They're sheltered away from the brilliant, flashing lights, and reporters with their prying and endless questions. No Yurio, no Christophe or Viktor's coach, or any familiar faces.

It's a no-name, dimmed conference room within the skating arena. Yuuri doesn't know why here — but, Viktor ends up on his knees, gazing up admiringly at him. He doesn't say anything or guide Yuuri out of the plush, swivel chair, lifting one of Yuuri's ankles towards him.


"Shhh," passes from Viktor's rounding, pink lips, forming as a gentle command. He tugs off Yuuri's skate-guard, examining the blade, tracing a gloved, russet fingertip over the siding.

It's replaced with Viktor's mouth, pressing a feather-light, teeny kiss to the silvered metal.

Yuuri swallows hard, pushing up his glasses with a hesitant, trembling hand. He doesn't risk squirming, not with Viktor's face too, too too close to the actual ice-blade.

The other man kisses Yuuri's toe boot, muffling out a low, enraptured noise.

He lifts Yuuri's ankle high, nearly forcing Yuuri's leg up out of the chair. God, Viktor's tongue sweeps out, licking the unsharpened part of the blade. Yuuri's chest burns with the effort of holding in his breath. God. Viktor licks off any crisp, icy residue, before wetting his mouth and dragging his lower lip sensually against the first, jagged pick.

A spot of crimson blood wells out, trickling down to Viktor's chin. He smirks a little at Yuuri's bug-eyed concern and hushes him again, getting up and kissing Yuuri's mouth this time.

Viktor's blood tastes… like new warmth, and their saliva mingling together.

Yuuri's thumb-pad grazes over Viktor's cut, pressing down gently.

He's an odd one, that's for sure.



YOI isn't mine. We are VERY close to Week 50 on YOI Wednesday! That's a big deal! We haven't had some Viktuuri in a while so I bring you some prompted by yurionicekink via Dreamwidth "Victor/Any, kissing other skater's skates" and I hope you enjoyed reading! Leave a thought/comment if you did thanks!