny cars!" Tiny growled from his light green kart. Crash looked over at the rest of the enemies in their karts. There is Pinstripe and Rilla Roo. The two teams are even now since they each have six racers. Uka Uka appeared above the villains as Aku Aku came to a scene.

"What are you doing here?" Aku Aku asked.

"Why, we are here to compete, brother." Uka Uka replied. "After Cortex hears about Oxide plans to turn this planet into a parking lot, I have no choice but to aid them into winning the races. We will be the ones to win." Team Bandicoot glared at Team Cortex. Ariel can see Nate by his uncle's red kart as the two mask brothers bicker. She gave the boy a small wave, but Nate quickly turned his head away. Ariel's ears lower a bit.

"Face it, Crash. The trophy from the first race will be mine. I can smell victory." Cortex spoke, leaning back in his kart. Crash crossed his arms at him. "We love to stay and chat, but we must be ready for the race! See you at the starting line!" Team Cortex soon drive away from Team Bandicoot.

"This will suck." Crunch said.

"No! This is good!" Pasadena said. "Good and evil go against each other, and whoever wins and the fastest must face Oxide. Besides, those baddies might have something in their hearts to save a little planet. You did told us about Cortex's evil plan for the world, right?"

"Well, yeah..." Coco spoke.

"Without Earth, Cortex can't conquer it and we all be dead!" Pasadena reminded the team. Ariel winced a little at the thought of it. Crystal sneered at the possum.

"Say something more comforting than that. I have a kid here." She said. Pasadena blushed a little, feeling bad for scaring Ariel. Crystal went back to her purple kart. The bandicoots went back to their own karts to finish up before the race could begin. Isabella went up to Crystal with a smile.

"Good luck out there." She said. "You guys can win this one. Team Cortex won't stand a chance." Crystal smirked a little.

"They just think they can win those trophies." She said. "But I feel bad for Megumi to be their Trophy Girl."

"At least they don't force her to join them. All they care for is win the races and go against Oxide." Isabella replied, shrugging. "Though, we are happy to aid you all."

"And you sure you girls will watch Ariel for a few days while we race?" Crystal asked, standing up from fixing her kart. Isabella waved her hand at the bandicoot.

"No problem at all. We will be there to cheer you on. And Ariel will have everything she needs." She assured Crystal. Ariel came up to her mother.

"Mom, I'll be okay with my aunts. They can watch the race with me." She said. Crystal kneeled down to her level, brushing her daughter's bangs away from her eyes.

"I will win for you, sweetie. Just stay with your aunts. They will take care of you." She told her. Ariel nodded and gave her a hug. Crystal embraced her daughter, smiling. She will win the race with the bandicoots to save the world. Crash, Coco, and Crunch watched in silent with smiles.
Aku Aku came down to announce that the first race will begin in a few minutes, and the bandicoots must get to the starting line where Team Cortex awaits. They all got in their karts and drove down to get to the cove as Aku Aku follows them. The Bandicoot Sisters took Ariel to the cove where they could watch the race from the seats. The race track is called Crash Cove.