HeyThe room

Sam tried to open the door but Lilith was useing her telepathy he push as dean was thinking of what it will be like without Sam and how nice will hell be obviously not that good as she came from it then the lights whent out she stop where was she and
how long did dean have?

The door slap down from its hinges "bellow a whisper from a girl somewhere "Lilith no more games we are here to end this" Sam yelled as dean fell "it's too late" Lilith said with a giggle

Sam dropped to the ground to Cath dean the hell hounds were here they knew it was too late the window smashed and a character with black wings like an angel flew into the room it was a man in a trench coat with a suit and a saggy tie "grab on now" he
said as he latched on to dean "jump... on... Sammy"dean said with no breath they kept in to they air... to be continued