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Touma woke up that morning feeling refreshed, relaxed, and most importantly, unmolested.

As this sort of thing didn't usually happen with Lessar around, Touma was momentarily confused.

"Lessar?" He called out uncertainly. No response came and Touma got up out of bed. The first placed he checked was the bathroom, but the door was open and it was empty. The second place he searched was the kitchen, which was also empty. There wasn't even a note from Lessar indicating where she had gone. "Seriously? After everything you pulled the last few days, you disappear now?" He froze. "Please say she's not planning anything," he prayed. Still, her absence proved to be a boon as it allowing him to do something he had been meaning to do for ages.

His summer homework, which still remained untouched.

After getting changed and grabbing a drink from the fridge, Touma was determined to get started on it before Lessar returned.

For the next hour or so, only the scribbling of a pencil and an occasionally obscenity penetrated the silence as Touma tried to get as much done as possible. Knowing Lessar was increasing her attacks, he had to make use of the peace. The homework was proving more problematic than he thought and he could hardly ask for help from Mikoto. One, it was embarrassing to ask a girl younger than him for help and two, after yesterday he probably should avoid her for a while. He crossed off the incorrect answer for the third time when the door to his dorm room burst open.

"Lover Boy!" Lessar called out. "Get your butt out of… oh, you're up."

"What have you been up to so early?" Touma asked, looking up from his work.

"Preparing a surprise," Lessar answered innocently, as she began rummaging in the fridge for a drink. "Phew, I can't wait for the weather to cool down."

"What kind of surprise?" Touma questioned, pushing his homework onto his bed. With Lessar, that single word could mean a great many things.

"We are going to go out and have some fun!" Declared Lessar.

"And that means?"

"Why do you sound so defensive!?"

"Because it's you! Your definition of fun is vastly different from any other person!"

"…I'll give you that," Lessar relented after a moment's hesitation. "But in all honesty, a normal guy would have jumped at the chance to have that kind of fun. No." She walked up and slapped something down on the table in front of Touma. "I went and got these."

Touma's eyes fell on a pair of tickets.

"What are these?" he asked, reaching out and picking them up.

"I won them in a lottery," Lessar bragged. "You know, the type where you spin the container and a ball pops out. It was only 100 yen, so I thought, why not? The gold ball was a two day and two night stay at a spa." Her smile faltered. "But I got the silver ball and the second place prize was two tickets to the amusement park. So get up, lazy bones and let's go have some fun!"

Thank god she didn't win the gold ball.

"If would be a shame to waste them." Touma admitted, as he stood up and stretched. "And that's a rather normal thing coming from you."

"Hey… huh. I'm not sure if I should be insulted by that or not."

"I said I'll go with you," Touma explained quickly, before Lessar could think of a way to misconstrue his words. "It's been ages since I've been to an amusement park. But why didn't you let me know before you left? I would have gone with you."

"Mostly because I wasn't sure what I was going to do." Lessar admitted. "After last night… I wanted to do something together that you would consider normal." Touma suddenly felt horrible he suspected her of anything. "And let's say you did come with me, do you think we could have won a prize?" She grinned at him.

"Good point." Touma regretted telling her about his luck. "My misfortune would have caused me to lose all my money or something."

"Then let's go!" Lessar ordered and grabbed his arm before she pulled him out the door.

"Since you won the tickets," Touma offered to Lessar. "Go ahead and choose what we should ride."

"That's obvious," Lessar stated and pointed to one of the roller coasters. "There first."

"Of course." Touma sighed exasperatedly as Lessar pulled him after her.

Lessar's energy that day seemed almost boundless. They went on ride after ride, one after another, without stopping. From what Touma knew about Lessar, she had a rough childhood and might not have had opportunities to relax at amusement parks. It would at least explain why she wanted to ride on all the roller coasters half a dozen times each. They also rode countless of those rides that spun at high speeds and the high drops. There was even a log ride where the two of them got soaked. Until they dried off, Touma was aware Lessar was extremely clingy to him. After about three hours, Touma couldn't continue.

"Can we… take… a break." He panted and collapsed on a bench.

"Tired already?" Lessar asked, as she leaned over and looked down at him. "You fought in a civil war, stood against the entire world, and beat a magic god, yet a couple hours of rides tires you out?"

"To each… his own." Touma replied weakly. Lessar poked his cheek repeatedly. "Quit it."

"Fine." Lessar huffed. "Take it easy and I'll get us some drinks. I'm thirsty too and I don't want you to get dehydrated or anything. Taking care of you was a lot of work and I don't want to do it again. I'm the poor delicate girl. You're supposed to be taking care of me."

"Don't think colds are that picky," Touma chuckled. Delicate?

"You're lucky that I'm so thoughtful." Lessar told him, but her voice was cheerful. "Don't go anywhere, I'll be right back."

Touma nodded and watched her bound off toward a drink stall.

If she wasn't such a deviant, Touma thought. She would actually be a really good girlfriend. He face burned and he covered his eyes with his arm. Great, I'm already thinking of her like that. He took a deep breath to try and calm himself. I'm not denying she's cute and she has been the only girl to actually ask me out… but it wouldn't work out. She's a magician and I'm kind of allied with the science side besides, she's too young for me.

Only a couple years, a small voice in the back of his mind spoke up. Soon, it won't even matter.

I can't believe I'm arguing within myself, Touma groaned internally. And it's about a girl. Sure, she's more mature than her actual age, being a magician isn't a walk in the park, and she is helpful; when she's not teasing me. Shoot, if didn't say so many sexual innuendos when we first met, this might not actually be such a difficult decision. I wonder if she would just be content with being friends. She has done a lot for me since Russia.

Something cold pressed up against his neck.

"Ah!" Touma jumped and looked around for the culprit.

"Hahaha," Lessar leaned over the back of the bench laughing. "You should have seen your face." She pressed a can into Touma's hand. "Enjoy."

"Thanks," Touma mumbled and accepted it gratefully.

"Your face is kind of red, you know?" Lessar pointed out with a sadistic grin. "Thinking about me that way? You're such a perv, Lover Boy."

"No!" Touma lied, but Lessar's grin never faltered. Damn, is she a mind reader? "The heat and the rides must be getting to me." He sipped his drink as Lessar parked herself next to him. When she leaned her head against his shoulder, he didn't even complain. She had just brought him a drink. "Can the next few rides be slower?" He asked, half pleading.

"I guess I can for you," Lessar replied, sipping her own drink. "Are you still letting me choose?"

"We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you," Touma reminded her. "So go ahead."


Lessar went silent for a moment in thought and Touma took the opportunity to enjoy the silence. It wasn't often where things were quiet with Lessar being nearby. Usually, quiet meant she was up to something. People passed them going along their business and then a couple girls passed them.

"Look at those two," A girl with a flower headband whispered to her friend. "They are so cute together."

Touma's face flushed and the girl's friend laughed.

"I think he heard you," The other girl whispered back, chuckling slightly. For some reason, she thought Touma looked familiar, but couldn't put her finger on it.

Lessar's ears twitched at the girls' conversations and thought of something devious. She entwined her left arm around Touma's right, clasped their hands together, and then leaned over. Before he could react, she had planted a kiss on his cheek. The flower girl gasped and covered her mouth while the slightly taller girl looked surprised, but gave Lessar a thumbs up.

"We should get going, Uiharu," The taller girl mentioned, more out of a courtesy than shock or embarrassment, while tugging on her friend's sleeve.

"So bold," The flower girl muttered as the two snuck off. "That seemed almost lewd."

"What was that!? Touma demanded, after the two girls left.

"Staking claims." Lessar replied nonchalantly and finished the rest of her drink. "You heard them, we make a good couple."

"That's beside the point!" Touma exclaimed and then lowered his voice. "You didn't have to do that. They weren't even planning to talk to us."

"Aww," Lessar cooed and poked his cheek. "Did I make you embarrassed? How about I give you the opportunity to embarrass me? I'll do any embarrassing act you want."

"Why does it sound like you're trying to trick me somehow?"

"No idea what you mean." Lessar replied and whistled innocently with her hands behind her head. Touma eyed her suspiciously. "It definitely isn't to try to open you up so you're more willing to return my advances. I have other ideas for that."

"Is it bad that I can't tell if you're joking anymore?" Touma moaned and she giggled. "So… I can tell you to do anything and you will do it?"

"Yep," Lessar said proudly and put her hand on her chest. "I'm the Queen of truth and dare back home. So trust me, nothing you can say will impact me."

"Really?" Touma asked with a raised eyebrow. "You might regret those words."

"We both know you aren't going to order me to do anything extreme." Challenged Lessar.

"You might regret those words." Touma pointed out.

"Try me." Lessar stuck out her tongue at him. "I'm perfectly capable of streaking naked across the park if you want." Touma's ears started burning and he diverted eye contact. "Imagined that, huh? I bet you liked it."

"I know what my order is." Touma finally said.

"Bring it on."

"I order you…" Touma stated dramatically. "Not to embarrass me in public for the rest of the day."

There was a moment of silence.


Whatever Lessar had expected, it wasn't that.

"B-but-…" she spluttered. "You could have ordered me to do anything! You could have taken me in the bathroom stall and I wouldn't have minded."

"That's just it!" Touma declared triumphantly and pointed his finger in her face. "You love embarrassing acts like that. Anything I could have thought of and actually got the nerve to order you to do, you would have done so happily. So, in order to get my revenge, I have to prevent you from having that thrill. Now, you can't embarrass me." He grinned. "By your reaction, I think I succeeded."

"Gah!" Lessar cried and pulled at her hair in frustration. Touma had played her perfectly. "Why are you so complicated!?" She fell back in her seat and crossed her arms in annoyance. "Fine, you win, but I can still hold on to your arm for the rest of this date."

"I suppose that's fine," Touma relented, trying not to be too hard on her. "Nothing past that though." He missed the last part of what she said.

"Can I kiss-…"



"So… did you think of where you wanted to go on next?"

"Yes," Lessar huffed, still slightly upset Touma had one-upped her. "But now we can't go."

"I'm going to regret this." Touma sighed. He felt bad at the sight of a disappointed Lessar. While he didn't like being embarrassed, Lessar had never done anything over the top in public. "But where did you want to go next?" Lessar glanced over at him.

"Tunnel of Love."


"You said you wanted to go on something relaxing." Lessar pointed out. "And it's a nice relaxing ride where I could cuddle up with you. Plus, most of it is air conditioned so it's a break from the heat." She clicked her tongue. "I was going to surprise you at the last minute."

"Now that I know," Touma muttered and rubbed his chin. "...I suppose that's okay." Lessar turned and gaped at him.

"Really?" Her stare soon became suspicious. "Okay, what's up?"

"I know it's for couples," Touma admitted. "And you told me you have feelings for me. When I was sick, you were kind enough to help me out." He rubbed his head with his hand. "I know saying 'as friends' won't be enough after last night, but I'm okay with riding it with you. I can agree that it would be a good break to get out of the sun." Lessar brighten up immediately.

"So does that mean you accepted my confession?" she asked excitedly.

"I accepted it might, I repeat might, be possible," Touma relented. "That's all I can promise right now."

"Good enough," Lessar said and grabbed his hand to pull him off the bench. "Let's go!"

Touma followed her without protest. Sure, it was a tiny bit embarrassing to get in line for the tunnel of love, but it was a lot less so knowing about it ahead of time. A smiling and cheerful girl next to him did give him a small feeling of pride. He only noticed an occasionally glance from the others on occasion. To them, they were just a couple in line for a ride. Things moved quickly enough and Touma soon found himself in one of those red and pink boats. The conductor waved to them and they began to float along the indoor river. The doors behind them shut and lights and music turned on.

It was pretty much what Touma expected, not having ridden it before. Red, white, and pink hearts, gentle music, cupids and other decorations covered the walls and ceiling around them. If he had brought a girlfriend his age with him, he might have looked forward to the ride. The thing was, after all the fast pace rides before this one, the sudden slow boat ride wasn't nearly as exciting. It only took one look at Lessar for him to know she felt the same way about this as he did.

This was going to be boring.

If things went as the designers intended.

It didn't take Touma long to realize he had made an important mistake earlier. He didn't notice something move in the boat, but did feel his pants become looser. His eyes glanced down and he noticed they were unbuttoned.

Then Lessar's hand moved into his boxers.

"What are you doing?" Touma hissed, reached down to grab her arm. He was too slow and Lessar's hand clamped down upon his manhood. To make matters worse, it immediately grew when her smooth skin wrapped around it.

"Making this ride more interesting," Lessar replied and began to move her hand. "It's the tunnel of love for a reason."

"You promised… you wouldn't do… something like this," Touma gasped, as the familiar sense of bliss rippled through him. His shame increased as his penis twitched from excitement and extended a little further.

"You said in public," Lessar reminded him. Her hand continued at a slow and constant pace. "I consider the two of us, alone, to be in a perfectly private place." Her hand moved slightly faster.

"Lessar…"Touma tried to concentrate on keeping his composure, but each time Lessar changed direction, his meat stick danced along with her. She literally had him in the palm of her hand.

"Did you want me to stop?" Lessar asked innocently, moving her hand ever slightly faster. "I feel we tried something like this before and you couldn't lie to your body." She leaned closer to him and her breath caused a shiver down his spine, as it brushed passed his ear. "Tell me what you want," She whispered.

Again, she gave him a way out.

And, again, he couldn't take it.

"Keep… going," He whispered back and Lessar's grin exploded.

"It's such a big, strong, cock," Lessar whispered, purposely talking in a more vulgar manner. Touma hated to admit it, but it turned him on. The problem was, Lessar could tell because his throbbing manhood betrayed his every thought. "I bet something this big would tear me in half. Interested in trying?"

Touma tried to reply but she started twisting her hand. She wasn't being gentle and there was a few small sparks of pain between the waves of pleasure

Touma hated the fact it only made the experience even better.

"Tell me it feels good." Lessar whispered. "Tell me how good my dainty little hand makes you feel."

"It's…perfect," Touma moaned and Lessar's eye widened. The painful pressure of his baby batter was beginning to form and he either had to release or hold off until Lessar stopped. He wasn't sure how long he could last against her silk like skin brushing against his organ.

"You're just the man I knew you were." Lessar told him. "I bet you like being humiliated, right? That's why you never get mad at me."

"That's not true," Touma said and, for a moment, he managed to get ahold of himself. At his words, he could feel Lessar's hands slow down ever so slightly. "There's nothing to get mad about. Close people always tease each other…hck." He ended with a sharp intake of air as Lessar's hand clamped down slightly harder on him.

"Are you happy that we're close?" Lessar asked curiously, her hand moving unconsciously.

"Who wouldn't be happy being friends with a cute girl like you?" Touma asked. "It's just… we are moving… a little fast."

He stared into her eyes; his face flushed with the effort to hold back from releasing due to Lessar's skillfully placed hand. His breathing was labored due to the constant waves of pleasure. This time, he wasn't alone.

Lessar's face was red too.

It wasn't the fact Touma called her cute, well, that wasn't entirely true. Lessar had been called cute by classmates before when she began to develop earlier than the other girls. The word itself wasn't that important. What was important was that it came from Touma and how honest it sounded in her ears. The very shock of that caused her hand to freeze. Then there was the second half of his words. That alone caused the emotions inside her to roar to life like a great blaze.

He accepted her feelings and only wanted to slow down.

"Do you mean that?" She asked softly. Her hand slowly emerged from Touma's pants and she rested it in her lap. "You don't hate me?"

"I know we haven't known each other for a long time." Touma explained, now able to talk normally due to his privates not being stimulated by silk. He quickly buttoned up before he forgot and they reached the end of the ride. "During that time, we have been on opposite end of struggles and fought side by side with our lives on the line. I know a little bit about your past, your struggles, and I learned about you as a person. While you are a little… promiscuous, I notice you always kept my feelings in mind. You kept asking if I was okay with this and didn't force yourself past the point of no return." He gave her a small smile. "My only real complain is you publicly embarrassing me and it's mostly just saying things you know I misconstrue."

"It's really fun," Lessar admitted grinning. "Your reactions are priceless."

"That's what my friends say," Touma sighed, thinking back to his two best friends from class. He shook his head and focused on Lessar. "So no, I don't hate you; never have." He paused. "What I'm trying to say is, let's go a little slower. No trying to trick me into sex or something. Take it slow and see what happens. I'm still a little concerned about ages and our situations with both sides, so the future might be rough."

"Wait…" Lessar tilted her head and raised an eyebrow. Things were looking good, but she had to be sure. Touma proved he could be good with word games. "Does that mean you're willing to date me?"

"That's a way to get to know someone, right?" Touma pointed out. "It's not like I'm seeing anyone. Before someone confesses, they usually know a little bit about the other person. We already did that step. Dating is how we can check to see if we are… compatible." He rubbed the back of his head. "You kind of… er… made your intentions clear the last few days. That definitely could not be misconstrued as your usually teasing."

Lessar's staring at him was making him feel uncomfortable and then Touma remember the words of his friend Pierce Aogami.

Listen, Kami-yan. As much as people want to pretend logic in anime and manga do not apply in real life, they do. Take for example when a girl expects you to make the first move and kiss them. They will make eye contact when close to you and stare silently. Pay close attention to the corner of her lip. If it's quivering and she's biting it slightly, that means she wants you to initiate the kiss. Many girls are shy an you have to look at the subtle details.

At the time, Touma dismissed his friend's crazy ramblings. Manga and anime were great, but it's not like that logic could be applied to real life. Harems didn't just form because you are a nice guy. People didn't get sent to alternate worlds randomly on death. And girls were complicated creatures guys couldn't hope to understand.

However, when his eyes fell on Lessar's face, every sign was visible.

Screw it, Touma thought to himself. We already did so much worse.

His teenage hormones were raging and he wasn't entirely thinking straight when he wrapped his arm around Lessar's shoulders and pulled her in.

His lips crashed against hers.

For a moment, Lessar didn't move from his abrupt actions and Touma received the satisfaction of once more being the one to surprise her. It didn't last long, as Lessar wrapped her arms around him. The taste of cherries with a hint of mint filled his mouth, before her lips parted and her small tongue entwined with his. His brain went fuzzy as their tongues wrestled and their bodies pressed up together. This was a first for Touma and he was in no hurry to break contact. Lessar appeared to be in a similar state of mind since she continued to pull him toward her.

"Sorry to interrupt you lovebirds, but the ride's over."

Touma and Lessar separated as they jumped up in surprise.

"S-sorry!" Touma stammered as they made to get out.

"No problem," The operator guy laughed. "Happens way more often than you would think. Have a good day you two."

The two of them left in silence. Touma in embarrassment, while Lessar was silently fuming the ride ended at the worst time.

"Aww," Lessar pouted. "He interrupted."

"We were blocking the exit," Touma muttered, his ears burning at what they had just done. He avoided eye contact, something Lessar noticed. She grinned wickedly and grabbed his hand.

"No need to be shy, we're a thing now." Lessar reassured him cheerfully. "If you want to do anything to me," She pulled at her shirt and Touma saw the corner of a white and red bra, "You only have to…" She suddenly removed her hand from her shirt and stopped. "Right, I promised not to embarrass you in public."

Touma actually looked at her in surprise at her consideration.

"You know," Touma muttered, as he scratched his cheek. "You can ignore that order. I much rather have you be yourself then be forced to be unhappy because of me." Lessar poked him in the cheek.

"It's that kind of attitude that lets people walk all over you," She told him, and then smiled. "But I supposed that is what makes you, you. I wouldn't have gotten this far if you weren't a pushover."


"You know what I mean." Lessar laughed and wrapped her arm around his before slipping her fingers in between his. "It was a good thing in this case. So do we consider this our first date?"

"I suppose that would be appropriate." Touma conceded and looked around. "What do you want to now?"

"Enjoy ourselves!" Touma couldn't miss how innocent and happy her voice was, as she pulled him after her toward more attractions. It was like music to his ears.

They spent the rest of the day alternating between rides, games, and food stalls. At least now, Touma didn't have to be on all high speed rides. They did a little bit of everything, including more childish things like bumper cars. They had fun playing the games, even if they didn't win much. Lessar managed to win a teddy bear on a ring toss game after watching Touma's sixth try. Time seemed to fly by and, before they knew it, the sun began to set. Touma was the first to notice when he saw people slowly gravitating to the exits.

"We probably have time for one or two more things." Touma told Lessar.

"There's one we haven't been on yet." Lessar replied and looked out into the distance. Touma tracked her gaze and nodded.

"Okay, that's a good choice. Let's hurry before they try to kick us out."

"I'll like to see them try!" Still, she heeded his warning and the two of them ran toward the large Ferris wheel in the distance.

The two made it in time, much to their relief, as the two of them got in one of the cabins. It was one of the nicer ones where up to four people could get in. It also had four walls and a roof. It was completely solid on the bottom half, but the top was protected by glass to allow the riders to look out safely. Lessar jumped in first and had her face pressed up against the window the second the ride began to rotate.

"Aww," She cried in disappointment. "It's still too early and not dark enough to turn on all the city's lights."

"Be glad it's not worse," Touma advised her with a chuckle. "With my misfortune, I wouldn't have been surprised if it was under maintenance."

"You keep saying that," Lessar countered. "But I didn't see any misfortune as you like to put it. In fact, you are dating me now. Boys at my old school would kill for that opportunity."

"I don't know," Touma continued, amused. "Some might say dating you is a kind of misfortune… ow!"

Lessar had punched him in the shoulder.

"That's what I thought." Lessar settled down and laid up against Touma. "I'm kind of tired; so this was a good way to end the day."

"You pretty much forced us to run between all the rides." Touma pointed out.

"The passes were only good for one day!" Lessar retorted. "It was the only way to do everything!"

"I didn't say I didn't understand," Touma corrected himself. "I was only pointing out why you're tired."

"Then you can be my pillow while I enjoy the view." Lessar replied and stuck her tongue out at him.

"I can live with that," Touma said and relaxed once he knew Lessar wasn't planning anything. They simply enjoyed going around on the Ferris wheel. Everything was going great, until they reached the top for the third time.

The ride came to a grinding halt.

"What was that!?" Touma asked, as he sat up in alarm. Lessar pressed her face up against the glass and looked down.

"Can't tell for certain," She said and narrowed her eyes. "But I see the operator talking to someone. Maybe a fuse blew or something."

"So we're stuck up here," Touma moaned and joined Lessar to look down at the people below them. He could tell the passengers in the other cabins below them were in similar positions of suspense. "Looks like you may be right. No one else knows what happened and I don't see anything of note. No explosions or anything."

"Great," Lessar groaned. "I was looking forward to going back to your dorm and showing how lucky you are now that you're with me." She winked at him. "Take that however you want."

"No!" Touma said quickly. "Go slow, remember?"

"Hmph." Lessar crossed her arms, but didn't argue.

"Distinguished guests." A voice blared out of an intercom system in their cabin. "We regret to inform you there has been a slight malfunction on our ride. Please be patient while we correct the issue. There is no need for alarm, but we predict the wait will be about fifteen minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience."

"Looks like we are stuck up here," Lessar reiterated. "At least we have a nice view."

"Silver lining." Touma laughed and looked out the window. "Heh, we are on top so no one can even see us."

This was his mistake.

Lessar's ears twitched and her grin grew.

In one fluid motion, while Touma was distracted looking out the window, she dived down into his lap.

"Huh… Lessar!" he cried, but it was too late.

"Finally!" Lessar cheered as Touma's pants were ripped open and she had a firm grip on his tender member. "You don't know how long I've wanted this!"

"This is too far!" Touma yelled and tried to push her off, but she remained strong. For some reason, it was like her lust was giving her enhanced strength. It was possible Touma was holding back for some reason, such as trying not to hurt her or possibly his subconscious wanted it. "Knock it off!"

"No!" Lessar refused and held on tightly. Her grip caused Touma to freeze as his greatest weakness became fully exposed. "I knew it was big," Lessar commented, her eyes sparkling and a thin trail of drool dripping down out of her mouth. "But it's so much more magnificent up close."

"Okay," Touma muttered. "You've seen it. How about stopping it here?"

"There's no need to be so shy," Lessar reassured him. "I bet guys would kill to have one this big. Seven, eight inches?" She flicked it with her free finger and Touma's entire body twitched. "Aww, look at how swollen it is. Was it holding everything back from earlier today, Lover Boy?"

"…No comment," Touma muttered, refusing to admit the truth. The way his body was betraying him only fueled his shame. His body was yelling at him to let Lessar do whatever she wanted. Only the part of his mind that was centered in logic was fighting to resist.

The problem was… it was losing.

"Let's ask your little man then," Lessar suggested. "I think he's more honest than you are." She leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on Touma's manhood.

He almost released everything right there when the soft velvet touched his skin.

"Argh!" Touma involuntarily let out and Lessar grinned up at him. "Please... we should stop now. I thought we agreed to take it slow."

"I am," Lessar told him and his cock twitched from her breath. "I just can't hold back right now. It's so exciting to do it here, knowing others are nearby, even if they can't see us. We have time… and I've wanted this for so long." Touma tried to speak again and she silenced him by planting another kiss on his trembling organ. "Because my feelings for you are real, I will promise you that I will never force you to have sex with me until you want too. Besides, I think this monster of yours will split me in half."

"W-what!" Stammered Touma.

"I… just… want to taste it…," Lessar panted and stuck her out tongue. With one fluid motion, she ran it up and down his penis.

Touma felt elated. Pleasure flew through his body and Lessar had only just started. His hands gripped the seat and his body stopped fighting against her attack.

"Your little man is so much more honest," Lessar teased and then turned her attention back to her desire. She kissed the head of his penis, but kept her eyes directed upwards toward Touma. When he made eye contact, he once against almost released and was barely able to hold back.

"Looks like someone is excited," Lessar giggled and licked her lips. A tiny bit of clear fluid was wiped away with her tongue and Touma's eyes widened in shock and, he hated himself for this, excitement. Her eyes were judging his every reaction and there was no way he would be able to resist now. "Do you want it?" she asked mischievously and blew him a kiss.

"I…" Touma groaned and took a deep breath. "Alright… Yes!"

Lessar moved instantly at his command.

Her lips parted and she engulfed the head of Touma's mighty sword in her mouth. The effect of her action was not lost on either of them. Touma's entire body jerked once as the warm, wet sensation covered his sensitive area. Shivers began to ripple across his spine as Lessar began to gently suck like a baby on a pacifier. Her tongue began to poke the head of his shaft. Touma's mind was being assaulted by pleasure he could never remember experiencing. She didn't change her speed at all, but her eyes moved up and stared at his face. It took Touma longer than he would care to admit for him to realize what she was doing.

What she was asking.

She wanted him to tell her what he wanted.

"Dang it," Touma half muttered, half groaned. "I'm going to hell." He took a deep breath and focused on preventing himself from releasing. Lessar would be sure to tease him mercilessly if he was a quick shot. "Take more…," he gasped.

"You womph my moth hat badly?" Lessar asked, his cock still in her mouth. Vibrations rippled through his member from her words and his lower body jerked again. Finally obliging his request, Lessar lowered her head further down and engulfed over half of his organ. The pressure on his dick increased on all sides as Lessar began to suck more vigorously. Her mouth was warm and wet while her tongue began to wrap around him like a snake. His manhood began to pulse and the pressure building up in his balls began to swell so much that it turned painful.

"Lessar…!" Touma gasped. "I'm… about… to…" He didn't need to finish his sentence for her to understand.

The pressure on his cock relaxed slightly as Lessar quit sucking so hard. To make up for this, she used her hand. One hand began to stroke up and down the rest of his organ as her lips retreated to near the head. Her hand began to pump harder and faster. The smooth sensation of her tiny fingers caused Touma's manhood to pulse even more. Her other hand began to gently caress Touma's balls, preventing them from stiffening up and holding back the flood. If Touma was a little more conscious to his surroundings, he might have been impressed at how Lessar could use both hands in a completely contradicting manner while still keeping his cock in her mouth.

At last, he could hold it no longer.

"It's coming…!"

"I'll take it all," Lessar told him and opened her mouth.

The lewd sight of her waiting for his load sent a rush of euphoria through him. The moment Lessar pumped his manhood once more, the flood gates opened. Pure white cum exploded out of his hose and shot into Lessar's awaiting mouth. A little bit of it hit her cheek before Touma fell back against his seat and began to pant loudly. His eyes fell on Lessar, who used a finger to wipe her cheek clean. When she noticed him staring, she stuck her finger in her mouth and began to suck it seductively.

Touma's desires almost prepared him for a second round at that moment.

"Ah," Lessar sighed. "That smell always makes me so dizzy. Heh." She giggled at him. "It was a much sweeter taste this time than your bathroom. Maybe because you're feeling better or maybe it was all the cotton candy we ate earlier."

"That… was… intense," Touma told her. His eyes betrayed his real emotions. The shame he was emitting was completely obvious to Lessar, who suddenly felt guilty.

"Listen," She told him and climbed up on the seat next to him. "I wouldn't have done that with just anyone. Sure, I tease people a lot, but I would only go this far with someone I really like." She leaned her head on his shoulder. "I also really liked it; we should do it more often."

"I… hate my body," Touma groaned while Lessar laughed. "I feel if I say anything besides yes, my balls will want to strangle me."

"Glad you're impressed at my technique," Lessar cooed and snuggled against him.

"I'm almost afraid to ask," Touma muttered. "But how did a girl your age learn that?"

"Internet," Lessar answered instantly.

"Internet?" Touma repeated.

"You can learn anything there." Lessar reassured him. "So when you're ready to take the last step, we should learn some moves to make it even more enjoyable." Touma turned and stared at her in surprise. "What? I told you I wasn't going to force that until you're ready."

"Yet you did this despite my protests."

"This is different and you enjoyed it."

"Can't argue with that," Touma muttered. Things were quiet for a few minutes. "Lessar, thanks."

"Thanks? You mean for that awesome-…"

"No." Touma interrupted quickly. "I meant for respecting my wishes… at least to some degree. I feel like you really want to do… er… more."

"I want a lot of things," Lessar admitted. "But I can't force that on you without pushing you away. That has to be completely consensual. Other things I can push you into… because it's obvious you want to do it. I just need to give you that push."

"Guess I should be thankful my cute girlfriend knows what I want before I do." Touma said sarcastically and chuckled slightly.

"Aww," Lessar cooed. "You think I'm cute?" She leaned up to kiss his cheek, but Touma intercepted her with his hand and pushed her back.

"No kissing until you brush your teeth!"

"Pervert!" Lessar accused. "Is that all boys think about!?"

"I don't want to hear that from you!"

"What's that supposed to mean!?"

"You're the biggest pervert here!"

"You know how rude that is to call a girl! Prepare for war, Lover Boy!" Lessar jumped at him and Touma began to defend himself when the ride jerked and began to move.

"Attention, guests. We appreciate your patience in this matter and we are pleased to announce the ride is back in operation. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience." Touma and Lessar froze and then looked into each other's eyes.

They burst out laughing as they began to descend.

Across Academy City, one girl was not nearly as happy.

Mikoto and Kuroko were sitting in their dorm room when their phones buzzed. Two friends of theirs sent them a couple selfies of the two of them having fun at the amusement park. Mikoto normally would skim them and then send a message back commenting on something. This time, she froze. Behind the two girls were a boy and a girl who she was quite familiar with. To make this worse, Lessar was snuggling against Touma, who didn't seem to mind. Mikoto began to spark up, much to her roommate's surprise.

I'm going to find out exactly what those two are!

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