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I woke up to the sound of the Ocean. I had lived in Brockton Bay for all my life, and seeing as Brockton Bay is a city by the ocean, I was fairly used to the noises that originate the vast expanses of water. But why was I near the ocean? The last thing that I could remember was…


Oh dear god. The Locker. Those Bitches, no, Sophia Fucking Hess, had grabbed me by my hair, slammed my head into a wall, and shoved me into a too small locker, filled with insects and dried blood and fungus and mucus and filth.

I nearly broke into tears right there and then, curling into a foetal position in a feeble attempt to ward off the shudders that had started to run all over my body. My breaths started coming in choked gasps, my lungs tripping over each other in their panicked state of fear. I barely noticed the knobbly grey stone I was lying on, too focused on trying to rid that feeling of being completely and utterly filthy.

After what felt like and probably was hours, I felt strong enough to rise to my knees. The sounds of the ocean still caressed my ears, and now that I wasn't hyperventilating, I could also smell the ocean, brine and sea salt flowing gently through the air.

I rose to my knees slowly, cleaning my tear-stained glasses with my finger. As soon as I put my mostly clean glasses on my face, I gasped in shock. I had been kneeling on some sort of grassy cliff overlooking an infinite ocean. The stone beneath my feet was the kind you would find in some sort of wilderness, uneven and rough, but still uniform enough to form a mostly flat surface. But what really stole my breath away was the ocean. An unending expanse of sapphire blue, gently undulating in smooth waves, lapping slowly against the hard rock of the cliff face I was standing on.

I don't know how long I spent staring out into that endless and beautiful expanse, but I know that it was enough time for the small quivers that had remained in my body to stop completely. A cobbled path led up to what some sort of stone structure that flowed seamlessly into the ground, almost as if the structure was a part of the ground itself.

I walked towards the odd structure slowly, one foot stepping steadily in front of the other. I felt completely at peace with myself, a feeling that I hadn't felt since my mom had died. I could feel… something, welling up inside of me, each step I took closer to the odd structure strengthened that power, I could feel it filling my body up from the inside and out. The power felt odd, hard to describe. If I had to use a word, it would be… elegant? Like a flower petal or maybe a leaf, slowly drifting down to the ground, spinning gracefully in the wind. There was also an odd sense of pride to it, almost arrogance but not quite, but much more refined than simple cokiness.

The little stone structure reminded me a bit of a gazebo, a domed roof supported by pillars about as thick as me. There didn't appear to be any pillars supporting the side of the building away from me, giving a clear view of the cobalt ocean. I paused on the threshold of the structure, if I took one mores step, I would be underneath the domed roof of the structure.

I felt like I was on the auspice of something huge. Something life changing, so colossal and unbelievably huge that it would not only change my own life, but the life of thousands around me, it would change the very existence of my world. It was unexplainable, but I knew, I just knew, that as soon as I took this one step forward, there was no turning back.

I stepped forward.

My perspective of the building changed, what had been a small stone gazebo was now a towering stone chamber. It had kept It's original structure, but the roof was as high as a skyscraper and the pillars surrounding me were just as thick. In the exact center of the room a table sized portion of the floor was raised to from a completely flat surface. What looked like a massive flat bottomed stalactite. It stopped a few meters above the flat surface in the middle of the room, forming a space for me to forge my swords.

I blinked rapidly at the thought that had just formed. 'Form my what?' I glanced back at the smooth stone surface, and all of my confusion was instantly swept away. I knew what to do. My very soul, knew what to do.

A deep heat started to build in my chest, warming my skin to an almost uncomfortable heat. I breathed in deeply, leant forward slightly, and breathed white hot flames over the stone forge. In a turn of events just as nonsensical as these past few hours had been, the stone somehow caught fire, flickering yellow and orange flames writhing erratically on the inflammable surface.

Ignoring the way that I just broke the laws of physics, I strode towards the flaming surface. Once I stood a few steps away from the flames, I closed my eyes and reached deep within me. That beautiful energy, a grove of pink cherry blossom trees, that had been slowly rising within me surged up, the contrast of temperature between the almost frosty feel of the energy and the burning heat of the forge made my skin break out into goosebumps. I held my left hand out if front of me, and watched as white material began to from in my hands, elongating instead of widening to create a long, thin rectangle of that completely undefinable material.

As I held the white material in my hands over the flames, my other hand rose to my mouth. I grabbed a molar and tugged, the hard white enamel in my hand coming out with a spray of bright red blood. In yet another reality defying event, the tooth lengthened out into a large black hammer that had almost comedic proportions.

The hammer fell.

I could feel what I wanted to make in my mind, what I wanted to turn this abnormal white material into, an elegant curving blade, a perfect blade that held thousands upon thousands of thousands of pink blades, the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.

The hammer fell again and again and again, the material under me slowly but surely starting to take shape into what I wanted it to be.

I don't know how long I worked on that first sword, that first Zanpakuto, but what I do remember is what I felt when I had completed it. As I raised the purple handled sword from the now smouldering flames, I smiled. 'This,' I decided, 'must be what true happiness feels like.'

I decided to speak aloud for what was probably the first time in days.

"Scatter. Senbonzakura."

"I'm going to go to school today dad."

Dad paused in the middle of the act of scooping some cereal into his mouth to stare at me. I snickered in spite of myself, the sight of him pausing in the middle of eating was pretty funny, open mouthed, with milk slowly plopping back into his bowl. He gathered himself, putting the spoon back into the bowl and leaning back in his chair.

"Are you sure Taylor? After what…" he paused. "Happened last week, I would've thought you would want to stay out of school a bit longer."

My dad spoke softly in a slightly nasal tone, the voice of someone more used to getting pushed around by others instead of being in command. Although his voice and appearance would convince you otherwise, (he was balding and thin, with a weak chin and glasses) Dad had a vicious temper, and had been known to scare entire rooms of people into submission when he was truly pissed off.

I smiled at him in a resigned sort of way. "If I stay out of school for too long, I'll never want to go back." I turned back to my cereal, keeping my gaze on the cheap wheat flakes. "And besides," I said, quieter than before. "If I stay out of school, then that means that I'm letting them win. And I can't, won't, let myself get walked over anymore.

I looked back up at him, dull green eyes peering out from behind thick glasses. Dad's face was an odd mix of pride and grief, but he smiled at me anyway. "Whatever you think is best, honey."

I smiled back at him, and rose from my seat, dumping the rest of my cereal into the bin and putting the bowl into our clunky dishwasher. I walked up the stairs to my room steadily, pushing open my door and closing it behind me once I reached it.

My room was simple and spartan. A bed, dresser and desk made up all the furniture. The walls were a boring gray and the floors were made up of a light brown wood. A door opposite my bed lead to a small bathroom, which was equally dull and boring. I knew teenagers' rooms were meant to be messy and full of stuff, all bright colours and band posters. My family was one of the many that didn't have any sort of money to spare on decoration, there hadn't been enough money to go around in the city ever since the docks and ferry had shut down.

Welcome to Brockton Bay. Guess what? It's a shithole.

I put aside my cynical musings and walked over to my bed, reaching under it to grab the Zanpakuto that I had stored there last night. Senbonzakura was, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing in existence. It was simplistic, reflective silver steel leading into a lavender and gold handle, a hollow square shaped guard gilded with the purest gold imaginale, every single inch of it screamed grace and elegance.

I had stored my first Zanpakuto underneath my bed to see how long it could stay manifested in the physical realm without me actively making it. At least 12 hours, although probably a lot more, seeing as there wasn't any form of degradation or erosion on the sword.

I smiled gently at the blade. Right now, the Zanpakuto was still in it's infancy, too fresh and new to comunicate with me outside of the most basic emotions. Eventually, it would have a soul of it's own, but right now I wasn't experienced enough with my own abilities to form a fully fledged Zanpakuto straight out of the forge. Right now, all Senbonzakura was feeling happiness and contentment in my hands.

I concentrated for a second, and the sword disappeared in a gentle puff of pink flower petals, returning to what I had named the spiritual realm. Was it conceited to name my own personal hammerspace a realm? Yeah, but who was gonna stop me? I liked it, and that was all that really mattered. Senbonzakura would be my side in an instant if I wished it, ready to slay any who might stand in my way.

I didn't want to do any slaying myself, but Senbonzakura could be almost instantly fatal if I wanted it to be, and seeing as it's entire power set revolved around blades, I doubted that I would be able to avoid bloodshed. But those were thoughts for another day. Right now, I had to deal with every teens worst enemy. High School, with the added bonus of three total bitches that wanted to fuck my day up six ways to Sunday. Yay.

I was the first out of Mr. Gladly's classroom. There were three reasons for this. The first of these reasons, was because of where I was sitting. I was one of the closest students to the door, and I didn't wait around in the room to talk and joke with friends (I didn't have any). The second reason was because of my own personal dislike/hatred of Mr. Gladly, or, as he wanted all the students to call him, Mr. G. He was one of those teachers who focused more on getting the students to think of him as the 'cool teacher' than actually teaching anything. Sure, he went through the motions of teaching, giving us homework and stuff, but it was all boring and dull, and it was easy to tell he didn't really care about teaching his students. The third reason, and what was really the only important one, was the bitch trio. It was unoriginal, but I really didn't want to put any more effort into giving them a group name than necessary.

My school life had, for an amount of time that was far, far too long, mainly revolved around avoiding Emma Barnes, Sophia Hess and Madison Clements. The three of them together were the goddamn queens of highschool, they reigned supreme over all the other students. When I had first entered high school, Emma, my former sister in everything but blood, had decided to try her damndest to turn my life into a living hell. I had resorted to running and hiding from them at every opportunity I got, it had gotten so bad that I hid away in a stall in the girls bathroom at lunch. As sad as it was, it was my last sanctuary, my last safe haven that they still hadn't found yet.

I pulled my hood over my face as I exited the classroom in the vain hope that It would help me to hide from my bullies. I rushed down the hallway, navigating my way through the ocean of high schoolers to get to the stairwell, which would in return take me down to the mathematics classroom.

Today was not, apparently, my lucky day. I could see a collection of some of Emma's cronies a few metres in front of me, whispering conspiratorially to each other while glancing and pointing at me. As I neared, I started to hear what they were saying. An asian girl snickered behind her hand while stage whispering to her short friend.

"Look at that bitch. What a waste of space. She looks like a fucking frog."

The other girls were joining in on the fun too. "

"Dumb bitch. Did you hear that she's failing biology?"

"Jesus christ, what is she wearing? She must have pulled that sweater out of a trash heap.

"She's so ugly."

"She should do us all a favour and just jump off the goddamn roof."

What they were saying didn't really bother me. It had at first, but after months and months of the same shit, you grow a hard outer shell. At this point, the only thing that really got to me was when Emma brought up old memories. We had shared everything with each other back when we were friends, and now she used it in her own sick, twisted psychological warfare against me.

I ignored them and tried to navigate around them, walking to the other side of the hallway, as far away from them as I could possibly be, but once again, it seemed that luck wasn't on my side. Sophia Hess was leaning against the locker's right in front of me, talking with Emma. Although Sophia's back was to me, I could see Emma's eyes light up in a twisted delight, and that was enough for me to know that there positioning right in front of me was completely intentional.

Emma was one of the most beautiful people I had ever had the displeasure of laying eyes upon. Her silky, waist length red hair and metallic amber eyes made her good looking enough, but she had a face and body to match. Next to me, who was all bones and skin and plain face, it was obvious who the students would follow. I'll give you a hint, she's redheaded, hot, and a complete and utter bitch.

Sophia was the track star of the school, and she was just as popular as Emma was. Just as bitchy too. Sophia was still shorter than me, but a bit taller than Emma, with chocolate coloured skin and deep brown eyes. Sophia, being the sadistic bitch that she was, took on the role of being a much more physical bully, she pushed, shoved and tripped (me) her way into making my life into an absolute living hell.

I tried to turn the other way to move around my two bullies, but surprise surprise, the girls that had been throwing words at me were now boxing me in, surrounding me and effectively preventing me from escaping Sophia and Emma.

They were accompanied by Madison Clements, a girl who, in all honesty, was a small fry compared to Sophia and Emma. Madison was one of those cute, petite girls, her blonde hair was cut short, which only enhanced her pixie like appearance. Madison was the 'pranker' of the group, glue on my seat, food down the back of my clothes, pencil sharpenings in my hair, that kind of thing. Comparing to Emma's mental torture of me and Sophia often painful actions, Madison was more of an annoyance than anything. They started doing exactly what they had been doing a few minutes ago, stage whispering to each other while simultaneously insulting me.

"Jesus Sarah, did you see what that Hebert bitch was wearing today? Looks like she bought it from a thrift store."

"Isn't Hebert just the dumbest bitch in our entire grade? Her grades are so fucking bad."

"Did you hear what happened a week ago? I heard that Hebert locked herself in a locker with used tampons and tried to commit suicide. Retard couldn't even do that right."

I twitched violently at that one. They all knew exactly what had happened on that day, and they had the fucking gall to suggest that I had locked myself in there? It filled me with wrath to think that they could pull something like that off, and get away with it easily.

That was the issue with the entire situation, my Dad and I simply didn't have the money to pursue any form of lawsuit, we could barely, and I mean barely, get by as it was. Hell, we had to take the schools hush money after the locker incident, just so we could pay the hospital bills without drowning in debt.

"Life would have been so much better for all of us if you had been in that car with your mum, Taylor."

Emma spoke up, and as always, she went straight for the kill. My mother, Annette Hebert, had died in a car crash years ago, and Emma had been my only comfort at the time while my dad drowned on depression.

I felt my heart break a little. Somewhere, deep, deep down in my subconscious, I had held onto the feeble hope that after seeing just how completely fucked up I had been after the locker, she would maybe let up a little on the bullying, and maybe, just maybe, we could have been friends again.

As is apparent, even holding the tiniest bit of hope that Emma might return to me was completely gone and buried. And at this point? I found that I really didn't give a shit. Emma and her entire clique could be brutally slaughtered in an E88 or ABB attack, and I doubted that I would feel an ounce of pity.

Besides, now, I was better than them I had powers, I had fucking powers, and at that moment, I promised myself that I would equate to something greater than them. I would become a hero, no, I would become one of the best goddamn heroes ever, someone that people would hold equal to heroes like Alexandria and Narwhal, someone far, far more important than these bitches could even dream to be.

I could feel Senbonzakura stir within me, my internal vow had brought Senbonzakura to nearly awakening. I soothed it, sending feelings of love and happiness towards it. It wouldn't do for Senbonzakura to awaken in the middle of school, it needed to be somewhere isolated and private, as I had no idea what would happen when Senbonzakura truly came into existence as a being. It still brought me happiness though, knowing that my first Zanpakuto would soon be truly complete.

I pushed my way in between two of Madison's cronies, stepping over Sophia's outstretched leg while I did so. Even though I knew that they could have stopped me if they really wanted to, it still felt good to shove my way out, to fight back, even if it was only if in that miniscule way.

I smiled as I walked away. Life was finally starting to look up for me. After all, even if I had to go through hell to get them, I had powers. I had my Senbonzakura, and with it, the chance to make my life something apart from an endless cycle of getting bullied and feeling complete and utter hopelessness.

For the first time in god knows how long, I had a future.

Yes, I am very well aware that this entire chapter is more or less exposition. Hopefully, anyone who isn't very well acquainted with the worm verse will have gotten a bit of an education, and anyone who is might have been at least a bit entertained. It'll get better. Worm itself started kinda wonkily, so I guess it's just part of the process?

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