she is a

bright child

she is a

light child

and she is a

right child

. . .

ask her

how we work

anything you ask her

it just serves to irk

{no such thing as a dumb question

she thinks the saying is wrong}

. . .

she is so smart

she is a piece of art

{painted with pride}

. . .


on the easel

the colors curl

what are you to her?

nothing but a weasel

{should've run your mouth less}

. . .

that annabeth

is so smart, daddy.

why does she know every answer?

. . .

{she hears you from the other side}

because, darling,

you are asking

all of the wrong questions

. . .

she sneers

she veers

she's clear

. . .

they don't bother

with her mother

you see —

{voices silenced

before they can speak}

. . .

you think you're wise?

{you might hear those cries}

. . .

the wise little girl

meets her end

the wise little girl

was never her own friend

{she's special,

because she does

the deed herself}

. . .



you did not bother

to ask any questions

of your own

. . .

idk what this is? i can't stop writing annabeth for some reason

also i am not over white collar's ending yet, like damn that show is underrated bc the finales are seriously explosive (if you watch it the pun makes more sense. i make too many bad jokes)