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Sakura sighed as she walked down one of the deserted paths through Suna. She had been assigned to go out and patrol the edge of the village alone tonight. She could think of a million different things that she would rather be doing, but orders were orders. Her body was a tool for her village to use as they saw fit. After the assassination of the Third Kazekage, the village wasn't taking any chances. The patrols had been upped and the amount of ninjas that were currently stationed around the village had been tripled. Which, of course, meant that she would be working more than usual. Oh, joy.

While most of the ninjas were kept within the villages walls, a select few were charged with patrolling the outskirts of the village. No one was given the name of the person responsible for the death of the Kazekage, and if Sakura was being completely honest, she really didn't care who the hell did it. While most of the villagers were determined to find the person responsible, she just wanted to give them a damn medal.

The Third had been a tyrant and she would be lying if she said he mourned his untimely death. In truth, the village was probably better off without him. She'd had the unfortunate pleasure of being one of the people he called on when he wanted something done. Whether it was for a mission or because he didn't feel like bothering anyone else, he would call on her to do it.

After graduating from the academy at the age of eight, she was already a jounin at the tender age of sixteen. She had chosen to continue taking missions here and there, but refused to become a sensei for Genin. She just didn't have the patience to deal with kids that were fresh out of the academy. She could think of a million different things that she'd rather do. Whenever she had been called upon by him, she had always felt like nothing more than a glorified pet to him. The bastard.

While she was not talented with Puppet Jutsu like most of the Suna Ninja, she had her own fighting style that made up for it. While her regular ninjutsu was lacking, she made up for it in raw brute strength. She had gotten lucky a few years back and she'd had the honor of being taught by the legendary Sannin, Tsunade Senju. While the Senju woman had taught her how to channel her chakra and use it to enhance her strength to the point of it being inhuman, she had also taught her to heal. She had learn numerous forms of medical jutsu under her instruction. When it had been made known that she had been training under the Sannin, she was ordered to become to Kazekage's personal medic.

Needless to say, it hadn't been the most pleasant experience. If he had caught something as small and simple as the sniffles, she would be dragged out of bed just to heal him. Who the hell got the sniffles in the middle of the damn desert anyway?!

She quickly realized that she had been lost in her own thoughts for the better part of ten minutes. She shook her head to clear herself of her thoughts and signed herself out at the village gates. With one last wave to the ninja guarding the entrance to the village, she exited the village and began her rounds. She adjusted her jounin vest before letting out a long suffering sigh, preparing herself for another boring boarder patrol. It was rare that something interesting ever happened when she was out on patrol.

She wasn't expecting to find anything, she never did. Most of the surrounding villages knew better than to skulk around the village's perimeter after dark. You never knew who you would run into. While Suna was mostly known for its mastery over Puppet Jutsu, they were also known for producing some of the most ruthless killers in history. Unlike most villages, you were taught that the mission came first. If someone came between you and your mission, you would get rid of them accordingly.

Though she did not enjoy killing without reason, she could not afford to be punished for failing her missions. She didn't know what happened in other villages, seeing as she rarely left her desert home anymore, but she could only imagine that the other villages were more lenient with their ninjas. The possible difference didn't bother her too much, after all, all villages had their own rules and expectations.

But that didn't mean that everybody agreed with said expectations.

She walked across the blazing sand, her feet so light on the grains that they barely left any indication that she had even walked over it. The wind picked up slightly and blew her bubblegum colored tresses into her face. With a small scowl, she brushed the wayward strands behind her ear and out of her face. Her hair was getting long again, it would be time to cut it to a more manageable length again soon.

When she was younger, she had always worn her hair long and flowing down her back. But when she had gotten into a particularly nasty fight with a rogue ninja, she had been forced to cut her long hair just below her shoulders. It had been either cut her hair or possibly lose her life to a kunai to the throat. She had clearly chosen the former. Since that day, she had always made a point to keep her hair short and manageable. She didn't want a repeat of what had happened so many years ago.

The wind picked up again, blowing sand into her face. She squinted through the small blast of sand and continued her trek, determined to get her patrol as quickly as she could. She had a cool shower and bed waiting for her back at her apartment and she couldn't wait to get back to it. She picked up the quickness in her step, newfound determination raging through her body. She could already feel the cool water cascading down her limbs.

She shoved her hands in her standard issue tan, shinobi pants and turned her head towards the sky, watching the star sparkle in the heavens. To the untrained eye, it looked like she was completely oblivious to her surroundings. Anybody who didn't know her would think that she was a sitting duck and an easy target. But it was quite the opposite. If anybody were to emerge from behind one of the many sand dunes and attempt to attack her, they would find themselves with a fist sized hole in their chest.

While she didn't appreciate being underestimated for being a woman, or having pink hair for that matter, she always enjoyed the surprised looks on people's faces when they realized that she was not to be taken lightly. Many people over the years had learned that fact the hard way and she had never been able to bring herself to feel bad for them. They should have known better than to take their enemy lightly and they had paid the price for their mistakes.

Still, she did not enjoy the sight of blood running down her foes bodies, nor did she enjoy watching the life drain from their eyes. But that was part of being a ninja and she wasn't about to quit now because she was required the end a life or two.

"Try three hundred and seventy two.", she grumbled under her breath.

While most ninja's did not keep count of how many kills they had made during the careers, she had made a habit of doing so. She didn't know why she forced herself to remember each and every life she had stolen. How many people's children she had taken away from them. How many parent's she had taken away from children. Though she did pride herself on the fact that she had never taken a defenseless child's life. She had only killed enemy ninja in battle. She had outright refused many missions that would have required her to end the life of a mere child.

The thought was sickening to even think about.

She rounded a rather large sand dune and expanded her chakra, looking to see if there were any ninja in the area that were not meant to be there. Her eyebrow raised in surprise when she picked up on a faint chakra signature a few miles to the west of her. She focused her chakra in the direction of the signature and furrowed her brow when she found that it was fluctuating rapidly. Either the signatures owner was injured or they were fighting somebody.

The medic side of her insisted that she investigated the source of the chakra and turned on her heel and headed in the direction of the signature. She wanted nothing more than to turn the other cheek and ignore the strange signature but she knew that her mind would not rest until she at least checked it out. She didn't bother rushing towards the signature, if the person she was sensing was indeed fighting someone, she didn't wish to interfere. Part of her felt like she knew the owner of the signature but quickly pushed the thought aside.

She knew a lot of people's chakra signatures after all, it wouldn't be the first time that she had mistaken someone for another. She wasn't exactly the greatest sensor type alive, after all. She estimated that it would take her about twenty minutes to reach the source of the fluctuating chakra at the pace that the was moving. By then, whoever the owner of the signature was fighting would hopefully be done. She knew that she had been hoping for some form of entertainment during her patrol, stray chakra signatures wasn't exactly what she was hoping for.

She had been hoping for something along the lines of rapid sand snakes or angry mama sand lizards. They were always fun to take pent up frustration out on. But no, she got stuck with some random who clearly didn't belong to the village. Nobody from the patrols ever strayed out this far and there weren't any teams due back until tomorrow afternoon. So, there was a chance that she was going to be stumbling upon a rogue ninja that had strayed too close to another stray and decided to duke it out like savages.



"Just kill me now.", she groaned under her breath.

She truly didn't get paid enough to deal with this shit. She just wanted to do her rounds and go home dammit! And she had been almost done too, she mentally bemoaned.

After a good twenty minutes of trekking through the desert and wallowing in barely contained self pity, she was finally mere feet away from the owner of the signature that she had picked up. She noticed a clearly male ninja laying face down in the sand, a small pool of blood drenching the sand underneath him. She stopped a few feet away from him and sent out her chakra once again, checking to see if there was anybody near by. When she was satisfied that it was just her and the injured ninja, she crossed the few feet between them and knelt down next to him.

She shook his shoulder, trying to rouse him from unconsciousness, only to receive a pained moan in response. With a small sigh, she rolled the man over onto his back as gently as she could. Though there was a large chance that this man was a rogue ninja, the medic in her would not allow her to walk away from him and allow him to die. Once she was done healing him, she could always drag his ass back to the village.

But first, she needed to heal him.

Once he was shifted onto his back, she took a moment to take in the man's features. To say the least, the male was gorgeous. If she had been a weaker woman, she probably would have blushed a delicate shade of red as she drank in his features. Shaggy, red hair that caressed his forehead tastefully, almost giving him the 'I just had a good romp' look. Dark lashes brushing against his cheeks, she offhandedly wondered what color his eyes were. She let her eyes wander down his body, taking his tattered appearance into consideration. He was clearly a rogue, if the scratched out forehead protector tied through one of the belt loops in his pants was any indication. Part of her couldn't help but wonder if she'd seen him before.

It was highly possible, considering his headband was from Suna.

With a small mental shrug, she allowed her eyes to travel over his shirt clad chest, her eyes zeroing in on the three bloody slash marks staining the material. Without another thought, she reached into the pouch strapped to her thigh and withdrew a kunai.

"Hope this wasn't your favorite shirt, buddy.", she muttered before slicing through the fabric with a flick of her wrist. She gently parted the now ruined material and grimaced at the gory state that his stomach was in. Whoever had attacked him had clearly been going for the kill. She suspected that after practically gutting the male, his attacker had left him to bleed out in the sand.

Had she not found him, that would have surely been his fate.

With a small exhale, she allowed her hands to glow green and gently placed them just above his stomach. She pushed healing chakra into his wounds and scanned his insides for any internal bleeding or other injuries. She found that he had three cracked ribs and that his liver had been hit by one of the blades that had pierced her stomach. She had been expecting more injuries but was pleasantly surprised that fixing him up wouldn't take a huge amount of her chakra.

She began with his liver first, were it to rupture, she would have a messier healing on her hands. She slowly knit the tissue back together with her chakra, making sure not to miss a single spot. Once she was satisfied that his liver was completely healed, she moved to his ribs. She quickly mended the bones, internally thankful that they were merely cracked rather than broken.

Once his internal injuries were dealt with, she turned her attention to the bleeding wounds on his stomach. She raised a hand and wiped the small amount of sweat that beaded her brow away with the back of her hand. She placed her hands back down above his stomach and got to work stitching his skin back together. While the wounds were deep, they wouldn't take her too long to repair. She absently thanked her teacher for drilling field healing into her skull. It took mere minutes to stitch the flesh back together.

Once he was completely healed, she sat back on her haunches, absently noting that she had technically just committed treason by healing a rogue. She shrugged the feeling off, what the village didn't know wouldn't kill them. Or her, for that matter. Now that she thought about it, there would be no way that she could drag this man back to Suna without questions being raised. She would be dragging in a man with no injuries and that would raise a lot of suspicion.

"Looks like you get to stay free to live another day, little rogue.", she muttered under her breath.

She lowered herself into a sitting position next to his body, watching him carefully. Even though she had healed his wounds and he was in no danger of dying, he would be in quite a bit of pain when he finally regained consciousness. She supposed that if she was going to technically betray her village, she was going to demand a thank you for doing so. Otherwise, this man was going to find himself with a whole new set of wounds decorating his body.

As she waited for the red head to wake up, she allowed her thoughts to wander. They wandered back to her life back at the village. While she was as loyal to her village as they came, she couldn't honestly say that she was completely content with her life. Due to her temper and proneness to violence, most of the villagers avoided her like the plague. The only times she could think of people willingly speaking to her was when they needed her to heal them or the Kazekage summoning her for one reason or another.

Otherwise, she was left alone. Being alone didn't bother her as much as it should have, but she knew that basically living in isolation wasn't exactly healthy. She mentally pushed that thought aside. She had been taking care of herself for a long time and she was just fine with that. At least, that was what she constantly told herself. She couldn't bring herself to create bonds with the other ninjas in the village for two reasons. Those reasons being that she wouldn't have to mourn them if they lost their lives and second, because most of the time those bonds were only made for some sort of gain.

Having bonds with people could be seen as a weakness that could be used against you. And when you were as alone as she was, the last thing she needed was to have an easy weakness to exploit. Sure, if people approached her, she didn't automatically push them away, but she refused to allow herself to bond and connect with her. The only people that she could find some semblance of peace with were the children that wandered around the village. She had noticed early on that children were drawn to her like a moth to a flame. She didn't mind though, she enjoyed their innocent presence.

A low groan of pain broke her out of her thoughts and she tore her gaze away from the stars overhead. She lowered her gaze towards the man laying in front of her, his face contorted with pain. She watched his eyes crack open with interest, absently thinking that the color of his eyes suited the color of his hair perfectly. Murky brown eyes tinged with grey stared back at her. His eyes were glazed with pain and he looked at her with a small questioning look.

"How am I not dead right now? I know for a fact that my wounds were fatal.", he croaked, his throat felt as dry as the desert sand that he was currently laying on.

"I thought that would have been obvious. I healed you, rogue boy.", Sakura replied with a smirk. She stripped off the small pack on her back and fished through its contents, searching for one of the bottles of water that she had shoved in there before she had left her apartment earlier that evening. She felt his eyes watching her carefully but barely took notice of it. She couldn't blame him for being careful, she was a complete stranger after all. With a victorious smirk, she retracted a bottle of water from her pack.

She slid a bit closer to the male and carefully slid her arm around his shoulders and carefully helped him sit up, his eyes watching her every move. He was obviously watching her movements in case she decided last minute to actually kill him. Once he was properly sat up, she pressed the bottle of water into his hands, her arm staying around his shoulders to help support his weight. She allowed herself a small smile when he carefully opened the bottle and took a couple sips of the cool liquid.

"You are aware that I am a rogue and yet you still helped me. Why?", he asked, his voice a little less gravely this time.

"Because I firmly believe that every life is precious. I don't know who you are or what your crimes are and, if we're being honest, I could care less. You aren't in any position to try to kill me. And now that I've healed you, I doubt you'd try to kill me for saving your sorry ass anyway.", Sakura replied with a small shrug of her shoulders.

"You seem quite confidant that I'm no going to kill you that minute my limbs don't feel like they're going to fall off.", he remarked, a small smirk playing across his lips.

"I healed you with my chakra and I am perfectly capable of redecorating your body with even prettier wounds with it as well.", she threw back slyly.

The red head couldn't help but smirk at her retort, this girl was quite interesting indeed. He noticed the Suna headband tied proudly across her forehead and mentally frowned. It seemed that she had no idea who he was at all, which was quite shocking. Most people from the village would have recognized him on sight and dragged his ass back to the village and put him to death. Not her though, curious indeed.

"Just who are you, anyway? Most ninja from Suna would have killed me the minute they saw me.", he asked pointedly, locking his eyes with hers in case she tried to lie to him.

"Sakura Haruno, Suna Jounin and your savior.", she replied in a bored tone.

"Are you the girl that trained under Tsunade at one point when she visited the village.", he asked with a quirked eyebrow. He couldn't believe that he had missed it before. The bright pink hair should have tipped him off right away, he mentally slapped himself for not realizing who she was sooner. Apparently, he was more out of it than he had originally thought. He tucked the fact that she was a talented healer into the back of his mind for future reference.

"That'd be me. If you're from Suna, I would have thought that you would have realized that the minute you caught a glimpse of my hair.", she pointed out with a shrug.

"Excuse me for being a little groggy, I was dying a little while ago.", he deadpanned.

"You're excused. Now, what are you going to do now that you're all healed up and free to do whatever it is that rogues do, hmm?", Sakura asked with a small yawn. Apparently she'd been waiting for him to wake up a lot longer than she had realized.

"Oh, you know, pillage a village or two, raid the black market, the works.", he replied before taking a couple more sips from the bottle in his hand.

"Sounds glorious.", she smirked.

"You have no idea, but seriously, I have no idea what I'll do now. I haven't exactly been a rogue very long.", he shrugged and replaced the cap on the water bottle.

"You recently defected? How have I not heard about it?", Sakura asked with a raised eyebrow. Things were certainly getting more interesting by the minute. Never before did she think that she would be spending a regular patrol with a rogue ninja and having a normal conversation with said rogue. Weren't all rogues supposed to be ugly little bastards with dastardly agendas? Clearly she'd had the wrong impression of rogues all along. Or this guy was just different. Either way, it was still a new experience.

"Not sure, I'm surprised you haven't been informed about me. I suspect that I'm the reason that you're supposed to be on patrol right now, to be honest.", the red head offered with a grimace. He had to admit, it was nice to know that he wasn't as well known as he expected to be for his crimes. When he had woken up, he had expected her to drive the kunai resting by her leg straight into his heart, not have a casual conversation with him. It had truly thrown him through a bit of a loop.

"Oh? And why exactly would you be the reason that I'm stuck out here instead of taking a nice, cool shower and lounging in my bed.", she asked, her eyes narrowing with a small amount of annoyance.

"You have absolutely no idea who I am, do you?", he sighed.

"Not a damn clue.", she admitted with a nod, her brow furrowing with confusion.

"Promise not to stab me right away and allow me a chance to explain myself afterwards?", he sighed.

"Uh, sure. Why not.", she agreed, waving her free hand to gesture for him to get on with it.

"My name is Akasuna no Sasori and I am the person responsible for the death of the Third Kazekage."

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