"So what do you want Callisto, you wanna fight, I'll fight." Xena drew her sword, expecting Callisto to do the same.

Callisto just shook her head, an evil smile still playing at her lips. "Do you not get what I told you? I'm done with you Xena, you're not worth my time anymore. Stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours."

"That's the thing Callisto, as long as you keep up your little act of destroying villages, I will always be here trying to stop you," Xena said, taking a step closer aggressively. "Until you stop, I'll never be out of your life." The tip of Xena's sword made contact with Callisto's neck.

Suddenly the cloaked figure that they had presumed asleep shot up and stood behind Callisto. "That'll be enough of that Xena." Ares sudden appearance startled Xena to an extent, and she removed her sword from Callisto's neck, causing her evil grin to return.

"You have Ares here too? What is he your bodyguard now?"

Ares stepped forward, separating Xena and Callisto, which caused Callisto to fiercely push him to the side so she could continue to evilly smile at Xena. "Actually, Leanna and are, as awful as it is to say, family. That's right, I have some family who are mortals, and I'm not able to let you hurt my family." Ares crossed his arms, still standing in front of Callisto in a protective stance.

"If Leanna's your family then why are you defending Callisto? I never threatened Leanna." Xena raised an eyebrow as Ares failed to come up with an answer. "I don't believe it..."

"What is it Xena?" Gabrielle asked cautiously from behind her.

"The big tough god of war has a crush on Callisto," Xena just about laughed in his face. She was seeing Ares protective side, something she'd never thought she'd see.

Callisto glared at Ares, shoving him hard away from her, before quickly drawing her sword and placing it against Ares' neck. "If that is true, I'd have to end your life right now."

Ares rolled his eyes and tossed the sword aside effortlessly. "Do you forget I'm a god?"

"Don't take it personal Ares, but I don't think your warrior girl has mutual feelings for you. I'll be keeping a close watch on the three of you these next few days, because something doesn't seem right here." Xena turned away from them and went back up the stairs, as Gabrielle glared for a second more before following.

Leanna tried to hide her laughter at Callisto's obvious dislike of Ares. "Honestly Callisto, I'm not sure if it's the act your putting up or for real, but the look on your face when Xena said that Ares had a crush on you was priceless."

"If he does it's not going to happen," Callisto stared pointedly at the god of war. "I won't play the game of love, it'll just bring me weakness."


Sitting inside the hut for hours was something that had once bored her, but now she had come to tolerate it, rather than go to the inn with Leanna. For at the inn, there was Xena, and Xena caused her unending misery. She did not want to see her face again.

Leanna gently caressed Callisto's cheek like a mother would. "I'll be back this evening, I'll see you then."

Callisto watched Leanna turn and walk away, hearing the click of her boots against the wood floorboards. Then she was gone, the last sound being of the door closing behind her. She was all alone.

The boredom that came with staying at Leanna's hut was nothing compared to the pain she felt after seeing Xena. It was something she had always experienced, but in different forms. Before, she would feel hatred and anger, and after seeing her face would train harder than ever, swinging her sword and screaming as she beat against rocks and tree stumps. Now when she saw Xena, she felt pain and sadness, and she wished she could go back to the way it used to be.

A single tear slipped down out of her eye. She had been right all along. She had been strong until she had finally cried, then she became weak. She would never understand how Leanna was so pure, and calm. She had been scarred forever.

"Fancy seeing you here." His voice alone caused her anger to grow.

"Go away Ares." Callisto's warning tone was one to be wary of.

"Hey, I defended you, Xena was-"

"I said go away!" In an instant, Callisto whipped her dagger straight at Ares with full force. Of course, being a god, he defected it so that it stuck into the floor.

"Alright then. I'll come back later." The room went silent once more as he disappeared.

Callisto buried her head in her hands. Why was it all so difficult now?