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In the deep part of the world, known as the Ghost Zone among humankind and Infinite Realms by its inhabitants, was one interesting place. Unlike the most, it wasn't just a rock, floating in the neverending space. No, it was covered in the thick, almost unpassable lines of trees, which was unusual, because it looked like there was every single kind of trees, standing together in a strange, yet beautiful harmony. However, not many ghosts dared to trespass, or, heaven forbid, pick even one flower from the ground. They know who is the owner of this place, and that he isn't the most pleasant person almost to everyone.

But, besides the owner, there was an inhabitant, despite what most people thought. She was currently sitting on a tree branch, reading one of the books she managed to get from one strange librarian owner. The girl had long raven hair and forest green eyes. She was wearing green leaves dress, with no shoes at all. She was about sixteen years old.

The girl couldn't help but notice an ominous feeling in the air, she had never seen this before, and even sky looked darker than usual. Plants around also seemed to react. If only she knew the reasons, maybe she would be able to help them, but her father has gone somewhere, and he could tell her why. When the girl turned over the page, she heard recognizable voice.


She turned to the source of the voice. It was a figure, his body was made entirely from vines, with an exception of few body parts, which were made from other types of vegetations. He had a beak instead of a mouth, with glowing red eyes.

"Hey Papa...what's wrong?" Samantha, actually Sam, only her father could call her like that, asked, seeing a worried expression on his face.

"Get down, quickly," Sam did as was told and climbed down from the big tree easily. She hadn't lived in the forest for nothing, "follow me"

"Papa, what happened?" She asked again, trying to understand the reasons of such hurry.

"A terrible thing, terrible thing, indeed," Undergrowth answered, "someone was actually mad enough to release him"

"Who?" She was afraid she knew the answer.

"Pariah Dark"

Sam covered her mouth with a gasp. Every ghost knew about dread king, including her. Her father told her the stories about Pariah when she was younger. Actually, unlike the most, Undergrowth was old enough to witness Dark's tyrannical rule. Millenias have passed since the Ancients have locked him up in Sarcophagus of Forever Sleep. And if he has returned...then they were doomed.

-Two days later-

Sam was confused, and her father was as well. Because as suddenly as the darkness appeared, it vanished. She couldn't understand the reasons of such abrupt change. Little did she know, there was more to that. Then there was one unexpected thing. Someone actually dared to trespass.

A thin, blue skinned man in blue postman clothes and a bag on the side, gulped before entering the forest. What a vague directions he was given, that's just wonderful. 'Search for him in the forest,' he was told, perfect. Nevermind that almost no one got out of there unscathed. At least they weren't ended. Like that was very comforting, the postman envied his colleagues, one was sent to FarFrozen, another to Pandora's realm. At least he wasn't sent to Aragon, which ruler had a very...dragonic character, and he was certainly thankful that Vortex wasn't on the list.

The forest was quiet, which was to be expected, Undergrowth doesn't like animals much, it wasn't hatred, but he didn't have any sympathy for fleshwalkers. The postman was looking around, without noticing what was under his legs. He suddenly tripped over the tree branch and fell on the ground with a loud yelp. That certainly called an attention.

A loud rumbling started in front of the postman. A stalk grew out of the ground. The rumbling was becoming louder and louder as the stalk grew taller. The vines wrapped around, forming the chest and other body parts. The black thorns grew out of the body, and the stalk was wearing leafy green cloak. The red eyes and beak immediately turned into shuddering glare.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?!" Undergrowth bellowed loudly. The postman was shaking, terrified.

"Papa!" They turned to Sam, who stomped to them, "Can you not scare our guest away?" She asked with crossed hands, before receiving a scowl from her father.

"Samantha, this ghost is trespassing, he is not 'our guest'! What if he planned to do something?"

"Maybe we should let him explain calmly?" Sam turned to the postman with a small smile. He calmed down a bit.

"I-I'm here t-t-to give a letter," he said in a high voice, looking at the person, who was taller than the trees around. He nervously took out the letter and gave to Sam, Undergrowth looked down. It was a white package with a black stamp. It was the flaming letter 'D' with letter 'P' inside of it.

"What is this?" Sam asked, confused.

"Since when Pariah sends letters?" Undergrowth voiced his thoughts. Pariah Dark, 'PD'

"P-Pariah? Oh, no, no. Lord Phantom sent me here," two plant ghosts raised their eyebrows.

"And who is that?" The elder one asked.

"Great person, he is. He was the one to rely the other ghosts to fight against Pariah's army, and the one to defeat him in the fight one on one," the postman said with awe in his voice.

"WHAT?!" Undergrowth exclaimed loudly. That was impossible, how could...

"We all were shocked, sir. But here he is, he won"

"But, Papa," Sam turned to him, "then Phantom will be..."

"The new King," Undergrowth nodded, still hardly believing what he heard.

"I...I need to deliver the response to His Majesty, so...can you read the message now?"

Sam opened the convert and took the message out.

To Undergrowth

I, Sir Daniel James Phantom, Chief of FarFrozen, Lord of the Infinite Realms, High King of Ghosts, etc,

Am happy to invite you and your family(if there is any) to the celebration of my coronation, which had occurred the day earlier

Please send your response with the messenger or use any other way of contact

The celebration will take place in the Royal Palace three days from now

Eternal Luck to you.

Sam and Undergrowth weren't expecting that. Scratch that, that was the last thing they expected.

"So...what's your answer?" The postman asked nervously.

"Give us a minute," Sam said, walking on the distance.

"I'm not going anywhere," Undergrowth declared with crossed hands.

"But Papa..."

"No. What if this is a trap? Maybe all of this is just a faux to lure us out?"

"Papa, I spent my whole life in this forest. I don't want to stay here for the rest of it!"

"You are here because it's safe!"

"Safe? Maybe it is, but I don't want to be safe then"

"How can you say this words, child? If your mother was here..."

"But she isn't, Papa," Sam said bitterly, "I know she wanted me to stay out of danger, but I'm sure she wanted me to be happy, too," Undergrowth kept quiet, before making a sigh.

"Fine," Sam beamed at him, "But if something will happen, you will be staying here for a very long time"


"Hm...it sure has changed since the last time I was here," Undergrowth commented, approaching the castle.

It was an impressive change, and in two days no less. Where once were lifeless, pun intended, barrens, was a pretty lively fair. And loud, too. It was hard to not get lost in such a huge crowd. They were getting occasional glances there and there, but that was to be expected, no one had seen Sam's father for a very long time, and of course nobody heard of her. Speaking of, she saw something interesting and was carried to the side.

Oh, no, she THOUGHT she saw something interesting. Sam supposed it was some kind of the toy, but no.

"Ohhh, I see you are intrigued by my mighty boxes of doom!" The overweight blue guy in loader clothes said in eerie voice. Well, he supposed it was an eerie voice. Sam looked at him weirdly and planned to go away, "Wait! You haven't even seen what they can do!" The man shouted worriedly, waving his hands. Sam stopped and waited with crossed hands.

"Go on"


He picked the nearest small box and lifted it in the air. It floated a bit before blowing up right into his face. Sam snickered at the man's expression. She heard a laugh near her. Sam saw a boy about her age, with stark white hair and neon green eyes. He was wearing black jumpsuit, with white gloves, boots and belt.

"What's up, Boxy?" He asked with a wide smirk on his face. Box Ghost narrowed his eyes at him.

"LAUGH WHILE YOU CAN, HALFA, ONE DAY YOU WILL FALL DOWN BEFORE INCREDIBLE BOX GHOST!" he floated away. The boy chuckled, before turning to Sam.

"Nevermind him, he is always like that," the boy waved his hand before offering it to Sam, "I'm Danny," Sam smiled too and took the hand.

"My name is Sam"

"Well, Sam," Danny clapped his hands, "what brings you here on this wonderful day? Haven't seen you around before"

"Oh, eh...we...me and my father were invited," She said, a bit shy around the handsome boy. He whistled.

"Woow, big figures, aren't we?" Danny took out an apple and offered it to his companion. She refused politely. Danny shrugged and bit it, "Who is your father, anyway?"


Danny coughed in surprise, earning a scowl from Sam. He noticed that.

"Sorry, sorry," he raised his hands, "I didn't mean to offend! I was just surprised, that's all!"

"And what's so surprising?" Sam crossed hers.

"Well...he just doesn't seem like the type to have a family," her look softened, when she realized he was right. Her father isn't very kind to anyone. Sam was an exception, of course. She is his daughter, after all.

"I guess it's my turn to ask questions," Danny smiled mysteriously before making a 'go on' gesture, "Box Ghost called you a 'Halfa', what does it mean?"

"You continue to surprise me, milady," he chuckled, shaking his head, "Ask anyone around and they would give you the answer. I'm half human," Sam's eyes widened in surprise.


"Has something to do with my death," She flinched, realizing she had asked ghosts' most personal question. Thankfully, he didn't seem to care, "Don't worry, it's only Half Death after all," Still, Sam decided not to push the topic.

"And why everyone should know?"

"'Cause there are only two of us in both worlds. The second one is a fruitloop who released Pariah," Danny made another bite.


"Yep, Unkie Vlad is a big jerk to say the least. And yes, he is my uncle, 'family friend', actually"

"And why..."

"Tut-tut, my turn," Danny laughed before looking at his watch, "but sadly it's time for me to go. See ya"

"Bye," She watched the strange boy go, though, she still felt like he wasn't telling her something.


That was to be expected. When Sam found her father, well, more like he found her, he didn't wait long to start lecturing his daughter that she 'shouldn't be so reckless, because you don't know who can cause harm to you'. Sam pretended to listen, but she doubted his words, Boxy hardly could do anything at all. And Danny...well, he seemed nice. But it doesn't mean he wasn't powerful. This boy was a mystery, how could he be half human? That would mean he is half alive, but that is hardly imaginable. Then she got an idea, maybe anyone else can tell her more.

Once they were near the entrance, they were greeted by the young woman. She was wearing blue dress, had a long blond hair, green skin and red eyes. She looked very nervous. The woman bowed slightly.

"Good evening, sir, ma'am. My job is to show you where celebration will take place"

The doors opened and the family followed her inside. They walked through the huge halls, which seemed to be battered. They even met some workers, who were repairing the plastering. Some carried the relics out of the halls.

"We apologize for current condition of the castle," the woman said, "We are still repairing the damage from battle, and His Majesty wants to make some changes on the inside"

"And what that will be?" Undergrowth asked, watching how another ugly suit of armor was carried away.

"Sir Phantom has...own preferences. He doesn't even intend to live in the castle"

"He doesn't?" The woman shook her head.

"No, Sir Phantom stays in Human World"

"WHAT?!" The eldest ghost exclaimed.

"Yes, sir Undergrowth, he has own way to blend in. And please, there is no need to raise the voice," she said calmly, "Oh, here we are"

The walls of the hall had all been covered in sparkling silver frost, with hundreds of flying candles under starry black ceiling. There were about a hundred small tables, each was covered in food.

"I shall return to my duties, I wish you a good time," the woman said, bowing again and walking away.

The guests were chattering around and Sam's father decided to talk with his old acquaintances. So she was left all to herself. She didn't know what to do. She drummed with her fingers on the table, then she just dropped her head on it. Sam wasn't hungry, so all the plates with food didn't wake her appetite.

"Bored, aren't ya?" Sam looked to the side and saw a blue haired teenage girl in leather clothes.

"What gave it away?" The girl smirked.

"Hm, dunno," she shrugged, sitting nearby, "lying with head on the table isn't the sign of interest"

"Yeah. Who are you?" Sam asked curiously.

"Ember McLain, 'pop star diva number one'," she laughed.

"I'm Sam"

"Girl, by now everyone knows that. The news spread out very fast here"

"Danny told?" Ember raised an eyebrow, "you know, white hair, green eyes..." she looked at her surprised and whistled.

"Wow, dipstick sure is fast," she chuckled.

"What do you mean?" Sam asked, suddenly worried.

"He is my ex," Ember leaned back, putting her legs on the table.

"And why did you break up?"

"Didn't get along. You don't think, he sure is cute and nice. But maybe too goody-two-shoes for my liking," Sam did not understand what was wrong. But before she could ask more questions, in the far end of the hall appeared a huge pillar of purple fire appeared and everyone looked to this direction.

A tall figure stepped out of the fire. It was a knight in black armor, with the same purple flame flowing behind him. The only thing you could see about his face were two glowing green dots for an eyes. Sam watched with mixed emotions at the Frght Knight. There was an awe, there was a bit of fear and there was mainly confusion. What was he doing here? He was Dark's most loyal servant, after all.

"All hail High King of Ghosts, King Phantom!" He shouted. Sam recalled something her father told about him being overdramatical.

Then the doors swang open and from there walked a person she had not expected to see.