1. Many of you told me how much you loved her name and her as a character,
but did you guys think that I just made up the name out of no where?
Haha, of course not, yes I made it up but with a series of letters. Take
out the "E" in the beginning of the name, and take out the "a" from the
end of the name, and you get "lloyh". Just rearrange the letters and
what do you get? That's right "Holly" which most of you know is my name.
I wanted to find a way to incorporate my name into hers. I was even
going to do it backwards, like this "ylloh" and somehow I liked the way
that sounded, so I sitched the "y" added "E" and "a", and that's how
"Elloyha" came to be.

1. Now you all know she has a nickname too, "Evee", well this part of her
name was quite easy Im sure you guys figured it out. It's just her
initials, "E.V." But that wouldn't have looked as interesting if the
students were calling her "Professor E.V." They would wonder what the
initials stood for, there for everyone calls her "Evee".

1. Some of you asked me about the problems relating to Elloyha's age. That
since she was 35 that mean that istead of 18, Harry, Hermione, Draco,
and Ron would have been 28 instead. And that is very true. At first when
I was thinking about the story, I was gonna make a prequel to it
explaining about 10 years that Elloyha spent in another Dimension. But I
edited that out, and her age and everything remained, or else it would
confuse the entire story.

The other day when I was reading the Neverending Story there was a woman in the end, who went by the same name, though it was spelt "Eloya" I thought it was such a weird coincidence, don't you?


This character sure has a lot of information. First of all her name. "Marie" derives from my own middle name, which is "Mary". "Romeo" is my last name but missing a letter which is "Romero". Her first name "Thamera" is put there because I thought it sound like a clumsy sort of name (not offending anyone I hope), I just thought it sounded happy, mischievous, so giving her name abit less perfection, so she doesn't sound so high up there. And the "VI" which is 6, is for nothing, it just seemed that her family name went back 6 Generations that seemed pretty good to me. It just fit.

Also I wanted to make her overwhelmingly beautiful, so at first the girls in the story would be jeolous, but then for them, especially Hermione to realize that she simply is a really nice person. Her looks, from her blue- turquoise eyes, her porcelain skin, and her strawberry blonde hair, and her height, every single detail about the way she looks, was totally based on the looks of Nicole Kidman (Moulin Rouge, The Hours), who happens to be my most favorite actress in the world. So that's where Marie's beauty and her personality came from, just on how I view Nicole Kidman to be.


One of my best reviewers asked me if Elloyha and Sirius are a couple. And the answer is bad and good. They are NOT a couple. But they love each other. Elloyha is a bit older then Sirius and she met him when she was living with the Potters, him being a good friend of theirs. Of course they were only teenagers at the time. But what I did not mention in the story how much time they spent together before Harry was born. But Elloyha was always very distant since that was just the way she was. Then Snape came into the picture much earlier then Sirius, he was one of the Death Eaters when Elloyha was born, and being the creepy dude he was. He fell in love with a child, who with the power she had, she was like a full-grown woman. Therefore sooner or later we all know Snape hated Sirius in Azkaban, imagine when he found out Sirius loved Elloyha, and she loved him back. Yup pretty pissed!

But yes Sirius and Elloyha do love each other, unfortunately neither of them can be together since he is roughing it out on his own from place to place, and she thinks being alone is the only way of protecting humankind from evil.


If you guys really want to know why at the last minute in the last chapters I put Snape killing someone off? Well that's quite easy. I totally despise him! He makes me sooooo upset! He really does! But I guess J.K. did a fantastic job of creating him. And the reason why I kept him around so long, because he was part of that Love Triangle.


Well this was one of the most difficult things for me to do. But it's because of what J.K. said when I heard her talking about killing "that certain character off" in book 5 she said something like this, "Sometimes to be a great writer you have to be brutal killer", or something like that, and I know what she means. Pansy at the begginning of the book was an annoying and pesky snob, but slowly everyone grew to love her, and so did Ron, who was all alone too. And killing her off was only because in the future (sequel to the story), Ron would have met someone else, someone he doesn't have to hide his love to.


First of all I needed a charater that would change for the good, as Draco did, I did not want Draco feel as though he was alone, and the only one doing the right thing. But why did I choose Crabbe over Goyle to be the jerk? Well that was a decision I made while writing the "rape scene". It wasn't planned, I just went with Crabbe cause I thought even though he is a lot shorter, he is still pretty intimidating, and there is something you have to still watch out about him.


I needed a third unlikely couple, besides Hermione with Draco, and Ron with Pansy. And Ginny in my story is really sensitive and the way she acts is very emotional, and doll like, she's very fragile. And I didn't want to put her with Harry. Cause he's an emotional kind of a guy too, she needed someone who even though a bit dumb, his dumbness would make her laugh. But strong and tough, so if anyone bugs her, he would kick his or her ass. I edited out a scene where some guy was hitting on Ginny and Goyle totally tells him off and kicks his ass. But I took it out, because the story isn't really about her. Goyle and Ginny to me are like "Moose and Midge" from Archie Comics, if you know who they are and you read those comics then you will know what I mean.


Well Lavender and Seamus are the obvious couple, everyone always pairs them up, even J.K. herself when Lavender tell Harry in Goblet that she is going with Seamus. So I just thought it would be a good idea keeping them around, keeping the story with a bit familiarity.

Pavarti though, I wanted to make her as though she liked older guys, even though Dean is only a year older. And to also show how much her social life is important to her. She is dating a guy who is a year older, who stayed is school rather than work, so he could help coach Quidditch. Seems like something a lot of students at Hogwarts would be talking about. Especially if Pavarti and Lavender are like the Gossip Queens. And there is nothing like being part of that good Gossip.


Mostly known as Harry's girlfriend throughout the story she also has reason for being put there. I needed someone for Harry someone very pure and full of hope, that's where Juliette comes in.

Her name obviously comes from William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, and the fact that she is a good friend with Marie Romeo, is just a coincidence. I added one more "T" to her name to make it my own. But the reason why I named her Juliette is because, she is very innocent and pure, and angelike. And I thought that would be the perfect person for Harry. He has problems of his own, and his bestfriends are also meeting new people, so it's almost like Juliette's purity reminds Harry that not only bad things can happen, but also good things too, and too simply keep faith and hope.


Much of you probaly already noticed thorughout the story how much emphasis I put on what everyone is wearing. Especially Elloyha and Hermione, being the main characters. You also noticed that I went in very detail explainning what everyone was wearing at the ball as well. And of course there are reasons for that. Clothes usually speak about the person your reading. "For example, if you look at me right now you would be able to tell that I have the flu, because im surrounded with tissue in my pockets, Im wearing a big fleece robe, my hair is all matted and hasn't been washed in like 3 days." by looking at me one would be able to tell certain things, like im sick, or tired, or just lazy.

Hermione for example, was a belly bearing kinda a girl. And you have to think she is very thin she always hangs out with guys, of course she would be comfortable with how she looks like and all that. I just wanted it also to be ironic that even though she is quite the nerd, she is also pretty darn stylish.

Elloyha, another example wears flowing kind of skirts and tops. Her hair flows, her blouse, her skirt, you probaly noticed how much I used that word when describing what she wearing. Mainly cause she as a person flows, like the wind, from one stop to another that's how her life has always been. The clothes that she wears are a cross between Victorian and the 70's.

Another example would be Marie, who out the whole story was described with clothes that showed off some skin but with a classy not distasteful touch. This also was taken from views on my favorite actress.

All the clothes that I have taken tiem to mention and describe in the story, are actually designs by me. I have them done on paper. So they are actual designs that I would like to make in the future hopefully.


1. In all the rooms created in the story, were all from my head and were
purposely made so that they could reflect the personality of those who
were sleeping in it. As the rooms were for example when they were
staying in Durstrang. And I especially gave much detail to the rooms, so
you all could visuallize the characters surroundings as good as I would
see it in my head. They were all made as I went along, unlike the
dresses, which were done on paper first.

**Well guys I hope you enjoyed a bit of this background info on the characters and clothes and names and relationship. And stay tuned for my next story, which the title is still in works, but I will update you one that. THANKS!**