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Elizabeth sighed, relaxing into the tub of sweet-smelling bubbles. It'd been a long day waitressing and juggling the rather forthcoming nature of the patrons and of Meliodas. Diane usually worked as a buffer of sorts when they worked dual shifts, distracting a good portion of the crowd with her own charms and handling the less cordial offers with her merciless strength. But, with King and Diane getting surreptitiously closer recently, Elizabeth was handling more shifts herself. Of course, the patrons didn't typically grab her more than a few seeking, lingering touches; Meliodas's exuberantly fondling in front of everyone was a particularly potent deterrent. She breathed deeply of the steamy air, letting the gentle fruity scent of pomegranate and the overheated bath water wash away the feeling it all left on her skin.

She didn't like to admit it, but she minded those touches of his. Grabbing her like so, in front of everyone, when she had been raised a princess… it was flustering, but not in a sexual way. More than anything, it was embarrassing. Princesses were supposed to be prized possessions, treated with nothing but gentleness and respect. Since she was ten, she'd kept any touches with the opposite sex to an absolute minimum. It had been years since anyone had touched her more than placing a hand over hers while leading her through the castle grounds. Now, suddenly surrounded by these ex-holy knights, she's downright groped. It was less than pleasing. Of course, if Meliodas didn't grope her quite so roughly and in front of so many people…

A flush that had nothing to do with the heat of the water rushed up her neck and across her face. With a quiet squeak, Elizabeth shook her head of the images of Meliodas, her knight, gently running his fingers over her bare breast, pressing his lips to her neck, caressing her skin with a hushed voice… No, it would never be. Not until she was… something more.

Elizabeth raised her hand from underneath the layer of foam to examine it. The sins were all trying to raise their power levels. In light of the Ten Commandments, they'd all re-dedicated themselves to self-improvement, even non-Sins like Griamore and Gilthunder. Meanwhile she- supposedly an apostle of the Goddess- couldn't do a thing. The powers of the Goddess Clan would be invaluable against the Demon Clan. And she knew she had some sort of power. She had healed everyone during the battle against Hendrickson, after all. But it had been an accident, a slip of power brought on by a rather intense moment. Elizabeth dunked her hand to rinse the suds of her digits, then gently cupped it in front of her, trying to recall what it felt like to use her power that one time. The rushing feeling, the sensation of blazing purity, the adrenaline, the desire to help and heal and repeal all that was wrong with the world…

Nothing happened. Her hand remained raised above the bath water, not even a speck of light summoned to her palm. She was well and truly useless to them. She might love Meliodas with all of her heart and all of her soul, but she was sure, deep down somewhere in that very soul, that she was more. She wasn't simply the princess he had to guard. There was more she could do, more power she could use to aid their companions in the war against the Ten Commandments, more she could do to help Meliodas. But until she could stand side by side with him as equals, there's no way he could return her feelings. And the difference between both of their powers was, well, staggering.

Meliodas was a demon, after all. She didn't know much about it, since he wasn't exactly keen on sharing. She'd seen the red and grey demons, and he was nothing much like them. No, he reminded more of a few of the Ten Commandments. The way those black marks would coil around his body, those twisting symbol that would appear on his face, and how his eyes would sink from crystalline green to endless black: it was all a mystery.

Well, it's not like she bothered to broach the topic with him. With a sharp huff, Elizabeth dunked her head into the pomegranate-scented water one last time, then stood from her bath. Moping in her thoughts would do her nothing, and as long as she was stewing she might as well go to sleep and get rested for another busy day of waitressing and fruitless goddess training. Wrapping herself in a white fluffy towel, she took a good hard look at herself in the mirror before going outside. Her blue eye was a testament to her humanity, her orange eye a testament to her status as an apostle. A worthless apostle, but apostle nonetheless. Timidly, she traced the three-sided mark circumscribed by the carnelian orb in the steamy mirror, then copied the demon mark she'd seen on Meliodas's face next to it. She stared at the two symbols for a few measured moments, as if just looking at them would reveal all the answers she could ever want, then wiped them away with the edge of the towel.

Meliodas was finishing packing away all of the leftover merchandise from the sales tonight. The kegs were rather large compared to his diminutive form, but the weight didn't faze him. If anything, he enjoyed the pretense of struggling with the large clunky kegs, swaying slightly this way and that before setting them down with a decisive thunk. With the last barrel in place, the Boar Hat's doors soundly locked, and everyone settling down for the night, the Captian of the Seven Deadly Sins clapped his hands together and headed up the stairs to greet his favorite princess.

When he opened the door, he froze underneath the frame. The room smelled of sweet pomegranate. The fruit of our homeland. But underneath that scent was just a hint of something he hadn't smelled in a long time: goddess magic. The power of the Goddess Clan was supposed to smell acrid and unpleasant to demons like him, but the source of this particular power was extraordinary in his eyes. The touch of magic lent a gentle zing to the fruity scent, like crisp apples or meadow grass. Meliodas moved mechanically to close the door behind him, working to process the scent. Did Elizabeth get a new bath oil? His memory was a little foggy under the circumstances, but he did vaguely remember her saying she had run out and needed to pick up more in her next excursion to town. And the goddess magic?

When Meliodas rounded the corner, he spied his princess wrapped in a towel and searching through the dresser they shared. In every other incarnation of Elizabeth, the goddess part of her had been like a light switch: completely switch off until she regained her memories. But in this incarnation of his love, the goddess magic seemed like so much more, like it was ever-present but diluted. It'd been less when he'd first met her, so much so that he barely noticed it at all. Throughout their adventures the power had slowly gotten stronger, so much so that he was having a hard time ignoring it. The goddess magic had always worked up his demon, making him equal parts anxious of the dangerous power and eager to see that look of recognition from Elizabeth. Right now, the light of her goddess power positively sung, just underneath her exposed skin.

Her scent is missing something… But what though? The pomegranate, the zing of power, it was already enough to make his head spin as his demon nature threatened to rise to the surface. Paralyzed and taking in shallow breaths to filter through the flavor, it suddenly clicked.

You spent all night feeling her up, covering her with your scent. She just washed all of that off. Any demon could swoop in and grab her and be none the wiser of who exactly they were taking from. Grab her. Mark her. Then she'll never be able to wash off our claim.

Before he knew it, he was behind her, pressing his chest against her back and trapping her with his encircled arms. Elizabeth gasped in surprise as his hands landed on her towel-covered chest, and he almost wanted to purr in praise at the sound. Face pressed against the juncture of her neck and her shoulder, he drew his nose up from her collarbone to the shell of her ear.

"Enjoy your bath?"

"Umm… yes?" Elizabeth nearly squeaked. Meliodas tried to calm down at the sound, breathing deeply through his nose to slow the beat of his hearts. Too bad that only brought more pomegranate and zing to his attention, leaving his demon positively growling at the lack of his scent on his favorite goddess. One of his hands moved to her hip to hold her steady while he dragged his other up and down her exposed arm, slowly enough to make his scent linger on her skin.

"New bath soap?" He had to distract her, keep her calm while he calmed down himself. His demon was riled up, but adding his scent to hers would help. He just had to keep her still long enough to work.

"Mmhm," she confirmed. "I-it's part of a set. Lavender, peach, and pomegranate."

"I like it," he practically purred into the space behind her ear, despite his best efforts. He felt her shudder underneath him, a shudder that didn't normally accompany her reactions to his ministrations. What was so different this time?

"Sir Meliodas, umm… your, uh, marks…"

His eyes shot open to stare at their reflections in the mirror. There she was, Elizabeth's head tilted wantonly to the side to give him better access to her ear and neck. Her chest was bouncing from shallow breaths and her eyes seemed foggy with desire. And there he was, hands splayed across her skin, eyes black as the abyss peering possessively from behind her shoulder and a small spiraling rune etched above his brows. All of a sudden he realized exactly what was doing. He almost threw himself across the room, trying to put some distance between himself and his princess.

Elizabeth hadn't heard Meliodas enter the room. She knew he was capable of complete silence with his demon powers, but he usually made a point to make noises when he walked around. This time, he had just materialized, all of a sudden pressing against her back and gasping her breasts and her hip and sliding his fingertips sensually over her arms and breathing against her collar and whispering into her hear. They were alone, and she was breathless.

And suddenly he wasn't there anymore. Fumbling with the towel that threatened to fall at his abrupt departure, Elizabeth attempted desperately to catch her bearings. She could still feel the crackle of his demon energy, now dissipating against her skin. Grasping the towel more securely and wrapping her arms around herself, she turned and saw her knight pressed rather firmly against the opposite wall, eyes wide with too many emotions and flickering on the brink of dark green.

Something unspeakable hung thick in the air. She had to diffuse the situation. "Can-" she fumbled with her leaden tongue for a second, "Can you turn around? I, uh, need to get dressed."

After a counted second, Meliodas mutely nodded, then turned to press his forehead against the wooden wall.

Well, at least he wasn't running away. And this might be her chance to ask about his demon nature. Surely he'd confide a little in her, if not just to explain what exactly happened just now. He trusted her that much at least, right? Quickly, she turned back to her task of finding something to wear, only to remember what she had concluded just before Meliodas had… appeared.

She was out of pajamas.

"Can…" Breathe, Elizabeth. Just ask. "CanIborrowashirt?"

The words came out all at once, after exactly three seconds her demon nodded again against the wall. Elizabeth swiftly fished out one of his shirts and threw it on. There was a brief moment where the towel hit the floor and she was completely nude before him before shuffling into his normal white buttoned shirt, but her knight never moved from his spot on the wall. Stepping into a set of clean panties, she tugged the shirt as far as it would go over her thighs and settled herself to sit on the bed.

"It's okay, I'm good now." Her voiced contained a little waver in it, but Elizabeth was rather proud not to trip over her words this time. She was a princess, after all. Princesses didn't just lose command over their words. Of course, princesses don't normally get jumped by demons, either.

It took more than a few measured moments before Meliodas finally peeled himself off the wall. Elizabeth watched his nose twitch slightly, and then black in his eyes began to wane. Curious. She filed that question away to ask as well as the demon quietly joined her on the edge of the bed. She felt the mattress dip with his weight, but he offered no words to punctuate the tense air.

After a pause to steel herself for the conversation she was determined to have, she spoke softly, "What was that all about?"

Meliodas turned his face away, obviously less than eager to have this conversation. The move sent a spear through her heart. He didn't trust her with this. Remember, he was so much more than her. He didn't need to explain himself to her when he had enough power to cleave mountains with a just a reed.

But she still wanted to know. Cautiously, Elizabeth reached up to cup either side of his chin with her palms. The demon flinched, but allowed her to gently turn his face towards hers. His eyes were shut tightly, as if concerned what would happen if he met her gaze. Instead of forcing that, Elizabeth took this moment to study him more closely. His muscles were tense, for sure, but she only knew because she could feel the tightness of his neck underneath her ring and pinky fingers. There's no outward indication otherwise. She ran one of her thumbs against his cheek, feeling the smoothness of his skin. Of course, with his demon powers, he would heal fast enough that he'd never scar. She could heal other people that way, too, if only she could master her powers. Trying not to pout at the thought, she let the fingers of her other hand drift upward, then gently traced the shape of the absent mark she had just seen on his face.

Meliodas shuddered underneath her, though she wasn't sure if it was a positive or negative response to her explorations. When his turbulent green eyes finally opened to meet hers, she concluded that he might not know himself.

"Can you tell me about them? Your demon marks?" Maybe that was a safer starting place than outright asking what she was wondering. From the way he hesitated, she wasn't sure if this approach was any better.

"Can you tell me about your goddess mark first?"

The question struck her as strange. What exactly did he want to know about that? Tentatively, the demon reached up with his fingers to push back the silver bangs that hid her right eye. Alarm bells ringing in her head, Elizabeth sat motionlessly, determined to let him examine the stark orange eye bearing the symbol of the Goddess Clan on it, just as he let her examine him. Meliodas's gaze was intent, searching, and piercing all at once.

"I don't remember exactly when it appeared," she started, fixing both of her eyes on the wall he'd just left in an effort not to squirm under his scrutiny. She would bear herself wholly to him if it meant he might do the same for her. "I think I was maybe nine years old. I quite liked to explore at that age, climbing up trees and over walls rather than sitting still for my lessons. It was inevitable, looking back, that I would eventually fall." She felt Meliodas tense, the hand buried in her wealth of hair suddenly rigid against her scalp. But he didn't move, still examining her apostle's eye and waiting for her next words.

"I don't really recall falling. I remember slipping, the feeling of weightlessness, then waking up in a circle of daises. At the time, I didn't think much of it. When father finally found me, I think I was trying to braid the daises into a flower crown. He of course scolded me after I told him what happened, and very firmly explained that I was to hide the eye that had suddenly changed color. He kept me under lock and key after that, making sure I learned how to be a proper princess by attending lessons indoors instead of gallivanting outside where anyone could see me. No one but my father and my sisters have ever seen it. Not even the servants or knights that were constantly at the castle."

Meliodas had relaxed again, though still intent. "Do you know anything about the symbol?"

"I know it's a symbol of the Goddess Clan. That's about it. I was hoping that, actually, you might know something about it?" Elizabeth finally looked back to him, a sliver of hope brimming in her dual-colored eyes.

Her demon removed his hand from where it cupped the side of her head, letting the silver bangs fall back into place. Trailing his fingers down the length, he captured a few of the silver strands to fiddle with while he responded. "I don't. The goddesses were rather adamant in not sharing any important knowledge with a demon."

The way he seemed to spit out the word caused Elizabeth to flinch. Meliodas looked up apologetically, and she responded with a shy smile. "What about yours? Does it have a meaning?"

Still, her demon hesitated to respond. Tentatively, he began, "It's a family crest. All high ranking demons have them."

"High ranking?" Elizabeth paused before continuing, fingers dragging nervously against the soft quilted bed covers. "Can I, umm, see it again?"


"Show me. Show me your crest."

His lips had thinned to a terse line, and his eyes weren't meeting hers again. The smell of bath soap punctuated the moment of silence. "No. If I lose control again…"

"I trust you."

Meliodas swung his eyes back to hers at the sound of her eager voice. Mouth slightly agape and eyes widened, he seemed to look through her a moment before blinking out of his surprise. "Just… promise you'll call the others for help if I do anything, okay?"

She didn't like the way his voice seemed to tense up, like he was afraid for her. She trusted him wholly, but clearly this was a hard thing for him to agree to. Despite her reservations over the promise, she nodded her head affirmatively.

Her demon paused again to draw in a long, extended breath. With a sort of hesitant shyness unbecoming of a demon, Meliodas reached over to where her hand had fisted into the comforter to weave his fingers together with hers. Elizabeth could feel the crackle of his demon energy again, fizzing against his skin where their hands were joined. The sensation intensified all of a sudden; before her very eyes, his hair swirled in a burst of power, his eyes shifted from emerald to ebony, and the familiar demon mark manifested, just above his eyebrow.

Her breath was caught in her throat, but Elizabeth didn't mind. Squeezing his hand reassuringly and feeling the demon power tingle briefly up her arm in response, she lifted her unoccupied hand to trace the edge of the crest. Her demon purred from somewhere deep in his chest, leaning into the touch. Her heart thumped in her chest in a sudden thrill. Here he was, Meliodas, the demon, trusting her! She felt like she could touch the stars, but decided to play it cool. Stay calm. The demon in him seemed to respond well to calm.

Hesitantly, Elizabeth attempted to continue their conversation. "When we saw the Ten Commandments… all of them had this materialized darkness they could command. You can do that too?"

Without a word, tendrils of inky black crawled from his neckline down his arm. She watched, fascinated, as it spread across his body. "It's called hellblaze. It's the demonic fire that resides in all of us. Again, only the high ranking ones can command it. Lower powered demons are commanded by it."

Elizabeth wiggled her fingers to loosen her demon's grip, then traced the freed hand up his arm towards the hellblaze decorating his bicep. Meliodas's jaw tensed as her delicate fingertips drifted over the tendril of darkness, but it wasn't enough to block out the quiet moan that fought past his teeth. "Elizabeth, careful," he chided, but the words were cut short as he shifted his eyes back to her.

It didn't make sense, the two powers should in theory be repulsed by each other. But as soon as her finger traced the black form, she felt that something more jump to the surface. Like oppositely charged magnets, the undeniably demonic power drew her goddess magic into her hand. Beads of light, like luminescent droplets of water, gathered against her fingertips. Elizabeth drew her hand back from his skin to examine the goddess power she hadn't meant to call upon. How, how, what exactly caused this? She stared, fascinated at her own glowing hand holding beads of power suspended in the air just beyond her palm, as if it was an alien thing. If she could just memorize this feeling, re-create the gesture, maybe she could-

Meliodas pressed his black-clad palm against hers, all five fingers splayed perfectly against hers. The feeling of his buzzing demon energy came as a rush, and all of a sudden there was a zing from the center of her chest and then her whole hand was clothed in light. Elizabeth felt her lips split into a wide grin, the room now thrumming with energy. She was using her goddess magic! She had no idea how, but the thrill was undeniable. She turned her gaze to Meliodas, who was staring up at her like she was a real goddess. Eagerly, she placed her other hand on his shoulder where another patch of darkness resided. Another zing, and that hand burst into goddess light too. Her demon's eyes were closed and he was panting, the mark on his forehead shifting slightly, the lines becoming bolder and more ragged.

"Meliodas," she whispered breathlessly, "are you alright?" Concerned, she raised her hand to trace his demon crest again, dragging another moan from his lips in the process.

"Elizabeth," he panted, "please, you need to be careful."

She nodded, confused but agreeing placating. Was he in pain? Shifting her gently glowing palm away from his mark to the side of his head, she tried to re-capture the conversation. "The Ten Commandments… they all could use the hellblaze, but only two of them had a mark like this. Aren't they all considered high ranking?"

Her demon chuckled, a sound that was low and dark and laden with promise. When he opened his eyes, there was a primal edge that lit the abyss in his gaze. "Clever little goddess. Perhaps high ranking isn't specific enough. This crest is the royal family crest."

The room turned all of a sudden and her vision of the room was replaced with nothing but her demon's visage and the ceiling. She shuddered, his body pressing hers into the mattress. Pomegranate and power tickled her nose. How had he captured both of her wrists in the transition from upright to not? Her demon leaned his face closer, tracing his nose along the collarbone that the deep V-neck of his shirt exposed. Her breath caught as he trailed up her neck, tucking his nose once again behind her ear.

"My princess. My goddess. You have no idea what you do to me, do you?"

"What… are you doing?"

"It's what you are doing, little goddess. Do you still want to know about what happened earlier?"

He pressed his lower half more firmly against her, fitting their hips together. She felt something hard against her thigh and the ability to form words suddenly escaped her. Instead, her response came in the form in a nod and a shuddering gasp.

"Your scent… Did you know that pomegranates are one of the few fruits that will grow in the demon land?"

Elizabeth tried to grasp at the words he was saying. Pomegranate? Her bath oil? The gentle press of his lips against the outer edge of her ear was enough to drag another wordless sound from her throat. Halfway between a gasp and a moan, but it seemed to please her demon, as he purred in to hear ear in return.

"Of course, just a pomegranate isn't enough chase a demon out of hiding. Your goddess magic, your power, something about you in particular is positively… delectable…" The way he spoke in the low, powerful timber sung fire into her veins. He pressed himself again into her, the hardness against her thigh more distinct than before. She struggled to form words, though. She had to know, needed to know.

"S-Sir Meliodas, please- is this, is this just because I'm an apostle?"

He growled, actually growled, against her throat. She froze, then yelped as nipped her in chastisement. "Silly goddess, do you think so little of yourself?"

The feeling of his warm tongue soothing the teeth drew another strangled sound from her throat. Following the motion, her demon placed gentle kisses up the column of her throat, across her chin, and against her ear. "You are so much more than you could ever imagine, Elizabeth..."