Alright, this is different from what I usually write. I usually release long stories, chapter after chapter. But now, it's just going to be one story, done.

Also, I do not own New Mystery of the Emblem. However, this is set after the War of Shadows.

Kris walked around the halls of Marth's castle. He brandished his sword, looking for any suspicious-looking figures in the shadows. With the war done, he was now one of Marth's bodyguards, guarding the area around his room.

As he looked at a mirror, it flipped out and a figure pounced on him. "Surprise!"

Kris was knocked to the ground, and saw Luke on him. "Gotcha, Kris! Haha!"

Groaning, Kris pushed Luke off. With that, he stood up. "Oh, Luke, just in time! It's your turn for patrol. Good night!"

Luke laughed. "Ey Kris! How did it feel like to have me on you?"

"Luke, that sounds kinda gay to me. Not that there's a problem with that..."

Luke pouted. "Kris, you're no fun."

"Well, then, get to patrol. Just remember next one's Roderick! Otherwise, having you walking around sleeplessly is pretty much your own problem!"

Kris went to his room. He saw delivery, which consisted of a few weapons. He took the first sword, and swung it at a dummy. The sword cut through it with ease. Kris then tested it on a granite block.

The sword broke as soon as it made contact with the stone. Kris sighed. He went to the royal blacksmith. The blacksmith looked at him. "For me? But sir, it's such a good sword! I can help you fix it...if you want."

"It broke when I tested it on a granite block. Keep it if you want. I don't have any need for it."

Kris went back to his room. As he looked at the next weapons, he saw one weapon that caught his eye. The blade was shining, with a brilliance of no normal blade. It looked at as if it was made out of diamond.

However, if that was would be quite heavy.

He looked at the hilt of the weapon. The hilt looked like it was made out of a mixture of gold and a few other metals, while a purple jewel rested on its pommel.

The hilt had extensive carvings on it, along with what Kris thought was the sword's name. "Kataris, eh? Fine name your owner gave you."

Kris swung Kataris. It was light, and felt nearly weightless in his hand. Hmph, obviously not diamond. Well, then it's just going to break easily, eh?

He slammed the blade of Kataris onto the granite block. To his surprise, Kataris cut through the granite like it was warm butter. Kris thought he heard a squeal of excitement, but when he looked at his door, there was no one there.

Kris peered out of his door. He saw no one in sight. As he went back into his room, he decided to test it on a lance. The blade severed not the handle, not the rope, but the blade of the lance.

He gazed at his reflection of the blade. This had to be magic-forged, not created by any mere blacksmith. He put it by the door, as he went to sleep.

Kris went to training, and saw Luke training with Roderick and Cecil. Katarina was practicing rapid casting, destroying and rebuilding dummies at a quick place.

Luke saw Kris, and ran over to him. "Hey, Kris! Good-looking sword you got there! Why don't you use it in a quick practice with me, the Legendary Knight of Altea?"

Kris shrugged. "Alright, then." Luke charged towards Kris, sword blazing. Kris blocked the blow with his sword, and kicked Luke away. Luke clenched his ribs. "That ain't enough do defeat the Luke the Legend!"

Luke attacked again, this time gaining the advantage. He kneed Kris in the chest, slammed the hilt of his sword into Kris's side. Kris, obviously fed up, slammed Kataris onto Luke's sword.

Luke's sword shattered on impact. Kris pointed his sword at Luke. "You may be a legend, but remember: you're not invincible."

The rest of his platoon looked in surprise. Rody tapped Kris's shoulder. "So, who gave you this sword? From what I remember, you weren't that adept at making stuff."

Kris shook his head. "Honestly, I don't know. It just kinda showed up in front of my room along with other delivery stuff yesterday night."

Marth came over. "What's the commotion? Hey Kris, how are you doing?"

Cecil said, "King Marth, we're just talking about this blade. It' strong!"

Marth held out his hand. "May I try?"

Kris gave Kataris to Marth. "As you wish."

Marth took a silver sword, and threw it up into the air. He then jumped, and to his surprise, the silver sword snapped into half. Marth looked at Kataris in amazement.

"It's just like's so light, yet so powerful. Where did you get this?"

"It was sent as part of some mail for me. I don't believe this was forged by just black smithery. I'm no expert in magic, but I believe that a skilled magic user created this."

Marth thought for a second and smiled. "Kris. I want you to find out who created this sword. It shouldn't be too hard."

Kris looked at him. "What do you mean? Do you know? Is it someone under you who created this?"

Marth shook his head. "I don't exactly have the evidence, but I think I know." A smile crept upon his face. "Anyway, keep on training, alright?"

Kris scratched his head. "Hm...this is quite strange."

Katarina hurried to Cecil's room. Cecil looked at her. "Katarina, I know it's you who forged the sword. You have exceptional magical skills, and I already know you have a thing for Kris."

Katarina blushed. "A-actually, I meant to tell you now...but I can't he doesn't get it!"

Cecil lay on her pillow. "Yeah, for all his talent, he's actually a bit dull when you think about it."

Katarina said nothing as she brushed her hair. She whispered to herself, wondering how she should explain the situation to Kris. Cecil suddenly clasped her hands.

"Why don't you just create a love potion or spell? Wouldn't that-"

Katarina cut her off, blushing and yelling at the same time. "Cecil! I don't want him to love me just because of some potion! If he's ever going to love me, I want it to be his true feelings, not from my product! I would rather have him to never love me instead of using a spell!"

Cecil laughed. "C'mon, I was just joking. I knew you would never do that, eh?"

Katarina sighed. She would have to tell him about it someday. Or, let him find out. But on the other hand, it was unlikely that he would ever find out though.

Kris walked down the hallways, and heard some whispers. He opened the room, and saw Katarina crying and whispering in her sleep. "No...please..stop! Stop this!"

Katarina opened her eyes to see Kris beside her. Kris looked at her, concerned. "It's about your past again, right? Before Eremiya?"

Katarina nodded. Kris put his arm around her. "Don't worry. I'll comfort you if you need to. That's what friends are for, eh?"

Katarina smiled. Maybe he finally understood. As she stared into his eyes, and slowly got in closer for a kiss, Kris suddenly asked a question that made her head hurt.

"So, do you know who could be the forger of Kataris? I mean, in our platoon, you're the most skilled at magic. So...any suggestions?"

Katarina sighed. "Kris, are you serious? I mean, you should only have one option now. Who could be that strong to forge such a sword?"

Kris thought about it for a second. "Ah! Merric!"

Katarina slapped him. "I'm talking about me, Kris!"

Kris looked at her in surprise as she cried and yelled at him. "Ever wondered where the name Kataris came from? It's a combination of our names, silly! Why the gemstone is purple? It was modeled after my hair!"

Kris put the pieces together. "I understand now. So, Katarina, you, l-" Katarina nodded. Kris finally understood her feelings now.

"eft for a week to make a sword that resembled you so you could give it to me to remember you? Wow!"

Katarina nearly wanted to explode, but calmed herself down. "Kris...could we not talk about the sword anymore? I'm still scared..."

Kris looked at her. "Katarina, I know that you may still be traumatized, even after the war. I know that you can't forget about it, being treated like trash...but look. Katarina. You have us, the 7th platoon. You have me. If you ever need me, just tell me. I'll be happy to help."

He looked around. "Well, do you need me to stay here for a little longer?"

Katarina shook her head.

Kris heaved his shoulders. "Well, guess I'll be leaving." As he walked out of her room, he suddenly stopped as two arms wrapped themselves across his chest.

Katarina buried her head into his clothes. "I love you, Kris. I don't care whether if you're interested in others or not. I love you."

Kris didn't answer. He was still trying to take this in. Katarina hugged him tighter. "Kris...will you marry me?" Kris didn't reply.

A few tears dropped down from her cheek. She let go of Kris and touched his hand. "Kris...even if you won't marry least, accept this gift."

She got on her tip-toes and softly kissed him on the lips. Then, as she walked over to her bed, she heard Kris's voice. "Wait, Katarina. I will marry you. I had no idea how much you loved me. I'm sorry."

As Katarina towards the aisle, Kris looked at her in awe. She had never seemed so pretty before. Katarina looked at Kris, dressed in a fancy attire.

Marth was Kris's best man, while Cecil and a few others were Katarina's bridesmaids. Wrys stood at the center, handing the two betrothed a familiar sword.

"Kataris!" Katarina cried out in surprise. Kris smiled. "Let this not be a symbol of our past, or war, but rather, our commitment."

Katarina giggled. "That was so cheesy."

Kris shrugged. "You've got cheesier lines?"

"Just like this sword...this commitment shall never be broken." She giggled. "Ah, what am I saying..."

Wrys called out the magic words. "I pronounce ye man and wife. Ye may now kiss the bride."

(Cue Katarina's love confession) "I've loved you for so long. I just wish I could have told you sooner."

And, well, that's it! Nobody really made a decent fanfic about Katarina and Kris, so that's why I decided to do that!