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It was around noon that Touma and Lessar, feeling a little peckish, grabbed a couple hotdogs. Motoharu and Pierce were hiding, as they refused to learn their lesson, and now had to face the wrath of those two girls. Rolling his eyes at their antics, Touma looked across the table where Lessar was seated at. This was his first mistake. The second Lessar caught him looking, she grinned devilishly and licked her lips.

Then she slid the hotdog out of the bun and into her mouth.

"Do you have to do that?" He asked, trying to look away. His eyes refused to cooperate completely. What made it awkward was that it wasn't that long ago Lessar had performed the same action on him during their Ferris wheel ride and the motion hit a little too close to home. His legs crossed instinctively to hide his body's reaction. A completely natural reaction because he was a healthy teenage boy. No matter what anyone said.

He wasn't able to control the mild blush on his face.

"Just teasing." Lessar said with a smirk at his reaction. She slid the hotdog back into its bun and started to eat her meal normally. "I'm having too much fun to cause you to run away."

"Being a magician so young and on your own must be tough," Touma said, changing the topic and trying to ignore his body's reaction to Lessar's teasing.

"Some days." Lessar smiled at him. "It helps having people who care about you. Floris, Lancis and Bayloupe are my sisters, even if we aren't related by blood. There were tough times but we all got through it." She must have noticed something in his expression because she quickly continued. "Don't get me wrong, I've had a pretty good life. Went to school, made friends, and manipulated boys because I developed early." She said gesturing towards her chest with another little smirk, with Touma following the motion of her hand and then just as quickly attempting to avert his gaze, followed by a mild glare of annoyance.

Lessar chuckled once more at his reaction.

She then gestured to the water park around them. "You know, while England does have a lot of stuff to do, water parks are rare. The weather is cooler so there are limited opportunities to go and they are expensive."

"So when I told you about my friends winning these tickets…"

"I knew we had to go."

"Well, glad our first date since officially going out was to your liking." Touma said, and then blinked. "Man, it feels weird to say that. Me, going out with a girl that's not just a fake date for some reason."

"You sell yourself short," Lessar commented, sucking the last bit of soda from her cup. "Takes someone pretty amazing to do what you did in England."

"I was just there to watch over Index when everything sort of fell apart." Touma admitted. "That's the kind of bad luck that happens around me."

"Like the air conditioning breaking?" Lessar asked wearily.

"Breaks down every few days." Touma replied equally wearily.

"Aww!" She slammed her head on the table. "Guess I'll put a cooling rune on the ceiling or something."

"You… can do that?" Touma asked hesitantly.

"Sure. Most of New Light's magic is based on Norse mythology. Like our Steel Gloves based on several of Thor's magical tools. Using Celtic runes is pretty simple. If it's not too complicated, it would last a long time on your ceiling with only an occasional recharge." Her eyes narrowed though she smirked at him. "Assuming you don't touch it."

"So it would just create cold air? Wouldn't it get cold if you just left it on?"

"I would make it so it would regulate temperature. Like a thermostat that doesn't rely on electricity."

"What are the odds that it would malfunction?" Touma asked. "The last thing we need is to wake up with everything covered in ice."

"Unless I write the rune wrong, nothing," Lessar explained. "If I write it wrong, it would malfunction the second I activated it."

"Would the roof of my dorm blow up?"

"No… probably. There might be a small explosion."

"Then I think the answer will be no. Unless the temperature becomes unbearable."

"Then we can just get naked." Lessar pointed out and Touma rolled his eyes.

"Listen." He said seriously. "If it's too hot, we aren't going to have any skin contact. It would feel disgusting."

"You do have a point," Lessar admitted, setting her empty drink cut down. "I'm a professional, so a simple rune won't cause any problems. We both need it. Summer just started and it's only going to get worse."

"Fine, but you better take responsibility if something happens. I can't afford repairs." Touma wiped some sweat off his forehead. "I have told you this before, I'm not really that well off-…"

"And I shouldn't expect extravagant outings," Lessar interrupted. "I remember. It's not a big deal. I told you we weren't well off either. Bayloupe did what she could, but most of our money was from random jobs that gave a big influx of cash. We had to stretch it because we never knew when we would get another chance. I didn't know when I was younger and remember being kind of bratty to her about not getting me stuff I wanted."

"All kids go through a selfish phase," Touma said with a shrug. "Back when they didn't understand how money works." Lessar giggled at this. "We all grow up at some point."

"Oh? Do you think I'm grown up?" Lessar said, a teasing grin making its way onto her face.

She then leaned forward, pressing her arms against her body emphasizing her cleavage, giving Touma quite the eyeful, and making him feel thankful for the swimsuit that she wore covering up the more dangerous bits of her.

"I think you try to prove you are grown up," Touma explained to her, after finally managing to avert his eyes. "Even when you don't need to. You've seen things a lot of people haven't at a young age and forced you to mature in some ways. Yet you are still a young girl and you need to remember that."

Lessar tilted her head at his answer and she sat back down in silence, her eyes losing focus slightly.

Feeling a little bad at allowing a bit of his annoyance to show, he continued, "Listen. All I'm saying is it's okay to be yourself and not try to act like something you're not."

"Hmm." Lessar tapped her cheek. "Then can I ask you a question?"

"Huh? Sure."

"What's with you and Sparky? Ex-girlfriend?"

Touma choked on his drink.

"W-what brought this up?"

"She's here with her friends. I ran them into them in the changing room. Look, they're over there."

Before Touma could stop her, she stood up and waved over to Mikoto, Kuroko, the girl Touma vaguely remembered being called Saten, and a girl with flowers in her hand. It only took a second for them to notice Lessar's obvious attempt at getting their attention. It was almost like Mikoto was watching them. It didn't take much persuasion for her to get up. Kuroko had stood up too, but Mikoto did a gesture for her to stay. As she walked over, Touma could see her friends were whispering to each other.

"What do you need?" Mikoto asked, after reaching their table. She was wearing a black school style swimsuit that didn't show off really anything, except being skin tight.

"Sit down, have a seat." Lessar told her scooting over. Against her better judgement, Mikoto sat down, her eyes darting over to Touma for a second.

"Sorry about anything she says in advance." Touma said quickly.

"So she's like that today." Mikoto sighed.

"Pretty much."

"Hey!" Lessar protested indignantly. In all fairness, both of them knew her well enough to foresee how this conversation was going to end. "I'm right here. All I was asking was what the relationship between you two is." Touma face palmed and Mikoto's mouth fell open.

"What did you tell her?" Mikoto demanded, rounding on Touma.

"That we were friends," Touma responded evenly. "That was all."


A weird look appeared on her face at his words. Relief was obviously there. She was worried about what Touma would say about her. A friend was a lot better than some other possibilities. However, she didn't seem completely satisfied with just friends. It was like she wanted something more. It wasn't a lie that they had been through a lot together. He had saved her life before after all. Her face quickly grew passive as she turned to Lessar, who noticed every detail.

Touma unfortunately did not.

"Yes," Mikoto agreed stiffly. "We are… friends." Lessar's eyes sparkled at her words.

"Think you can go and get some sunscreen?" She asked Touma suddenly.

"Huh?" Touma was taken aback from the question appearing out of nowhere.

"Have to reapply it constantly," Lessar reminded him. "Can't have my fair skin getting burned."

Touma's eyes lingered on her suspiciously. He knew leaving Lessar alone with Mikoto was a bad idea. Lessar was bound to say something suggestive that would cause Mikoto to overreact. However, as she was now his girlfriend, he really needed to trust her more. It wouldn't take long to grab the sunscreen from their locker and it was a reasonable request. They pretty much finished eating and sunscreen did need to be reapplied. He needed it too.

"Okay." He relented. "I'll be right back."

"You don't like me." Lessar stated the second Touma was out of earshot.

"W-what?!" Mikoto stammered. "Why would you say that?"

"Drop the act," Lessar continued, crossing her arms. "We both know you're upset that I'm dating Lover Boy and not you."

"There's no way I would go out with him!" Mikoto replied forcefully, her face growing bright red.

"Then why have you been glaring at me every time we pass?" Lessar asked. "He may not have noticed, but I pay attention when someone's staring daggers at me."

"I-It's… because you keep making a scene and all those comments." Mikoto tried to defend herself. "I can't help but think about it. Like I said, we are friends, so if I think you are taking advantage of him-…"

"Which I am not," Lessar huffed indignantly. "I was just the one who actually expressed my feelings for him."

"I d-don't have feelings like that for him." Her bright red face contrasted her words.

"The thing is, since you are his friend, I refuse to be one of those girlfriends who has to control every aspect of their boyfriend's life." Lessar shook her head. "Seen that before and never works out. So I'm not going to tell you not to see him, hang out with him, save people, whatever. I have nothing against you, Sparky. I actually kind of like you and hope we could hang out while I'm here."

Mikoto sensed a but coming and was stunned when one didn't.

"That's… surprisingly mature of you." Mikoto commented impressed. Lessar puffed out her chest proudly.

"Now, if you want to get naughty with us, I wouldn't mind a third person occasionally."


"What did you say, Lessar?" Touma asked exasperatedly, shooting over to the table after hearing Mikoto shout. Mikoto opened her mouth and then diverted her eyes, as her face flushed crimson. "You okay, Misaka? Your face is kind of red. Are you drinking enough?"

"I'm fine, idiot!" Mikoto cried out, before he could do something like put his hand over her forehead.

"If you can insult me, you must be." Touma chuckled as her face grew even redder. "Ready to go, Lessar?"

"Sure am!" Lessar bounded to her feet, started to follow Touma, before stopping and turning around. "Remember what I said, Sparky. Also, try to wear something that shows a little more skin. Guys like that." She dragged Touma after her as Mikoto sparked up in suppressed rage and embarrassment. Once she calmed down, she marched over to her friends.

"How dare she say I should dress more revealing?" She muttered to herself as she sat down.

"Oh but you should!" Kuroko said, catching her words, and launching into a tirade over the benefits of more revealing clothing, leaving Mikoto to curse Lessar and her stupid comments.

"Do you have to antagonize her like that?" Touma grumbled, as Lessar laid down on a plastic bench under a large umbrella.

"It's a girl thing. You wouldn't understand." Lessar glanced back at him, her head resting on her arms. "You should be more worried when we are unusually polite to each other."

"Girls are weird." Touma said, shaking his head. "I'm never going to understand you."

"Guys have been trying for years with no luck." She laughed. "Don't feel bad."

"At least explain why I have to put sunscreen on you," Touma told her. "You put it on in the morning."

"It's a lot easier for someone else to apply it to my back," Lessar explained. "Unless you want me to ask someone else." She looked around. "There are a couple guys over there. I bet they would be willing-..."

"I'll do it," Touma interjected immediately and she laughed again. "So manipulative…."

"It's really just a privilege for a girl having a boyfriend." While this was true, Lessar was aware Mikoto was continuing to watch them from a distance. Being fully aware of her gaze, Lessar wanted to show off a little. What better way to do so with some teasing? "Come on. You know you want to run your wet hands all over me." A smirk was plastered on her face.

"I think it's a bad sign I'm getting used to your humor." Touma sighed and squirted some sunscreen on his hand. He used his free hand to push all her long black hair to the side and started at the base of her neck. The second he touched her, her body jerked.

"Eep!" She quickly slammed a hand over her mouth.

"What's wrong!?" Touma asked alarm. "Are you okay?"

"Wasn't expecting it to be so cold," Lessar replied and then shook her head. "Go ahea-… wait." She reached back and untied the back of her bikini.

"What are you doing?" Touma demanded, in a combination of embarrassment and worry. He noticed someone glancing over at them and purposely positioned himself so they couldn't see.

"It makes it easier for you to apply the sunscreen evenly," Lessar explained unabashed. "I'm lying down, so it's not like anyone will see anything."

"I wish you would warn me when you do something like that." Touma muttered.

"Then I wouldn't get to see your cute reaction."

Touma rolled his eyes and began to apply the sunscreen to her back again. It was the first time he got a really good look at it. Lessar wasn't the biggest girl around, but by running his heads along her back, he could feel her toned lithe muscles under her skin. It made sense once he thought it about it. The first time they met he chased her across a city. All that running around proved she was fit. Being a magician really was tough. While he continued slowly moving down her back, he thought about asking a few questions about some of her work. There was just one problem.

Lessar was moaning under her breath in a very suggestive manner. And it was taking some work on Touma's part not to react to it.

He was kneeling over her so if he lost control, there was a good chance she would notice his condition. Knowing her, she might try something in public before remembering they were planning to take it slow. His ears burned as he began to reach the top of her butt. He paused for a moment, debating. It wasn't something he would normally do. Dating Lessar tended to bring him out of his comfort zone though. Lessar noticed his hesitation and began to push herself up when Touma gritted his teeth and made the rash decision.

He rubbed the rest of the lotion on her butt cheeks.

"Ah!" She sat up and spun around on the spot, eyes locking with his. Her gaze wasn't angry. It was more of a combination of disbelief and excitement. "Wow. Did not expect that."

"Cover up!" Touma pleaded, shutting his eyes.

Lessar looked down and immediately grabbed her top before it fell off completely and exposed herself. There was a time and place for that. Doing it here might get them kicked out. Of course, that could end with them going back to his dorm and doing all sorts of fun things. The day was young however and Lessar wanted to enjoy the pool a little more before the hot and steamy fun that was to occur when night fell.

"Sorry." Touma apologized as she finished tying her bikini back up "Not sure what came over me."

The corners of her lips twitched.

Before he could react, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. Touma's eyes widened as her tongue worked its way into his mouth. Touma just started to relax into it when she broke free. A beaming smile adorned her face.

"I never said I was mad." She wrapped an arm around his and started pulling him after her. "Surprised, maybe, but definitely not angry. I like this bold side of you. Think I'll get to see it some more?"

"Nope. That assertive Kamijou only comes out once every year. You will have to wait until next summer."

"Nice of you to be planning for us to be together that long." Lessar countered with a wink and he realized how his words were taken.

His ears were burning and he was forced to look away. The sudden pressure of Lessar up against his arm affectionately couldn't be ignored and he looked over at her. Really, when she didn't try to make everything sexual, she was actually pretty cute and fun to hang out with. He felt a tug and turned to look at the girl hanging onto him. She was pointing off into the distance and dragging him along. That strength of hers couldn't be natural.

"Bumper boats?" Lessar asked curiously, looking at the large fenced pool area.

"It's like bumper cars but they use giant inner tubes to float." Touma explained.

"We can get two people in one, let's go!" Lessar said excitedly, dragging him along with more force than a small girl should have been able to.

They joined the end of the queue, with Lessar bouncing on the balls of her feet in impatience, reminding Touma that she was, in fact, still a young girl. Having fun like this was good for her. Not only did it distract her from thinking that she had to act mature but it let her relax, something everyone needed to do once in a while.

"Come on," Lesser groaned, sticking her head out of the line. "We haven't moved for like five minutes."

"People have to have time to actually go on the ride." Touma reminded her.

"I know," Lessar complained. "But we only have today and it's boooring standing in line." Touma rolled his eyes, reached down, and grabbed her hand in his.

"This help?" He asked.

"Yep!" She immediately intertwined her fingers in his before leaning up against his shoulder.

"Get a room." Someone behind them muttered and Touma ignored him. Lessar however smiled at the persons words, knowing they looked good together.

At long last, the line began to move as the people on the attraction got off and others got on. From the number of people in line, Touma and Lessar would have to wait one more round. This wouldn't have been a big deal. Lessar seemed happy snuggling up against his arm and Touma was pretty patient. Things were going well. Perhaps a little too well. The hairs on Touma's neck began to stand up. Usually when something good happened to him, it was immediately followed up by the universe kicking him in the crotch. Lessar becoming his girlfriend was only followed up by some embarrassment, but wasn't really misfortune. Maybe the universe was building up something big for him.

Touma shook his head.

Don't be so pessimistic. He took a deep breath. Just enjoy the day with your girlfriend. Girlfriend. A month ago he would never have dreamed it possible to get one. Now, here he was. At a water park with Lessar. She even kept the embarrassment and teasing to a minimum and they got to know more about each other.

A scream jolted him to his senses and was followed by black smoke rising into the air.

"What's going on?!"

He wasn't the only one to shout and start leaning over the guardrail to the pool with the boats. Most people were trying to see what was going on. A couple kids were jumping off boats as the pitch black smoke originated from the engines. No one seemed to be hurt as it appeared to be mechanical malfunctions in most of the vehicles. The adult overseeing the ride ushered everyone out and shut the gate.

"Ladies and gentlemen!" The man declared. "Due to technical difficulties, we will be closing this ride for the rest of the day." Shouts of anger and irritation followed his announcement. "We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, but the safety risks involved in such difficulties do not allow us to operate this ride!" He continued over the shouts, hung the closed sign, and pulled out his walkie-talkie.

"Guess we should go," Touma muttered to Lessar with a sigh. He knew she was going to be disappointed. As he tugged on her hand, there was an unexpected resistance. Lessar was staring out at the boats, her expression serious. "No, you can't sneak over there and take one."

"That's not it," Lessar replied. "I just thought I felt….."

She stared for a few seconds more before shaking her head

"Nah, probably my imagination." she muttered. The two of them finally left with everyone else and then headed into the main area of the park. "I could, you know." She said suddenly.

"Could what?"

"Sneak in there and steal a boat."

"Please don't. The last thing I need to see on TV is my girlfriend wanted for grand larceny."

"Puhleeeaase." Lessar waved her hand dismissively. "I'm a professional. I wouldn't get caught."

"Still, don't steal things."

"Fine. But only because it's wrong and not because you asked."

"Uh huh." Touma watched her fake pout, finding it rather adorable. Lessar never was one to hide her emotions. They both knew she wasn't going to steal a broken boat. "So what do you want to do now?"

"I don't know." Lessar put her hands behind her head and kicked the ground. "Was looking forward to hitting other people on those boats." Touma waited as she looked around. "We did a lot of slides earlier today and I don't really feel like climbing up more stairs. How about the wave pool?"

"I'll grab us some inner tubes." Touma offered.

The wave pool was a large pool divided into two zones. The shallow end was most for young kids while the deeper end was for teenagers and up. For safety, you had to be in an inner tube to be in the deep end. There was a bright yellow line dividing them with lifeguards watching to make sure people didn't cross without one. The reason it was called the wave pool was because every twenty minutes or so, underwater turbines would kick on and start making artificial waves. The deeper end had more up and down motions that could very several feet. It was the reason smaller kids were banned from there. The shallow end had waves similar to beaches, where they just flow outwards to the shore.

"Ah, this is the life." Lessar sighed as she was sprawled over her inner tube in the deep part of the pool.

"Nothing else going on is rare," Touma admitted and looked around. "I haven't seen my idiot friends in a while."

"They probably got paired up when those girls finally caught them," Lessar answered and then shrugged. "Maybe they are off behind the locker rooms making out."

"Or those girls killed them." Touma suggested.

"Fifty-fifty." They both laughed. "So let's say they did pair off. Who went with who?"

"Er…" Touma thought about it for a moment. One thing that entertained him was it was his turn to talk about other people's relationship. Usually he was on the receiving end of his friend's rumors. "The blonde one would go with Tsuchimikado and the brown haired girl with Aogami."

"I thought so too," Lessar agreed. "That blonde foreigner has the young look going for her that Tsuchimikado-san seems to be into. While the other girl is… flat. Aogami-san mentioned he was okay with a girl lacking them."

"She didn't seem to be happy with him telling her that." They both laughed again. "And both of them seem to be willing to beat those idiots up. I won't worry unless I find a couple unmarked graves."

"Will you avenge them?" Lessar asked, winking. They both knew it wasn't going to go this far. "Fall down on your knees, raise your hands to sky, and cry nooooooooo."

"Nah. I'll just put a tombstone down saying they brought it on themselves."

Laughter was contagious and both of them enjoyed that imagery.

An alarm went off in the background, warning the waves were about to start. Lessar adjusted herself so she wouldn't fall once the tube began to rock. Touma was bigger and was always firmly seated in his. The waves weren't huge, but could throw you off balance if you weren't careful. Another reason why only older kids were supposed to be out there. The waves kicked up slowly and finally grew to full side. Touma leaned back and closed his eyes, enjoying the rocking movement under the sun. He cracked open one eye to glance at Lessar, who was lying back and grinning. She was enjoying herself, which is what Touma wanted. No magicians, no dark plots trying to kill someone, just nice, normal fun for students.

Eventually, the waves began to die down and Lessar slipped down into the middle of the tube, holding onto the top, which allowed her to kick under the water to move toward Touma, She bumped into his tube to draw his attention.

"Let's get out and go back on the slides." She told him. "I'm all rested up and ready to keep going."

"Sure," Touma agreed, slipping down into his tube as the waves were almost to a complete stop. "Which one-…"

The sound of breaking glass was heard and Touma froze.

My hand just went off!

Touma looked around and still saw tons of people near them. Usually the first sign a magician was planning to go after him, a person clearing field was erected. He would find himself standing alone on a street where only a few minutes ago it was full of people. This time all the other visitors were still swimming and playing around. He turned toward Lessar and was about to ask her when he noticed something. His eyes bulged out and it took a moment before he could get any words out.

"Lessar…" He croaked. "You're top…" Lessar blinked and looked down.


She ducked down into the water and covered up her now bare chest. Somehow the top of her swimsuit vanished. Since she was right in front of him, he had a perfect few of her bare chest and pert nipples. The cold water only helped make them slightly erect. It was obvious Lessar didn't plan this. Her shocked scream informed him of that. There was also another clue.

Hundreds of other screams followed suit.

Around the pool, people were covering up as their clothes just vanished. Girls were losing their tops or bottoms and guys were losing their trunks. Tubes were being used as makeshift clothing while other people were screaming and running out of the pool toward the locker room. Lessar, after recovering from the surprise, hit Touma in the shoulder to draw his attention.

"Someone used magic." She informed him.

"My hand went off," Touma replied. "We have to get out of here. I can't fight in the pool." He made sure to keep his eyes fixed on her face and not let them wander down south. "We need to get you something to wear too."

"Yeah. Besides, these babies are only for you to see." As they made their way quickly toward the shore, she couldn't resist asking. "Did you like them?"

"Not the time!" Touma cried out, glad his trunks were hiding his hormonal driven body. "…but they were nice," he muttered, causing her to grin. Once they reached the shore, they ran toward the bag with their stuff on one of the plastic benches. Relief coursed through when he saw their stuff still there. He grabbed a white t-shirt from his bag and tossed it to her. She slid it on before dropping the tube. "We need to find out who did this. Why they would do this."

"I thought I felt mana back during the boats," Lessar admitted. "It was just so brief, I thought I might have been imagining things. We've been running around in the hot sun all day, but this… there's no doubt there's a magician at work."

"Do you know what kind of magic they are using?" Touma asked. Now that they had time to talk and look around, Touma could gauge the situation accurately. The life guards were trying to restore order and a large number of people were gathered around them. The pool was pretty much empty now. About half the people seemed to be affected. Curiously, it was mostly the adults that seem to have lost their clothes, with the children being completely unaffected. "It seems like this pervert only affected the wave pool."

"I suppose if they used the pool borders as the spell boundaries, it would be easy enough to do this." Lessar rubbed her chin. "I'm just surprised it only affected some people and not all."

"Little kids weren't affected," Touma pointed out to her. "But I see your point. Some of the kids around our age weren't affected."

"So the perpetrator isn't a complete sicko," Lessar muttered and crossed her arms. "The question is, why? It seems like a pretty stupid use of magic with no discernable purpose."

"Can't they get in a lot of trouble?" Touma asked.

Lessar laughed.

"Oh, boy. You have no idea." She paused, thinking about how to explain it. "You've seen how the Anglican Church operates? Stiyl Magnus is known as a Witch Hunter. His job is to hunt down rogue mages that use their powers irresponsibly. There are a lot of rules for magicians. We are supposed to help people. Using magic against normal civilians when not in a life or death situation is against the rules. Some larger cabals don't always follow this of course. Take Birdway and her group. However, you don't see them going around attacking innocent bystanders. Doing that would cause a lot of other groups to unite against them. Imagine if the Roman Catholic Church, Russian Orthodox Church, and Anglican Church teamed up on them? Even she would be hard pressed to defend against that."

"So this is someone who is willing to risk everything for … what?" Touma asked. He had seen Stiyl in action. Stiyl had been willing to kill him when they first met when he wouldn't get out of the way. There weren't many who would purposely get on his bad side. "A cheap thrill?"

"It's possible," Lessar conceded. "But there's a chance there's something more."

"Something more?"

"I'm not Index," Lessar explained. "I can't decipher magic based on the flows of mana that easily. Bayloupe's the only one in New Light with that kind of skill, but it's mostly from experience. I need more information on what we are facing. Once I can figure out what religious base the magic has, I can narrow down the culprits. As for something more… some large scale spells can be activated by specifically setting up smaller spells in a specific order. Could align them with cardinal directions, sun and moon, or maybe even leyline patterns. This seemingly small joke could be part of something much bigger."

"You have got to be kidding me." Touma face palmed.

"There's also a chance they really could just be pranking someone," Lessar continued. "As long as people don't realize someone is using magic, things could get glossed over without too many problems. I wonder if someone angered one by accident."

"Or they are after someone," Touma added. "Wouldn't be the first time someone wanted my hand."

"I want your hand too," Lessar told him with a grin.

"I thought-…"

"In marriage." Lessar interrupted.

"…" Touma had no witty comment for this, nor any scolding retort, and decided to ignore it. The silence didn't last long when another person stormed up to them.

"You two!" Mikoto shouted.

"Hey, Sparky!" Lessar called back.

"Don't hey me!" Mikoto growled. "Explain what happened in the pool just now!"

"You were there?" Lessar asked amused.

"My friends and I were," Mikoto conceded, her face reddening. "And Kuroko and Saten-san were affected. No one else knows what's going on." She pointed to Touma. "But you tend to be in the center whenever something big is happening, so tell me what you know. Stop keeping everything to yourself."

Touma glanced over at Lessar, who shrugged.

"She's really dealt with our side more than she should have." Lessar replied. "Even if she still doesn't believe in magic." Mikoto scowled at this.

"Fine," Touma conceded. "Here is what we know and it isn't much. Someone caused people's clothes to disappear. Not just fall off, because you can see, there are no pieces of cloth anywhere. Other than that, we really don't know much more."

"I would say whoever did it had to either be in the pool or right next to it," Lessar added. "So they could guarantee an activation."

"That doesn't narrow it down at all," Mikoto argued. "There were at least two hundred people in the pool, not counting the people walking by or sun tanning."

"See our problem?" Lessar asked smugly and Mikoto slowly nodded.

"Do we have a way to track this person?" Mikoto asked thinking. She had seen someone who she knew would be able to help, but she really didn't want to ask her unless it was absolutely necessary to do so. She would lord it over her for a long time. Still, being able to read minds would be useful in finding the pervert.

"Do we?" Touma asked Lessar, an eyebrow raised in curiosity.

"I… could design something sure. I need some paper, a marker, a needle, and something silver." Lessar ticked off everything on her fingers as she listed them. "That should be enough to make a crude tracker. There's a chance this person left though. If they go too far away, it won't work."

"I could get the silver and a needle," Mikoto volunteered. She may not believe in magic, but she knew Lessar, Leivinia Birdway, and a few others could do weird things with objects. While seeing is believing, her rational side didn't want to admit this magic could exist.

"Paper and a marker would be easy enough from a pool staff," Touma muttered. "How long would it take to make the tracker?"

"Couple minutes?" Lessar guessed. "It's pretty sim-…"

An explosion cut her off, followed by screams. The three of them noticed smoke coming from the distance.

"They're still here!" Touma growled loudly, eyebrows furrowed in anger and fear.

"That explosion," Mikoto pointed out, her hand covering her mouth and her face draining of color. "It came from the water slides."

The three of them bolted towards the cloud of smoke.

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