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All summer long I felt very nervous and anxious. And no it wasn't because I failed or anything, because come on, me fail? I'd die before something like that happens. I've been prefect for the Gryfindors for two full years, I received fifteen Owls this year, and over 350% in all my classes, and remained one of the top students at Hogwarts.

But this year among one other thing that I really want is to see if I am selected by Dumbledore to be head girl, but I guess I won't find out until tomorrow when I get back to Hogwarts. As I layed down on the sweet smelling green grass in my backyard, letting the breeze flow through my hair I began to think. The other thing I desired besides being head girl, was to find someone who loved me. I need this void that was placed in my heart to be filled. I had great friends, they were wonderful, but it was a different kind of love that I craved and that I wanted more then anything.

I was finally 17, and I looked a lot different then I did two years ago. Heck! I looked a lot different then I did before the summer started. I finally developed and filled out. No longer was I scrawny and all bones. My hips had widened, my waist stayed small and firm, and I've developed some cleavage, which I was sooo thankful for. I figured I wasn't the only one who noticed that I went through some changes, because just last year, guys began to ask me out and whistle when I passed by, something that made both Harry and Ron even more protective of me, scaring every guy off.

I hadn't seen them all summer and I missed them ever so much, but then again I would see them very soon.

I had just arrived at platform 9 and 3 quarters, when I realized that I was early in taking the Hogwarts Express since neither Harry or Ron were around. I knew that they most likely would be late so I decided to attempt dragging my trunk into a compartment. With no dice of heaving that heavy trunk myself, I tapped some guys shoulder who stood in front of me "Sorry, excuse me, do you mind in he...ll...p..i..." The guy turned around to face me with cold blue eyes and I realized it was "Malfoy?" He surprisingly looked quite different, as in really hot, am I actually thinking that?? His hair was no longer gelled to his head but spiked up and short with a bed head and messy look to it. His face remained pale and his eyes still cold with a sly smirk, but he was a head taller then me, since I had to arch my neck up to look at him. His body was toned and muscled and his arms, which I could see in his black wife beater were to die for. I couldn't believe it was him, and how good he looked and how much it disgusted me to admit that to myself.

All this noticing happened in a split second. "Hmm what is it Granger?" He said as he eyed me up and down, with a devilish grin on his face, I guess he noticed some changes on me too. I was wearing a cropped pheasant pink blouse, showing off my firm stomach, with a patchwork low rise knee length skirt, which hugged my hips and exposed my chiselled hip bones. I was wearing a khaki coloured jean jacket which was fitted and khaki coloured flip-flops. As he looked at me I could of swore I saw him blush, but then he ruined it by speaking.

"Well what do you want then?" He coldly asked again. "Ugh! I didn't know it was you, forget it, Ill just do it myself!" I answered back just as coldly. So then I turned my back to him struggling to pull the trunk up. I could still feel his eyes on me. Suddenly he did something that I never expected him to do, he put his hands on my waist, which felt warm against my skin, sending an electrifying shock up my body, and lightly said "Why don't I just take that up for you?" as he pushed me gently aside. I looked at him in disbelief and raised an eyebrow at him. He must of noticed because then he had to add his two cents in again "...it's just that your in my way Granger, Ill never get in if you don't get this trunk out of the way." With that he carried my trunk onto the train as well as into an empty compartment. "Thank you" I said, even shocking myself. He looked at me up and down once again and smirked. The same smirk which got on my nerves just because I never knew what cold remark he would say next. But once again he surprised me by saying "Don't mention it" and then walking off. And for some reason I felt like calling him back and talking more, but what am I crazy, so he is hot, who cares, he is still my enemy!! Or is he??