"Damn it Baldy, you are NOT going to enter some dumb tournament!"


"And especially NOT for such a dumb reason!"

Genos continued to watch deadpan as the couple argued to and fro, eyes only narrowing ever so slightly in frustration as time passed by. It seemed as though by arguing whether or not Saitama entering a martial arts tournament for the sake of seeing just what was so fancy about martial arts was a waste of time, was in itself a massive waste of time. The irony appeared to be lost on the couple though, as they continued to justify their views with valid reasons over a video call.

"What good is there to knowing something about martial arts when you can do more with a flick of your finger you damned baldy?"

That was true.

"I just wanna know what's the difference the strengths Tats! That shirt guy said he used to beat stuff in one punch, just like me, and that he got beaten by the Gario guy cuz he was more skillful. Don't you think that's sorta cool?"

Also true?

With a frustrated sigh, Tatsumaki pinched the bridge of her nose. "You punch. He punches with a bit more thought behind it. End of story!"

"Okay, but what makes it so he can beat someone stronger than him? I'm curious!"

"Sensei," Genos interrupts, having had enough, "say an opponent was equal to you in strength, speed and endurance. It comes down to who is smarter, who can predict the other's moves, and who can plan ahead to counter the counter, etcetera." he says, knowing full well how overly simplified his explanation is.

"Oh. Well, when you put it that way-"

"It makes no difference how skilled he is since you're basically that much better though, does it?" Tatsumaki glares at Saitama. "Now do you see what I meant?"

"... Yea. Okay."

"Good." She folds her arms with a smug smile.

Genos sighs again. In such times, they still have the ability to bicker? A couples thing he supposed, though he doesn't remember having such issues with Fubuki. It was all chats about their respective pasts and trying to help each other deal with their own oddly similar yet different issues.

His phone suddenly vibrates, attracting the attention of the squabbling duo.

"What is it now- ... I see. Of course."

"Genos? What's up dude?"

"A rise in monster attacks, Sensei. I am to clean up City C."

"Oh. Cool, good luck dude."

"You're not going with?" Tatsumaki asks.

"Nah, Genos' got it covered. Whaddabout you Tats? Aren't you always bored of having nothing to do?"

"I mean..." she sighs, "Fine. See ya Baldy." They wave at each other before the call is ended.

"Sensei, are you sure you don't want to come? Perhaps defeating a few monsters will increase your rank."

"Nah man. I have an idea." Saitama picks up a game he totally borrowed from King, the cover proclaiming in an excessively loud font "ROAD COMBAT"

Genos decides that a fight is just what he needs at this point, and leaves the building, wishing his Sensei good luck in his goal of figuring out martial arts.

Having cleaned the city of pests, and a literal walking pest in the form of some humanoid cockroach, the last thing he expected was to be embedded into the ground like a ragdoll by a monster so fast he couldn't even pick up what it was, much less see it. And to think it was only a while ago when Fubuki confronted him when he almost lost to a demon level and mouthed out loud how useless he felt. With another blow to his confidence, he signals for a repair drone.

"To be so weak that I couldn't even see what took me down," he scowled, "Am I really so pathetic?" he wondered, frustrated at himself.

At this rate, will he ever have the strength to take down the mad cyborg? Does he even have the strength to protect those around him? Or is he just the same useless boy who sat by doing nothing as his town was obliterated, as those he loved were torn to shreds in front of his eyes? How could he call himself a hero, when he couldn't even deal with a cockroach without resorting to underhand tactics? The one good thing he could think about now was that no one was around to see the failure that is himself. At least then the only one disappointed would be himself.

When the familiar, and increasingly maddening, sound of the drone neared, he had decided that he would get stronger. He would push himself beyond his limits, so that he could be deserving of the title of a Hero. So that he could be deserving of the lessons Saitama try to teach him. So that he could be deserving of creating relationships with people again.

God knows how he'll handle failing to protect those he cared about once more.

Tatsumaki couldn't remember the last time she was this scared.

All she was doing was clearing out the monsters she came across when it happened. She remembered all her thoughts coming to a sudden halt, and the surrounding air became too dense to breathe in. Before she regained her senses, she had already blasted off in a direction, ignoring the destruction she was causing and simply heading straight to the source. There she found Fubuki, the back of her dress torn and a a cut in full view. In a blind rage, she would've exploded the minions the monster sent against her, had it not been for Fubuki opening her eyes.

Now, with the monster having escaped and members of the blizzard group embedded into the wall of a nearby building, she flies down to check on her sister.

"I'm fine, you don't have to worry about me!" she insists, but Tatsumaki does not stop, analysing every inch of Fubuki to check for any other injuries, concluding that the only obvious one was the cut on her back. Internal injuries could be possible though since that whip looked thin, which only meant more pressure exerted.

"Onee-chan, I'm fine!"

"Shut up for a moment Fubuki."

Well, considering she's standing straight and barely wincing from the injury, there shouldn't be anything too major. Maybe enhanced healing wasn't exclusive to her alone. Good, at least she knows part of her strength isn't thanks to... to...


Tatsumaki sighs, and puts her arms around Fubuki's neck. She doesn't miss the surprised gasp and what felt like a flinch.

"Don't ever tell me not to worry about you Fubuki." she commands. "I can't lose you again, do you hear?"

"O-Onee-chan..." Fubuki reciprocates the hug. "Why now, after so many years of... of.."

Tatsumaki releases her hold, and she follows suit.

"I guess... it took the stubborn egghead to let me know that it's okay to care. To be less of a-"

"Prick?" the younger suggests.

"I'll let you off this time Imouto." she threatens, no real malice behind her words. "Go home. You must recover, for your sake if not mine."

Fubuki smiles softly. "Both?"


"Both is good."

Somehow, she feels like there's some amusement behind her sister's growing smile.

Is she missing a joke or something?

"Whatever. Go, I have more filth to clean up."

Fubuki watches her sister's silhouette disappear over the horizon. With a content sigh, she turned towards the wall where her group was hung up like modern art. She didn't even insult them this time. They were finally making progress it seemed. It felt surreal, like it was all just some dumb dream, one of those scenarios she constantly hoped to whatever god out there would bless her with.

But it's real.

She breathes in the fresh air, flinching when the cool breeze grazes her wound.

"Well then. Time to head back."

The rest of the blizzard group float behind her as she made her way back to Blizzard HQ.

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