"Alert! Alert! The dragon level threat is headed to City Z! All civilians are to evacuate immediately!"

It was a normal day in City Z. Until the message was blared across the town. The citizens panicked. It had been months since the last Dragon level monster attacked and back then, it rose out of a secluded island where heroes, or rather, a heroine was able to deal with it without casualties.

Tatsumaki, also known as the "Tornado of Terror", is the Hero Associations' trump card. The S class Rank 2 heroine is so powerful that she's never called in for anything less than a Dragon level. Considering Dragons are second only to Gods in terms of danger level, this caused the public to further respect Tatsumaki. This is probably why some heroes insisted on fighting the monster. They too wanted to be recognized. Unfortunately for them, the monster was far too powerful to be taken down by a couple of measly A classes.

As Tatsumaki flew across the cities, she spotted the unconscious bodies of A class heroes "Smile Man" and "Lightning Max" sprawled along rubble.

"Hmph. Those two weaklings had it coming if they thought they could take on a Dragon level threat! Still, better get them medical attention quickly." thought Tatsumaki, as she whipped out her phone to contact the Hero association about the fallen weaklings. As she ended the call, she spotted the monster she was assigned to dispose of. A 6'7" purple creature with antennas and pointed ears.

"This is the thing that levelled a city? Might as well kill it quickly before it levels another one." With that, Tatsumaki prepared an attack to destroy the creature. At least, that was the plan until she heard the faint cries of a little girl.

The little girl was bawling her eyes out and crying for her mom and dad. Tatsumaki wondered where said adults were. The creature chuckled as it reached for the girl, intending on crushing the young life out of her, when the girl was suddenly moved out of the way by a green light, confusing the monster.

"And who do we have here?"

"My name is Tatsumaki, the second strongest in the Hero association, and I am here to ensure you cause no more damage than you already have."

"Such arrogant talk for a brat. I am Vacc-"

"Who are you calling BRAT? Just for that, I'll make sure you die painfully!"

Tatsumaki was 28 years of age. Despite this, her petite form made her look no older than 12. Insults about her size would always result in the fool that said it being yelled at or in the case of the word "brat", especially from a monster, a taste of her powers.

The ESPer launched several pieces of debris at "Vacc(?)" at alarming speeds, expecting the monster to be knocked down. Instead, the creature tanked the concrete, and headed straight for Tatsumaki. Realising the monster's body was much tougher than she expected, Tatsumaki changed her strategy. She conjured a tornado and sent it straight to the creature.

Vacc laughed at the puny human's attempt to hurt it with a force of nature. With a clap of its hands, it dispersed the tornado, leaving Tatsumaki curious more than anything. Was she finally going to have her boredom alleviated?

"Foolish human! I was born from the constant stream of pollution which you humans have suffused the earth. I am Vaccine Man! (Oh, THAT'S his name, thought Tatsumaki) The earth is a single living organism and you humans are parasites feeding off her life force! In order to eradicate this disease, she has given birth to ME! Did you truly think some strong wind could hurt ME? For your insolence, I will K-"

"You talk too much weakling. Let me show you my true strength!"

A green glow surrounded vaccine man. Tatsumaki focused as she amplified the gravity around Vaccine Man, intending to crush him. To this, Vaccine Man only laughed.

"Perhaps you didn't get my point! I am a weapon of earth herself! Not even nature can hurt me! Prepare to DIE"

Vaccine Man launched a punch at Tatsumaki with incredible speed, intent on destroying the brat (No offense Tats, don't kill me!). Tatsumaki was too fast however, and flew out of the way.

"Well, if he isn't affected by nature, let's see if he can take something that even earth can't handle." the "Tornado of Terror" thought to herself.

Tatsumaki found the nearest meteor she could. It was the a quarter the size of the first meteor she summoned to eradicate the island monster mentioned earlier which was apparently called the "Ancient King". Of course, she could've used a larger one, but she knew the blast radius of anything larger would have affected the nearby city. As she prepared to bring down the meteor, she quickly bubbled up the little girl (What, you didn't think she'd forget her, did you?) and moved her into the air where she can watch her. She wouldn't want to set her down in the city for some freak to try and hurt her now, would she?

"Okay then "Weapon of earth". Let's see how well you fare against something even earth can't defend against. Eat meteor, punk!"

A cloud of smoke came from where Vaccine Man stood. It seems the creature wasn't a match for Tatsumaki at all. Seems. As Tatsumaki prepared to get the little girl, who had fainted due to shock, to a hospital, she was grabbed by... a large spiky purple hand?

"Did you really think you could get rid of me so easily girl? I'll admit, that hurt a little but with my true form, there is nothing you can do!"

The 6'7" Vaccine Man was now a terrifying 59'1". Tatsumaki was trying her best to not only shield herself but the little girl as well. Unfortunately, her powers were weakening due to just how strong the monster was. If she couldn't find a way to get out of his grasp, she would surely be squished.

"Damn it, I don't want to die, not like this! I'm so sorry Fu-"

Tatsumaki's thoughts were interrupted as the monster suddenly released it's grip. Tatsumaki couldn't believe her eyes. The terrifying creature was now nothing but blood and guts. Whether it was from shock or from being weakened, Tatsumaki chose to believe the former, she lost her concentration and began falling to the ground below, along with the little girl, until both were caught in strong yet surprisingly comforting arms.

As the trio landed, Tatsumaki forced herself out of the arms of her supposed saviour, not wanting to look weak, and was surprised to see a man in a yellow jumpsuit with a zipper at the collar, a white cape and red gloves and boots. He had perfectly chiseled muscles which bodybuilders could only dream of, a chin that, if it were any sharper, could cut and brown eyes which seemed to be seething with anger and, to top it all off, a perfectly bald head which gave off a shine and showcased his temples, all of which gave even Tatsumaki a scare.

"Not again! All it took was one punch! DAMN ITTTTTT!"

The man proceeded to lament to god about how if they were going to ruin his day with a monster crushing a supermarket with a 50% off all sale, they could've at least gave him a challenge. As all of this occured, Tatsumaki could stare at this man, eyes wide in shock.

"Again? Does he mean he took care of similar monsters with one punch before? Impossible, the Hero Association would have recruited such power already! And did he say he could've at least been given a challenge? Did he seriously just imply that this dragon level threat was EASY?"

"Well, I guess I should go home now. Maybe I'll find another sale."

Tatsumaki interrupted her own thoughts as soon as she heard the bald man mention going home. Not wanting the troublesome task of finding the man again, she yelled to get the guy's attention.

"Who are you? And why have I never heard of you from the Hero Association? Are you some kind of secret weapon they only use when I seem to be in trouble? (How dare they look down on me!)"

The man just stared at Tatsumaki, completely unaware that the ESPer, who was wondering if she pissed him off, was getting freaked out by his emotionless stare. If she didn't hear him scream to the high heavens or witnessed him saving herself and the girl, she would've thought the man either mute or a monster preparing to attack. Still, after witnessing his power first hand, she could not help but feel a little bit fearful.

"Y...you mean you've never heard of me? I'm Saitama! You know, the hero for fun! And what Hero Association? And what do you mean secret weapon, I was just doing my duty and saving two little girls!"

Upon hearing herself being referred to as a "little girl", Tatsumaki tried desperately to calm herself down. Sure, many people have made this mistake before and were sufficiently punished, but this man was not only her saviour, but was quite powerful. She was not going to risk pissing him off.

"No wonder I've never heard of you. You don't even know about the Hero Association?"

Saitama simply shook his bald head. (What do you mean why do I have to point that out?)

"The Hero Association was formed three years ago by a multi-millionaire named Agoni after his grandson was saved by a mysterious man from a monster. If you don't sign up with the Association, you are not officially recognised as a hero, and your work is credited to the nearest registered hero."

Saitama seemed to be in shock after hearing Tatsumaki's explanation.

"You mean after three years of taking down multiple villains and evil organizations, I'm not even recognised as a hero? Damn it! Hey kid, can you show me how to sign up with this association?"

"I'm not a kid you dumb baldy! I'm 28 and I'm probably older than you!"

Not realising just how much the term "baldy" insulted the man, Tatsumaki sighed.

"Anyway, the next registration period is tomorrow at 1pm. Meet me at *insert address here* at 11am and I'll see if I can get you in early on account of you saving my life. For now, I have a girl to bring to the hospital, and two neglectful parents to find."

"Oh, sure thing lady. Sorry about mistaking you for a kid just now by the way."

"Whatever. Oh, and my name is Tatsumaki, and don't you forget it!"

"Uh, ok Tatsu... sorry, I forgot your name already."

Saitama was picking away at his nose, completely oblivious to the frustration in Tatsumaki's eyes.

"Ugh, if you're this forgetful how can I trust you to meet me on time tomorrow? Tell you what, give me your address. I'll come and get you."

"Are you sure? Wouldn't it be embarrassing since we just met"

"Are you kidding me? I'm Tatsumaki, the "Tornado of Terror"! S class Rank 2 of the Hero Association! You should be HONOURED I'm personally dragging your ungrateful ass to a test!"

"Ok ok, geez. You have a temper as short as yourself Tatsu-"


"Ok! Sorry. I'll meet you tomorrow at *insert house address*, ok Tats?"

"It's TAT-SU-MA-KI! HOW CAN YOU BE THIS FORGETFUL! (At least he's kind enough to apologise)"

"Sorry, I've never been good with names. So uh, see you tomorrow Tatsumaki. Did I get it right?"

"*Sigh*, yes. Yes you did baldy."

"My name's Saitama. And try not to be too harsh on the girl's parents okay? For all you know, they might have lost track of her while running."

"Hmph! As if ignorant parents deserve any mercy. Fine, on account that you played a part in saving the girl, I'll be more gentle with them, for your sake."

"Uh, thanks I guess. I should go, I might be able to find another sale."

"Hold on Baldy-"


"Saitama. How about I treat you to lunch as a thanks for helping me?"

"Really? Gee, thanks Tatsumaki. Now I'll have enough groceries for tonight's dinner and tomorrow's breakfast!"

"Whatever Baldy. Now hurry up, I'll have to get the girl to a hospital before I treat you."

"Don't call me Bal-nevermind."

And so the two headed to a nearby hospital to drop off the little girl and while Tatsumaki was going at a pace far slower than what she would've wanted, she convinced herself it was due to not wanting to strain the baldy rather than herself getting tired, not knowing Saitama could've simply carried both her and the little girl at speeds beyond comprehension. Tatsumaki was nonetheless pleased with herself for finding possibly a new S rank hero for the Hero's Association, not realising this was the start of one heck of a friendship.

So, here's Chapter 1 of my story idea. I'd like to once again thank anyone who took their time to read this story. I noticed quite a few mistakes in the story telling, such as completely forgetting to describe Tatsumaki. I'll try my best to write better next chapter. Should anyone wish to critique, I only ask you try to be as constructive as you can. I don't mind blunt reviews as long as they can be of use. If you wish to help me out by suggesting an idea, PM me so if I decide to use it, others won't have the story spoiled.

Also just to clarify, the ancient king mentioned here is the same as the one in the anime. I just decided to bring that fight forward for this story's sake. Also, the supermarket Saitama was in was completely empty due to the alert, yet the hero simply figured it meant more for him and intended to leave payment before he went home, until Vaccine man enlarged himself and crushed it. I didn't want to go into detail about that because I realised the story might be getting too long. Sorry about that seemingly convenient plot!